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CDV 125 GCCCD Erik Erikson the Biggest Question Adolescents Ask Discussion

CDV 125 GCCCD Erik Erikson the Biggest Question Adolescents Ask Discussion.

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The link to the lecture:…There are 5 questions from this lecture:Q1. What is the big question that adolescents are asking during this period of development according to Erik Erikson? 1 pointQ2. Marcia, a researcher described and measured four ways teen cope with adolescences. Name one. 1 pointQ3. There are four areas of adolescent identity formation. Name one. 1 pointQ4. Family closeness with possible with teens. Name one.Q5. There are four ways adolescents get their information about sex education. Name one way. 1 point.
CDV 125 GCCCD Erik Erikson the Biggest Question Adolescents Ask Discussion

Foreign Tech Businesses from Ebay to Amazon Failed Success in China Discussion.

Why Did Foreign Tech Businesses From Ebay to Amazon Fail to succeed in China?What would you do differently (if you were the CEOS of these companies) to succeed in China? (Links to an external site.)Remember: Your initial post should not be less than 500 words. Each question should be answered in a separate paragraph.You should then respond to 5 other postings of your peers. Please include the name of the person you are responding to!Each response should consist of at least 30 words or more.
Foreign Tech Businesses from Ebay to Amazon Failed Success in China Discussion

University of Edinburgh Partial Defences for Murder & Leading Case Principles HW.

Please be sure to read and answer the question carefully. Please only reference using OSCOLA and only refer to UK law, as my University is British. Please don’t refer to US law. Please try to write in British English (it will be obvious to my lecturers otherwise). This is a University essay, therefore a certain standard will be expected. If you have any questions, please just ask. Essay question: ”In the light of leading case principles, critically analyse the essential ingredients of partial defences for murder.”The following learning outcomes for the module are applicable to this assignment:1. Identify and apply the necessary elements of a crime to establish liability for specifiedcriminal offences;2. Select and explain any appropriate defences which could negate/reduce criminal liabilitysubmission QuestionYour response should be 2300 words.For the purpose of the criminal law moot presentation submission, instead of participating in a livepresentation, you need to write an assignment. You must ensure that the answer referenced properlyfollowing the OSCOLA referencing style.In the light of leading case principles, critically analyse the essential ingredients of partial defences formurder.You must make sure that you answer the question asked for the assignment using wider reading andapply your learning to support your answer.
University of Edinburgh Partial Defences for Murder & Leading Case Principles HW

Consider a process consisting of three activities required to make a cell phone case. Assume there exists an unlimited demand for the cases. Activity 1 has a processing time of 6 minutes per unit. Activity 2 has a processing time of 3 minutes per unit. Activity 3 has a processing time of 5 minutes per unit. All three activities are staffed by one worker and each worker gets paid $12 per hour. 1. Calculate the cost of direct labor? What is the meaning of direct labor to a firm? 2. Calculate the labor content? What is the labor content? 3. Calculate the average labor utilization? What is the meaning of this measure to the firm? 4. Assume the demand rate is 20 units per hour- What is the takt time? What is the meaning of the takt time? 5. Assume the demand rate remains at 20 units per hour. What is the target manpower? 6. Calculate the capacity of the process be if they could hire one additional worker and assign that worker to one of the Activities. Note the capacity in units per hour. What is the meaning of that change? What effects does it have on the process? 7. If they could take 1 minute of task time from one Activity and give it to another Activity so the labor content could remain the same, what would be the new capacity of the process in units per hour? 8. Calculate the capacity of the process be if they integrated the work so that all workers do all three tasks un units per hour?

RES 812 Colorado Technical Univ Mapping Movements Coding of Datasets Discussion

RES 812 Colorado Technical Univ Mapping Movements Coding of Datasets Discussion.

Assignment OverviewUnit 3 – Individual ProjectASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTIONDeliverable Length: 4–6 pages, not including the AppendixOBJECTIVESCoding Qualitative DataIn this Individual Project you will conduct a practice round of Qualitative Data Coding.Review various methods of coding at Methods Map Coding Coding. Methods Map. Sage Research Methods.Select one method of coding for this assignment.Download the practice qualitative dataset and select one of the letters as sample qualitative data for this coding practice.Provide the results of your coding process, using a diagram to present your findings. Your diagram could be in a matrix format (table) or a concept chart (node network). Refer to your assigned readings on diagramming or other resources explaining how to graphically display qualitative patterns from coding.Your submission should include the following:Description of your coding process usedList of codes used to code the datasetDiagram of coding patterns Brief narrative summary of your graphic diagram
RES 812 Colorado Technical Univ Mapping Movements Coding of Datasets Discussion

JNU Leadership & Change in Organization Discussion

assignment writing services JNU Leadership & Change in Organization Discussion.

