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Campbellsville University Major Components of Block Chain Paper

Campbellsville University Major Components of Block Chain Paper.

The final portfolio project is a three- part activity. You will respond to three separate prompts but prepare your paper as one research paper. Be sure to include at least one UC library source per prompt, in addition to your textbook (which means you’ll have at least 4 sources cited). Start your paper with an introductory paragram
Prompt 1 “Blockchain” (2-3 pages):     Explain the major components of blockchain. Be sure to include how blockchain is affecting a global economy and how you see it growing in the future. 
Prompt 2 “Big Data” (1-2 pages): Describe your understanding of big data and give an example of how you’ve seen big data used either personally or professionally. In your view, what demands is big data placing on organizations and data management technology? How does big data affect a global economy?
Prompt 3 “Government and Policies” (1-2 pages): Discuss the role government plays in a global economy. Also, look at what policies are currently in place and then discussion what policies should be put in place. 

Campbellsville University Major Components of Block Chain Paper

In her work “Early Islam and the Position of Women: The Problem of Interpretation”, Leila Ahmed raised the question of the religious basis for the institution of patriarchal marriage in Islamic societies. By discussing the process of formation of Islamic laws, the author differentiated between the spiritual messages of Orthodox Islam and their legal implications. Ahmed explored various views on the standards of conduct prescribed by the Islamic ethic and pointed out at the problem of misinterpretation of the main messages of the sacred writings. Overview of the differences in positions of women in different Islamic societies leads to a conclusion that the law schools interpreted the sacred laws in different ways. Therefore, the legal articulation of the ethical norms prescribed by Quran is biased and can be under the influence of individual misinterpretation. The main claim made by the author is expressed in the paragraph discussing the necessity of agreement between different law schools with only insignificant differences in their articulation of ethical norms. However, the author pointed out at the differences in the position of women as the main counterargument to this claim. “Some of these ‘insignificant’ differences in interpretation, however, result in laws profoundly different in their consequences for women” (Ahmed 61). The paragraph that is cited above makes a critical point to the discussion of the assigned readings, because it addresses the issue of legal articulation of the ethical norms as the main underlying cause of differences in ethical norms of different societies and corresponding position of women. Women’s rights in Islamic societies are used as the main example, illustrating the legal implications of ethical norms and spiritual values of Quran. By acknowledging the impact of human institution of law schools and scholars as the main actors, having impact upon the current state of affairs and people’s destinies, the author offers valuable insights into the underlying processes, taking place simultaneously with the formation of legal norms in their relation to ethical and religious messages of classical Islam. Instead of discussing the position of women and answering the question of whether it is fair or not, Ahmed viewed the realities of male dominance in Islamic societies in broader context of religious and legal studies. The author’s main claim focused on misinterpretation of the standards of conduct and society’s norms prescribed by Islam. Importantly, Ahmed looked beyond the traditional views on cultural and religious traditions and turned to Quran as the primary source, which should have defined the beliefs and lifestyles of Islam societies, but was misinterpreted by different law schools, leading to the wide gaps not only between traditions and women’s rights in different societies, but also the gaps between the religious and legal understanding and articulation of the core values. The chosen paragraph is built on contrast between the idealized Islamic societies sharing similar views on the ethical norms and the real state of affairs, particularly the differences in position of women in different communities. The aspects of polygyny and women’s right to divorce are discussed as only a few examples, demonstrating the possibilities of different interpretations of the same phenomenon, depending upon the perspective chosen by the law scholars. The consideration of the historical processes and the main influential factors, affecting the articulation of religious norms into society’s practices, was an important contribution made by Ahmed. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Works Cited Ahmed, Leila. “Early Islam and the Position of Women: The Problem of Interpretation.” Women in Middle Eastern History. Ed. Nikki Kedie. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1992. 58 – 71. Print.
ENGH 202 George Mason University Ivor Gurney Pain and Insanity Discussion.

I have attached the instructions and a sample to follow for a reading response post. Ivor Gurney: Pain and InsanityQ. Ivor Gurney was a gifted composer who began writing poetry seriously at the front after he had volunteered for the war. After the war, he went insane. How much of a role his war experiences (he was wounded and gassed at different times) played in his insanity is uncertain; he had had a lesser mental breakdown before the war. But by 1922, despite considerable success after the war, he needed to be institutionalized, officially with a diagnosis of “deferred shell shock,” and he spent the remaining fifteen years of his life confined. He continued to write, while suffering from the delusion that he was William Shakespeare. “Pain” provides evidence of his talents. What do you see — or more accurately hear — in this poem that demonstrates them?Quoting and Citing:Poems are verse, so you must mark line-breaks if the quotation is up to three lines, or block-quote if the quotation is longer than 3 lines. Essentially, that means you can use no more than two slashes.Remember that you should not automatically quote whole lines of poems. You can begin and end quotations anywhere, so you should begin and end them where it makes sense to do so.Cite quotations by line-numbers, provided you have identified the poem’s title in the set-up for the quotation. If for some reason you have not, put the title in the citation: “Those that I fight I do not hate, / Those that I guard I do not love” (“An Irish Airman Foresees His Death” 3-4).
ENGH 202 George Mason University Ivor Gurney Pain and Insanity Discussion

ARH 2000 USF Surprising History of Dragons & Who Was Albert Bierstadt Artworks Essay.

