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Causes and Consequences of Air Pollution in China

Causes and Consequences of Air Pollution in China Abstracts This essay provides the facts and analyses causes, consequences and solutions regarding air pollution in China. China is one of the most serious levels of air pollution in the world. Three main causes including motor vehicles use, coal combustion and household cooking and heating will be mentions. Damaging Chinese people’s health and economy are main consequences and feasible solutions are suggested accordingly to obtain sustainable health benefits. Key words: Air pollution in China, Chinese air quality, adverse health effects, coal burning, environmental degradation. Air pollution consists of chemicals or particles in the atmosphere that is threatening seriously people’s health and the environment. China is the twelfth most populated nation around the world. Only 8 out of 70 large cities in China can satisfy the proper standards of air quality that were measured by Chinese Environmental Protection Ministry (J. Halpin, 2016). Among 20 cities having the worst air pollution, 16 are belonged to China. People coming to China cannot distinguish between morning fog and coal smoke to form as a layer covering everything in some cities such as Taiyuan, Beijing or Shanxi. It has been unimaginable when a certain percentage of Chinese pollution on the West Coast seriously affected to California’s coast. Therefore, air pollution should be considered as one of the most important priorities that should be improved significantly in the future. The first cause of air pollution in China is using motorcycles as one of the main transportations. Pollutants from these vehicles’ emission, including hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur oxides and particular matter (PM10), account for the considerable proportion of the leading reason to result poisonous environment. The second cause is coal-burning practices. Air quality is worsening when China is still applying outdated and inefficient technologies in many factories and industries. An increasing number of coal power building projects that are exceeding the government’s permission. According to the World Health Organization, the Chinese highest level of air pollution that was recorded in 2015 was around 500. This is named “hazardous” and also the maximum of the Air Quality Index (AQI). The third cause is residents’ habits of cooking and heating with solid fuels leading to indoor pollution. Coal, wood and charcoal produce harmful practices when these solid fuels are heated. Despite of the rapid urbanization, around one in three Chinese people are still using solid fuels for household purposes. Chinese people rely on coal for nearly three-quarters of their energy needs, using approximately 2 billion tons of coal yearly (Millman, Tang
University of Southern Mississippi Technology and Aging Adults Discussion.

Backstory on the assignment—“You will be selecting a topic that influences the aging population; this topic will be the theme
for the additional assignments in the course, so please choose wisely. It is recommended that you choose a topic that you
are particularly passionate about and is either a physical, emotional, financial, mental, or spiritual challenge for both the
aging population and those taking care of them” —I chose the topic of technology and the aging population and how it affects them, not being able to keep up with the ever evolving technology.You will write one paragraph highlighting why the topic you chose should be of interest to your readers. This needs to include a minimum of three peer reviewed articles that are relevant, appropriate, and are referenced accurately (i.e., APA format). The paragraph needs to be put in your own words; the assignment will be checked for plagiarism. You should write a minimum of 5 sentences for full credit on that criteria, but you are welcome to write more if appropriate.You must include a reference list of THREE sources.
University of Southern Mississippi Technology and Aging Adults Discussion

Have knowledge about DDM Module, Equity Valuation Module for Finance, need to do analysis for the 10K case.

hey here is the 10K case. as I write on titile, you must have knwledge about DDM Module, Valuation Model, and Equity Valuation Module. Please read those three PPTs and use each module to analysis our company ” Tiffany & Co “, the most important thing is please wrtie the reason why you choice each module and result. Please don’t write any definitions, just get points, and please use three world document to do each of modules. And Dividend Discount Module (DDM) is on PPT 12Equity Valuation Module (include DCF) is on PPT 13Valuation Module is on PPT 15PS: We already did one of module which is < Residual Operating Income Model >, so please read world document which I upload below to get some idea if you are not sure how to start, but don’t use it as a example. PPT 14
Have knowledge about DDM Module, Equity Valuation Module for Finance, need to do analysis for the 10K case

Please let me know if you could solve this exams for me.

Please let me know if you could solve this exams for me..

