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CC The Examination of Tituba on Witchcraft Charges Project

CC The Examination of Tituba on Witchcraft Charges Project.

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This project will consist of students creating a news article about a primary document as though they were there when it happened as a newspaper article. Must use a primary source as your main focus, but also use secondary sources for your surrounding information (See point 4)1000 wordsEach news report must contain the followingDaily news, what is happening in the county or world at the time of the primary document. (This is where you will need secondary resources)Information about the author, who are they, what do they do, why are they creating the primary source? (Again, here you will need secondary resources)A summary of the primary source itself. Hit the main points, why has the source been created, what does the author hope to achieve, who is the intended audience, etc.?Finally offer an editorial. Do you think this source will be good for the country or do you think it will have a major impact? Here you will want to look at the actual effect the source had and try to work that into your reporting.Must include a bibliography in either MLA or Chicago Style.Remember: you are creating something as though you were there at the time, try to put yourself in the shoes of someone witnessing the world at the time of the source’s creation. PRIMARY DOCUMENT: TITUBA DOCUMENT(Examination of Tituba) Page citation: Examination of Tituba (H) Tituba what evil spirit have you familiarity with(T) none (H) why do you hurt these children(T) I do not hurt them (H) who is it then (T) the devil for ought I know (H) did you never see the devil. (T) the devil came to me and bid me serve him (H) who have you seen (T) 4 women sometimes hurt the children (H) who were they? (T) goode Osburn and Sarah good and I doe not know who the other were Sarah good and Osburne would have me hurt the children but I would not shee furder saith there was a tale man of Boston that shee did see (H) when did you see them (T) Last night at Boston (H) what did they say to you they said hurt the children(H) and did you hurt them (T) no there is 4 women and one man they hurt the children and then lay all upon me andthey tell me if I will not hurt the children they will hurt me (H) but did you not hurt them (T) yes, but I will hurt them no more(H) are you not sorry you did hurt them. (T) yes. (H) and why then doe you hurt them(T) they say hurt children or wee will doe worse to you(H) what have you seen a man come to me and say serve me (H) what service (T) hurt the children and last night there was an appearance that said Kill the children and if I would no go on hurting the children they would do worse to me (H) what is this appearance you see (T) sometimes it is like a hog and some times like a great dog this appearance shee saith shee did see 4 times (H) what did it say to you(T) the black dog said serve me but I said I am a fraid he said if I did not he would doe worse to me (H) what did you say to it(T) I will serve you no longer then he said he would hurt me and then he lookes like a man and threatens to hurt me shee said that this man had a yellow bird that keept with him and he told me he had more pretty things that he would give me if I would serve him (H) what were these pretty things (T) he did not show me them (H) what else have you seen (T) two rats, a red rat and a black rat(H) what did they say to you (T) they said serve me (H) when did you see them (T) Last night and they said serve me but shee said I would not(H) what service (T) shee said hurt the children (H) did you not pinch Elizabeth Hubbard this morning (T) the man brought her to me and made me pinch her (H) why did you goe to thomas putnams Last night and hurt his child (T) they pull and hall me and make goe (H) and what would have you doe Kill her with a knif Left. fuller and others said at this time when the child saw these persons and was tormented by them that she did complain of a knif that they would have her cut her head off with a knife (H) how did you go (T) we ride upon stickes and are there presently(H) doe you goe through the trees or over them (T) we see no thing but are there presently (H) why did you not tell your master (T) I was a fraid they said they would cut off my head if I told(H) would not you have hurt others if you could (T) they said they would hurt others but they could not (H) what attendants hath Sarah good (T) a yellow bird and shee would have given me