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case study 2

case study 2. Paper details   Assume that you are being reimbursed by your employer for the cost of this particular course and your employer is questioning whether to allow future employees the same benefit. Prepare a 2-page double-spaced memo/report including, at a minimum, the following: • Whether you feel that this course should be reimbursed for future employees, in particular those who may not be in the accounting department. • Specific topics/skills that you feel will benefit you personally and professionally. • Explain 2 or 3 specific topics that you feel will be beneficial to your current employer and how they are applicable. Note: if you are not currently working, you can use a prior job (or make one up).case study 2
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This assignment has 3 parts.Part 1Visit the following Web sites, and explore the collections of Ancient Art there:    A New York art museumA Paris museumSelect galleries in a Washington, DC museumFrom the gallery Web sites listed above and available through the Course Materials List, select 2 works of art from any ancient culture.Part 2Using the terminology and concepts you are learning for evaluating art, compare and contrast the 2 works including materials used, style, meaning, symbolism, and any other aesthetic issues.What is the form of the work?Is it a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional work of art?What materials are used?What techniques or processes are used to create the artwork?What colors are used?Describe the use of line, shape, texture, value, color, and balance.Does the work of art have subject matter?If so, what is literally depicted?Is the work of art representational, abstract, or nonobjective?What is the content?What does it mean or represent?What is the artist’s message?Is symbolism used? If so, what is the meaning?What is the context of the artwork?What is the function of the artwork?What traditional role of the artist is exemplified?Part 3Explain how the works of art fit into the context of the time period. Keep in mind that only artworks that fit into the period of Ancient Art (created between 30,000 BCE–500 CE) will be accepted.You are required to comply with APA-style format for quotations, internal citations, and a reference list. For additional information and resources on APA, visit the APA section of the Library, available under “Library Features.”ReferencesFreer | Sackler. (n.d.). Retrieved from the Smithsonian Institution Web site: (n.d.). Retrieved from Metropolitan Museum of Art. (n.d.). Retrieved from submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.  Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s):Unit 2: Art of the Ancient WorldUnit 2: Early CivilizationsUnit 2: Ancient Civilizations in Asia
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Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. Compare the ways in which resilience is shown in the stories of young Maryjane from Persepolis I) and Harry Potter (from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).,Ways in which resilience is shown in the stories of young Maryjane,Your goal is to offer a specific argument/thesis statement that directly responds to the question and explains how/why you take this position. Focusing on one specific comparison or contrast (and what it shows or the “so what?”) will generally offer much clearer analysis than briefly examining or listing observations about several. Your goal is to offer a focus ed and well support ed argument. Rather than an overview or general discussion of the topic.,Compare the ways in which resilience is shown in the stories of young Maryjane from Persepolis I). Further, Harry Potter (from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).,How does adversity or self-confidence or the ,role of mentors, or something else (focus on one thing in both texts) impact the support systems and/or coping mechanisms shown in these stories?,You’ll want to focus on Persepolis I. Which is the first half of the complete edition? For this question in order to compare two preteens (rather than a child and a teen/adult).,You might refer to later books about Harry but should focus on the first book since this is our course text.,You might include research on psychology and child development but could also draw on research about popular culture depictions of children and childhood.,Book 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:,,Book 2: Persepolis I:,,Weight: 30% of Final Grade., Length: 1000-1500 words (the essay itself, not including heading information and Works Cited), Format: MLA,A paper that focuses or relies heavily on outside sources will not meet overall assignment requirements.,Also, do not focus on film adaptations of the course texts in your essay (stick to the books if that’s what is on our syllabus). You may include an appendix with images if this helps you support claims. Just keep in mind that “see image” does not in itself offer support; you have to explain what the image shows and how.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Mathematics homework help

ENG 200 University of Phoenix Week 5 Team leadership and Skills in Writing Discussion

research paper help ENG 200 University of Phoenix Week 5 Team leadership and Skills in Writing Discussion.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:What do you feel is the role of a leader within a team? Include examples of leadership you have experienced when working on teams.You might have experience making decisions and solving problems on your own, but these tasks are quite different when working in a team. What would you need to consider when leading a team in making decisions and solving problems? How can you apply what you learned in this class when faced with a problem or conflict in a team setting?Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:How have your skills in writing, critical thinking, or information literacy (like using databases and the online library) changed as a result of this coursework? Provide at least 1 specific example.How will effective writing skills impact your college and career goals? What resources will you continue to use in your future coursework?
ENG 200 University of Phoenix Week 5 Team leadership and Skills in Writing Discussion

