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CC Challenges in Refugee Struggles in the United States Initiative Research Paper

CC Challenges in Refugee Struggles in the United States Initiative Research Paper.

Part II of the Research Term PaperField of ServicePresenting ProblemsBarriers to Service for the Target PopulationIndividual & Environmental/Societal Causes of problemsEthical Issues & Value Issues for Social Workers in this fieldAnticipated IncomePersonal AssessmentReferences PageAnnotated BibliographyTopic Headings for the Field of ServiceWhat are the presenting problems in this field of service?What are the barriers to service for the target population?What are the individual and environmental/societal causes of problems?What are the values and ethical issues for social workers? What ethical and/or value dilemmas do social workers face in this field of service?What is the anticipated income for social workers in this field of service?What is your assessment of your continued interest in the field of service? (The only part of the paper that can be written in 1st person)The Bibliography or “References” SectionThere will be one “References” section for both parts of the paper, located at the end of the paper, in APA format. A sample APA format “References” page is available with a sample APA format paper located in Canvas under “Files.”The Annotated BibliographyWhat is an Annotated Bibliography?A bibliography is a list of reference materials that you have used for researching a topic. In APA format it is called “References.” Your bibliography should include at least one book and three scholarly articles.What is the purpose of an Annotated Bibliography?Provides preparation for the research term paper by familiarizing the writer with the current research, trends, and themes related to the topic. Exposes the writer to different resources to assist in analysis and critical thinking.Writing an Annotated BibliographyWrite an Annotated Bibliography for each of the 4 references; this will include one book and three scholarly articles.Each annotated reference should include these three parts:A Summary of the main arguments and points of the referenceAn Assessment and Evaluation of the reference – Is this a reliable, objective resource? Be sure to explain your point of view.A Reflection on how this resource will help you write your research paper (Example: How will it help you understand the field of service? Does the information help cover the topic headings on pages 4-5 of this document?)An instructor sample of an Annotated Bibliography for this assignment is located in Canvas under “Assignment.”Resources for Writing an Annotated Bibliography (Owl Purdue)For the definition and purpose of an Annotated Bibliography, click on the link below.… (Links to an external site.)For a general sample of an Annotated bibliography in APA format, click on this link:… (Links to an external site.)Annotated Bibliographies will be graded based on the “Summary,” “Assessment and Evaluation” and “Reflection:” outlined above.
CC Challenges in Refugee Struggles in the United States Initiative Research Paper

North Central University YoungBlood Community Based Organizations Pamphlet Paper.

InstructionsThis week, you will prepare a pamphlet. As a social worker, assume you have been asked to address community leaders and members who are concerned about their needs being met. For this assignment, select a specific community need you would like to learn more about.Based on this identified community need, design a mock organization to meet the needs of that community. Identify the mission of your agency, the services you plan to provide and the populations to be served. You can create any type of agency and be creative in your approach.Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.Length: 2-3 pages, not including title and reference pagesYour assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
North Central University YoungBlood Community Based Organizations Pamphlet Paper

Albany College of Pharmacy Financial Management Excel Calculations

Albany College of Pharmacy Financial Management Excel Calculations.