one (H) what meate did she give it (T) it did suck her between her fingers(H) Did not you hurt mr Currins child (T) goode good and goode Osburn told that they did hurt mr Currens child and would have had me hurt him two but I did not (H) what hath Sarah Osburn(T) yesterday shee had a thing with a head like a woman with 2 leggs and wings Abigail williams that lives with her uncle mr Parris said that shee did see this same creature and it turned into the shape of goode osburn(H) what else have you seen with g osburn (T) an other thing hairy it goes upright like a man it hath only 2 leggs(H) did you not see Sarah good upon elisebeth Hubbar last Saturday (T) I did see her set a wolfe upon her to afflict her the persons with this maid did say that shee did complain of a wolf (T) shee furder said that shee saw a cat with good at another time(H) what cloathes doth the man go in (T) he goes in black clouthes a tal man with white hair I thinke (H) how doth the woman go (T) in a white whood and a black whood with a tup knot(H) doe you see who it is that torments these children now(T) yes it is goode good she hurts them in her own shape (H) & who is it that hurts them now(T) I am blind noe I cannot see Salem VillageMarch the 1’t 1691/2 written by Ezekiell CheversSalem Village March the 1’t 1691/2 (Essex County Archives, Salem — Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 6 ) (Tituba Case) News RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePresentationMust be proper length. Quality should be good, free of major errors or mistakes.10 ptsMeets ExpectationsProject has few errors and meets length requirements.7 ptsPartially Meets ExpectationsProject has some errors or is not long enough, but this does not alter the content.0 ptsDoes Not Meet expectationsErrors or length are so bad that the project does not deliver information.10ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBibliographyProject must include a bibliography in either MLA or Chicago Style10 ptsMeets ExpectationsProject has a bibliography in either MLA or Chicago Style with few or no errors7 ptsPartially Meets ExpectationsProject has a bibliography in either MLA or Chicago Style with multiple errors but the information is still present0 ptsDoes Not Meet expectationsDoes not have a bibliography or bibliography does not include information required in either MLA or Chicago Style10ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeNewsProject provides enough background information to demonstrate a knowledge of the time the primary document was created.10 ptsMeets ExpectationsProject provides enough background information to demonstrate a knowledge of the time the primary document was created.7 ptsPartially Meets ExpectationsProject provides background information, but that information is not relevant or does not fully discuss what is going on in the country0 ptsDoes Not Meet expectationsBackground information is not provided10ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAuthorProject gives information about the creator of the primary document. Information should be relevant to the document itself.10 ptsMeets ExpectationsProject gives information about the creator of the primary document. Information should be relevant to the document itself.7 ptsPartially Meets ExpectationsProject gives information about eh creator of the primary document, but that information is not relevant or does not fully discuss who the author is.0 ptsDoes Not Meet expectationsNo information about the creator of the primary document is provided10ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSummaryProject offers a summary of the primary document which hits on the major points of the document.10 ptsMeets ExpectationsProject offers a summary of the primary document which hits on the major points of the document.7 ptsPartially Meets ExpectationsProject offers a summary of the primary document, but that summary does not hit on the major points of the document.0 ptsDoes Not Meet expectationsProject does not describe the primary document being discussed10ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEditorialProject provides an editorial discussing the impact of the primary document.10 ptsMeets ExpectationsProject provides an editorial discussing the impact of the primary document.7 ptsPartially Meets ExpectationsProject provides an editorial but does not fully discuss the impact of the document on the country0 ptsDoes Not Meet expectationsNo editorial is provided discussing the impact of the primary document10pts
CC The Examination of Tituba on Witchcraft Charges Project

