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Case Study Murder

Case Study Murder. I’m studying for my Law class and need an explanation.

In this assignment, you will apply the theories you have studied to a particular crime which will be assigned to each student by the instructor. Conduct an Internet search and find an article about the crime which was assigned by the instructor. Crime stories are in the news every day, so this should be easy to accomplish.
Then, analyze three theories from chapters 22-41 in terms of how useful they are in explaining the assigned crime. You may also choose to use other theories based on your own cited research.
For instance, if you were assigned a violent crime, such as rape, you would analyze how useful each of three theories (one from each category) is in explaining why the offender in the case you chose committed the crime.
Your paper should have the following sections:
Introduction (Introduce the topic and mission of the paper to your reader.)
The Crime (Describe the characteristics of the criminal incident you found, then describe what we know about this type of crime more generally. . . prevalence, trends, costs, etc.)
Theory I (Describe the main features of the chosen theory, then discuss how useful a specific theory from this category is in explaining the crime.)
Theory II (Describe the main features of the chosen theory, then discuss how useful a specific theory from this category is in explaining the crime.)
Theory III (Describe the main features of the chosen theory, then discuss how useful a specific theory from this category is in explaining the crime.)
Conclusion (Explain, in your view, which of the three theories is most useful in explaining the criminal incident you chose. Then, discuss the implications of this theory for criminal justice policy in general. What should the criminal justice system do to try to address the kind of crime that you were assigned in light of the explanation for the crime that you found to be most useful?)
The sources you use for this assignment should include the article on the crime you chose, the textbook, and two peer-reviewed journal articles, either from the article you researched in Project One (if applicable) or other articles you identify to connect theory to crime. Significant amounts of information from peer-reviewed journal articles and your textbook should be incorporated into your paper.
In addition to presenting information from your sources, do some significant critical thinking in applying the theoretical material we have covered to the real case that you select.
Case Study Murder

