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CCF Business Finances Why Investors & Companies Care About Intrinsic Value Discussion

CCF Business Finances Why Investors & Companies Care About Intrinsic Value Discussion.

Why do Investors and Companies Care about Intrinsic Value?The intrinsic value is determined by the size, timing, and risk of its expected future free cash flows (FCF). There are two models used to estimate intrinsic values: the discounted dividend and corporate valuation models.The discounted cash flow (or DCF) approach describes a method of valuing a project, company, or asset using the concepts of money’s time value. All future cash flows are estimated and discounted to give their present values. The discount rate used is the appropriate cost of capital and may incorporate judgments of the future cash flows’ uncertainty (riskiness).The corporate valuation model – involves estimating the worth or price of a company, one of its operating units, or its shares. There are many reasons for the valuation: the purchase or sale of the business, mergers, acquisitions, buy-back agreements, expanding the credit line, or tax matters.Essay discussion 4 pages.Need you to research 2 APA Peer Reviewed articles as well, to incorporate in the discussion. Will provide chapters from book
CCF Business Finances Why Investors & Companies Care About Intrinsic Value Discussion

Why we should not or should explore space and find another habitable planet, English homework help.

Hello again,The requirements are 800-1200 words, In text citation. Please DO NOT go over 1200 words. My professor expect quality not quantity. Be concise and not wordy. USE the sources I gave you before. I’ll list them again and I’ll attach the annotated bib. No need for a cited work page. Also, the thesis statement is very important it has to be strong, perfect, and clear. I attached the assignment instructions for paragraph structure (Writing a Strong Paragraph (Hamburger) (1).pdf) and thesis statement (Thesis Stuff.pdf). Please follow that.What I want to talk about in the paper:I want to talk about why we should and why shouldn’t explore space and find another habitable planet. I want to talk about the the reasons of exploring space. One, the earth might be inhabitable in the future either because of human themselves and what are they doing to the planet like pollution and global warming…etc. Two, because of external reasons like asteroids or the sun death…etc. I want to talk also about possible habitable planets like kepler 452b. The other point of view that I would talk about is why we should not explore the space. One, it is waste of money and energy. Two, we should focus on repairing our planet. Three, It is impossible to achieve that. * You are writing about two arguments but be on the side of the first argument which is we should explore space.Here is the sources I want to use. you can add other sources ONLY If NEEDED but you have to use those as well. Probably you’ll need another source for the second point of view. If use another source list it in the anno bib and talk about it briefly.’ll leave a good tip if the paper turned out creative, interesting and carefully written.If you need anything tell me. This is an important assignment to me.Sorry for the long instructions.
Why we should not or should explore space and find another habitable planet, English homework help

Please do it in Question/Answer format

Please do it in Question/Answer format. Please answer these 6 questions and Choose 4 questions to answer fully/ in-depth. Attached are the chapters required to answer all the questions. Does Neil Foley equate becoming Hispanic with becoming white? According to his essay, are all Mexican Americans currently considered white in the United States? Compare and contrast Foley’s account of how some Mexican Americans came to be categorized as white with the accounts of how members of other ethnic groups (for example, Greeks and Poles) came to be included in this category. Both Foley and Ancheta write about groups that do not fall into the black– white paradigm. How are Asian Americans viewed in the United States? Charles W. Mills makes a strong case for his view that white supremacy has been the unacknowledged operating political system in the world through- out recorded time. Evaluate this claim and indicate what you believe to be the strongest arguments in its favor. If you learned some new information by reading Mills’s piece, do some independent research to corroborate what you have learned and write an essay in which you lay out these new facts and speculate about why you were not taught or did not know them previously. What does it mean to claim that whiteness has been socially constructed? Find examples in these readings to show how this process occurs. Write about something that surprised you in the essays in this section. Were your ideas about whiteness challenged?Please do it in Question/Answer format

Answer the following 3 questions then I will be sending reply to which you have to give feedback on

assignment helper Answer the following 3 questions then I will be sending reply to which you have to give feedback on. I’m studying and need help with a Business question to help me learn.

