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CBU Myth and Sacred Scripture as a Essential Aspects of All Religions Questions

CBU Myth and Sacred Scripture as a Essential Aspects of All Religions Questions.

2 PAGES each question (DOUBLE SPACED,  12  PT)

1- One of the important contributions of Ernst Troeltsch to the analysis of religion is his typology of church, sect, and cult.  Discuss what Troeltsch (influenced by Weber) means by these categories and how can they be used to explain the social or communal aspects of religious phenomena.  To be able to write an acceptable essay on this question the chapter on Weber in Pals and Chapter  7  of  Livingston, Anatomy  of  the  Sacred,  are  indispensable.    (Weber strongly  influenced  Troeltsch,  but  the  question  is  about  Troeltsch,  not Weber.)
2- Myth  and  Sacred  Scripture  we  have  seen  are  essential  aspects  of  all religions.  Yet believers seem to be uncomfortable with the category of myth when scholars apply it to their particular religion.   And this is especially true in the three Western religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Even Hindus are now upset that a Western scholar would consider one of their great epics, the Ramayana, “myth.”  Christians never had a problem labeling the stories in other religions myth, while strongly defending the historicity of every story in the Genesis narratives, or events in the life of Jesu, even to the minutest detail.  Orthodox Jews and Muslims would be offended if anyone suggested  there  is  myth  in  the  Torah  or  the  Qur’an.    How  do  we  deal  with myth?  Even if a myth is historically untrue, can it still be true in a more important sense?   Question: Discuss the different views of myth in Chapter 4 of Livingston, and state with which view do you agree the most and why?


3- “What roles does religion play in Appiah’s analysis? Is the “contamination” Appiah is advocating good for religion, or should religions (and cultures) avoid it?  Should religion remain changeless and resist any outside influences that might bring about change, or should it be open to those influences (become more “cosmopolitan”) even it means questioning or abandoning some of its traditions?

CBU Myth and Sacred Scripture as a Essential Aspects of All Religions Questions

Walden Unversity Client System Role Play Reflection Paper.

Submit a 4- to 5-page paper. In your paper, address the following:Reflect on your experience in doing the role-play video.Describe insights you gained from the experience and explain how these insights affect your approach to practice.Describe the challenges you experienced in planning and executing the role-play scenario and explain how you overcame them.Focus on insights and challenges related to demonstrating skills and engaging as a professional social worker, not on technical aspects of role-playing or recording the scene.Describe the specific engagement techniques/skills you used and analyze why you used them.Describe the colleague’s role-play video you selected.Assess what your colleague did well in the video you selected and recommend areas for improvement in your colleague’s approach.
Walden Unversity Client System Role Play Reflection Paper

Saudi Electronic University Quality Managment Tesla Inc Discussion

Saudi Electronic University Quality Managment Tesla Inc Discussion.

Through chapter 5 ( Strategic Planning ) we discussed the importance of the organizational vision and how it can support the strategic planning process. 
Using online serach, with your own words choose a company and look into its organizational  vision ( do not confuse it with organizational mission) and answer the discussion questions: 
1- From your point of view , do you think it is a good one ( yes or no and Why?)
2- Do you think the company embraces the vision effectively ( through thier relationship with customers and leaders ) 
1- Add the company name , and its vision only ( with reference )
2 – Make sure to answer all the questions.
Saudi Electronic University Quality Managment Tesla Inc Discussion

Illinois Liability Law

essay helper free Illinois Liability Law.

John McKnight, the real estate broker who owns the real estate brokerage, Homes4Sale, Inc., has contacted your law firm for additional services. He is concerned about potential liability that he and Homes4Sale may face as a result of actions of agents (Independent Contractors hired by him) affiliated with the brokerage.Conduct legal research in the LEXIS/NEXIS database to determine the types of liability risks that real estate brokers could be subject to for the actions of real estate agents in their firm. Draft an indemnity agreement that Homes4Sale, Inc., could use to require its agents to execute in order to receive indemnification from them and mitigate these risks. Use the City of Plano in the State of Illinois as the place of contract.
Illinois Liability Law

Communication Plan

Communication Plan. I’m working on a Management question and need guidance to help me study.

Project success is dependent upon several factors, not the least of which is effective and efficient communication.
Assume you have just been assigned to manage an office renovation project for your company, a project that impacts several departments and several areas of the building. Some of these areas are common areas and are used by more than one department (e.g., printing, mailroom, and break room).
Although the project appears fairly straightforward, there are two challenges which have been made known to you. First, senior management has made it clear that implementing this change must not disrupt day-to-day operations as their customer base depends upon uninterrupted service. Second, you have learned that past projects have resulted in some departments getting correct and timely information while others did not.
Demonstrate your understanding of the strategy required to manage communication with sufficient detail to ensure that:
the correct information is delivered;
the correct people receive that information;
information is received at the right time; and
information is received in the right format.
Your write-up should address the initial analysis of what is required, the actual communication activity, and how you ensure that your strategy is both effective and efficient.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 2-4 pages in length, not including cover page, references page, and appendix. Appendices should be included at the end of the paper after the references page(s).
Be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).
Cite a minimum of three sources, two of which should be current academic, peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your responses, demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course, and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.
Note: Current research in this class means the most recent five-year period. Although research older than five years may be used, it will not count toward the assignment requirement. Additionally, in the lecture material for Module 1, you were reminded of what constitutes academic, peer-reviewed scholarly sources, and how to find them in the CSU Global Library.
Refer to the Critical Thinking Assignment grading rubric available in the Module 2 folder for more information on assignment expectations and grading.
Communication Plan

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Supply Constraints Essay

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Supply Constraints Essay.

Use the article and class content to answer the following questions. Put your response to thesequestions in the form of a seamless essay, i.e., I do not want you to write a response after each question. Your essay should be at least 300, but no more than 500 words. Include the word count at the end of your essay
According to the article, manufacturers have said that during the pandemic, “their ability tomeet increased demand for their products remains hampered by supply constraints.” Brieflydescribe two of the supply constraints that manufacturers have faced during the pandemic.Given the constraints described in #1, is the market for manufacturers in equilibrium?Explain.Do you think the current price elasticity of supply for the products described in the article iselastic or inelastic? Why? Use evidence from the article to support your answer.What do you think will happen to the price elasticity of supply over time? Use evidencefrom the article to support your answer.Link to article:…
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Supply Constraints Essay