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Cancel Culture

Attached  is a PDF in which you will use.One of the significant problems of a two-valued orientation is that it keeps us from seeing the full picture of possibilities, possibilities that are more accurate or feasible because they allow for the shades of gray.But, sometimes we do want things to be two-valued. We do want right/wrong answers for example on a multiple-choice test. There are times when we want and need yes/no answers. As you think about your own controversial issue, you’ll want to consider which approach (two- or multi-) is being used, and whether that is an effective orientation for reaching social agreement. Or whether our orientation is part of the problem. (see all three attachments)

Journal Critiques—Framing the Role of Leader: How Community College Presidents Construct Their Leadership

Journal Critiques—Framing the Role of Leader: How Community College Presidents Construct Their Leadership.

 Journal Critiques: Prepare a critical analysis of the research reports (article, see attached). Make sure that the article(s) are research reports not position papers (How to articles) or research reviews (overviews of research related to your topic). The article must contain subjects, procedures, and real data (numbers). You are looking for the strengths and weaknesses of the study questions raised for further study. A copy of the journal article must be attached to each critique. The critique is to address but not limited to the following: (1) Purpose of study (research questions; significance; etc.) (2) Subject/participants or Sample (recruitment; size; selection) (3) Methodology (qualitative or quantitative; instrument; method of collection and analysis of data) (4) Results (5) Strengths and Weaknesses of the study; Limitations (6) Your opinion *Please use the attached article as the only referenced citation*

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Global Sourcing for Aviation

Cancel Culture Global Sourcing for Aviation.

Select a current research journal or professional trade publication article related to global sourcing aspects of supply chain. Your selected article must be from within the past few years. Do not use newspaper articles, news presentations, PR releases, web sites, blog posts, Wikipedia entries, or other online web sources for your articles. You may use respected business magazine articles from Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, or Business Week. Write a review of the article addressing the following elements. Identify the article, its author, and publication, and briefly summarize the purpose and content of the article. Provide a formal reference entry for the article in current APA format. Compare and contrast the article’s content with the readings from the course text. Analyze how the article’s information and findings can be applied in today’s organizations to improve logistics management performance. Evaluate the reliability and validity of the article using critical thinking and rational analysis of its content, logic, author credentials, and purpose. Justify your conclusions and make a concrete recommendation to others in the class about whether or not they should read the article.

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Report is about Motiva an Oil and gas company

Report is about Motiva an Oil and gas company.

Hello I have to submit a 15 page report for my capstone class by this month, the report is about Motiva an Oil and gas company I only want for you to do my part which is 3 pages.My part consists of a SWOT analysis and a challenge for motiva which is “renewable and solar energy with the increasing number of rise is electric cars.” I will also provide motivas website so you can get some information

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Law Changes due to Supreme Court Rulings

Law Changes due to Supreme Court Rulings.

Description This week we will explore very recent (June 2018) Supreme Court Ruling that overturns a previous ruling (1977) and expands upon the 2014 ruling. You may be surprised by the role of politics in this very important ruling impacting public sector unions. The chat will be conducted online. 2018 Supreme Court Ruling in Janus v. AFSCME 1977 ruling in Abood vs. Detroit Board of Education 2014 Supreme Court ruling in Harris vs. Quinn The information on these rulings is readily available online. This assignment has been changed to simply respond to the items asked for in the rubric below. You may bullet point the facts of the cases and write out your analysis and political evaluations. 

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Approaches to statutory interpretation

Approaches to statutory interpretation.

Discuss the extent to which the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court’s traditional approaches to statutory interpretation have been influenced by the UK’s membership of the European Union and the Human Rights Act 1998.

You should use case examples where appropriate.

Word limit: 2000 words



You should consult a range of sources, but should evaluate their authority carefully and cite them according to the guidance given in your module handbook.



Please note that the preferred referencing system for the Law School is “OSCOLA”.  You can find guides to OSCOLA on the e-learning portal site for your programme.  In addition to footnotes which reference your citation you must include a bibliography.

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