From this whole course of PPD 2, I’ve learnt and gained the skill by studying the entire learning model. The learning model that I’m going to choose to write about is the Gibbs Learning Cycle. This is because Gibbs Learning Cycle is easy to understand, applicable on the study and effective on learning process. The Gibbs Learning Cycle is very popular among the learning model and it is good for reflection of study where it consists of six steps for the whole process. Model of reflection diagram of Gibbs Cycle(Queen Margaret University, 2011) This six steps or stages contain Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion, and Action Plan. For the Description stage, it simply tells you to reflect and describe what you’ve learnt or what happened. In this step, you shouldn’t make any conclusion or judgment as you need to understand the whole situation rather than simply draw a result. We can conclude as when a problem occurs, we should reflect or think back on what has happened. An example of it will be shown on the next line. When a new Professional Pitch task has been assigned, I will look carefully to the question in order to have a fully understanding in my mind for the task completion. When a new piece of note is given by the lecturer, I will have a rough scan just to have a basic overview on what is it all about? After that, when the lecturer is giving his/her lecture, I will listen carefully on what they talking about and write down the important notes and points. Besides that, I will ask them publically in the class or personally after the class if I have any question about that chapter. For the Feeling stage, a lot of feeling and thoughts were running inside my mind when the lecturer is giving their lecture, giving out task and having a discussion with us. When they are giving their lecture, I feel so curious about what they will teach and excited about the topic as I’ve never been in touch with Personal and Professional Development 2. Other than the feeling of curious and excited, I will also afraid because I might not be able to follow the footsteps of the lecturer. Therefore, the complex feeling that I have it that time makes me concentrate more in the class and pay more attention on what the lecturer is teaching. While the lecturer is giving out task and assignments to us, I felt anxious as a lot of things need to be done and lastly we have to take our complete assignment for turnitin. At the same time I’m happy as finally I can use the knowledge that I’ve gained from the lecturer to do some work. The discussion part is an interesting part as all the students in the class are participating for it and a lot of answer will pop up and I can learn from that. At the mean time, I will felt nervous as sometimes the question will be too hard and I might not be able to answer it if the lecturer points me to answer. The feeling changed after the event ends. The lecturer goes for a slow and smooth baby steps when they giving out lecture and it suits me very much as I’m not a fast learner. Every single word that the lecturer said was memorable in my mind and I felt excited about that. The task given by the lecturer was finished by a week before the due date and my turnitin plagiarism rate was below 15%. This is the result that I aimed for and I’m able to achieve that and it gives me confidence to do better. I felt happy and interesting after the discussion part as I’ve learnt something new and I can even answer the hard question given by the lecturer. For the evaluation stage, I’ve good and bad experiences throughout the course of PPD2. The positive thing is that I can communicate well with the lecturer whenever I need their help in the process of learning. This will not only help my communication skill but also courage and gaining of knowledge. This is because I’m a person who doesn’t have a strong courage to face stranger as I’m afraid to talk with them. But as I know that the learning process requires student to communicate and talk with their lecturer when they faced problem. Thus, I made up my courage and the result of it didn’t disappoint me. Besides that, I also have some bad experiences for the class of PPD2. Sometimes the lecture was too boring and it couldn’t bring up my will to study. I considered it as a bad experiences because when I have no will to study, it wasted my time and effort and end up of learning nothing. The lecturer sometimes uses an old fashioned way to teach, that is read through the paper. Besides that, I have some bad experiences in the class by my own behavior. Certain times, I might not concentrate when the class is boring therefore I will talk with my friends and end up wasting my own time and learned nothing. Eventually I know what I did is wrong and wasteful so I’ve changed my behavior and get myself to back on track. In the analysis stage, I realized that I have a big interest on PPD2. This is because it helps me to build up the most important thing that is my personal skill, confidence, courage and learning skill. Every single thing that the lecturer teaches was so useful and there are a lot of things to be learned. I have found out that the learning model and the content of PPD2 are something fresh and things that are totally new to me. Thus, for a person that likes adventure, it suits me well. Everything and every chapter that the lecturer gives out attract my attention and I will always try my best to do it. For the conclusion stage, I’ve learnt and gained lots of knowledge from my lecturer. I’ve learnt how to do well in everything no matter by myself or with a team. Other than that, it also makes me understand more about the importance of personal skills and teamwork. Besides that, training and improvements are needed in order to make me concentrate more in specific time. This is because even if there are boring classes, I should not make any noise to disturb the rest of the class. Through this course, I know where my strength is and weakness and improvement will definitely takes it place. When the lecturer is giving out new chapter for the next classes, I will do my own revision on that chapter to give myself a rough idea on it. This will not only help my understanding but also speed up the process of learning in myself. For the action plan stage, I will absolutely do a lot better than current. Attitude will change as I know that my current attitude is not good enough for me to have a great success. I will work harder for my work and pay more concentration when it’s time for serious. Besides that, assignments and tasks that given by the lecturer will also are done earlier as the lecturer can have a check on it in order to increase the quality of my work. When the discussion part is going on, I will try to answer every single question. This is to make sure that I fully understand what the lecturer is talking about. Other than that, when I faced any problem or difficulties for my work, I will not only discuss with my lecturer but also my classmates. This will not only make me gained extra knowledge but it also improves my communication and social skills. I also found out that I must also learn how to approach people by making the first step. I must take initiative to deal with someone rather than hoping or dreaming for others to make their first step. Besides that, I also need to increase my ability to study more in order to have a good result for the final year. I hope to have a CGPA of 3.5 and above and I know to achieve this, lots of efforts are needed. To obtain this result, I will not only study hard for the school study material, but I will find my own research to have a deeper understanding and I will borrow some books or references from the library to have better understanding. The strength of Gibbs Reflective Cycle is to develop a questioning attitude and new perspectives, identify areas for change and improvement, respond effectively to new challenges, and generalize and apply what you have learned from one situation to other situation. (University of Reading, n.d.) The Gibbs Reflective Cycle makes me to have a manner of keeps on asking question for something that is new and unknown to me. Other than that, it also helps me to find out where is my strength and weakness in order to improve my skills. Besides that, it also makes me to be a good respondent. Every time a problem pops out, I managed to think carefully and analyze it to get the solution.

