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can you write in essay with the information I have provided in the same order i have provide about 8 – 10 pages long

can you write in essay with the information I have provided in the same order i have provide about 8 – 10 pages long.

I. TITLE PAGE (1 page)A. Project titleB. Employer’s nameC. Your nameD. Date you are handing in the written reportE. Your majorF. Faculty sponsor who reviewed your proposal II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (1 page)A Paragraph stating the scope of your projectB. Paragraph stating problems encountered while working on the project, any surprising findings, results, and any significant outcomes.C. Paragraph summarizing your conclusions after having completed the project, and any recommendations to the firm as to actions to be taken, if any, as a result of your efforts. III. TABLE OF CONTENTS (1 page) IV. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY (1 page) – Include some information about the job setting and your general responsibilities. V. PROJECT (maximum 10 pages)A. Define the project, including your assumptions, the focus, and criteria you will incorporate.B. Describe how the project was conceived.C. Define your initial hypothesis (e.g., what you think the outcome of the analysis will show).D. Identify the methods you used to gather information.E. Summarize the information/data that you gathered.F. Describe your conclusions and recommendations to your employer.G. Identify additional areas you, or those who follow you, could do to enhance the project.H. List the contribution(s) you think this project has made to the employer. Include a simple cost/benefit analysis (net dollar impact of your contribution to the organization), efficiencies gained, time savings, better relations with various constituencies, or any combination of any of these.This is what I was required to do in the internshipPulling key operational and financial data from multiple data sets for the purpose of establishing
key performance indicators for our business partners throughout the organization
• Able to perform data analysis and translate the needs into system requirements
• Produce analytics and reporting to support management-level decision making
• Establish best practices for consolidating data and developing key metrics
• Establish processes for validating data integrity across multiple systems
• Assists Project Management Office in oversite of technology project execution
• Ability to leverage insights to draw sound conclusions and translate them into actionable
• Learn how to identify, analyze and apply information technology and business practices to
support strategic business process/plans.
• Participate as required to design, develop, test and integrate technology.
• Participate in the implementation of information technology and business processes.
• Supp011, evaluate, and continuously improve information technology and business processes to
maintain alignment with business plans.
• Perform activities accordingly to project plans and schedule. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Ability to manage multiple responsibilities and deliverable simultaneously.
• Intermediate to advanced Excel, Access and PowerPoint skills, and previous data manipulation
• Previous data analytics coursework required
• Experience with Business Objects, SQL Query and/or Google Big Query preferred;
• Strong communication and presentation skills;
• High level of professionalism
• Coursework in Research & Data Analysis, Project Execution & Oversight,
• Detail-oriented, self-starter, strong work ethic, team player, ability to build rapport and. Throughout your 10-15 week internship, you will be placed onto teams within our key business
areas: Infrastructure Analyst, Security Analyst, Project Analyst, Business/Systems Analyst, Data
Scientist or Software Developer/Engineer. You’ll be exposed to any number of fascinating projects while
you benefit from data management experiences and close collaboration with knowledgeable professionals
and coaches from our parent league organization. In addition, you’ll be exposed to our culture,
participate in social responsibility events, and participate in learning sessions from leaders throughout the
can you write in essay with the information I have provided in the same order i have provide about 8 – 10 pages long

John Tyler Differences in Natural Death Accidental Death Suicide & Homicide Paper

John Tyler Differences in Natural Death Accidental Death Suicide & Homicide Paper.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:
Compare and contrast the fundamental differences in natural death, accidental death, suicide, and homicide.
Select an article concerning a type of death of your choice and summarize the key factors that the police used to classify the type of death. Suggest one (1) additional factor that the police should collect for the death investigation.
Compare the fundamental differences in investigating a death case versus other types of crimes.
Determine the goal and the main procedure of a preliminary death investigation. Include one (1) example of a successful preliminary death investigation to support your response.
Analyze the main ways in which various environmental factors may influence the medical examination and autopsy in death investigations.
Use at least two (2) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar type Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
John Tyler Differences in Natural Death Accidental Death Suicide & Homicide Paper

Audience Profile Bibliography

java assignment help Audience Profile Bibliography.

