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Examines development of Belgian philosopher’s theories on rhetoric, communication, argumentation.

This paper is a study of the development of the theories of philosopher Chaim Perelman as he has instigated a modern application for the classical concept called rhetoric. This discussion covers Perelman’s writings spanning more than three decades, starting with some of his early considerations of rhetoric as a means to influence, argue, and persuade. His thinking on a subject that had fallen so out of favor with the mainstream as to be no longer mentioned except in the pejorative fashion in traditional discussions has single-handedly returned rhetoric to a topic of serious consideration in the realm of speech communication and modern philosophy.

The Belgian philosopher and law professor has spent his professional career specializing in an unexpected area. Carlin Romano observes

Management Question

Case Study 5
3 to 4 pages double spaced, TNR 12 pt font. Summary of the Case- Refer to the textbook page 486
The case deals with the experiences of Mike Wilson at Consolidated Life. His career with Consolidated Life has some serious plot twists. For this case study, follow the directions carefully. The success of the exercise depends on your reading to a certain point and then stopping and trying to analyze what will happen later in the case.
II. Answer the following questions – Use vocabulary and concepts from the text to describe and support your opinions.
1. This case can be treated as a three-part predictive exercise (this means to get part of the information and try to predict what will happen next).
a. Read only Part 1 and stop. How do you think the supervisors’ “statement of intent” will be received by top management at Consolidated Life?
b. Read only Part 2 and stop. What do you think Mike will do now? What do you recommend that he do?
c. Read Part 3. Should Mike try to continue his career with Consolidated Life or find a job elsewhere? How does the self-fulfilling prophecy affect this situation? If he leaves, do you think he can be successful in another organization?
2. Was Mike wise to attempt to change the behavior of his boss? Was such an attempt ethical? What methods have you read about that he could have used? What would you have done differently?
3. How do you think that Mike would describe the organizational culture at Consolidated Life? What is an employee’s responsibility for “reading” a firm’s culture, and for adjusting to it?
4. Evaluate the memo that Mike wrote. Now assess the fairness and motivational impact of the feedback that Mike received. Will such feedback be useful in changing his behavior? What advice could you have given Rick and Jack prior to the meeting with Mike?