Typology of Psychological Disorders and Their Treatment Essay

Table of Contents Typology of Psychological Disorders Psychological Conditions: Exploring the Reasons Mood Disorders Treatment of Psychological Disorders Works Cited Typology of Psychological Disorders The modern psychologists differentiate a wide variety of complicated mental disorders, which hinder the quality of human intellectual abilities as well as stimulate various health complications. Specifically, such groups of psychological conditions as anxiety, personality, disruptive, dissociative, eating, neurocognitive, and somatic disorders. The theory of contemporary psychology, however, enriches the classification with new types regularly since the nature of human behavior is constantly changing (Cherry par. 1). Psychological Conditions: Exploring the Reasons Anxiety disorders account for the feelings of excessive fear and worry. There are some subtypes of anxiety conditions, which include phobias, panics, and social anxiety problems. According to the experts, the problem stems from some previous experiences, which imposed threats to personal safety of the patients. Personality diseases stem from the individual phobias. For instance, if a person is dependent on drugs, alcohol or reveals antipathy to social relations, the respective disorders evolve. There is a similarity between personality instability and disruptive disorders. Thus, the latter is also based on personal phobias but they are distinctive through the constant demonstration of anger and absolute authority (“Disruptive Behavior Disorders” par. 1). Dissociative disorders represent the group of conditions, which are often inflicted by amnesia. Thus, this category accounts for reality distortion (“Dissociative Disorders” par. 1). The group of eating disorders embraces the conditions, which are revealed through abnormal eating. The category includes bulimia, anorexia, and binge disease. The primary reason for the nutrition instability is social pressure and the individual desires of a person (“Eating Disorders” par. 5). Neurocognitive disorders are stimulated by physical injuries. They may be traced in individuals, who lost at least one of the cognitive senses, which hinders personal attention and memory. Finally, somatic psychological conditions represent the reactions to physical pain, which is stipulated by some specific injuries. Mood Disorders The category of mood conditions is regarded as a special group of psychological conditions for it is hard to find the agreement on the nature of this problem. Thus, some psychologists state that mood changeability refers to mental disorders, and the others are persuaded that the issue stems from the peculiarities of human character. However, the condition tends to inflict some complications, which are regarded as psychology-related disorders. These are depressions, bipolar illnesses, and substance-induced conditions. According to the specialists, the preconditions of mood changeability embrace different genetic factors as well as environmental and personality concerns. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The disorder may inflict some serious emotional impulses, which result in suicide attempts, the feelings of helplessness and anxiety, and activity downfall. Therefore, the regular changes of mood may become the preconditions for the development of numerous subsidiary disorders such as anxiety and personality conditions (“Mood Disorder Symptoms, Causes, and Effects” par. 12). Treatment of Psychological Disorders The selection of treatment methodology, which is used to address separate psychological disorders, relies on the type of the condition as well as on the degree of symptoms development. The techniques of psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and assertive community treatment are usually applied to the issues. Thus, psychotherapy is based on the individual or group counseling, which is usually used as a method of cognitive disorder treatment. Pharmacotherapy implies the use of medicine, through which the symptoms of psychological disorders are reduced. Finally, the method of community treatment aims at delivering home care and daily assistance to the patients, which accounts for the improvement of their emotional stability (“Treating Psychological Disorders” par. 6). Works Cited Cherry, Kate. A List of Psychological Disorders. 2012. Web. Disruptive Behavior Disorders 2013. Web. Dissociative Disorders 2014. Web. Eating Disorders 2015. Web. We will write a custom Essay on Typology of Psychological Disorders and Their Treatment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Mood Disorder Symptoms, Causes, and Effects 2015. Web. Treating Psychological Disorders 2014. Web.

How do you think the different meaning of these words affects how a patient sees themselves or how, assignment help

How do you think the different meaning of these words affects how a patient sees themselves or how, assignment help.

One page and reference based on Comer Classification and Diagnosis Assigned Reading – Comer Chapter 4; There are many terms that are used differently in everyday speech or “layman’s terms” then used clinically. A few examples are OCD, depressed, delusional, multiple personality and antisocial. Talk a little about the differences in these terms and others you can think of between clinicians and others. How do you think the different meaning of these words affects how a patient sees themselves or how they react when they are told they have a mental health diagnosis?
How do you think the different meaning of these words affects how a patient sees themselves or how, assignment help