There must be at least one reference to chapter/page/lecture note in a student’s discussion. If a student chooses not to participate, no points will be received. Minimal participation will yield partial points.
Zuzzane, as an individual, had an option to purchase a valuable piece of land for $500,000, provided she exercised the option by a certain date by mailing a deposit check for $50,000. This land was appraised at $600,000 and she intended to build housing for her family and her elderly mother on it. She drew a check for $50,000 on her personal checking account she had at First American Bank and mailed it to the landowner. Zuzzane had this checking account for 10 years. At the time she drew the check, she verified electronically that she had $60,000 in this personal account. However,s he owed the bank $30,000 for a collateralized loan that was 60 days overdue. That loan was taken out by her Limited Liability Company and secured with collateral from it. That loan had been taken out two years ago. The bank refused to honor the $50,000 check and spent $750.00 handling the resulting paperwork. As a result of the dishonorment, Zuzzabe’s option became void, and the landowner sold the land to someone else for $550,000, resulting in a severe loss to Zuzzane. She sued the bank for damages.
The Trial
At trial, Zuzzane’s attorneys proved the value of the land, her losses, and the fact that she had always paid the bank on time, except for the most recent payment that was overdue. The bank’s attorneys proved that Zuzzane was over sixty days late on her last LLC loan payment and that it was their practice not to notify customers that there might be insufficient funds in their accounts to cover all checks written, as doing so would place an undue burden on the banking system.
The Arguments at Trial
Zuzzane’s attorneys argued that a bank has no right to dishonor a check except for the normal reasons permitted by law, such as a suspected forgery, an improper endorsement, and so forth. They further argued that the bank, based on its relationship with Zuzzane, should have contacted her before dishonoring the check so that she could have taken other action to prevent her loss of the land and that she did not have an automatic deduction from her personal account for the business loan. The bank’s attorneys argued that Zuzzane’s being overdue on her last loan payment indicated she was in financial trouble, that they had a right to seize her account to cover the overdue payment, and that instead they simply refused to honor checks on her account until the overdue loan was paid. They further argued that based on banking industry customs, it is the responsibility of the customer and not the bank to make sure there are sufficient funds to cover checks written. They were losing money each day that the loan was unpaid.
Questions to Discuss

Whom do you think the jury will favor, Zuzzane or the bank? Why?
If you feel Zuzzane should win, what will her damages be? If you feel the bank should win, what will their damages be?
Under what circumstances, if any, should a bank be able to offset a loan to a customer against any bank account on which the customer’s name appears?

Answer the following 3 questions then I will be sending reply to which you have to give feedback on


STRATEGY – CORPORATE AND BUSINESS LEVEL. Paper details In order to answer the following questions, you need to have read and studied the assigned articles. You will be asked to link the different findings, so you need to think your answers through before you begin. You will be using several articles to answer each question so you need to be sure to read all of the articles before you start this assignment. Remember, I am not asking your opinion, but rather asking you to discuss what these articles conclude. When I read academic articles I highlight findings, research questions, theories used, etc. Then I write on the side what is important and summarize key information. Cite all literature. Copy and paste each question and answer appropriately under each question. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THE ORIGINAL QUESTIONS BELOW ON YOUR OWN POST. I LIKE TO REFER BACK TO THE QUESTION WHEN GRADING YOUR ANSWERS. 1. Beard and Dess (1981) explained the difference between Corporate and Business (and Functional) level Strategy. Give a brief overview of these differences and examples to demonstrate you understand the differences. In this same article what are the authors testing and what are the results. Please put this response in your own words. (300 words) 2. Why do organizations choose to diversify? Be very specific and thorough. Be sure to include a discussion on the different view points on diversification. In addition please discuss in depth how diversification affects organizational performance. (800 words). 3. In my undergraduate class we discuss business, corporate level strategy at length. This is the planning stage of strategic management. The next stage is the implementation stage, where organizations set processes in place to help achieve strategic goals. Two of these implementation issues are structure and leadership. According to your assigned readings today how does structure affect the type of diversification and the performance? How does leadership (CEO and top managers) affect diversification outcomes? (1000 words) Sources: Beard, Donald and Dess, Greg. 1981. Corporate Level Strategy, Business-Level Strategy, and Firm Performance. Academy of Management Journal, 24:4, 663-688. Montgomery, Cynthia A., 1994, Corporate diversification, Journal of Economic Perspectives,8, 163–178. Hoskisson, Robert E., 1987, Multidivisional structure and performance: The contingency of diversification strategy, Academy of Management Journal, 30, 625–44. Mesquita, Luiz, Anand, Jaideep, and Brush, Thomas. 2008. Comparing the Resource-Based and Relational views: Knowledge Transfer and spillover in veritical alliances. Strategic Management Journal, 29, 913-941. Wright, P., Kroll, M.,STRATEGY – CORPORATE AND BUSINESS LEVEL