, Please submit below 2 answers in a separate WORD Doc1) This paper will allow you to examine your leadership skills and develop a plan for moving forward. Analyze your current leadership skills based on what you have learned in this courseIdentify your primary style of leadershipIdentify 2 leadership theories/styles that would be beneficial to your current/future leadership role. Summarize your understanding of bothExplain how you would apply both to make you a more effective leaderIllustrate 2 positive outcomes that you would expect to occur from eachExamine your results from the following assessments completed throughout the term: Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.Summarize each area and identify 2 areas within each assessment you wish to further develop.Identify how you will develop each over the next year and how it will make you a more effective leaderIllustrate 2 positive outcomes that you would expect to occur from eachDevelop a personal leadership philosophy and support your ideas with material from this course and outside research. Provide an example where your leadership philosophy can be applied to lead an organizational changeYour leadership philosophy does not have to be any specific leadership model we reviewed. Rather, it should represent your trajectory of leadership as it applies to your career aspirations. Consider your leadership style, personality, career path and the industry you work (or wish to work in) and determine which leadership skills will be most effective.Submit a 5 to 6-page paper double spaced Please provide at least six (6) scholarly references to support your paper. All references should be used as in-text citations.All work must be completed in APA format.A title page and reference page must be included.=============================================================== 2)In 250-300 WORDS, Cultural differences, while difficult to observe and measure, are obviously very important. Failure to appreciate and account for them can lead to embarrassing blunders, strain relationships, and drag down business performance. While some organizations are able to make cultural diversity a source of advantage, others do not. Identify a recent situation in the news in which an organization failed to take into account the various cultural norms of stakeholders. Be sure not to share the same issue as a classmate. What happened? Where did they fail and what would you recommend based on your readings, research, and Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions to repair the damage?It is important that you use your own words, that you cite your sources,Cite 2 of your sources in a clickable reference list at the end. Complete answers on a WORD Document please and ensure that you are following APA Format guidelines, using in-text citations and references.
JNU Leadership & Change in Organization Discussion

Leadership in Mentoring Nursing Students

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Management has been existed in our society since human beings began in the form of social organisation to achieve their goals, have become a significant part to our society and human activity. Management and leadership are clearly different, management is “do things right” and leadership is “do the right thing”, but both are equally important (Bennis, 1997). Therefore, the effective leaders and effective managers are required by the organisations, teams or groups to achieve the expected goals. Bennis (1994) defined management as a process of getting things done through others. This definition emphasizes that a manager to manage and organize a planning, assessment and assist the activities of others or subordinates. Bateman and Snell (2007) stated that four management functions: planning, organising, leading, and controlling are very valuable for professional practice. McKenna et al (2004) assert that effective leadership in practice is crucial for professional development and patients care enhancement. According to Marquis and Huston (2003), leadership is a process without threats and violence of empowering belief, persuading, moving and influencing another toward an objective. Dessler (2004) also defined leadership as a person influences others to willingly work toward a predetermined goal. However, Mintzberg (2004) assert that there are many views and definitions of leadership and makes leadership is complicated and confusing. Stanley (2009) defines and explores the health practice leadership as “unifying people around values and then constructing the social world for others around those values and helping people to get through change”. Leadership impact our daily and futures lives and very important in my clinical area to create an environment that’s positive for relationship building and conducive to effective professional practice. Health professional such as nurses and AMO requires a strong, knowledgeable and consistent leader in quality professional practice environments to provide quality health services. Therefore, to achieve the requirements of professional practice and consumers’ requirements and expectations, it’s important for health professional to integrate leadership in health professional practice (Sofarelli and Brown, 1998). I will discuss and explore the theory of leadership in this paper when mentoring and encouraging staff and Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) to their career development, including further learning and leadership methods at Plaster Unit, and will implement this idea in my placement and appropriate use for my new task as a leader. My hospital is among the most famous teaching hospital in Malaysia which conduct education programs for medical, nursing and allied health science students. With over 11 years working experience and was promoted to Senior Assistant Medical Officer at Plaster Unit, Orthopaedic Department since January 2011. I have been appointed by head of Orthopaedic Department as manager, clinical instructor and mentor of Plaster Unit for new staff, medical and nursing students, particularly related to Plaster of Paris application. At the same time, I need to train and facilitate the department staff and newly AMO to update skills, knowledge and develop their further learning including mentoring programs. As a manager and instructor at Plaster Unit, I may be writing policies, assess, implement and promote policies, I might challenge the policy appears to be sensible and evaluate the policies. Good leaders were made rather than born. Good leaders must have the desire, willpower, and develops through lifelong learning process of educational, training and experiences (Jago, 1982). Taylor (2009) state that today health care operates in a rapidly growing environment where changes in leadership to be the main criteria for career development. Many different leadership theories have emerged and made based on previous theorists, but there are 8 major leadership theories; “Great Man” theory, Trait theory, Contingency theory, Situation theory, Behavioural theory, Participative theory, Transactional theory and Transformational theory. Burns (1978) have identified two types of leadership theories; transactional and transformational. Burns (1978) describes the transactional theory: leaders are just sitting towards the result, followers are directed to perform tasks and be appreciated by money or reward if the task is accomplished. In transformational theory, leaders see the relationship is very important, especially between leaders and followers. Mentoring relationships can develop the highest level of relationship between managers and subordinates (Graen

RC Use of Force Minnesota Thompson v Hubbard & Pena v Leombruni Case Analysis Essay

RC Use of Force Minnesota Thompson v Hubbard & Pena v Leombruni Case Analysis Essay.

1. Look up the following cases: a. Thompson v Hubbard;… b. Pena v Leombruni;… c. Plakas v Drinski;… 2. Use the following example of a department policy concerning Use of Force: “An officer’s response: Must be objectively reasonable and necessary. It must be based on the totality of the circumstances, including the severity of the crime, whether the person poses an immediate threat, and whether the person is actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest. An officer may not justify their response based on facts learned after the force was used.” 3. Explain if the involved officer’s actions followed the policy or did not follow the policy a. Comment on each case separately (different sections of your paper) b. I am more interested in your analysis of the officer’s actions in following the policy and not on if you agree or disagree with the officer’s actions. Minimum of 2 pages. APA, Double spaced, 12 size, normal font. Correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure needs to be used.
RC Use of Force Minnesota Thompson v Hubbard & Pena v Leombruni Case Analysis Essay

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