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Capella University Cancer as A Current Chronic Disease Poster Presentation

Capella University Cancer as A Current Chronic Disease Poster Presentation.

Presentation RequestInstructionsYour team has been asked to develop a presentation for a public health conference on a chronic disease or health issue of your choice. You have been asked to develop a poster presentation and provide a speech. You know very little about this conference or the needs for the presentation and speech. You and your team will be required to conduct some research to identify the requirements for this request. Some possible topics to consider for the presentation include the following:Obesity.Zika.Vaccine-preventable diseases (measles, mumps, varicella).Heart disease.Cancer.Other topics (check with your instructor to confirm your choice is a good one).Complete the following steps for this assignment:Develop a series of questions that can be used to obtain the information needed to respond to the request.Create some potential answers you might receive in response to your questions.Analyze the data needed, socioeconomic issues to be considered, and language issues related to developing the presentation.Develop a project plan that lists the tasks you must complete to develop the speech and poster presentation.Use the Project Plan Template linked in the Resources to complete your project plan.Note that you will not be developing the materials for the speech and presentation. Instead, you are developing a plan to get these items completed. You must identify the tasks and deliverables as well as the person responsible for completing each task. You will need to consider the following in your project plan:Topic to be covered.Data to be collected (related to the topic).Demographics.Rates.Incidence or prevalence.Related biological or genetic factors that affect a population’s health.Any analysis needed.Needs assessments to be completed.Socioeconomic issues to be considered.Language.Visuals that need to be included.Partnerships – which stakeholders should you connect with to get the needed information?Tasks required to develop the poster presentation.Tasks required to develop the speech.When you have completed your project plan, write a brief analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses in regard to completing the tasks on the project plan (including your cultural proficiency). Which tasks do you feel prepared to do and which tasks will you find more challenging to complete and why?Review the scoring guide prior to developing and submitting your assignment to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria.Additional RequirementsYour assignment should meet the following requirements:Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Your paper should demonstrate the current APA style and formatting.Number of resources: Include a minimum of three resources, appropriately cited throughout your paper and in your reference list.Suggested length: 3–4 pages, typed and double-spaced, not including the title page and reference list.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.Submit your paper and any other required elements to the assignment area.
Capella University Cancer as A Current Chronic Disease Poster Presentation

Alabama Southern Community Public Speaking and Public Advocacy Discussion.

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Speaking isn’t enough; to become a better speaker (always our goal), you’ve got to reflect and think about a direction forward. I want you to do that in this mini paper. In just 2 paragraphs (6-8 sentences each), I want you to: Reflect on the role of public speaking, public advocacy or change management in your life. In your future career, how do you think you can use these skills to effectively drive change. Reflect on your own public speaking practice. How have you grown in this summer session? Consider how you have applied what you have read in your course texts and supplements materials and also the processes you engaged in to improve your speaking.
Alabama Southern Community Public Speaking and Public Advocacy Discussion

Florida National University Patient-Centered Care Paper.

Nursing Role and ScopeDQ 1:· Select one question as your DQ 1· Follow the discussion questions participation and submission guidelines.· Minimum three paragraphs per DQ· All answers or discussions comments submitted must be in APA format according to Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.) 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5· Minimum of two references, not older than 2015.Note: All DQ submissions will be monitored for plagiarism.TextbookAuthor: Masters, K. (2020). Role development in professional nursing practice. Burlington, Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett Learning.ISBN: 978-1-2841-5292-0Chapter 10: Patient Education and Patient-Centered Care in Professional Nursing Practice1. One recent change on some nursing units has been the establishment of walking rounds to patient rooms during change of shift report. Using this model, the nurses, patient, and family members (if the patient wishes) are all involved in the exchange of information during the transition of care to the nurse coming on shift. Can you think of any other changes that you have observed in the healthcare setting that help to facilitate a PCC environment?2. Think about your own life. Do you act to prevent a disease or accident when you perceive that you are not susceptible to the disease or at risk for the accident?3. Have you ever been assigned to read a book that had so many big words in it that you had to keep the dictionary by your side? If it was assigned for school, you probably struggled through it for the sake of not failing the test, but what about if you were not being graded? Would you bother to read it? If you did read it because you knew it would help you, would you have enough understanding to actually apply the information?
Florida National University Patient-Centered Care Paper

SCAT The Age of Swing in Music Discussion

SCAT The Age of Swing in Music Discussion.

