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Can an authority figures influence human behaviour?

Can an authority figures influence human behaviour?. Milgram (1963) stated that “obedience is the psychological mechanism that links individual actions to political purposes.” His theoretical proposition for the study is that obedience is so ingrained, that people tend to obey other people at higher position even if they have to violate their own morals and ethics (Milgram, 1974). He recruited forty males between ages twenty and fifty from New Haven through newspaper ads and mail solicitations. The experiment was held at Yale University, to increase the perceived legitimacy and the participants were told that they were involved in an experiment of role-playing as a teacher, a learner and an experimenter. The teacher observed the learner being strapped down to an electric chair connected to a shock generator stating the voltage levels form 15-450 volts. The teacher was administered to shock the learner if one answered wrongly until the learner seized. Obviously, the participants might be so awed by the university based on its virtue that they would do anything as instructed regardless of its pros and cons towards destructive obedience. Milgram (1963) perceived the cause as environmental factors. He then did experimentation in the Yale basement, a dark basement to conclude his findings that the results produced from all two locations were totally similar to his first study. (Elms, 1995) Nonetheless, majority of the followers has the concept that if they follow as instructed by an authority, they will be highly rewarded if not punished for not doing so especially people in the military regiment (e.g. American soldiers and bomb-suicides religious cults). Justifying their stand by rationalizing their thoughts that they were merely obeying to commands to conduct destructive behaviour. (Elms, 1995) An authority figure is able to influence human behaviour because obedience is so innate in us from young that we comply with people of higher authority to play safe. References Milgram, S. (1963). Behavioral study of obedience. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 67 (4), 371-378 Elms, A. (1995). Obedience in retrospect. Journal of Social Issues, 51, 21-31 Retrieved January, 13, 2010 7. Weinberg (1989) identifies some of the limitations and problems with IQ tests and testing. What does more contemporary research suggest? Find a more recent journal article on IQ testing and discuss. Vernon (1965) stated that majority of us would perceive the deaf people as having low intelligence compared with hearing people. The journal that I used was a review of literature on IQ testing on deaf children of other author’s papers and the implications they found fifty-years later. This kind of intensive research effort is significant as it contributes to the role of people who were classified as normal compared to severe hearing impairment people in testing their intelligence. Firstly, severely hearing-impaired has problem hearing what is required of them to accomplish cognition tasks via hearing. Therefore, the limitation is hearing because they are a language-deprived group and performing IQ tests acquired cognitive skills to do the tasks, the implication follows that level of language development may not be related to cognitive functioning. Interestingly, the deaf, a language-deprived group, score as well as the controls that have normal language development. Secondly, it has been noted that deaf children, a group that lack of culture which denotes the inefficiency use of language performed similarly well as normal hearing children without these deprivation. The implication is that cultural deprivation, language and deficiency in hearing do not play the role in the development of intelligence. Perhaps, limitation for this study is that there is no study of the intelligence of the adult deaf reported in the literature which might show researcher biasness in reporting the results. The implication of the research of the last fifty years which compared the IQ of the deaf with the hearing and of subgroups of deaf children indicates that when there is no complicating multiple handicaps, the deaf and hard-of-hearing function at approximately the same IQ level on performance intelligence tests versus the ones who are able to hear. References Vernon (2005). Fifty Years of Research on the Intelligence of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children: A Review of Literature and Discussion of Implications. University of Oxford Journal on deaf studies and deaf education. doi:10.1093/deafed/eni024 Retrieved January, 15, 2010 Weinberg, R.A. (1989). Intelligence and IQ: Landmark issues and great debates. American Psychologist, 44 (2), 89 -104. 8. Beck (1993) outlines a cognitive approach to therapy in the treatment of depression. Choose an alternative therapeutic approach to the treatment of depression and discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of the approach you have selected as opposed to Cognitive Therapy. Indeed, music plays a significant role in our daily life. Imagine the world without music; people would not be able to transmit their thoughts and feelings to one another which is also a medium to assist people in expressing their inner feelings. Cohen (1999) suggested that music has been a powerful healing agent in primitive cultures until the present-day societies. Supposedly, everyone should have heard of music-therapy to treat depression. Music therapy consists of different treatment methodology that combines acquiring music with the practice of psychological paradigms such as music improvisation. Because music is a non-verbal means of expression that can create atmosphere of which tension is released, stress is reduced and the occurrence of self-expression. According to Pavlicevic (2000), music improvisation has been argued by music therapists that are underpinned with medical, neurological, social, psychological or psychodynamic thinking. In addition, music-therapy deals with the emotional and social goals by addressing the developmental issues (e.g. memory, concentration skills), physical (e.g. gross and motor skills) and cognition skills. These skills are vital to survive in the society socially and academically compared to cognitive therapy whereby the treatment is not all-rounded. Cognitive therapy solely helps to eliminate depression but not considering the person’s well-being. However, there were some implications as to unable to resolve their inner problems in music-therapy whereas for cognitive therapy it allows one to talk about anything which is totally random to the therapist which display higher chances of solving their inner problems. Additionally, no robust effects on people treated with cognitive therapy but numerous of empirical findings to support the application of music therapy who has depression. In sum, music-therapy could be an alternative approach to treat depression as opposed to cognitive therapy given the reasons above. References Beck, A. T. (1993). Cognitive Therapy: Past, present, and future. