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case study at your organisation about change management based on John Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change Model

Write a case study at your organisation about change management and critically evaluate based on John Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change Model

Instructions: draw a parallel between the model and practice and use appropriate references for the facts given if there is a need

Essay structure is important, follow the pattern of an introduction main theme and conclusion

Attachement: Guidelines and the notes that related

Bullying: Use three (3) peer reviewed journal articles to support your arguments/claims.

Bullying: Use three (3) peer reviewed journal articles to support your arguments/claims..

Each assignment is worth 25 points. No more than 4 pages in length. Follow basic APA formatting i.e. 12pt font (Times or Arial), double spaced, 1 inch margins. You do not need a cover page but you must cite references in APA style. Be clear, and concise, but thorough in order to expect full points. Use three (3) peer reviewed journal articles to support your arguments/claims. The book can be used as an extra resource (the book also provides several resources to look up). Santrock reviews research that indicates victims of bullies tend to have parents who are anxious and overprotective (Olweus, 1980), intrusive, demanding, and unresponsive (Ladd & Kochenderfer, 2017).

Ladd and Kochenderfer also found boys who have emotionally close relationships with their parents are more likely to be victimized. However, children with positive parenting behaviors are less likely to become victims of bullying or bully-victims (Lereya et al., 2013). Olweus also found that the parents of bullies are more likely to be rejecting, authoritarian, or permissive about their son’s aggression. Olweus studied bullying early before America was interested in the phenomenon in schools etc.., hence the early cited work. Review the above research findings and respond with potential explanations for these findings. In other words, why would there be a relationship between being a victim of bullying and having parents who are anxious and overprotective

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case study at your organisation about change management based on John Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change Model COPING ACTIVITIES.

 Information Seeking 1-Music Therapy 2-Friends/Social Support 3-Relaxation 4-Hobbies 5-Dream Therapy question: Do some research on 5 different techniques or strategies below. Be sure to include for each one enough information that describe for the reader to understand what it is and how it works. After that , In a well written paragraph, include the following: • if you have ever tried one of these 5 techniques and what was your experience. • 2 of the techniques you might try, why and when you might use them • What did you find most interesting about these techniques.

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Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Trail

Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Trail.

 Why did you choose this article? What is the significance of the article? Who does this affect? What does this article suggest about the contemporary film industry? How does this article’s topic connect to topics you’ve been learning in this course?

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Organization Design

Organization Design.

 Designing and Implementing a Rewards System at Disk Drives, Inc. Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify the different elements and issues of organizations development and creating the need for change. (Lo 1.2 & 2.4) 2. Define the human, structural and strategic dimensions of the organizational development (Lo 1.5 & 3.1) 3. Analyze the strategic role of change in the organization and its impact on organizational performance(Lo 2.9) Objectives of the Case: 1. To illustrate the importance of corporate decentralized decision-making within highly competitive and highly technical industries in order to boost innovation, operate with speed, and decrease the margin for technical error 2. To understand the effect that organizational structure has on all other aspects of a business, including external aspects like the ability to successfully compete in the market, and internal aspects like the effectiveness of the company’s performance management system Overview of the Case: Disk Drives, Inc. (DDI) was a company originally started to produce large-format disk drives and then decided to move strategically in a different direction. DDI began to produce smaller disk drives with a lower cost and a lower price in order to break into a new market. However, they were late to the market, fell behind on the experience curve, and failed to achieve the market share they had predicted. The new, smaller product line faltered. In order to regain capital and recoup sales, the company outsourced manufacturing to Japan and initiated a focus market strategy with an aim towards the personal computer, or PC, industry. Manufacturing disk drives for companies that built PCs promised a profitable future if DDI could maintain technological relevancy within the industry and could handle the demand of both the short product life-style, the competitive bid process, and the logistical demand of distribution. Keeping all this in mind, DDI’s CEO decided that the company could be more efficient, and more able to handle and maintain growth, if the Executive Committee released control of daily functional and operational decision-making in order to focus on the more strategic aspects of the company. In order to best align the abilities of the company with the needs of the market, DDI created a matrix structure in which functional managers from multiple departments, all highly skilled in their particular line of work, would form teams assigned to disk drive projects. This cross-functional teams would ensure that the individual business units within the company worked closely together to flawlessly execute each disk drive from inception to completion and all the way through to customer response management. The new structure would also allow daily decision-making to be carried out by managers who had more expertise regarding the DDI product line and a more in-depth understanding of how the daily operations were carried out.

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Scaffold 1/500 words
Identify one benefit and one challenge of intercultural and/or interracial relationships. Provide an example of each. What strategies would you recommend for overcoming the challenge you identified?

Scaffold 2/500 words
Compare and contrast the indirect conflict style with the emotionally expressive conflict style. Give at least two examples of how these styles may vary according to culture.

Provide a 500 word response to each question above. Your answers should include APA style references and should include your own original analysis and/or examples beyond those used in our course texts.

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Symmetry Discussion

Thinking of the quote from The 20 Rules for Good Design, “Symmetry is the ultimate evil,” How is symmetry different from balance? What does it mean?
I am expecting you to explain why the author, Tim Samara, thinks that symmetry is evil. You can also share your thoughts, and explain whether you agree or disagree. Remember, you must also comment on one of your peers’ posts to receive full credit for the discussion.

Positive change in the Future

Positive change in the Future.

Description A short essay  detailing efforts they have already undertaken to this end or an initiative they wish to implement in the future promoting a positive change in the world. Most importantly, be yourself and get creative!

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What if Zelda was a girl?

What if Zelda was a girl?.

What if Zelda was a girl?  Those of you in the know can laugh and point out to your classmates the oddity of the question, but it is indeed a T-shirt and a meme (clue: Zelda IS a girl– the male protagonist of those games is Link). The question, while miss-placed, is a solid one, however. Does changing the gender of a protagonist do major work for a game? Think about popular current games and ask yourself how the game would change if the main character was female (or if you want to go the other direction, think about a game like Horizon: Zero Dawn if the hero was male). Use what you’ve learned this week to make your case.

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