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challenges associated with social media and argue how it affects us in the professional forum in a positive or negative way.

This final argumentative research paper assignment should be created to meet the requirements of the assignment rubric: English Final Rubric.docx Download English Final Rubric.docx

Some requirements include, but are not limited to:

3 page paper, not to include cover page and reference page
Minimum of 4 sources required and two must be a printed source
APA Format

The culmination of Humanity

The culmination of Humanity.

 Description The “culmination of Humanity was my first choice because I found it very interesting to understand humanity and reconcile the emotions or actions that come with a response from research and common knowledge”. Humanity is one of the most common characteristics we all share as a class and the definition of humanity can be different since we all lived different livelihoods and different moral environments. Humanity to me means to express unjustifiable small acts of kindness or generosity in the most simplistic ways. In a way, humanity is related to conscience, some form of an embodiment telling us right from wrong.

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