JUS 412 Northern Arizona University Drug and Control Law Crime Control Strategies

JUS 412 Northern Arizona University Drug and Control Law Crime Control Strategies.

For this assignment you need to research ONE of the legislative crime control strategies outlined discussed in Chapter 7 and then write a paper that addresses the following criteria:Summarize the crime control strategy. For example: Focus on sex offender legislation, drug laws, etc. Discuss how and why the law originated (i.e., the reason for and the purpose of the law). Summarize at least THREE pros and THREE cons to the law. Present an argument for or against this legislative approach. For example, you may argue that you do or do not support the use of sex offender laws, because (offer sound facts to support your position). Remember, you will NOT receive any credit for unsupported opinions (support your thoughts credible sources). Guidelines (please see the grading rubric link in the course menu for further details):2-3 pages, APA format (abstract IS required)Page limit does not include title page, abstract or reference pageInclude a separate title page, abstract page, and reference page.Refer to the Sample Paper _OWL_.pdf for specific requirements of each of these pages.Utilize a minimum of FIVE (5) additional, academically appropriate, outside resources in addition to the course text. Comply with the writing guidelines established for this course and discussed in the syllabus.The paper must be posted, as an attachment, in the appropriate assignment drop box in assessments, no later than the prescribed deadline.
JUS 412 Northern Arizona University Drug and Control Law Crime Control Strategies

NSCI 362 UMUC Impact of Human Interaction in The Ecosystem on Biodiversity Discussion

best assignment help NSCI 362 UMUC Impact of Human Interaction in The Ecosystem on Biodiversity Discussion.

I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need support to help me learn.

This week, you have learned about our living natural resources (biota), biogeochemical cycles and how our lifestyle choices have disrupted various ecosystem services, like pollination. For this discussion, please share your observations from the Week 6 – Eco Moment (Impact of Bee Losses) Xerces site you explored. Using reliable external sites and/or information presented this week from IPBES, investigate the financial investment we need to make in our pollinators now versus the costs we will have to pay in the coming decades if we fail to do so. Finally, compare pollination to another important ecosystem service of your choice with an emphasis on how declining biodiversity impacts your chosen service. Be sure to write a detailed main post here, presenting supporting facts and evidence from reliable sources. When responding to your classmates, please add to the discussion with a fact-supported addition, opinion, gentle correction, or example, citing reliable sources. This is a 2 part discussion 1 part is due Friday and I will upload the 2nd (the responses) which is due Sunday. I will extend for 2 additional days once I get the 2nd part ready.
NSCI 362 UMUC Impact of Human Interaction in The Ecosystem on Biodiversity Discussion