MKT 301 Miami Consumer Behavior Kraft Heinzs Current Situation Case Study.

In chapter 3,(You will need to read the entire chapter and use the concepts you saw earlier to answer the questions.) Analyzing the Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior(Page130), analyze Company Case Kraft Heinz: Once a Taste Maker Now Struggles as Consumer Tastes Change(page158) and then answer four Questions “Questions for Discussion” (Page159). Answer five or four sentences per question.:5-16 Of the factors that influence consumer behavior, whichcategory or categories (cultural, social, personal, or psychological)best explain Kraft Heinz’s current situation?5-17 Choose the specific consumer behavior factor (for example,culture, family, occupation, attitudes) that mostaccounts for Kraft Heinz’s current situation.5-18 With respect for buying groceries, discuss the buyerdecision process and how it has changed in recentyears.5-19 Make recommendations for Kraft Heinz that you thinkwill turn its situation around.
MKT 301 Miami Consumer Behavior Kraft Heinzs Current Situation Case Study

Ghosn on Renault Nissan and Trends in the Industry Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Strategic management and leadership Internal environment External environment Conclusion Works Cited Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the interview of Carlos Ghosn who discusses his work at Renault Nissan and the trends that are likely to affect the automotive industry in different ways. Many of his answers can be related to the learning materials covered in the first three chapters of the textbook. In particular, it is possible to argue that this corporate leader makes very insightful comments about the role of leaders, their responsibilities, and some of the attributes that these people should have. To some degree, his responses can throw light on some peculiarities of strategic management. Furthermore, Carlos Ghosn demonstrates how businesses can become more agile by responding to external trends and minimizing internal weaknesses. These are some of the issues that are examined in the textbook. Overall, these issues play a critical role in the work of many business administrators who may occupy different positions in the workforce hierarchy. Furthermore, suggestions offered by people like Carlos Ghosn can warn students against various pitfalls such excessive focus on organizational effectiveness and negligence of customers’ needs. These are the main questions that should be discussed more closely. Strategic management and leadership Among the main concepts discussed in the first chapter, one can distinguish strategic management and leadership. In his turn, Carlos Ghosn attaches importance to the role of leaders who should be able to interact with managers and employees representing different cultures or ethnicities (Stanford Graduate School of Business). Additionally, this person should display empathy to people who he/she guides (Stanford Graduate School of Business). This attribute is important for the implementation of any strategy that a leader wants to implement. This is one of the points that Carlos Ghosn stresses during his interview. To a great extent, he can be regarded as an executive leader who champions changes and creates opportunities for learning (Jones 26). Additionally, such leaders may go against the conventions which emerged in the organizations. For example, Carlos Ghosn departed from the tradition according to which the positions of leadership had to be occupied by people who have worked in the company for a long time (Stanford Graduate School of Business). This practice can be observed in various Japanese companies, including the automotive sector. Yet, Carlos Ghosn adopted a more democratic approach to HR policies of Nissan. To some degree, this step was critical for the implementation of the long-term goals. Furthermore, the first chapter includes the discussion of such a concept as ambidextrous behavior. This notion incorporates such elements as alertness to new opportunities, ability to work on several tasks, and willingness to cooperate with other people (Jones 2). These issues are also of great importance to Carlos Ghosn. Admittedly, this corporate leader does not use this specific term, but the examples that he provides are closely related to ambidexterity which is a critical component of strategic management. Overall, Carlos Ghosn is able to identify those leadership qualities which are vital for the development and implementation of a strategy. Admitted, Carlos Ghosn does not discuss some of the critical issues related to strategic management. For example, researchers pay much attention to such issues as corporate governance or mission statement. However, one should bear in mind that at the time when he became the CEO of Nissan, he was primarily concerned with organizational effectiveness and the need for cost-reduction. Internal environment A significant part of Carlos Ghosn’s discussion is related to internal environment because this question was critical for the success of Nissan and its long-term sustainability. It should be mentioned that this corporate leader is renowned for his ability to optimize the internal operations and reduce costs. For instance, he attached much importance to the efficiency of procurement since a significant part of the costs could be attributed to this particular activity (Stanford Graduate School of Business). At the time when Carlos Ghosn took control of Nissan, this company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Furthermore, its return on investment was very low, and it was important for addressing this problem. The only way to address this problem was to focus on organizational effectiveness and optimize value chain. Therefore, it was necessary to review many workplace procedures and production processes. Overall, Carlos Ghosn highlights the importance of minimizing internal weaknesses which could undermine the work of any organization, even if it manufactures the most innovative and high-quality products. External environment Additionally, this person attaches importance to the external environment of the organization. In particular, he focuses on the idea that the management should be responsive to the new trends emerging in the market. For example, Carlos Ghosn speaks about the transformation of infrastructure in different countries. In particular, the increasing number of charging stations can generate demand for electric cars. This issue is particularly important for the senior executives of automotive companies (Stanford Graduate School of Business). Additionally, he attaches much importance to aging population. Many clients may lose their driver’s license as they grow older, and in the future, there can be an increased demand for the so-called autonomous vehicles which can function without a driver’s control (Stanford Graduate School of Business). This is one of the points that can be made. While discussing external environment, Carlos Ghosn also notes that it is important to consider the changing needs of clients. The problem is that some companies focus only internal efficiency, but they overlook the new trends in demand. As a result, their products cannot serve the needs of potential buyers. This is one of the pitfalls that should be avoided by the management. The author does not mention the use of different analytical techniques such as SWOT analysis. Nevertheless, he eloquently demonstrates why it is important to consider a wide range of external influences and remain responsive. These are the main details that should be distinguished. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion On the whole, this analysis indicates that the daily practices of corporate leaders reflect the theoretical concepts outlined by researchers. Admittedly, they do not always follow specific guidelines developed by researchers. The examples offered by Carlos Ghosn can be of great use to business administrators, especially if their work is related to the automotive industry. By focusing on leadership, internal environment, and external stressors, they can strengthen the agility of businesses and their long-term sustainability. To a great extent, their ideas can help people understand how various factors shape the work of businesses. Furthermore, this interview is worth attention because Carlos Ghosn gives several important insights into the work of leaders who need to motivate employees and display empathy for them. These are the main details that can be singled out. Works Cited Jones, Gareth. Organizational Theory, Design, and Change, New York: Pearson, 2013. Print. Stanford Graduate School of Business. “CEO Carlos Ghosn of Renault-Nissan Alliance on Innovation.” Online video clip. YouTube. 2014. Web.