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Read the document on The Age of Swing and take a look at the video/audio examples below.(I’ll give it to you )Step 2Consider the 3 questions found below concerning “The Age of Swing & Race” for your initial posting in a discussion format (do not repeat the questions) by Wednesday of this Week.a. Jazz and swing had roots in African-American music. Why, then, do you think the white musician Benny Goodman became the “King of Swing”? Be specific.b. Why were racial lines more easily blurred and crossed in the musical world than in other social areas and arenas? Be specific.c. What forms of music today challenge taboos (racial or other) as swing did in the 1930s and 1940s? Give a few examples.IT MUST BY IN YOUR OWN WORDS, with a word count of 150 to 250 words. I send written work through originality check software. Adhere to proper spelling and grammar rules.Make sure to express your thoughts in a thoughtful, meaningful way.Step 3Respond to 2 student posts. These postings should also be meaningful in at least 75 to 100 words. (I’ll give you the two posts ).
SCAT The Age of Swing in Music Discussion

Use of Multi-Genres Characteristics in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver Critical Essay

cheap assignment writing service Use of Multi-Genres Characteristics in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver Critical Essay. A famous American contemporary writer, Barbara Kingsolver with an assist of her husband Steven Hopp and daughter Camille Kingsolver published the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle that touches upon the problems of living a sustainable life. Kingsolver family decided to hold a life of the locavores producing their own healthy organic food. The book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle includes the elements of different genres that make it be more charming, fascinating and completely convincing. Barbara was a story-teller from early age. In school she wrote an essay Why We Need A New Elementary School that was published and got many responses. However, young Barbara didn’t think about the writer career, she rather wanted to be a farmer. She always was politically active and was supporting the protests against the Vietnam War, sexism and racism (Sharp 871). The idea that the southwestern literature is mostly based on the personal experience we can see in the Barbara Kingsolver’s books. However, demonstrating this experience, the author encourages the readers to cooperate in learning. Kingsolver’s story is not just a personal narration. She demonstrates the way of living in a deep cooperation with people from the community (DeMarr 43). Kingsolver uses her own genre within the prose. She takes in to a new level using the narrative elements and making her pages fly. The book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is a novel but unusual. It is a sensual, smart and impassioned narrative about the year of locavores’ life that Barbara’s family holds. The book includes Steven Hopp’s essays and Camille Kingsolver’s inviting recipes. All these multi-genres elements make the book absolutely unique and charming. During several years, Kingsolver’s family eats only food that has grown in their garden or nearby to the home. Firstly, they decided to try to survive for one year producing their own food. The tax of subsidizing the food production dictated by the government policy leads to the impossibility to buy the locally produced food. All attempts to stand against of this system can be easily failed due to the multimillion-dollar advertising companies of the corporations. All this leads to the hearth diseases’ expansion, diabetes and malnutrition. Barbara Kingsolver sees the solution in the personal gardens where people can grow natural and healthy food. Her book is full of arguments why people should do this and how. Obviously, the literary tools and brilliant style of the author make her book very convincing. For instance, when the author describes her walk in the garden, the reader can feel the emotions, color and smell. Barbara Kingsolver says: “Nothing is more therapeutic than walk up there and disappear into the yellow-green smell of the tomato rows for an hour” (177). The reader can easily imagine this picture of the green and fresh vegetables in the author’s garden. Barbara Kingsolver and her family not only describe their life, they explain the motives and tools that can help everybody to repeat their act. At the beginning the reader learns that Kingsolver family left the American South West and went into the new life travelling across the country. Therefore, the author uses a method of the itinerary to describe her adventures and discoveries, feelings and motives of the behavior. Thereby, the reader would be fascinating to learn about so many varieties of tomato within the story of family’s adventures. The approach of practical advises helps the author to build the story that can teach the readers. Barbara Kingsolver shows how to achieve the goals no matter of the financial situation. Although the people can’t grow their own vegetables they can buy it in a local farmer’s market instead of the usual supermarkets. The book has two levels of the perception. Firstly, it is a well-written entertaining and funny book. However, thinking about the situation described by Kingsolver it can be depressing to realize that government props up the industry of pre-packed food. Nevertheless, an example of Kingsolver family shows that people can choose the way of their life and to play by their rules. Basically, it is possible to say that Animal, Vegetable, Miracle opens the reader’s eyes to the old truth: you are what you eat. The elements of different genres as a bright and emotional tools help the author to emphasize a beauty of the nature where the water falls from the sky and green food grows everywhere. Doesn’t it a reasonable argument that can persuade the reader to begin a new adventures life? Kingsolver’s journey from the industrial food to the rural life is a humored research of the zucchini growing to the turkey sex life. Moreover, it is memoir and journalistic discover expressed by the passionate remarks. The author uses the elements of chronicles to describe the come back to the rural life in Appalachia. It is amazing how the reader can be frustrated with the unhealthy food and inspirited for the changes. Besides, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is the story of the organized life with the chapters by month. Kingsolver’s husband essays make the story more emotional and her daughter’s recipes bring the fresh air to the narration. It is absolutely unique combination created by the author. It is a story of farmers, cooks, vegetables and, of course, of the healthy life in a harmony with nature. The particular elements such as making pumpkin soup or the turkey’s wedding are the celebration of the small life’s miracles that, most of the, time stay invisible for the people. Also, Barbara Kingsolver particularly uses the lectured style; however, it only makes the story more fascinating. There is no feeling of the teaching or pushing from the narrator. Written in a style of non-fiction, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle touches upon very important topic of human’s life choice and the personal freedom. The author develops a successfully smart and, at the same time, funny style that can be accepted through the inspirational core (Gerden). Her ideas of the community and harmony show the individual freedom and the skills to balance between the personal and common. The author builds her arguments through the book. She uses many interesting facts about a usefulness of the organic food for the health. I suppose that many people after reading this book would like to forget about the unhealthy food and to try something from the Kingsolver’s garden. All Barbara’s advices are can be practically used by everyone and can come in handy for those who want to change their life and to turn it to the healthy way. The author created her own unique style by the combination of many literary elements. Using the elements of different genres, Barbara Kingsolver makes her book more charming and absolutely convincing. Works Cited DeMarr, Mary Jean. Barbara Kingsolver: A Critical Companion. Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1999. Print. Gerden, David. “Barbara Kingsolver.” NewsHour Online. NewsHour Online, 24 Nov. 1995. Web. Kingsolver, Barbara. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. US: HarperCollins Publishers, 2007. Print. Sharp, Michael D. Popular Contemporary Writers. Vol.7. New York: Marshall Cavendish Reference, 2006. Print. Use of Multi-Genres Characteristics in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver Critical Essay