List the sources you will use in your Formal Report. Provide proper MLA or APA citations and place them in alphabetical order, If you need help determining how to cite your sources, use a Handbook. Appendix B in the text, and or the Library’s Citation Guides
You should list at least 4 sources
After each source, write a few sentences explaining what information you will use from that source in your report
This same thing is attached in the pic for clearing seeing.
All other material and feedback on my last work is in the link:…
Audience Profile Bibliography

Chinese Culinary Cultural Product: Dumplings

The Chinese cuisine is a wide representation of the richest and most diverse culinary heritages globally. It has its origins in most parts of China with the extension being observed form Southeast Asia to North America and parts of Western Europe. The Chinese culture is bounded by meals that are believed to consist of components such as carbohydrates as the main food and dishes that are accompanied by vegetables, meat, and fish. The culinary cultural food that interest product report is the Chinese Dumplings. In the paper, I am going to focus on the description of Chinese dumplings, analyze the socio-cultural meaning associated with the food, what is represented by Chinese dumplings, what is symbolized by dumplings and the values that are associated with dumplings. Cultural Profile With a roaring population of 1.357 billion people, China remains the number one populated country in the world. Shanghai happens to be the most populated city with a count of two billion people. Twenty-one percent of the world’s population is from China alone. The usual life expectancy rose from forty years of age to now just above seventy five years of age. In the Chinese history, the dumplings were widely used in the representation of symbol of wealth as well as prosperity as a result of their close resemblance to the little gold ingots which was the currency that was used during the ancient times during the Ming Dynasty (Zhao, et al, p.24). In taking the tradition further, some people hide a clean coin in one of the dumpling’s filling so as the lucky and fortunate person who finds it is believed to be blessed and have a great progress and success in life in the future coming years. In addition, the Jiaozi is also used in the Chinese culture to bring a larger meaning of celebration and festivals, delicacy, wealth, family unions and happiness within the culture of the people of China (Ma, Guansheng, p.196). Dumplings show how a country like China with so enormous population can be united by their culture and traditions, which makes it even stronger despite the diversity that exists amongst the citizens in other aspects Chinese dumpling comes in many types in which Jiaozi is one of them and each type has its significance and meaning in the culture of the people of China since food culture is a theme that is deeply rooted in the history of the country. The dumplings are traditionally eaten throughout China’s New Year and during the midnight to bring luck during a particular occasion or ceremony by the Chinese people (Zhao, et al, p.27). The fact that dumplings are consumed by the entire community in China shows the bond that exists between them as one people, therefore becoming a symbol of national unity in China. Problems and Opportunities It is the belief of the people of China that the food they eat must either come from such animals that are known to lead a decent life to keep away from the curse. Again, the vegetables that are used in the making of the dumplings come from Levin, which is a cold pressed rapeseed oil. In making this type of food, the people remain quite aware of the environmental costs of the food for the people of China, and therefore the concerned citizens always try to their best in the minimization of their impacts on the planet (Zhao, et al, p. 29). This goes hand in hand with ensuring all the materials that make up the dumplings as well as their packaging whether in the homes and restaurants are biodegradable, which minimize environmental pollution, keeping the country clean and safe for human life. Dumplings show the respect the people of China have because they unite them especially during the New Year eve, where they feast and celebrate in unison thereby tightening the bonds that exist between them. For such, they can, therefore, be said to be a symbol of unity. In the determination of the healthy nature of dumplings, it is advisable to establish whether such a type of food is steamed, deep fried or even pan-fried (Ma, Guansheng, p. 197). The best option remains to be the steamed ones, then the pan-fried and lastly the deep fried. Advertising Campaign Ideas The most vulnerable group of people who were recommended to consume dumplings in China were adults who used it primarily to cure illness as being invented by a Chinese renowned practitioner and traditional medicine man Zhang Zhongjing. During the winter, the practitioner administered dumplings to patients who were suffering from extreme cold and febrile ailment which had become a chronic illness among elderly people. He, therefore, mixed mutton meat, herbs and chili peppers to the patients which eventually showed a kind of relieve after the consumption. In addition, grown-up people believed that dumplings could be prepared lately before midnight and were supposed to be consumed between 11:00 pm of Chu xi and 1:00 am of lunar during the Chinese New Year calendar (Ma, Guansheng, p.196). This is the correct time that the food could induce joy, happiness, and prosperity for the entire year among the Chinese. Discussion In most cases, it is a norm that Chinese dumplings are a representation of all meals that are ought to be consumed in China. This infers that when an individual consumes dumplings during dinner or lunch, for instance, they do not have to go ahead and cook other foods unless during big occasions. It, therefore, implies that dumplings are good enough to gather for the need of all day’s meals despite the fact that they might take a long time preparing them. This representation made dumpling to have a lot of advantages over other Chinese foods despite the fact that it involves a lot of procedures while preparing them which might make all process tedious (Ma, Guansheng, p.196). From the ancient Chinese times, dumplings were spread in many categories depending on nature, for instance, those which were delicious, those that were comfortable flat and dumplings on wine. Furthermore, another representation of the dumplings was the harmonious eating and celebrations of the New Year which was a way of welcoming and hoping that the New Year will get on well with a lot of favors. Appendix References Ahvenainen, Tarmo, et al. (2015). ”Tandem Cookbook: On the Tip of the Tongue.” Ma, Guansheng. (2015).”Food, eating behavior, and culture in Chinese society.” Journal of Ethnic Foods 2.4 195-199. Zhao, Rongguang, Gangliu Wang, and Aimee Yiran Wang. (2015). A history of food culture in China. World Scientific, 11(2)

