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In the fast mechanical world of today, change is inevitable. In fact your success and failure itself may depend on the changes you face, and your adaptability to those changes. Be it your personal life or professional life, you must be constantly aware of the changes around you and accordingly change yourself. As technology changes with time, it brings benefits to mankind. Newer methods of farming, education, entertainment etc., are brought into use, which either replace or enhance the existing ones.

Often such changes are sequential; like a change in one field would affect all related fields. It is no doubt that these changes are always directed towards the improvement of our life. However, in adapting to newer trends, we have to abandon older and more traditional ways. In so adapting, we may sometimes even have to compromise on our cultural or religious values too. For instance, a person’s job might not facilitate his attending the Sunday mass, because the showroom he works for is open on Sundays. The way one needs to be dressed, speak or act; need to conform to the requirements of his or her employers, above all others.

Perhaps, in this shrinking and competitive world of today, it is very important for organizations to be responsive to the changes. Change is a permanent reality across time. The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, as never before witnessed. The factors necessary for changes are more prevalent and influential today than ever before. Even most manufacturing jobs are connected to services like finance, human resources and engineering and highly dependent in such services that changes in them would affect the manufacturing pattern.

Change in an organization involves altering its structure, processes, the behaviour of its management and staff, its strategy, environment etc. Change management requires good planning and careful implementation; and can be effective only when it involves all those people who are to be affected by those changes.

The changes targeted must be practical, attainable and evaluative. It should not be forcefully implemented on people, as dumping change on people is not only a wrong strategy for success, but also a disruptive factor of normal functioning. Thus change of technology or introduction of new technology into the work cycle, create certain demands to redesign the work process and work environment. Nowadays, with changes and adaptation to it, being very crucial; the ability to predict changes and acting accordingly is very important.


Messier Acting Technique Vs. Method Acting

Messier Acting Technique Vs. Method Acting.

The introduction should define the topic and set the context for the literature review. It will include the author’s perspective or point of view on the topic, how they have defined the scope of the topic (including what’s not included), and how the review will be organized. It can point out overall trends, conflicts in methodology or conclusions, and gaps in the research. ● In the body of the review, the author should organize the research into major topics and subtopics. These groupings may be by subject, (e.g., globalization of clothing manufacturing), type of research (e.g., case studies), methodology (e.g., qualitative), genre, chronology, or other common characteristics. Within these groups, the author can then discuss the merits of each article and analyze and compare the importance of each article to similar ones. ● The conclusion will summarize the main findings, make clear how this review of the literature supports (or not) the research to follow, and may point the direction for further research. ● The list of references will include full citations for all of the items mentioned in the literature review Source: *Your literature review must contain a minimum of 5 scholarly sources

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