Female Characters in Children Media, 1980–1990 Analytical Essay

Female Characters in Children Media, 1980–1990 Analytical Essay. Media shapes people. No matter what one might say about the means to resist the effect of the TV propaganda and the way to retain one’s own opinion, TV shows that people watch regularly, and especially the ones that they used to watch regularly as kids, affect or have affected their vision considerably. Despite the fact that the effect of the late 80s and early 90s young girls oriented animated series were neutral at best and harmful at worst, some elements of feminism started shining through, which manifested the era of animated movies emancipation. A comparison of such shows for young girls as Jem and PowerPuff Girls will display in a very graphic manner how giant a leap animated movies industry has made in a relatively short amount of time. While in Jem, the key female leaders were replaced with stock Barbie-style characters and personalities of hair spray cans, The PowerPuff Girls, a show that came out only a decade later, featured a team of colorful and active characters that were not afraid of being funny and even ridiculous, with a unique comedic edge to the traditional superheroes formula and an original representation of interactions between these characters. Picture 1. Jem (Left) vs. PowerPuff Girls (Right): A Ten Year Journey Jem and the Holograms. n. d. Web. 90s Trends: February 2012. n. d. Web. The examples in question have been chosen as the key subject of the study, sine they are truly fascinating specimens in the evolution of an image of a woman in media. Each of them is clearly a product of its time, there can be no doubt about it. However, it is not the ability of a movie to send a topical message that is being considered. What strikes most about both movies is how each of them takes female stereotypes and transforms them with a unique result, Jem reinforcing them, and PowerPuff Girls destroying them completely. Both movies use practically the same stock tools for creating their characters – in fact, even the pink-and-pastel color cast seems practically the same in each series. The series mentioned above will be used to study the way in which tools that were used to enhance the stereotypes of gender roles in Jem were utilized in the PowerPuff Girls to destroy these stereotypes of the colonial/gender system. YouTube and the site called RetroJunk ( will be used as the key sources for retrieving the related media. To analyze the approaches chosen by each animated series for displaying their female characters, the theory of social contract will be used. One of the relatively neutral ones, it will help understand where the animated movies succeeded in promoting feminist ideas, and what they have desperately failed at. To be more exact, Rousseau’s concept of equality will be used as the basis for addressing the major problems of the shows. Based on the idea that all men are equal, no matter what their race, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs are, Rousseau’s theory presupposes that equality is natural and, therefore, intrinsic. In other words, Rousseau’s theory is based on the key postulates of the Theory of Social Contract. Heralding free will as the universal truth, Rousseau also outlines the welfare of the whole, thus, creating a major dent in his theory. Indeed, seeing how the welfare of an individual does not necessarily coincide with what is required to attain the welfare of the society, the idea of pursuing the benefit of an individual through the collective effort seems rather odd. Nevertheless, Rousseau’s influence on the evolution of the concept of people’s indefeasible rights and freedoms is undeniable. In addition, Rousseau provided his own concept of a perfect state, in which every individual could be provided with their irrefutable rights and freedoms. More to the point, Rousseau’s ideas regarding people’s liberties were not limited to social issues; he was also concerned with the major political problems, including the issue of state sovereignty and the place of an individual within a sovereign state. The sovereignty definition, in fact, was the factor triggering the above-mentioned conflict between the concepts of Rousseau’s theory. Rousseau argues that between communitarianism and liberalism, the golden mean and the perfect environment for the development of an individual exists. The fact that each of the series of the PowerPuff Girls stands the Bechtel test, whereas some of the Jem episodes do not, like the Midsummer Night’s Madness, will be also evaluated based on the key concepts of Rousseau’s theory. One could argue that comparing the two animated series is not quite adequate, since they clearly belong to a different genre. While technically, this is a valid point, considering the two shows closer, one will inevitably understand that the comedy, had much more rights to exploit the stereotypes, did a much better job than the genre, which should have handled the idea of female rebels better by default. More to the point, Jem did not even try to eliminate some of the common stereotypes, like excessive use of fan service in most of the show. Therefore, the failure of Jem and the following success of the sketchy, comedic PowerPuff Girls series as a truly unique phenomenon deserves to be considered through the lens of Rousseau’s theory. Works Cited 90s Trends: February 2012. n. d. Web. Jem and the Holograms. n. d. Web. Female Characters in Children Media, 1980–1990 Analytical Essay

Columbia Southern University Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Essay

Columbia Southern University Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Essay.

Throughout the course, we have covered the fire protection and life safety systems that may be found in buildings. These systems are designed for occupant safety, firefighter safety, and property protection. For the final assignment of the course, you will write an essay that outlines the primary components and application for each system listed below, and you are to explain how each system provides for occupant and firefighter safety:wet-pipe sprinkler system in a public assembly occupancy,standpipe system in a high-rise,fire detection and alarm system in a school,wet chemical system in a commercial kitchen,foam suppression system in an aircraft hangar, andsmoke management system in a covered mall.Your essay must be three pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages), and it must contain at least two references. References may include the course textbook, Internet sources, professional journal articles, or other resources related to the profession. All sources must be properly referenced both in-text and on the references page. Make sure to follow APA format.
Columbia Southern University Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Essay

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