i need some one to give me this answer in some deatil in 10-15 minutes For the Linear Program formulation given below formulates the problem in excel to minimize total cost. Maximize Z = 7 x1 1

Maximize     Z = 7 x1 14 x2 6 x3 10 x4 – 3 x5 Subject to: x5 ≥ 4000   constraint 1 3 x2 2 x4 x5 ≤ 6000    constraint 2 x1 x2 = 3 x5    constraint 3 x3 x4 = 4 x5    constraint 4 x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 ≥ 0 Solve the problem using excel and report the optimal solution (i.e. decision variables and objective function)

Clinical skill: Moving and Handling

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Introduction The ‘Moving and Handling’ clinical skill has been chosen for this essay. The aim of this essay is to consider other research and highlight the key factors that healthcare professionals must take into account while developing appropriate moving and handling plans for patients, as professional carers. The discussion will also include the role of moving and handling strategies in the delivery of palliative rehabilitation services in the community, and will describe key pieces of equipment to support moving and handling strategies. LO 2- Critically review evidence which enables effective and efficient care delivery Across the world, whether in hospital or community environment, workers in health care, a have a big issue with back pain and other related injuries all the time. Betts (2011) states that since 1981, Safe Patient Handling has become a major issue because of the rise in in cases of low back pain and injury to nurses. Consequently, National Back Exchange(NBE) was established in 1988 by the people experts in this field. While NBE operates across the globe and has members everywhere, they are the experts in UK in all matters pertaining to moving and handling. Around the world, there is a differing and evolving picture on Handling and Movement of patients. In USA, safe patient handling and movement is a comparatively new concept, as compared to Europe and Australia ( Monaghan, 2012) and Mcmahon(2013) states Moving and handling in New Zealand is covered in the Health and Safety in Employment (HSE) Act (1992), with amendments (2002) and requires employers to undertake hazard management by assessing, identifying and removing any possible hazards at work for employees, and to educate them on how they should manage identified risk and injury. What is impact?????—Although moving and handling has been improved but still due to that health workers and patients have injuries as states. Furthermore Monaghan (2011) states the use of lifting technology and approved handling and movement techniques have proven to be very beneficial to patients. Enormous amounts of money are spent in providing new and suitable equipment, as well as training for patients and health care staff. Yet, despite spending extraordinary amounts of money on state-of-the-art equipment, staff continue to demonstrate resistance to using suitable new equipment in many healthcare facilities. It is often seen that newly purchased equipment is stored in bathrooms and other such places while healthcare staff continue to use the more traditional forms of repositioning a patient with a draw sheet, or transferring them with a gait belt, while placing over reliance on the use of good body mechanics to keep patients and themselves safe from injury. Moreover, Monaghan (2011) describe that in spite of this, safe patient handling is a big challenge for organisations and care workers providing all types of health care Regulatory/mandatory requirement entail changes in the way of working and lead to additional precautions, facilities, work and training to be undertaken. Care workers resist this change, although they know it reduces the risk to their backs and bodies, risk of other musculoskeletal injuries. Alarmingly, due to musculoskeletal injuries, 12% nurses and 1 out of 6 physiotherapists leave their healthcare jobs every year. The loss of a career can have a significant impact on care workers, and the subsequent impact to their families, both financially and emotionally, can be considerable. Also the problems can be enhanced by the enforced move into an area of work that they may not have chosen, and that may not be adequately rewarding. Clearly, safe manual handling approaches are more complex than simply offering a training day for staff. With the passage of time, there has been changes in the pattern of work, techniques for safety, delivery of appropriate care along with the evolution of new ways of working(M

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