Using any of Sandole’s mapping pillars, explain the conflict that occurred in Sierra Leone. You do not have to

online homework help Using any of Sandole’s mapping pillars, explain the conflict that occurred in Sierra Leone. You do not have to use all the elements of the pillar but try to use as many as you can from Pillars 2 and 3. Please only use the attached sources and one external Scholarly source in order to help provide the history of the conflict in regard to Sandoles pillars. Citation style is Chicago 17th Author-Date, in text parenthesis, not footnotes. You do not have to do a cover page. Sources: 1. A Comprehensive Mapping of Conflict and Conflict Resolution: A Three Pillar Approach (Attached in Files) 2.

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Week 1 Assignment
Question 1
The following information regarding the ten richest Americans was reported in a recent issue of Forbes.

Worth ($Billions)
Marital Status

Gates, William

Buffett, Warren
Berkshire Hathaway

Adelson, Sheldon
Casinos, hotels

Ellison, L.J.

Brin, Sergey

Page, Larry

Kerkorian, Kirk
Investments, casinos

Dell, Michael

Koch, Charles
Oil, commodities

Koch, David
Oil, commodities

1.How many elements are in the above data set?
2.How many variables are in this data set?
3.How many observations are in this data set?
4.Which variables are categorical and which are quantitative?
Question 2A sample of the ages of 10 employees of a company is shown below.
20 30 40 30 5030 20 30 20 40
Using a method of your choosing, construct a dot plot for the above data.
Question 3The following data shows the price of PAO, Inc. stock over the last eight months.
1.Develop a scatter diagram and draw a trend line through the points.
2.What kind of relationship exists between stock price and time (negative, positive, or no relation)?

Week 2 Assignment
Question 1
1.Compute the weighted mean for the following data.
Question 2
1.If P(A) = 0.50, P(B) = 0.40, and P(A ∪ B) = 0.88, then P(B | A) =
Question 3
Six vitamin and three sugar tablets identical in appearance are in a box. One tablet is taken at random and given to Person A. A tablet is then selected and given to Person B. What is the probability that
1.Person A was given a vitamin tablet?
2.Person B was given a sugar tablet given that Person A was given a vitamin tablet?
3.Neither was given vitamin tablets?
4.Both were given vitamin tablets?
5.Exactly one person was given a vitamin tablet?
6.Person A was given a sugar tablet and Person B was given a vitamin tablet?
7.Person A was given a vitamin tablet and Person B was given a sugar tablet?

Week 3 Assignment
Question 1
Seventy percent of the students applying to a university are accepted. Using the binomial probability tables or Excel, what is the probability that among the next 18 applicants:
A.At least 6 will be accepted?
B.Exactly 10 will be accepted?
C.Exactly 5 will be rejected?
D.Fifteen or more will be accepted?
E.Determine the expected number of acceptances.
F.Compute the standard deviation.
Question 2
Scores on a recent national statistics exam were normally distributed with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 6.
A.What is the probability that a randomly selected exam will have a score of at least 71?
B.What percentage of exams will have scores between 89 and 92?
C.If the top 2.5% of test scores receive merit awards, what is the lowest score eligible for an award?
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SNHU W2 New Forensic Technologies Available in Different Countries Essay

SNHU W2 New Forensic Technologies Available in Different Countries Essay.

Provide a synopsis of the article. Make sure to address these questions: 
1. What is this article specifically addressing? 
2. How does this article related to your selected topic? 
3.Did the article contain research? Provide a summary of the research that was discussed, as applicable. 
4. If applicable: What data was used? What instruments, if any, were used to collect data? 
5. If applicable: What were some of the conclusions, if any, to the research in this article? 
6. Your synopsis should end with a review and critique of your article. 
7. What references did the author use in this article? 
8. Was the article reliable and valid? Explain. 
9. Was this article well-written? Thoughtful and reflective? 
10.  What were the limitations in this article? Any variables? 
11. What other thoughts or comments do you have related to this article?

SNHU W2 New Forensic Technologies Available in Different Countries Essay

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