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Can Transparency Make Organizational Responsibility More Effective?

Why should SystemX be so concerned about the capabilities of SoftGuide’s data -processing? SystemX should be concerned because SoftGuide’s data processing system was inadequate to handle new products plan. What competitive advantages to a training and consultancy services company may be provided by an information system? The competitive advantages to a training and consultancy services company are their competency of producing new product. The data processing can be used at any level of with any system. The security of the information that the system can provide. And how well the reliability of the system could give to their customers. Case 2: If these revisions are correct, how is planning to be organized? How should the information system support the planning organization? The planning must be organized continually adjust to the environment. The information system support the planning organization is by support activities to make sure that business strategies are being efficiently employed. The example of an information system could be used to support the planning organization is ‘Enterprise resource planning’ which could help integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization. Can the information system aid in achieving shared values? Yes, the information system can aid in achieving shared values because as the revisions had said it is the most vital fluid in an enterprise. How might a comprehensive system be used to stifle initiative? To stifle the initiative in a comprehensive system are the renewal and adjustment of the activities of a firm should not come from the different levels in the management hierarchy. Case 3: What can be the drawback of having a formal system as mentioned in point 5? The drawback when having a formal mechanism for review and reiteration of the systems plan is they will missed all informal information flows come from chance meetings, reading magazines or newspapers. All procedure will have to go on with the assigned procedure, which will be a problem to the new MIS executives who are still on experimenting with the strategic planning. Can transparency make organizational responsibility more effective? Transparency can make organizational responsibility more effective because transparency of information and directives in turn allows members of an organization to more fully understand the reason behind the processes and this knowledge is going to have a tendency to encourage higher degrees of participation. In the long run this is of value because it helps a company have an easier transition falling into compliance. Case 4: Try to guess what the consultant said? What the consultant trying to say is there is a problem with the database integrity and the system reliability. Justify the use of technical jargon. Technical Jargon is words that are used by a person in a particular field when they are talking about some aspect of the field they are in and the specialized or technical language of a trade, profession, or similar group. It typically would not be understood by someone not involved with the same profession or group. Case 5: In the light of the system, describe the decisions to be made in the area of strategic planning, managerial control and operational control? What information would you require to make such decisions? Strategic planning – strategic planning include the budget for the restaurant, the target market, policy and objectives. It comparing weekly sales and the food cost that enable them to plan tighter cost. This strategic planning will help in forecast in budget, the development of operating plan profit and human resource Managerial control – The managerial control will get customer feedback and responsible to customer satisfaction. From that, managerial control makes decision related to customer at the restaurant. Operational control – operational control will make decision on transaction processing in the restaurant. That includes takes order, tracking order, control of machine, and pay back compensation. Information needed to make such decisions above is strategic information that already compiled such as budget information, profit and capital information. Information of operational also needed like daily sales and billing in order to make the decision especially at the operational control. The information required to make these decisions can be strategic, tactical or operational information. What would make the system a more complete MIS rather than just doing transaction processing? Rather than just doing transaction processing, the system can be improves to complete Management Information System by providing all information on any level in the company such as executive information system that can support and give information in order to make decision, it can also give an easy access to external and internal information that can meet the strategic goals of the organization. DSS can be including making a complete MIS since it can help to make a better decision for the company. There is also another thing that could help them improving their system to a complete MIS which is speed up their problem solving where the time can be reduced efficiently, promoting training to staff to give them knowledge and discover new approach. Explain the probable effects that making the system more formal would have on the customers and the management. By making the system more formal, the probable effects is going to impact on the organization which can be more efficiently exchange information among its functional areas, business units, suppliers, and customers. As the transactions are taking place every day, the system stores all the data which can be used later on when the restaurant is in need of some financial help from financial institutes or banks. As the inventory is always entered into the system, any frauds can be easily taken care of and if anything goes missing then it can be detected through the system. The customers may realize the system will be more satisfying than before an gained more advantages from the system. Case 6: What security loopholes come to the fore in the situation described? How can these be plugged? The loopholes in the situation mentioned by Utpal are that the security of information is prone to security breach and viruses. It may cause troubles, to prevent it from happening while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users are to struggle finding a budget and let the budget constraint vanished so he can helped the security system more advancing for brighter promising future of the company. Besides that, he could also plug or creates new security architecture in the environment because security architecture can describe how the security controls (security countermeasures) are positioned, and how they relate to the overall information technology architecture. These controls serve the purpose to maintain the system’s quality attributes, among the confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability and assurance. What is the importance of a “security budget” in the context of the given situation? Case 7: What are the business benefits of the web portal? Make a critical assessment. What is the importance of ‘content management’ for enterprise web portals? c. Can a small business develop and maintain such a portal? Case 8: a. In the context of the given case, what managerial issues need to be addressed by Alfred? Why is it important for managers to be tech savvy? b. What is the importance of a ‘systems consultant’ to an organization? What skills should he/she possess? Case 9: What are the business benefits and limitations of Rick Dalzell’s strategies? Why are business houses finding it difficult to keep costs down in spite of the fact that technology is getting cheaper? Case 10: a. What systems would you propose that would serve the company’s needs? b. Considering that the company already has CBIS installed, will you contemplate complete overhaul of the systems or add functionalities of the existing systems? Justify your line of action. c. Justify the requirement of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the context of the given caselet. Case 11: a. How has technology helped companies like Rosenbluth deliver customized services? b. Is it possible for small companies to adopt technology similar to Rosenbluth’s? Why or why not? Justify. c. What is the significance of Rosenbluth’s statement? Give your viewpoint. Case 12: Is it justified to say that digital systems are unreliable and carries enormous risks? b. What countermeasures should be put in place to minimize damages due to failure of digital systems? Give your answer for each of the above three situations.

