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Capella University The Two Sides of The Patriot Act Provisions Discussion

Capella University The Two Sides of The Patriot Act Provisions Discussion.

ntroductionReturn the scenario in which you are the captain of your local police municipality. While researching the impact that terrorism has had upon federal law enforcement you have, of course, noted and studied the Patriot Act. While reviewing its contents and the changes it made to criminal and intelligence gathering laws, you began to discover that many people are concerned that the Patriot Act goes too far. They fear that it has elements that invade the average person’s privacy, and opens the door for many abuses by the government. You have decided to present the topic in the discussion chatroom that you developed for you and senior staff at the police department.In this week’s staff discussion, you have been tasked with explaining the Patriot Act to those under your supervision. Your focus will be on the pros and cons of this important piece of legislation. There are two sides to the debate over the Patriot Act; those who are supporters and those opposed to it. You wish to investigate both points of view.Based on your review of the Patriot Act, address the following in your initial post:Explain three key provisions of the Patriot Act that changed the limits of federal law enforcement.Debate the arguments from the perspective of those that support these changes to law enforcement policy and procedures and those that do not.Select which side of the debate you fall on, including the rationale for your selection. You can select either position or explain what modifications would sway your stance.
Capella University The Two Sides of The Patriot Act Provisions Discussion

PSYC 495 University of Maryland Global Campus Anti Americanism Article Review.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to show your understanding of peer-reviewed empirical articles through: 1) reviewing original research; 2) evaluating claims, methods, and conclusions; and 3) communicating your analysis in a way that translates scientific information into common terms for a general audience. In writing an article review, you gain skills in summarizing key points and findings, interpreting results, evaluating the validity of the methods used and results reported, and communicating information to an audience in ways they understand.Step 1: Read the tips from the UMGC library on “Finding Experimental (Empirical) Research Articles.” Pay special attention to the sections on “Scholarly Research Articles” the “Structure of An Experimental Article”Step 2: Using the UMGC Library electronic databases, find an article published in the last seven (7) years in an academic, peer-reviewed journal related to social psychology (e.g., Journal of Social Psychology). Appropriate topics for the social article review would focus on the behavior of individuals, causes of social behavior, social diversity, social cognition, cultural differences, attitudes, social perception, social identity, stereotyping, prejudice, relationships, emotions and aggression. The article should describe, specifically, an experiment or empirical study by the researchers. This means that the researchers conducted a study that contains easily identifiable independent and dependent variables. (Do not select meta-analyses, summaries, editorials, or theoretical articles. It is your responsibility to make sure that the journal article you select is appropriate. If you are unsure about the relevance of your article, contact your instructor for approval.).Step 3: Read the article starting with the Title and Abstract, which will give you a quick preview of the purpose and results of the article.Step 4: Read the Introduction. Highlight the purpose of the article and the author’s hypothesis (e.g., what was studied, what did the author predicted, and why did they find the topic worthy of study). Pay attention to the context provided for the research (i.e., what research has been done previously in the field? what issue or problem is this study trying to address?).Step 5: Read the Methods section. Note the description of the participants and any tests, surveys, questionnaires, apparatus, or other materials that were used. Pay particular attention to the details involved in the experimental procedure. How were the variables manipulated or measured? Recall that the Independent Variable (IV) is the variable that is manipulated by the research (i.e., whether the room is hot or cold (if that is the variable of interest) or whether participants are given a placebo, shown any type of media or other stimuli, given talk therapy, or instructed to take medication (if that is the variable of interest). Remember that the Independent Variable is what was different about the experiences of the different groups. Recall also that the Dependent Variable (DV) is that variable that is measured, or, the outcome of the study.Step 6: Read the Results. Try not to get intimidated by complex statistical analysis. Instead of focusing on the numbers, focus on the short descriptions that accompany the findings explaining what the researchers found (i.e., Did the researchers find evidence that supports their hypothesis?)Step 7: Read the Discussion. Pay special attention here to what the authors say about the importance of their findings or the lack of findings. Think about other things you could do to look at this issue.Step 8: Prepare a 2-4 page summary of the article in your own words. Be sure to address the following questions in your summary:What is the purpose of the research? (Address specifics regarding the overall purpose of the research in question.)What hypothesis is tested? (Provide a clear statement of the researchers’ prediction.)How did the researchers investigate their research question? (Provide details regarding the study methodology.)What are the pertinent results of the manipulation? (What were the findings and conclusions drawn?)What is your personal opinion of the study conducted? Should it be repeated? What could be improved?What is your overall impression of the work? What are the implications of the study for the practice of counseling psychology?Your summary should be written as a coherent essay (do not format as a list of answers to these questions). You may include additional insights in your analysis, but you must address these key issues. Please use subheadings such as Hypothesis, Methodology, Results, and Personal Opinion to make your paper easy to follow and to ensure that you include all of the required information.Step 9: Prepare your Article Review according to the following guidelines:Structure your paper utilizing APA Style; this includes title page, headers, subheadings, in-text citations, reference page, and general paper format (1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point font, etc.). An abstract is not required.
PSYC 495 University of Maryland Global Campus Anti Americanism Article Review

UTSA In the Place of Justice Novel Author Wilbert Rideau Discussion

UTSA In the Place of Justice Novel Author Wilbert Rideau Discussion.