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 61 (2), 194-198 Wu (2002). Effects of music therapy on anxiety, depression and self-esteem of undergraduates. Psychologia, 2002, 45, 104-114 9. Jacklin (1989) reviews some of the previous research associated with gender during children’s development (e.g., difference between girls and boys as they grow). What does more contemporary research suggest? Find a more recent journal article investigating the issue of children and gender, then discuss. This article that I found investigated gender differences in throwing among ages 6-8 years old during a throwing game. To assess throwing form to gauge the impact of how the children perform in the limited context of the game is to understand the way they develop, whether they could perform the throw from the instructions given by the instructor during the game and determines how sensitive the children were while performing a task with environment limitations. (Lorson and Goodway, 2008 as cited Barrett and Burton, 2002) The purpose of this study is to describe throwing patterns in 6-8 years old children during a throwing. This study aims to examine the body component levels (e.g. step, trunk and forearm) and component profiles demonstrated during a throw. Results show that boys outdo the girls in gender differences, body components and profiles. Boys develop coordination faster to transfer energy from step and trunk to other segments of the body components such as humerus and forearm compared to girls whom require more practice to develop into the advanced stages. (as cited Stodden, Langendorfer, Fleisig and Andrews, 2006). Improvements in throwing by both genders are affected by socio-cultural reasons not pre-disposed biologically. Girls need more encouragement to input the throw forcefully while boys are more self-driven in performing to show-off their skills. (Lorson and Goodway, 2008 as cited Ehl, Roberton and Langendorfer, 2005; Garcia and Garcia, 2002) Lorson and Goodway (2008) suggested that future research could examine the social aspects during games, what are the motivators currently and the long-term effect of taking part in throwing activities. Establish the feasibility and usefulness from its approach. Ultimately, the problem lies within the difference on the developmental body components of children on both gender as girls and boys develop differently in terms of coordination and the transfer of strength of throwing. References Jacklin, C. N. (1989). Female and Male: Issue of gender. American Psychologist, 44 (2), 127-133 Kevin M Lorson and Jacqueline D Goodway (2008). Gender Differences in Throwing Form of Children Ages 6-8 Years during a throwing game. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport; 79, (2) 174-182 10. Does emotional expression change as people age? Find a second article and discuss this issue. Alea, Diehl and Bluck (2004) suggested that the definition of emotion is defined as temporary-lived responses to events that involve physiological needs, expressive behaviours and subjective experiences. Emotions, as a short-lived responses worked in a transition stage at multiple levels involving body physiology, subjective experiences and expressive behaviours to respond instantaneously to an event. Three ways in which emotion could be expressed fundamentally: facial expression, verbal or non-verbal expression and the way one behaves. Levenson (1991) studied the facial expressions portrayed from the younger to the older adults while they were remembering and depicting their own emotional experiences. Attempting to figure out the adults’ expressions, they failed to differentiate how adults expressed the primary emotions, anger, disgust, fear, happiness, and surprise. Carstensen (1992) proposed Socio-emotional Selectivity Theory which mentioned that people express different kinds of emotions in a new chapter of their lives are selective in social-networking as they grew older, partly because they want closed-relatedness, intimacy and affectionate experiences in order to bond positive and gratifying social relationships. Carstensen’s (1992) tied theory of emotion to different life phases with regards to social-networks. Majority of the relationships were linked with emotion, cognition and personality at different walks in life. Vief (2001) cognitive-affective developmental theory of emotion highlighted the functioning of emotion connecting to the development of the mental processes and our ego occurring for survival. A debatable subject that emotion should be measured qualitatively at different lifetime acquiring self-awareness to note the complexities of processing information as we function into adulthood. Ultimately, emotional expressions do change as people age because we need to adapt to the environment or circumstances. However, if the same circumstances postulates, our reactions to those circumstances would be very similar to our adolescent age. (Strongman and Overton, 1999) Can an authority figures influence human behaviour?
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When beginning an academic program, it is important to consider what you would like to achieve by completion. Creating goals is a great way to make sure you are working toward something and tracking your progress. In this SMART Goals Worksheet, you will identify personal, academic, or career goals that you want to achieve, and identify how this program will help you achieve them.The content of this SMART Goals Worksheet will be the foundation of the Week 3 Goals for Success Outline, Week 4 Goals for Success Rough Draft, and the Week 6 Goals for Success Signature Assignment.
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Complete Simple SMART Goals Worksheet (WHITE)