1.Read chapter 4.3 of your textbook (Page 589 to Page 599)Link to the book:…2.Explore the website Google Arts & Culture: the following video for a contemporary example of an artist interested in the theme of life & death: the Following:1.Google Arts & Culture is a project in which hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives have partnered with Google to host cultural treasures online. Go to the website and familiarize yourself with its capabilities.2.Choose two (2) artworks from the website that are related to the theme of art and the cycle of life. This may seem like a broad theme, and it is! To help narrow your discussion, you must select a pair of artwork that relates to art and the cycle of life and fits any one of the following that depicts a human and one that depicts a mythical being; personal and one communal; about birth and one about death. Include links to your two images within your post and clearly describe which criteria you chose.3.Compare and contrast what the artworks look like and what they are communicating, noting at least three points of comparison and/or contrast. What do the similarities or differences suggest about the beliefs and values of the cultures that produced them?
ARH 2000 USF Surprising History of Dragons & Who Was Albert Bierstadt Artworks Essay

University of Missouri Columbia The Return of the King Journal Entries

University of Missouri Columbia The Return of the King Journal Entries.

I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.You should submit two entries for each of the two books from The Two Towers and The Return of the King (eight total). Each journal should be two pages, double spaced. This is an informal assignment, but it should reflect some intelligent thought on your part about what you have been reading. A typical entry might summarize events since your last entry; make note of any surprising, interesting, or confusing details; and outline your reaction to what you have read.
University of Missouri Columbia The Return of the King Journal Entries

UN Undergraduates Sleep Equal or Longer than Graduate Students Analysis

essay writer free UN Undergraduates Sleep Equal or Longer than Graduate Students Analysis.

Do undergraduates sleep less than graduate students?
A student conducted a study of sleep habits at a large state university. His hypothesis is that undergraduates will party more and sleep less than graduate students. He surveyed random samples of 75 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students. Subjects reported the hours they sleep in a typical night.
For this hypothesis test, he defined the population means as follows:

?1?1 is the mean number of hours undergraduate students sleep in a typical night.
?2 ?2is the mean number of hours graduate students sleep in a typical night.

Hours:  typical number of hours a student sleeps each night
Program: undergraduate or graduate 
Program is the explanatory variable, and the data is categorical. Hours is the response variable, and the data is quantitative.

State the null and alternative hypotheses. Include a clear description of the populations and the variable.
Explain why we can safely use the two-sample T-test in this case
State a conclusion in the context of this problem…  

UN Undergraduates Sleep Equal or Longer than Graduate Students Analysis

Azusa Pacific University Maps 1800 Bushnell Ave South Pasadena CA Discussion

Azusa Pacific University Maps 1800 Bushnell Ave South Pasadena CA Discussion.

This activity will allow you to ‘investigate’ several neighborhoods using Google Maps and Street View! The goal is to use basic mapping tools to assess what type of housing characteristics are found in varying geographies. As we’ve discussed, one might expect single-family, suburban (large lot, front yard, driveway) located further from the CBD. Conversely, we might find multi-family dwellings closer to the city center. Further, we may expect ‘newer’ townhome-style housing near transit. You’ll be asked to examine THREE neighborhoods using maps/street view that we’ll all look at (provided below: South Pasadena, Chicago and San Francisco). In addition, you’ll look at TWO more addresses on your own and share your experience!!Here are the questions to consider…(jot down some quick responses/thoughts for EACH location you choose)a. When do you think this neighborhood was developed and what features of the neighborhood support this (streets, trees, location relative to commercial districts)?b. What features of the house ‘stand out’ as a sign of the era within which the structure was built?c. What do you think are the socioeconomic characteristics of this street? Or: are there signs of Gentrification here? If so, what are they…?Here are the steps:1. Open Google Maps and type in: 1800 Bushnell Ave., South Pasadena, CA2. Look at the default map (regular) and examine the location of each of the addresses in relation to the larger city3. Switch to satellite view and do the same4. Finally, go to street view and answer the questions listed above….(you might want to expand your view of the community/region to best answer the questions, especially question ‘a.’)5. You should spend approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour working on this including the write-up which should be approximately 200 wordsNow, do the same for the following addresses:1918 W. Erie St., Chicago, Illinois380 Berry St., San Francisco, CA
Azusa Pacific University Maps 1800 Bushnell Ave South Pasadena CA Discussion

Two leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer, among adults.

Two leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer, among adults.. I’m trying to learn for my Health & Medical class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Current Topics in Health and Wellness Management
APA Formatting
Graduate level writing
Must be a minimum of 1200 words
8 to 10 quality references

For this assignment you will access the following websites, paying close attention that two leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer, among adults.…
Once you have examined the data above access the following link.…
What is the connection between being overweight and developing heart disease?
What are the predominant risk factors associated with being overweight that can lead to heart disease?
Access the following link.…
Go through the diet and lifestyle inventory. Do it. Be honest with yourself. Develop a 1000 word summary or your results and where you are doing well and where you can improve. What measures will you take to improve?
Will you recommend this inventory to others? Why or why not?
Two leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer, among adults.