The materials to answer exams should be in the word document as a link, i would suggest it to someone that have previously taken organization theory and behavior or similar course. All the question in all 3 exams are almost similar to each other just asked in a different way. You can google them but make sure you answer with no plagiarism . You can suggest your own bid price if you think it’s low, and maybe if you feel like you don’t have enough time you can submit what you got and i can do the rest since they all similar. Thank you
Please let me know if you could solve this exams for me.

Definition And Types Of Social Capital

best assignment help Definition And Types Of Social Capital. Social capital is the the aggregate of the actual or potential resources which are linked to possession of a durable network of more or less institutionalized relationships of mutual acquaintance and recognition (Bourdieu 1983: 249). Social capital is defined by its function. It is not a single entity, but a variety of different entities, having two characteristics in common: they all consist of some aspect of a social structure, and they facilitate certain actions of individuals who are within the structure (Coleman 1994: 302). ‘Whereas physical capital refers to physical objects and human capital refers to the properties of individuals, social capital refers to connections among individuals – social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them. In that sense social capital is closely related to what some have called “civic virtue.” The difference is that “social capital” calls attention to the fact that civic virtue is most powerful when embedded in a sense network of reciprocal social relations. A society of many virtuous but isolated individuals is not necessarily rich in social capital’ (Putnam 2000: 19). ‘Social capital refers to the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society’s social interactions… Social capital is not just the sum of the institutions which underpin a society – it is the glue that holds them together’ (The World Bank 1999). According to John Field, the fundamental of social capital is that ‘relationship matters’. It helps people to commit themselves to people in the community. It eventually becomes a shared set of values, virtues and expectation within society as a whole. However, Robert Putman (1993; 2000) is the person who launched social capital which focused on research and policy discussions. The World Bank also chose social capital as a useful organising idea. They argue that ‘increasing evidence shows that social cohesion is critical for societies to prosper economically and for development to be sustainable’ (The World Bank 1999). In this piece we explore the idea of social capital and the contribution by voluntary clubs to social capital. Types of Social Capital There are three types of social capital: bonding social capital, bridging social capital and linking social capital. “Bonding social capital refers to the links between like-minded people, or the reinforcement of homogeneity.” (Schuller, Baron,Definition And Types Of Social Capital

SJSU Schemes of Human Mating Living Organisms Reproduction & Intimacy Essay

SJSU Schemes of Human Mating Living Organisms Reproduction & Intimacy Essay.

Final Paper: Your final paper will entail you writing an essay about a popular book (“Evolution of Desire” by David Buss) written by a psychologist on a psychological topic. To help you stay on track for your Final Paper,a) Make sure you incorporate the feedback you got from your abstract/reference(s)b) Your final draft should be 4-5 pages—1500 words minimum— summarizing the 3 major ideas and a minimum of 1 psychological study in support of each idea, along with references in APA style****ALL written assignments need to use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins.Additional pointers:Aim for a 5-paragraph paper with:1) an introductory paragraph (similar to what you turned in already for your final paper topic assignment), 2) 3 paragraphs for the body of the paper, with 1 idea and 1 study in support of that idea in each paragraph–taken from the book3) An conclusion where you sum up the point of the book and your opinion of it.Throughout, you should be paraphrasing the author’s ideas. If you decide to do quotes (not required), make sure you do it in APA style (i.e., cite by putting the author’s last name, publication year, and page number where you found the quote in parenthesis). Remember to also include the reference for the book (updated with any feedback you got from before to be in APA style)
SJSU Schemes of Human Mating Living Organisms Reproduction & Intimacy Essay

FILM 175 SCSU The Star System Clint Eastwood 1992 Unforgiven Film Analysis Discussion

FILM 175 SCSU The Star System Clint Eastwood 1992 Unforgiven Film Analysis Discussion.

I’m working on a film writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Write an organized, detailed five-page analysis of how the film ‘Unforgiven’ illustrates the points made in the outline and readings attached below that correspond to the topic ‘Star System’. The essay is for Film 175 (film and culture) class. The essay instructions are attached below.
FILM 175 SCSU The Star System Clint Eastwood 1992 Unforgiven Film Analysis Discussion

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