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Case study for Spreadsheet decision modeling-MGT425

Case study Questions: (10-Marks)
Read the attached article case study and also read the instructions inside the attached questions file and answer the following Questions:
1. Describe the objective of this case study according to your understanding (150-200 Words) 2 Marks
2. What is the importance of material selection in manufacturing companies (150-200 Words) 2 Marks
3. What is the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) that can be used in decision making process in manufacturing companies (150-200 Words) 2 Marks
4. What are the important steps you suggest for the decision-maker in order to make a good decision (150-200 Words) 2 Marks
5. How this study is helpful for you in understanding the decision making process about material selection in manufacturing companies? (150-200 words) 2 Marks
There are 2 attached files, the first one is the questions file that you need to read the instructions from, and to post your answers in. The second file is the case study article.
Strictly No plagiarism or copying sentences, and the answers must be posted in the same attached questions file.
Thank you,