The Hominins Discussion

The Hominins Discussion.

The HomininsBeginning in the late Miocene and into the early Pliocene, upright walking tendencies began to develop among the hominin tribe. Upright walking tendencies slowly transformed into obligate bipedalism during the pliocene within the hominin lineage. This shift in locomotor strategy is notably marked by the gradual change in arm to leg ratio that we see when comparing early and later hominins. Early hominins have short legs and very long arms while later hominins have longer legs and short arms. Your task for this activity will be to compare and contrast the locomotor strategies of the following two hominin species: Ardipithecus ramidus and Australopithecus afarensis. You will accomplish this by answering the following questions.Before you begin make sure view all relevant reading material so that you can give me informed opinions.Which hominin had the best arboreal capabilities (look at both upper and lower extremities)? Make sure you explain your answer and give me at least one features that backup your claim. The feature that you choose has to be from lower extremities.Which hominins was the first to not just be an upright walker but an obligate biped (this means you have no choice but to walk on two legs)? Make sure you explain your answer using the same feature that you used when looking at the other hominin for comparative purposes. Lastly, I would like you to give a short summary of the notable transformations in locomotor strategy that occur over time as seen from Ardipithecus ramidus to Australopithecus afarensis.
The Hominins Discussion

Saudi Electronic University Virtual Organization Management Questions

essay help online Saudi Electronic University Virtual Organization Management Questions.

Assignment General InstructionsThe Answers of this Assignment can include Charts, Tables and relevant Snap shots. etc. if needed. The Assignment upload file must be in Word format file.Number of Words for Each Answer: 100 words for each Note : Assignment need to be uploaded in the given format attached.The format includes First page – Cover page, From Second page Assignment Question,Answers need to be filled in the spaces after every Question.Grades will not be affected for the the part of plagiarism shown with regard to cover page and Question part of the Answer file submitted.The answer sheet should contain the following: Cover page QuestionsAnswersAssignment’s requirementsUse the cover page. One mark will be deducted if there is no cover page. Grade DistributionTwo minimum number of required references and reference style (APA, Harvard…etc.) Quotations must be cited to its resources.For the paper styles use Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.5 line space and adjusted text.The student must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment.Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of assignment. Structure includes these elements paper style, free of spelling and grammar mistakes, referencing and word count. Content relevancy: 6 GradesHighlights: 2 GradesIn terms of quotes, data, points and comparison examples.Overall Format and Presentation: 2 GradesOverall contents covering and Format style requirements.1st attempt – End of 1st week – Allowed for Plagiarism check. Answers can be in paragraph and points.2nd attempt – End of 3nd week-Updated Assignment file based on the Plagiarism and Instructor comments.Plagiarism marking policy:If the SafeAssign match report equals 20% and above, the assignment will be reviewed by the instructor. The cover page and assignment’ questions match percentage must be excluded from the overall match percentage of SafeAssign report.80% and above of the answer is plagiarised, the assignment will award ZERO mark. (including identical assignments, both students award ZERO mark)20-79% of the answer is plagiarised, these plagiarised parts should be highlighted, and only non-plagiarised parts will be marked.It aims to ensure that all students are treated equitably and do not gain an unfair advantage by choosing to submit their work late.Penalties for late submission shall be 10% of the total mark of the assignment for each day of late submission up to six calendar days after the due date.Assignments will not be accepted after the sixth day and the student will award ZERO mark. All late submissions must be made electronically through BB.This policy does not cover “Extenuating Circumstances”. Examples; circumstances outside of the control of a student.Late submission policyExample if the assignment is marked out of 20, deduction of 10% means a deduction of 2 marks per day.
Saudi Electronic University Virtual Organization Management Questions

Please describe one of these messianic portraits drawn by the prophets. Please explain how these may have been understood in relationship to the Davidic covenant.

Please describe one of these messianic portraits drawn by the prophets. Please explain how these may have been understood in relationship to the Davidic covenant.. Paper details Essay #2 (Module 7): The prophets played a significant role leading to and during the exile. At this time, messianic ideas blossomed. Please describe one of these messianic portraits drawn by the prophets. Please explain how these may have been understood in relationship to the Davidic covenant. Requirements: Length: 3-4 double-spaced, typed pages  To meet the length requirement, the paper must be three full pages o Acceptable paper will end on the fourth page Style: MLA, 7th edition  MLA style formatting is required for the paper  Double-spaced  MLA formatted header (last name page number in the heading, not the text area)  MLA formatted heading (Student Name, Instructor Name, Full name of class, Date in International format [i.e., 10 October 2012])  MLA required title  In-text citations are required and must have a matching entry in the Works CitedPlease describe one of these messianic portraits drawn by the prophets. Please explain how these may have been understood in relationship to the Davidic covenant.

Writer’s Choice Essay

Writer’s Choice Essay. We talk about the Internet of Things this week. There are plenty of areas to explore related to IoT (such as security, that’s a big one), but since this chapter focuses on hardware/software, we will focus on that. What hardware aspects are you most excited about in relation to the Internet of Things? Can you think of any devices or technology you would like to have connected but currently are not connected? Or if you cannot think of any that you wish were connected, what is the most important IoT technology you use now? Why?​​Writer’s Choice Essay