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Case #2 Essay

**Please respond to the post below**

A 48-year-old male complains of severe epigastric pain that is worse after eating. This has been going on for 3 weeks. Symptoms are accompanied by nausea, but patient denies vomiting or diarrhea at this time. Reports stools as “normal” in color and consistency.

Discuss what questions you would ask the patient, what physical exam elements you would include, and what further testing you would want to have performed.

In SOAP format, list:

Pertinent positive findings that validate your main diagnosis

Pertinent negative findings that make you think of other differential diagnoses

Treatment plan, including: pharmacotherapy with complementary and OTC therapy, diagnostics (labs and testing), health education and lifestyle changes, age-appropriate preventive care, and follow-up to this visit.

connect your response to national guidelines and evidence-based research in support of your ideas.

**Please use reference that is no more than 5 years old, please do not use Mayo clinic as a source of reference**

Learning needs assessment

Learning needs assessment.

Learning needs assessment

The effective nurse educator is able to use student learning needs to create specific and measurable learning outcomes for a lesson or curriculum. The purpose of this assignment is to create a learning needs assessment in order to determine learning outcomes for the topic identified for the student’s education focus. Develop a short needs assessment of 10-20 open-ended or closed-ended questions for a learning needs assessment related to your education focus to administer to your practicum audience. Administer this learning needs assessment in the first week of your practicum.

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Juvenile Delinquency and Justice Term Paper

Case #2 Essay Juvenile Delinquency and Justice Term Paper.

 The purpose of the term paper is to become an expert in a juvenile justice system. To that end, two shorter papers will be done representing stages of the final paper. Information for your research will come from books, scholarly journals, websites, and direct agency contact. You will be expected to contact the agencies that you are researching and ask them for information, program evaluations, reports, etc. that will aide your understanding of the system, its components, and who it serves. Particular interest should be paid to characteristics of the juveniles served in terms of demographics as well as offenses. Data that shows these characteristics may be most accessible through the agencies themselves and efforts should be made to find any information that looks at recidivism. Ultimately your goal is to take in all of the facts and attempt to identify the system’s strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for policy and program changes. One approach would be to look at each step a youth takes as he/she moves through the system from initial contact through release and discuss each stage and how a youth may take different paths at each step and why or how that decision is made. Each paper should include citations and a reference page using APA 5th edition format. Format: Font: 12 pt. Times New Roman Margins: 1 inch all around Spacing: Double Length: 4-5 pages Grammar: Yes it counts Citations/References: APA 5th Paper I The first paper should cover the history of the juvenile justice system in your specified area. When did it establish its separate juvenile court? What did it do before? Who were some of the key players that helped this change come along? Were the changes symbolic or substantive? Be sure to look into any changes that took place in treatment by gender, race, and special populations.

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Identify the three main types of muscle fibres

Identify the three main types of muscle fibres.

Q1. Fatigue may be suggested to be the failure to maintain a certain force or power output.  Including definitions explain in detail how the physiological process of neuromuscular muscular fatigue occurs at the neuromuscular junction and describe how these changes specifically affect the transmission of a nerve impulse across the neuromuscular junction. 


Q2. Nutritional fatigue may cause endurance athletes to underperform.  Define the term nutritional fatigue and explain why increasing the athlete’s intake of carbohydrates may offset this type of fatigue. Then describe how carbohydrates may be used prior to an event to aid performance.


Q3. The respiratory centres in the brain stem sets the rate and depth of breathing via the use of peripheral receptors which monitor such variables as, temperature, chemical concentrations within the blood.  Describe the type and location of such receptors.  Then explain in detail the ventilatory response to the onset of exercise.


Q4. During hilly section of a 10 mile cycle time trial the cyclist has to work at a higher intensity and hence synthesises a greater amount of energy via anaerobic glycolysis.  Explain the changes that occur as a result of this. How will these changes affect the off loading of oxygen to the working muscles?  Explain your answer with the use of the oxyhaemoglobin disassociation curve.


Q5. Identify the three main types of muscle fibres, describe their associated characteristics and analyse which fibre type will be predominately utilised in the following sports; Ice Hockey, ShotPut, Marathon runner and 800m runner


The delivery of oxygen to the exercising muscles is a vital process in the production of energy for athletic performance.  Describe in detail the two main ways in which oxygen is transported in the blood system.  Then through the use of the oxyhaemoglobin disassociation curve explain how changes to the partial pressure of oxygen facilitate the diffusion of the gas into and out of the blood system.


Over a period of time the body undergoes specific adaptations relating to the type, duration and intensity of a training programme.  Explain in detail the chronic peripheral adaptations that take place due to anaerobic training and discuss how they may facilitate an improvement in performance.


During the London Marathon athletes utilise all of the energy systems at some time in the race.  Describe in detail ATP production in the predominant energy system utilised throughout the race.  Then determine which energy system is dominant at which particular stage of the race.

The formation of lactic acid is associated with the onset of muscular fatigue during high intensity exercise. Discuss why and at what point during exercise lactic acid starts to accumulate.  Then explain in detail how elevated levels of lactic acid indirectly result in an inability to maintain a muscle action.

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Explain the difference between psychological egoism and enlightened ethical egoism.

Explain the difference between psychological egoism and enlightened ethical egoism..

In 500 words or more (no less), explain the difference between psychological egoism and enlightened ethical egoism. You may use examples, but you will still need to include a full scholarly definition of each with commentary. You are required to attach as a separate document an annotated bibliography. Using the resource center and Google Scholar (or similar scholarly tools), create an annotated bibliography with 5 sources related to an overview of the ethical theory of the week. You must cite your references using APA formatting. You can find tools and examples of APA citation formats at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. You may use any scholarly source other than a dictionary, to include online video lectures. You may use wikipedia as a starting point, but you will need to research more rigorous sources as well. The paper should be 550 words long

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Identify a social, environmental, or political problem that is of local, national, or global concern.

Identify a social, environmental, or political problem that is of local, national, or global concern..


Identify a social, environmental, or political problem that is of local, national, or global concern.

A causal analysis asks you to examine either the causes of a problem, why the problem has happened, or what factors have led to a particular problem. To write an effective causal analysis essay the thesis and body paragraphs should focus on 2–4 specific causes (i.e., actions, events, thoughts, attitudes, conditions, or decisions) that have led to the problem you have identified. Writing about causes is an important skill in academic, professional, and real-world contexts, and the ability to identify the causes of a problem is essential in persuasive writing. Include at least two academically credible sources in the body of your essay.

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Assignment 4: Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project (Case Study from Chapter 10) Due Week 8 and worth 240 points Read the case titled: “Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project” found in Chapter 10.

Assignment 4: Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project (Case Study from Chapter 10) Due Week 8 and worth 240 points Read the case titled: “Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project” found in Chapter 10..

Assignment 4: Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project (Case Study from Chapter 10)
Due Week 8 and worth 240 points

Read the case titled: “Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project” found in Chapter 10.

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:
1. Suggest the issues that could have developed had the team not had a risk plan. Determine the major impacts of risk that the team needs to understand for the project to be successful.
2. Justify the value of risk plan considering the time, effort, cost, and resources it took to develop such a plan. If you were the project manager, recommend the approach that you would take to ensure the project met the critical path identified.
3. Assess how to determine the level of risk management appropriate for a project. 
4. Imagine the team working on the satellite development project was a virtual team in which team members were unable to meet in person. Explain the expected impact on the project, and suggest two (2) ways the team could maintain its current goal in both planning and execution. 
5. Use at least four (4) quality academic (peer-reviewed) resources in this assignment.

Your assignment must:
• Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

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