Languages homework help. For this assignment, you will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned in this class and previous classes in drafting a legal research memorandum.Review the fact pattern below, and then create a legal research memorandum addressing the question given. (This scenario and the question given can also be found in your textbook on page 412)Defamation Scenario:Tom Harris and Jake Carson had been sports and political leaders and rivals ever since high school. They competed on the same sports teams and were of equal physical ability. In track and swimming races, Tom would come in first in one race, Jake would come in first in the next race, and then they would tie each other for first in a third race. Either Tom or Jake had been class president each of four years in high school. Jake had been class president of his freshman and senior classes while Tom had been class president of his sophomore and junior classes.Their friends speculated that the rivalry would continue in college. They both were to attend Collegiate University in nearby University Town. As freshmen they pledged two rival fraternities. Tom pledged Collegiate Alphas and Jake pledged Collegiate Betas. What had been friendly rivalry in high school gradually turned nasty during their years at the University. The Alphas pulled all sorts of pranks on the Betas and tried to discredit the Betas in the university community. The Betas did the same to the Alphas.In the fall of their senior year at the University, Tom and Jake both decided to run for student body president. There was a lot of mudslinging during the campaign. At one point in the campaign, it was rumored that Jake was gay. The rumors were traced back to the Alphas. Although no one seemed to believe the rumor, Jake and his fraternity brothers were very upset about it.The night before the election, the candidates participated in skits in the football stadium. Everyone eagerly looked forward to the skits each year, with most of the students and faculty of Collegiate University attending. The skits were usually half serious and half in jest. On skit night, the crowd in the stadium enjoyed the first skits while they speculated about Tom and Jake?s skits. Jake?s skit was the next-to-the-last and Tom?s was the last of the evening. In Jake?s skit, Jake neatly poked fun at Tom and emphasized how he, Jake, was the better candidate.Then came time for Tom?s skit. The scene was Jake?s doctor?s office. Tom played Jake?s doctor and one of the Alphas played Jake. In the skit ?Jake? walked into the doctor?s office and said, ?Well, doctor, now that I?ve completed my executive physical, I feel ready to complete my duties as Collegiate University student body president and lead the University to great achievements. How did my tests come out?? The ?doctor? replied, ?Well, Jake, you better sit down. I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that most of your tests came back negative and you should make a fine student body president. The bad news is that you and Magic Johnson have something in common. Both of you tested HIV-positive.?Those words were barely out of Tom?s mouth when the stadium crowd gasped. A fight immediately broke out between the Alphas and Betas sitting near each other and the police were called in to clear the stands.Although the student body president race had seemed almost even before the skits, Tom won with two-thirds of the vote. Jake was so outraged by Tom?s skit that he hired your law firm to represent him.Assignment Directions:The senior partner in your firm has asked you to research the law of your state and answer the following question:Although Tom claims that his statement that Jake was HIV-positive was made in jest, would the words give rise to an action for slander?In drafting the legal research memorandum, you need to use the law for the state where you reside. Please make sure you cite all sources and do not forget to Shepardize the cases that you use.The final legal research memorandum should be at least two pages long.Submit your legal research memorandum to the ?Student Body President Memorandum? Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59PM (Mountain).If you need formatting assistance, remember you can always access theÿLegal Writing Resources Page.Languages homework help
Academy of Art University Nike Branding Advertising Campaign Case study.