West Virginia Career and Technical Institute Freedom and Individuality Essay

West Virginia Career and Technical Institute Freedom and Individuality Essay.

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this assignment is due at 10:00 pm today, it only needs to be 700 – 900 words. You will connect to a nafisi article. Nafisi: Finding individuality and (partial) freedom through literature and independent thoughtYour final interpretive exercise(700-900 words long) is due by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, May3. Please indicate the word count at the end of yourpaper.Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins and 12-point font, Times New Roman. Include your name, page numbers on every page, and an original title centered on the first page. When evaluating your papers, I will be looking specifically for these things:1) Engagement with one idea-rich passage from any one of our texts. You will introduce, cite, and analyze the quotation just as in the analytic essays, but you will not be supporting an argument, particularly. Instead, you will be using the concept in your chosen passage as a frame or lens through which to analyze our current moment living through a global pandemic. You will be demonstrating your skills at textual analysis and then applying them to an analysis of real life. 2) Good paragraphing, with clear claims and a logical sequence of ideas.3) Little to no sentence-level error.Assignment:Fundamental to Expository Writing is the understanding that writing is an instrument of thought and, as Kurt Spellmeyerand Richard Miller note in the “Preface” to The New Humanities Reader, the “movement from the known to the unknown is the essence of all learning” (xix). This semester has required us all to move “from the known to the unknown” like never before and in ways we couldn’t have expected. What, then, might we learn about the “unknown” of the present moment, given the writing you’ve done throughout the course? How might the thinking we’ve done together in Expos this semester help us understand this unprecedented time? In this exercise, explore any aspect of your or our (collective) experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.The goal is to understand something of what you have experienced by analyzing your experience in light of something that resonated with you in one of our readings. Here are some reminders of key themes in each of our texts, any one of which could provide the “lens” through which you explore what you have experienced.Nafisi: Finding individuality and (partial) freedom through literature and independent thought
West Virginia Career and Technical Institute Freedom and Individuality Essay