Information for Problem 2:You plan on retiring in 20 years.You plan on making an annual payment to yourself in retirement and the first payment will occur 20 years from today.You plan on needing to make 25 payments as you plan to live 25 years in retirement. To keep up with inflation, you want your retirement payments to grow 3% ann.As part of your retirement planning, you deposited $75,000 into a savings account 8 years ago.However, life etc. got in the way and you have not saved any money since then.After taking this course you realize you need to restart saving if you ever hope to retire and thus starting exactly 6 years from today you plan on becoming disciplined and making semi-annual payments into a savings account.You believe that you will be able to make 15 semi-annual payments of $4,000, (all payments will be of equal size), and then your lifestyle will be such that all investing for retirement will stop.If the discount rate is 7% ann., how much will you be able to take out of your retirement account on your first day of retirement and still be able to satisfy the rest of your retirement criteria?Information for Problem 4.You are considering taking a 3-year hiatus from school to open a cupcake business.You estimate the upfront capital expenditure will be $40,000 for equipment, which at the end of the 3-year project life will have a salvage value of $16,000. (Ignore terminal tax effects.) The CCA rate is 20%.You also estimate that you will need upfront Net Working Capital of $6,000 and that Net Working Capital needs thereafter will be 20% of Sales. (Assume recovery of NWC at conclusion of project.) In the first year of business, you expect to sell 15,000 cupcakes, and unit growth you expect to be 7%.You will price the cupcakes at $4.00 each and will keep this price constant over all three years despite inflation.Initially the cost to make each cupcake will be $1.50.Initial Fixed Costs are expected to be $10,000.Fixed Costs as well as Variable Costs will increase with inflation which is expected to be 3%.The Tax Rate is 25%, and your Cost of Capital is 9%.Financially, should you go ahead with your cupcake project and is the payback period within 3 years?Information for Problem 5. Testable Corp Cash 1,080 Receivables 6,480 Inventories 9,000 Total Current Assets 16,560 Net Fixed Assets 12,600 Total Assets 29,160 Accounts Payable 4,320 Accruals 2,880 Notes Payable 2,100 Total Current Liabilities 9,300 Long Term Debt 3,500 Common Stock 3,500 Retained Earnings 12,860 Total Liabilities and Equity 29,160 Sales 36,000 Operating Costs 32,440 Interest 460 Taxes 1,240 Net Income 1,860 Dividends 837 Shares Outstanding3,500 Share Price$8.45 Adapted from Intermediate Financial Management, 9th ed., Brigham, E.F. & Daves, P.R., 2007, Thomson Calculate the following for Testable Corp.Cash Conversion Cycle (Cash to Cash Gap)Quick RatioTimes Interest EarnedNet Profit MarginReturn on AssetsReturn on EquityPrice Earnings RatioDividend Yield
Albany College of Pharmacy Financial Management Excel Calculations

DEFM 200 American Public University System Contracting and Acquisition Essay

i need help writing an essay DEFM 200 American Public University System Contracting and Acquisition Essay.

Please review the video with instructions regarding topic selection for the final paper. If you are unable to see the video, a transcript is attached. Once you select a topic, you will need to identify for your topic and write an outline of your research topic paper. This outline can follow the following format as far as section headings. But you do not have to follow it. You can add more sections. But there must be at least five sections highlighted by * and section titles. Include at least 100 words per section that you use.AbstractIntroduction*BackgroundDefine your topic*Explain your topic*Defend your position about your topic*Conclusion*SummaryFuture Research RecommendationIncorporate at least one reference from articles listed within the online APUS library.•Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.•APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.•Length of paper: typed, double-spaced pages with no less than two pages.•Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.Attached are the two videos
DEFM 200 American Public University System Contracting and Acquisition Essay



2.  The graph should
show the data from 1950 to the present when possible.  You will need to edit the graph to do this.  Some graphs will require you to add two lines
to a graph; others will require you to use the drop down boxes to modify the
data.  Use FRED to make these changes to
the data.  Also, use seasonally adjusted
data at annual rates when possible.   question:


Evaluating Leadership and Management in Papa Johns

Evaluating Leadership and Management in Papa Johns. The assignment below will elucidate the link between leadership skills and management in my organization. I have opted Papa john for this task which is a leading pizza making company throughout the globe. In the second part I have explained the impact of the management and leadership styles in the organization and how the leadership styles been adapted in different situations. Finally by analyzing the entire task the essay has been concluded effectively. 1.2 Relationship between Leadership and Management According to me Leadership is very important for any organization it helps to influence people to motivate, communicate and to improve the organization. Leaders are the decision makers in all the organization, And the leaders need to be self motivated, good observerEvaluating Leadership and Management in Papa Johns

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