Using the Volvo creative brief/case study in the module as an example (posted again below), choose a product/brand that is familiar to you and consider what you would include in a creative strategy for a campaign to advertise it. What are the objectives, who are you going to speak to, why, and how? Please write 500 words.his creative brief/case study for Volvo illustrates a specific approach that addresses the challenge, objective, strategy, and resultant creative approach.The Volvo BrandA Swedish, entry-level, luxury automobile manufacturer.Widely known and respected for having the safest vehicles on the road.The first car company to make seat belts standard for all models in 1959.The ChallengeAdvertise one Volvo model to stay-at-home dads in order to become first-movers in this emerging market, without alienating current or potential customers.The Volvo XC90The XC90 is Volvo’s largest SUV, and the only model offering third row seating.The time when couples begin considering larger automobiles most frequently occurs immediately after having children.Despite higher gasoline prices, SUV sales and popularity have actually increased from 1 in 5 vehicles sold a decade ago, to 1 in 3 vehicles sold today.ObjectivesMake the XC90 the #1 dream vehicle for stay-at-homedads.Make wives of stay-at-home dads comfortable withthe decision to purchase the XC90.Further the widely held belief that Volvo hasbeen, and always will be, the safest car on the road.The Modern FamilyThe number of stay-at-home dads has more than doubled in past decade.Only 16% of American families are now what we consider “traditional” with a working husband and stay-at-home wife.40% of females make moremoney than their husbands.Approximately 2 millionmen function as primary caregivers.This new family structure is more than a lifestyle choice. It makes sense economically. The earning potential of women relative to men is increasing. Rather than devoting a significant portion of their salary to childcare, more families are electing to have the men stay home with the children.Target AudienceStay-at-home dads with at least one child under the age of 18.30 – 48 years old.Competitive upbringing.Lives vicariously through kids.Still has an inner child.Desire to be considered a manly man.Happy when kids are happy.Enjoys outdoor activities.Provides for families, but not financially.ResearchObserved footage from an ethnographic documentary on five stay-at-home dads.Analyzed an article on the book Do Men Mother? by Andrea Doucet where 118 male caregivers were studied.Reviewed Gever Tulley’s Ted Talk on his book 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do. Watched The Other F Word, a documentary on punk rockers becoming fathers, produced by Morgan Spurlock. InsightFathers let their kids take more risks than mothers.StrategyThe Volvo XC90 keeps wives’ peace of mind while allowing dads to do “the fun stuff” with their kids.Creative Concept and ExecutionsCredit to:Drew Shook – Art DirectorSara Uhelski – Copywriter
Academy of Art University Nike Branding Advertising Campaign Case study

Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Perspective from Joseph Stiglitz Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Joseph Stiglitz: Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility Conclusion Reference Introduction Corporate social responsibility is a term that has gained significant prominence in the past two decades. For a long time, it was held that the only purpose companies were created is to generate profits. While this is true, people began to realize that corporations also have an obligation to the society as prescribed by law. According to Carroll (1999), the first real definition of corporate social responsibility was provided by Howard Bowen in 1953. Bowen described social corporate responsibility as the obligations of corporations to act in such a manner that is desirable with regards to societal values and objectives. This definition has undergone various changes and has been refined by various economists to set out a more concise statement on what CSR is about. Carroll (1999) defined corporate social responsibility as a voluntary obligation which a corporation has to the society other than that set by contract or by law. Joseph Stiglitz: Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility Various arguments have been brought up about the topic of corporate social responsibility. Most of the arguments raised are mainly due to differences in definition about Corporate Social Responsibility and the nature of businesses (Hussain, 1999). Various economists have different views about CSR and understanding these views may pave the way forward in forging a comprehensive standard to guide Corporate Social Responsibility. Joseph Stiglitz is a Nobel Laureate and an influential American economist. He has written several books on different economic issues and has also served as a policy maker in the Clinton administration (Friedman, 2002). From his various writings and policies, it can be shown that Stiglitz is one of modern proponents on Corporate Social Responsibility. In his book Making Globalization Work, Stiglitz looks at the problems brought about by globalization and holds the view that globalization victimizes several countries as well as individual citizens. He argues that globalization has led to loss of jobs, unfair competition and an increase in drug cost for serious illnesses such as AIDS (Stiglitz, 2008). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Companies make deals with governments (especially developing countries) such that they can operate with minimum intervention and with little regards to the society in which they operate. In this book he also notes that the environment is one of the most precious resource people have and that governments and corporations have an obligation to reduce the effects of global warming (Stiglitz, 2008). He notes that pollution, unfair subsidies and tariffs have led to the destabilization of the global economy. He proposes that to solve this problem, more transparent institutions should be created (Stiglitz, 2008). These views basically propose that both governments and institutions should embrace corporate social responsibility if societal problems are to be solved. In an interview held in 2010 by tikkun Magazine, Stiglitz offers his direct opinion on corporate social responsibility. In the interview, Joseph Stiglitz asserts that the only way to create a fair society is through collective action between the various stakeholders in the economy (Lerner, 2010). Global poverty, health and environmental degradation can all be mitigated through proper government policies and through voluntary participation of the various stakeholders in the global economy. During the interview, Stiglitz also affirmed his support for the current government policy requiring that all large corporations should get a corporate charter that is renewable every five years. The Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment requires that a charter be given to those corporations that have a good past with corporate social responsibility as per a jury of average citizens (Lerner, 2010). He however has reservations on the applicability of the Act as he notes that the definition of corporate social responsibility is diverse and different individuals have different comprehension on its meaning. He notes that some companies embrace going green but readily offer loans to cigarette companies whose very existence is a form of social irresponsibility (Lerner, 2010). He further adds that there should be precise sets of standards that set the expectations of corporate social responsibility. From his interviews and books it can be noted that Joseph Stiglitz supports corporate social responsibility but has several worries on the interpretation and application of CSR in companies. He proposes that collective participation is required in order to solve societal problems both at the local and the global scene. We will write a custom Research Paper on Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Perspective from Joseph Stiglitz specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility, he argues that all companies have an obligation to the society and should thus try to act in the best interest of the society. However due to differences in interpretation and misunderstanding as to what really constitutes Corporate Social Responsibility, it is necessary for the government to set up a given set of standards that would serve as the guidelines for companies to meet the said obligations (Lerner, 2010). Stiglitz also notes that this government intervention should not be rigid as standards change over time and thus the government should constantly review the standards set for corporate social responsibility. Conclusion Joseph Stiglitz has had a very illustrious career both in policy making and as an economist. He is particularly known for his criticisms on the management of the International Monetary Fund, free market economist and the failures of globalization. Most of his criticisms are based on the fact that most international institutions do not practice corporate social responsibility and are only there to make profit with disregards to the community they are supposed to serve. His views has granted him several prominent position in the government and has also seen him attain top position within the World Bank, at one time serving as the senior vice president. His work on these subjects has also granted him several prize and award recognition the most notable being the 2001 Nobel Prize in economics. He teaches at various universities in the world and also has been noted to be one of the most referred economists in the world. Stiglitz also began the Initiative for Policy Dialogue, a corporation dedicated to promoting global development through proper policy making and sound business practices such as CSR. While many economist do not readily agree as to what constitutes as Corporate Social Responsibility, the consensus is that every corporation has an obligation to the society it serves. Joseph Stiglitz has campaigned vigorously for global development both in his writing, work as a policy maker and activist for change. Not sure if you can write a paper on Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Perspective from Joseph Stiglitz by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Looking at his various achievements, it can be easily shown that people have noticed the need for change and that his beliefs have granted him various advantages. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a fad but a real development that has slowly gained influenced in the business field. Reference Carroll, A. (1999). Corporate Social Responsibility. Business and Society, 28(3), 268 – 295 Friedman, B. (2002). Globalization: Stiglitz’s Case. New York Review of Books, 49(13), 26. Hussain, S. (1999). The Ethics of ‘Going Green’” The Corporate Social Responsibility Debate. Business Strategy and the Environment, 8, 203-210. Lerner, M. (2010). Economics for a Global Community – A Conversation with Joseph Stiglitz. Tikkun, 25(5), 12-16. Stiglitz, J. (2008). Making Globalization Work – The 2006 Geary Lecture. The Economy and Social Review, 39(3), 171-190.

