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Centralized Budgeting

Centralized Budgeting. I don’t know how to handle this Law question and need guidance.

Part A. Answer only one question below
Prepare a 350-word outline of your City Council Budget Proposal on the 2020 proposal budget cut that’s on the internet currently.
Include the following:

Provide a strategic point outline.

Include a brief intro & conclusion
No major grammar issues

Part B.
Prepare to participate in a debate on the following topic: Should budget authority be granted across multiple levels in a criminal justice organization or centralized by a separate city or government unit?
Create a single document that includes both Part I and Part II of the debate as listed below:
Part I
Create an outline supporting your position. You should include a minimum of 5 points and each point should be fully supported with sub points.
Part II
Create an outline countering your original position. You should have a minimum of 5 points and each point should be fully supported with sub points.
Include a brief introduction & Conclusion
No Major Grammar Issues
Centralized Budgeting

Los Angeles Southwest College Speech and Language Development Questions

Los Angeles Southwest College Speech and Language Development Questions.

Brainstorm and come up with a research hypothesis/research question/testable statement (a statement that you can design a research study, using the scientific method, to determine whether you have evidence to support or fail to support).Examples of Hypotheses1. If children experience the separation of their parents at an early age then they will have emotional consequences that will hinder their cognitive abilities as adults.2. Do people rate individuals with perfectly Symmetrical face as more beautiful than those with Asymmetrical faces?3. I hypothesize that money can buy happiness, but only if it is spent on things that match our personality.Submission of Your Hypothesis
Los Angeles Southwest College Speech and Language Development Questions

Savannah State University Parrot Rides Miniature Metal Bicycle PPT

nursing essay writing service Savannah State University Parrot Rides Miniature Metal Bicycle PPT.

Purpose: Consider the definition of learning offered by Hilgard and Bower: Learning refers to the relatively permanent change in a subject’s behavior to a given situation brought about by his (or her) repeated experiences in that situation, provided that the behavior change cannot be explained on the basis of native response tendencies, maturation, or temporary states of the subject (e.g., fatigue, drugs, etc.). Analyze and apply this definition to situations with both parrots and humans, and present your analysis to the class via slides and a short oral video explanation. This assignment will build your research, technological, and both visual and oral presentation skills.Tasks: Build a short (4-6 slide) presentation on learning in both parrots and humans, and upload both your presentation (in PDF form) and a short video (recorded through GoView) of yourself explaining it to the class.Parrots: Using the words and ideas from your chapter text (see term list below) what kind of teaching might be used to train the parrot in the video below? What kind of learning terms apply here? Explain in the first part of your slide presentation how teaching a parrot to ride a bicycle would work, and be sure to use (and define/explain) several terms in your explanation. If you have trained a pet or other animal, you can also write about their learning using these same terms to explain their unique, fun, or interesting behavior.Humans: For the second part of your slide presentation, apply your explanation about parrots to how you might improve or “teach” yourself (or another student, if that’s easier to think about) to have better study habits. Explain your proposed step-by-step process. Are you using the same terms? Additional or different terms?Feel free to include images on your slides to enhance your argument; don’t use any images with words or charts or such. Use the links in this submodule on building excellent presentations for how to distinguish what you should put on the slides vs. what you should reference in your oral video presentation. Save your presentation in PDF format.Consider, for your oral explanation, how looking at one situation helps you looks at the other – how are they similar/different? Practice presenting/explaining this information, then record yourself through the discussion post and upload the recording along with your slides. IMPORTANT: watch this brief video for instructions on how to best record your video directly within the post using your computer’s webcam. Note you will need to make sure your browser (Chrome or Firefox) allows GoView access to record video. This method avoids long download times and protects everyone’s computer from infected files. I will not be downloading and you will not get credit for recordings made in other ways.Respond substantively to at least two other classmates’ posts by the deadline via video, audio, or text.Here is a partial list of useful terms related to learning that you can apply in your post. Be careful not to confuse the different types of learning and terms; you can give me a definition when you use the terms or make it crystal clear in your example that you understand the definition. Don’t just list them and assume I’ll make the connection; the point of this assignment is for you to show me you understand the terms and can apply them in real life.Associative learning/Classical conditioningCR, CS, UCR, UCSHigher-Order or Second-Order ConditioningAcquisitionExtinctionSpontaneous RecoveryStimulus DiscriminationStimulus GeneralizationHabituationBehaviorism/Operant ConditioningPositive and negative reinforcementPositive and negative punishmentShapingPrimary and Secondary ReinforcersContinuous and Partial ReinforcementFixed and variable intervals and ratiosCognition and Latent LearningObservational learningModelingCognitive Maps
Savannah State University Parrot Rides Miniature Metal Bicycle PPT

CSU International Comparison of Public and Private Employees Research Paper

CSU International Comparison of Public and Private Employees Research Paper.

Read preselected articles attached below about Employee Motivation. Summarize the important information in the preselected studies in order to guide analysis later in the assessment. This will include how the research was designed, as well as the results and conclusions that were reached. This should be in a narrative format that flows smoothly from one topic to another.Begin with a short (2–4 sentence) introductory paragraph. A high-level description of the topic would be good for this but feel free to be creative. You want to give the reader a feel for what is coming but do not go into so much detail that you lose them. ● Next, take each article one at a time. For each one, cover the eight numbered points below. You have to address each one but you do not have to necessarily do it in this order (except for the first point, which really should be toward the very beginning); whatever works best for your flow is fine. 1. First, in narrative form, describe the article are you reviewing. This means writing a sentence that says something like, “In such and such article…” or “Per <<first author’s name>>…..” 2. What is the hypothesis statement, in your own words? Careful—there may be more than one. Do not simply copy/paste a hypothesis sentence from the article. You need to show that you understand the material by paraphrasing or somehow interacting with the material directly. 3. What are the independent and dependent variables? It may be implied in your hypothesis statement but for full credit you need to specifically state “the independent variable is . . . ” or something along those lines. 4. Participants: Who were they and how were they chosen?5. What were the study methods (what did they do)? You do not have to paraphrase the entire methods section but provide enough detail that if you asked a friend or family member to read it, they could understand what happened without having to refer back to the article. 6. Results: What did they find? Some brief reference to the statistics would be appropriate here but you do not have to go overboard; a big-picture perspective would be fine. Make sure to state if the hypothesis was supported or rejected. 7. Conclusion: According to the authors, what does it all mean? You may disagree with the authors, but for now just give their point of view. You will have your opportunity to critique this later in the semester. 8. Once you have finished with this article, circle back to the top and do it again. Repeat for all three articles. Make sure to use transitional wording so that the reader moves smoothly from one article to the next. You are free to discuss the articles in any order so if you need to move them around to make it flow better, that is perfectly acceptable.-3-4 pages NOT including title and reference page-APA format-3 sources cited in proper format
CSU International Comparison of Public and Private Employees Research Paper

Public Management Discussion 5

Public Management Discussion 5. I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

What experiences have you had with E-Government? Has it been more efficient and effective than when dealing with agencies in person? What concerns are there with E-Government? How should government move forward to address these concerns?
Discussion Documents
Chapter 8
Roadmap to Effective E-Government
Instructions for this Discussion
Your total response to this assignment should be 2-4 paragraphs in length. Be careful to cite sources appropriately. You should respond to 2 classmates. Please review the discussion grading rubric for complete grading information.

Public Management Discussion 5