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Challenges and Opportunities of a Manager research essay help nursing essay admission sample

The very basement thing which the manager must do is to build an effective team. By building a team, the manager can improve himself by motivating others, negotiating effectively, arrange for meeting and manage people, asserting oneself, influencing and gathering business information. Is it worth doing it? Yes, but managing people is not easy. Yet it can be done successfully. And that can be a very rewarding experience for a manager. Management, like any other skill, is something that one can improve with study and practice.

Lack of management skills plays a vital role in the challenges of manager which is very difficult to deal with the most small and medium enterprises because the size of senior management team is very limited. The areas of weakness could be finance, human resource, marketing or any area where current management does not have the expertise, or the time to deal with the issues. It can be solved only by determining the weak areas and then the manager can develop the plan for dealing with these challenges.

The other problems are based on social pressure. The manager must have to face social pressure, technological advancement, industrial relation problems, and the change in economic conditions. The other challenges faced are managing people, recruiting and selecting right staff, effectively managing employee performance and mastering the skills of delegation. The recognition of labours capability and performance appraisal practices by manager will provide opportunities for both managers as well as labours to maintain the effective relationship.

Responding to crisis is very important and it is a biggest challenge for the manager. It doesn’t matter how much planning you do because mostly things will go wrong. For example a weather disaster may hit the faculty and disrupt the plans. A crime may be committed, theft, or something even that harms an employee. Planning is a part of managing but the important part is to show the manager’s ability to change plan on the fly in response to the change in economic climate. When a crisis hits, one must have an ability to deal with it.

But for few managers of MBA grade with a good work experience are enough to land a job. The recruiters are fed up the new employees because of the salary they expect. As most of the countries are facing recession for the past few years, the flow of providing salary has been decreased. So finally, what can you do to land yourself in a job, in investment banking or private equity in this economic climate? It is left as a question mark for the opportunities of managers in the current economic climate.

I conclude that managers have more challenges than opportunities. Management is complicated. It requires proper managerial skills and motivation. But most of all it requires commitment. So managers must have to concentrate on their interpersonal skills like professional communication, motivation and showing genuine concern. Moreover, the smart mistakes can provide innovative and creative ideas whereas the fatal mistakes which leads to the disastrous results by the manager to the industry. The Budgeting is one of the big responsibilities for managers.



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