Integrated Group Project

assignment writing services Integrated Group Project.

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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to develop a unit focusing on a specific concept or theme that is appropriate for early childhood. This unit will contain several activities for early childhood addressing the following content areas: language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. The unit will use a variety of creative arts approaches in the procedures. Lastly, this unit will be developed in a group setting.Directions: You will create a PowerPoint presentation for your content area, you will create a detailed activity (introduction/ art-skills builder, primary activity, follow-up, assessment/evaluation) that integrates a creative arts approach. Create one MATH lesson and must address the following:Title of lessonLearning ObjectiveGrade level (infants-2ndgrade)Content area and art forms addressedStandards addressed CCSS or Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards (Links to an external site.)Developmental skills addressedMaterials usedClassroom setupArts skills builder (warm-up/introductory activity)ProceduresFollow-up activityAssessment and evaluationDifferentiating instruction (accommodations for ELL, ESE, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners-CLD)Habits of Mind that assisted you with this activity
Integrated Group Project

USC Sampling Methodology Sexual Dysfunction & Primary Care Groups Discussion

USC Sampling Methodology Sexual Dysfunction & Primary Care Groups Discussion.

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need support to help me study.

Please write a discussion and respond to this peer’s Discussion Promptsdiscussion:A hospital marketing director has several research projects to undertake this quarter. He must try to determine the appropriate sampling methodology in light of each problem.Provide your recommendations on the appropriate sampling methodology for each of these issues:The hospital urology department wants to establish a sexual dysfunction clinic. The department head wants to get an estimate of the number of men ages 35 to 60 in the community suffering with some form of sexual dysfunction.A primary care medical group is trying to determine whether patients are being greeted and serviced appropriately by the billing and admitting departments.An MCO is trying to determine what concerns physicians have in agreeing to become part of its panel of physicians who will treat its subscribers.Respond to classmates’ or instructor’s posts. Your responses should include elements such as follow-up questions, a further exploration of topics from the initial post, or requests for further clarification or explanation on some points made by the classmates.ALL citations and references needs to be APA 7th edition format. THANK YOU!Peer #1:The hospital urology department wants to establish a sexual dysfunction clinic. The department head wants to get an estimate of the number of men ages 35 to 60 in the community suffering with some form of sexual dysfunction. Survey research sounds like the optimal method for acquiring statistical data such as this. I would suggest a mail or online survey, considering the target age range. Telephone surveys are also an option, though I’m not sure men would feel comfortable on the phone talking about their sexual dysfunction on the phone…through a mail survey, the client may drop off the survey at the facility to remain anonymous, and obviously if done online they are able to do this in a simpler fashion. A primary care medical group is trying to determine whether patients are being greeted and serviced appropriately by the billing and admitting departments. The simplest approach would probably be to conduct another survey. Of the three methods of conducting the survey, all are appropriate. They may be able to take the survey home (or fill it out before leave), they may receive a call within the next few days to take the survey over the phone, or they may be given directions to do it online. I think all of these would work. This issue could also require a combination of methods to formulate substantial results. An experiment could be administered, where a “secret shopper” audits them through their own personal experience as a “pretend-patient.” This secret shopper could give feedback to the marketing team afterwards. An MCO is trying to determine what concerns physicians have in agreeing to become part of its panel of physicians who will treat its subscribers. For this issue, I would recommend a focus group. This is an interview “typically conducted with 8 to 10 people with a trained moderator following an interview guide” (Berkowitz, 2010). In this case, the consumer is the prospective physician panel. Focus groups have been proven useful when focusing on “sensitive health care issues” (Berkowitz, 2010). Since the topic is about personal concerns, a focus group sounds like the perfect method.
USC Sampling Methodology Sexual Dysfunction & Primary Care Groups Discussion

You are doing the 2nd page of the 2-page document. I have attached a picture of the responsibilities of

You are doing the 2nd page of the 2-page document. I have attached a picture of the responsibilities of. You are doing the 2nd page of the 2-page document. I have attached a picture of the responsibilities of a guidance counselor in my school district. The second line where is says to my narrative specific about the school/students…….I wan to focus on government schools on the elementary level and the type of counselors on an elementary level are guidance counselors.You are doing the 2nd page of the 2-page document. I have attached a picture of the responsibilities of