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I ALREADY STARTED IT JUST NEED HELP COMPLETINGWhat are you going to take with you from this class, and how will you use it within differing local, statewide/national, and global contexts? Intersectional justice is a journey of the past, present, and future, with constantly evolving viewpoints and challenges to traditional thought. Over the course of the semester, we have discussed the US political system within the contexts of race, sex/gender, sexuality, ability, class, religion, and nationality; how political media affects the identification of our private and public selves; how advocacy and cultural movements can redefine power, status, and authority. This final assignment is a showcase of your individual research and analysis.2. In the Place of Justice – Wilbert Rideau ——- THIS IS THE BOOK !!Throughout the course of the semester, you will be responsible for reading your novel of choice and writing a research essay, completing a multi-disciplinary analysis. A minimum of 4 sources (peer reviewed &/or news) in addition to your novel are required and must be cited using APA citation guidelines (ie: in-text citations and a reference page). There will be three major sections for this paper:SECTION 1: Novel overview and analysis of character(s)Summary of the novel – cover the basics: who, what, when, where, why, and how?How did your character(s) environment play a role in their individual health, wellness, and social connections?Character(s) growth: how did the social condition(s) presented in your novel impact the development of your character?SECTION 2: Historical context and current statusWhat is/are the major social problem(s) introduced in your reading?What conditions allowed for the formation of the social problem(s) introduced?How does intersectionality play a role in the development and continuation of these problems?How does that inform our modern social, political, and economic conditions of the social problem(s) introduced?What is the relationship of privilege and oppression within your social problem, analyzed on micro, mezzo, and macro levels?SECTION 3: Current interventions, best practices, and future considerationWhat campaigns and/or programs exist to address the social condition(s) addressed in your reading?Are these interventions working? Why or why not?What are the best practices for intervening on the social condition(s) addressed in your reading? How do you know, and what evidence exists?Is there an existing intervention that demonstrates these best practices?Call to action: what changes need to be made to improve conditions in the future?
UTSA In the Place of Justice Novel Author Wilbert Rideau Discussion

“Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” Research Paper

best essay writers In his report Dr Jones (1), raises concern over the controlled demolition hypothesis indicating the existence of scientific evidence, which have not been analysed by the government to date. His claim regards the presence of molten metal observed at the basement of the rubble of the collapsed towers. This is enough evidence over the amount of energy present at the site as well as the composition components of the metal considering its colour. (Jones, 1) He also considers the collapse of the third twin tower that collapsed without the effect of a plane crush. (Jones, 2) The WTC 7 collapsed symmetrically down to its footprints completely. According to the video footage linked by Jones (4), the speed of the collapse of the southwest corner of this building shows a steady straight freefall. The smoke and dust was also observed to emerge in a sequential fast timing (Jones, 5) The molten steel was evident at the site six months after the collapse and the colour of the steel was different. This is an indication of presence of low heat conduction metal, which can remain molten hot for a long period under large heat capacity. Although scientific research is required to determine the type the scientist, link their observation of the molten metal to iron over steel or aluminium. According to Jones (5), scientific tests have inclined the hotness to a probability of presence of other chemicals such as “thermite” which has a high reaction of initial temperatures and continues to react in a prolonged manner. Scientifically, thermite reaction results are molten iron and aluminium oxide. It generates the molten iron immediately and has the ability to melt and evaporate steel. The presence of sulphur cartelizes the reaction. (Jones, 7) The footage also indicates the presence of molten metal falling from the second tower probably from the chemical reactions of “Thermite”. The collapse WTC 7 probably occurred because of the reactions, which produced the yellow molten liquid metal, which was also the source of hydrocarbon fires and thick smoke evidenced at the site. (Jones, 12) Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Works Cited Jones, Steve. E. “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” Accessed

Why is the health care industry so important?

Why is the health care industry so important?. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

needs to be a perssusive essay please. Anything dealing with the health care indutry. Dosent have to be perfect because its a rough draft.

Rough DraftReview your working thesis statement and outline, then build on your starting draft to continue developing your persuasive essay. You’ll find information in your webtext this week about writing different elements of your rough draft. Your rough draft should include the following:

Introduction: In one to two paragraphs, you should grab your reader’s attention, provide relevant background information, and include your thesis statement as the last sentence.
Body Paragraphs: You should have two to five paragraphs for each supporting point. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and include supporting evidence and your own persuasive analysis.
Counter Perspective(s): You should address one to three counter perspectives, or possible objections to your position, and respond to each.
Conclusion: In one to two paragraphs, you should restate your thesis and summarize your main points. Leave your readers with a strong final impression of why your topic matters.
In-Text Citations and Source List: You should cite at least four to six credible sources in your essay. Make sure you’ve replaced any placeholder brackets from your starting draft with in-text citations in SWS format. Include a source list at the end of the essay.

Why is the health care industry so important?

Religion: Bible and Justice

Religion: Bible and Justice.

READ Genesis 16:1-16; 21:1-21 AND Renita Weems, “Do You See What I See?” you can access the bible via————-This homework assignment will help ensure a dynamic classroom experience, and it will aid in progress on the course learning outcomes: Understand key questions and issues with respect to the application of the Bible to modern justice issues Critically analyze ways in which the Bible has, is, or could be used to address modern injusticesRecognize the complexity in any attempt to apply ancient biblical texts to justice concerns in the modern worldThink critically about one’s own fundamental views with respect to the Bible and contemporary justice issuesInclude the following Identify the main ideas of the assigned reading.Identify two things you found interesting and want to discuss in class. Identify at least one question you have upon completion of the reading. This should not be a “google question” (i.e., What are “Euroamericans”?). (You may include more than one question.)
Religion: Bible and Justice