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With the advancement in technology even legal profession is evolving along with it to gain advantage in the courtroom. Drawing on the fields of psychology, sociology and the law, trial consultants employ legal technology to help a jury understand complex concepts and help attorneys communicate important themes. v. Mediator Mediators (also known as an arbitrators or conciliators) settle legal disputes outside the courtroom. As the field of alternative dispute resolution expands, mediators are growing in number and popularity. vi.

Jury Consultant In high-stakes jury trials, lawyers rely on jury consultants to gain a winning edge. Jury consultants provide insight into juror behaviour and help attorneys craft arguments and trial themes that will persuade juries. Jury consultants also use empirical data to predict juror predispositions and provide invaluable assistance in voir dire and the jury selection process. Jury consultants have grown in popularity due to highly publicized trials including the O. J. Simpson, Scott Peterson and Martha Stewart trials. vii.

Legal Secretary Increased demand for legal services has sparked opportunities for legal secretaries (also called administrative assistants) in law firms and corporate legal departments across the country. Advances in law office technology and organizational restructuring have allowed legal secretaries to assume greater responsibilities. viii. Court Reporter Court reporters, also known as stenographers, record court testimony, speeches, statements and legal proceedings to create a verbatim written transcript of the spoken word.

Using special stenographic equipment, court reporters transcribe at rates exceeding 200 words per minute. Court reporters also perform broadcast captioning and real-time reporting for webcasts. 3. Conclusion Who should pursue law as a career? It is always best to identify an inborn gift/talent at childhood. If you are parents and your child is interested in law you may need to know and help your child choose an informed profession/career choice. If your child talks confidently and speaks well, he could consider going in for advocacy.

Digital media material

Digital media material.

Assignment 3


Marks out of


Due date

Assignment 3 – Digital media material




You will lodge this assignment through the electronic process or in hard copy – do not send via email.

Read the Horse 360ºcampaign  again.

You are to prepare a suite of materials for the campaign, specifically social media. In order to do this, we need to link the social media to encourage people to take action in some way, similar to the examples we have seen in the course materials. The aim of this is to generate interest in the online materials and get people actively talking about Horse 360, specifically the app.

You are to:

·         Aim this concept at female Australian horseowners aged 35 years or over and who live in a household that earns $130,000 plus – for further details, read the research on page 8-9 of the campaign and do some of your own.

·         Develop some sort of social media promotion that will attract not only attention, but activity/involvement and has some sort of climax that allows you to build up anticipation.

·         Develop copy for a series of three Facebook posts.

·         Develop three Tweets that follow the key messages format – each must include some avenue for people to take action. The Tweets can build anticipation rather than include all three key messages in each. Tweets are no longer than 140 characters

The concept you develop might be a competition, you might have a third party endorser or celebrity champion or it might be some quirky tool that will encourage people to get involved. The creativity of the idea here is important but remember to keep it realistic in terms of who you are trying to engage. Try to give at least three pages of detail on how the concept would work and how you would use Facebook and Twitter with the other tools that are to be used as part of the concept.

Other tools will include mainstream media and other promotional tools that you can use around the concept to help spread the word and drive people to the website and social media sites. It is advisable that you recommend development of a webpage for details of your promotion from where people can then click to take part – either on a specially designed web page or on social media site/s.

The materials must be lodged in ONE word document file. You MUST include a cover sheet and this can be part of your word document OR generated from USQ and submitted with your assignment as a separate document.

Marking criteria


What we are looking for



·         What it is, how it will work, what the prizes are and the timing of the competition



·         Interest to the target public – what makes this worthwhile to this group and why? This section must use the research to justify your answers.



·         Is it creative and original, but appropriate to target public?


Tools to be used

·         Are the tools clearly listed? How do they contribute to driving traffic to the social media sites and/or generate discussion about your concept?



·         Is each tool explained in some detail in terms of where it would appear and how it will work?



·         How will each tool work?



·         Why is this tool relevant to your target publics?


Facebook copy

·         Does each Facebook post have some sort of hook in the first few words?



·         Does each Facebook post encourage the target public to search for more information?



·         Is there a call to action in each Facebook post, and an avenue provided for people to take this action?



·         Is it written in a style appropriate to Facebook?



·         Are they within the 140 character limit?



·         Do they hook attention and then give a call to action?



·         Each piece is written from the perspective of the app user and NOT the company. Effective use of the “What’s in this for me (the user)”principle.

·         A key benefit of the app of taking part in the concept has been articulated (or a number of benefits)

·         The hook and call to action are effectively used to drive people to the website for more information about how to take part in the concept.



·         Grammar, punctuation, style, etc. – deduct 2 marks for each error. Slang and text symbols will be permitted appropriate to the audience and medium.





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