GU Speech Writing Audience Adaptation & Overcoming Fears Course Reflection Discussion

GU Speech Writing Audience Adaptation & Overcoming Fears Course Reflection Discussion.

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers. A Speech of TributeIt’s been a great eight weeks—why not celebrate it? OR put it to rest? This week, you’ve got an opportunity to do either as you reflect on the progress you’ve made since the beginning of this course.In your initial post, you will upload a video (no less than 90 seconds no more than 3 minutes), in which you deliver a speech of tribute. You may pick one of the following options:Option one: You will perform a celebratory toast to yourself and/or your classmates on the hard work accomplished over the course. Remember that a toast should be sincere and express a sentiment that is widely shared by those in attendance. Please highlight specific elements of the course and, in the process, discuss your growth, addressing how this course has helped you, areas you’d like to still work on, and how you think you’ll be able to use this content in your future.Option two: You will perform a eulogy for this course. It is, after all, dead after this week. A eulogy is a ceremonial speech that praises someone’s life and accomplishments; if you choose this option, you’ll eulogize our course as a whole (as it has now passed). Please highlight specific elements of the course and, in the process, discuss your growth, addressing how this course has helped you, areas you’d like to still work on, and how you think you’ll be able to use this content in your future.No matter which option you pick, remember to incorporate all of the principles of effective public speaking, adjusting to the rhetorical situation. You must write a short post with your video link (75-150 words) where you share how you feel about public speaking now, compared to when you started this course.In your follow up posts, you will view at least two other videos posted by your classmates and respond in a substantive way. Please be sure to review the guidelines for both uploading videos and succeeding in the course discussion forums before completing this task!Dorothy Conner W8: A Speech of TributeCOLLAPSECongratulations everyone! I chose to do a toast because a eulogy seemed to gloomy. I feel like I have made improvements as far as my comfort level about public speaking. I realized you do not have to be perfect to speak in public and it is very important to make sure our voices are heard. I was terrified of taking this class, I absolutely dreaded the thought. Now after completing this course, I feel like some of my fears have gone away. Every speech I recorded made me a little more comfortable speaking. I enjoyed having everyone in classes and hope you continue to do well.Travis Webb Wk 8 discussionCOLLAPSEHello class, I have really enjoyed my time in the course, and I have really enjoyed all the speeches and videos I have got to watch. As we come to the last week in class I thought it was the perfect time to give us all a celebratory toast. I have put in a lot of work for this class and I’m sure we all have. My feelings toward public speaking now have changed a little bit, I was always a speak when spoken to kind of guy and never really enjoyed public speaking. The input you all would give me on my videos really helped me in this course and helped me build my confidence towards public speaking. I still have a long way to go, but this course has definitely helped me and made me a little more comfortable speaking aloud. Thanks everyone and good luck going forward. Below is my toast to us all!!
GU Speech Writing Audience Adaptation & Overcoming Fears Course Reflection Discussion