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Campbellsville University Effect of Culture on Teams Collaboration Presentation

Campbellsville University Effect of Culture on Teams Collaboration Presentation.

Part 1: Effect of Culture on TeamsAs a group, review at least four (6) academically reviewed articles on how cultures affect team management. Develop power presentation based on the articles. Support your presentation with appropriate references. Use APA format throughout.Part 2: Discuss your learning outcomes:As a group, present a discussion of your learning outcomes from the article review. Present your learning outcomes using power points.1.Develop power points. You power points should contain a minimum of 20 slides (excluding the cover page and reference page.2.Use APA format throughout. and include speaker notes of 100 words in each slide
Campbellsville University Effect of Culture on Teams Collaboration Presentation

San Diego State University Using Octave Create a Script Computer Coding Task.

I’m working on a engineering project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

please comment each code1. Write a function named computeEnergy that takes in as input the number of panels and computes the amount of energy produced in a typical day. The amount of energy produced by a panel depends on the time of day and can be modeled by the mathematical formula below, where t is an array of values from 1 to 24 hours.f(t)=e−(t−12)21.52π√f(t)=e−(t−12)21.52π 2. After your computeEnergy function calculates how much energy is produced per day, it should call another user-defined function named weatherVariance. The weatherVariance function should create a 24×7 dimension matrix of random numbers between .8 and 1. This represents 24 hours of varying weather conditions that affect the solar production of the panel for seven days. Using matrix multiplication with the appropriate dimensions, (you will need to create another 24×7 matrix containing a week’s worth of daily energy production), multiply the energy production by the weather variance matrix element-wise to simulate weather.3. The data for the weekly energy usage by the home is provided file (we will use this see if we produce enough energy). In your main function, define a variable to store the number of solar panels. Keep track of the total energy produced by the solar panel(s) in a week, starting with one panel. After the week, if the generated solar energy is less than the energy usage of the home, then increase the number of panels by one, run the computeEnergy function again, compare with the energy used and decide if more panels need to be added. This should be done in a while loop. The usage data is formatted in a 24×7 dimension matrix, corresponding to seven days worth of 24 hours of hourly energy use in kilo-Watt-hours.4. Produce a 4×2 sublot of solar energy produced and used per day for the week. The eighth plot should be the daily difference between energy produced and energy used for the week. Label all plots appropriately. 5. Report to the user how many panels are required to fulfill the energy needs for the home.
San Diego State University Using Octave Create a Script Computer Coding Task

POLS 2305 American Government Discussion. I’m working on a Subject Major exercise and need support.… This is the link for the pdf textbook
This week you read about the federal structure of the United States. It was relatively unique at the time, and even today most countries are unitary governments. Please answer the following questions that ask you to apply what you learned this week, please make sure you reference information from the book where necessary.
1. Federalism made a lot of sense in the 1790s when it took long amounts of time to travel to a national capital (and the US was larger than most countries even when it was the 13 original states). Now, communication is easier than ever, and events often move very quickly. Is federalism still useful and advantageous for the United States?
2. Think of something you’re interested in. It can be a political issue, hobby, or idea. Doing some brief outside searching, how has the federal structure of our government affected it? Is it treated differently at the state level than the federal? If so, how?

Only need to be at least 250 characters
POLS 2305 American Government Discussion

Future Investment Initiative (200 words)

Future Investment Initiative (200 words). Can you help me understand this Business question?

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) was established by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. In October 2017, they unleashed “Vision 2030”, a plan laying out the future of Saudi Arabia, as they envision it. This event was attended by business leaders of all sectors and government officials from around the world who were open-minded to hearing about potential investment opportunities. Highlighting Saudi Arabia’s attributes including, but not limited to infrastructure, energy, banking, education, innovation, etc., the purpose is to encourage participation by way of public and private investment globally, generating sustainable and lasting returns, with complete transparency. This year’s 3 day conference took place on October 29-31. Last year, attendance was significantly diminished due to the Saudi government’s alleged involvement in the October 2, 2018 killing of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, Turkey. Interestingly, for this year’s event, the majority of those absent in 2018 returned.
Given the FII’s compelling story and aside from the news surrounding the Saudi government’s alleged role in Jamal Khashoggi’s death, where do you think the value or opportunities for real estate investors in Saudia Arabia may lie? AND What sectors of real estate, in particular stand to benefit the most? AND Do you believe there is a downside to investing in real estate projects there?
Future Investment Initiative (200 words)

ARNP St Thomas University German Food Culture and Healthcare Discussion HW6

online homework help ARNP St Thomas University German Food Culture and Healthcare Discussion HW6.

Hyde Pfiefer, a retired 70-year-old German American, has lived in the United States for the last 50 years. A widower of 5 years, Mr. Pfiefer prepares his own meals following his wife’s recipes from the old country. Nine months ago, Mr. Pfiefer was told that his cholesterol is elevated, and he was instructed about a low-fat diet. His most recent test results show his values to be unchanged.
Discuss the meaning of food in the German culture.
Using the predominant health beliefs of people of German ancestry, how might you help Mr. Pfiefer reduce his cholesterol level?
ARNP St Thomas University German Food Culture and Healthcare Discussion HW6

Amberton University Homologues Recombination Mitosis Meiosis Biology Questions

Amberton University Homologues Recombination Mitosis Meiosis Biology Questions.

I have a 10 questions Biology quiz and these are the questions, I need them to be correctly solved:Question 1: When do chromosomes form tetrads and undergo homologues recombination(crossing over)?a)Prophaseb)Interphasec)Prophase1 d)prophase2Question 2: when measuring enzyme activity, how did you know if an enzymatic reaction took place?a) the reaction produced carbon dioxideb) the reaction immediately turned yellowc) you saw oxygen become depletedd) when the reaction was placed in stop solution it turned yellowQuestion 3:During Mitosis…a) you start with one diploid cell and end up with 2 diploid cellsb)you start with one diploid cell and end up with 2 haploid cellsc) you start with 1 diploid cell and end up with 4 haploid cellsd)you start with 1 diploid cell and end up with 4 diploid cellsQuestion 4: Which of the following results genetically diverse cells:a) no answer text providedb) meiosisc) mitosisquestion 5: What happened to red blood cells when placed into a hypotonic solution?a) they lysed because water flowed into themb) they crenated because water flowed into themc) they lysed because water flow out of themd) they crenated because water flow out of themQuestion 6: Meiosis..a) you start with 1 diploid cell and end up with 4 diploid cells b) you start with 1 diploid cell and end up with 2 haploid cellsc) you start with 1 diploid cell and end up with 2 diploids cellsd) starts with 1 diploid cell and result in 4 haploid cellsQuestion 7: What defines a haploid cell:a) genetically identical to parent cellb) no answer text providedc) homologous pairs are not presentd) homologous pairs are presentQuestion 8: The physical splitting of eukaryotic cells is called:a) cytokinesisb) telophasec) Binary fissiond) duplicationQuestion 9: How was the enzymatic reaction carried out by cellobiase monitored:a) depletion of productb) formation of substratec) depletion of reactant(substrate)d) formation of productQuestion 10: starch was placed into dialysis bag. then the dialysis bag was placed into a beaker containing water, the water contained I2K1. why did the starch pass through the dialysis bag?a) glucose clogged the poresb) it was too big to fit the pores in the bagc) diffusion could not occur because starch is not charged) too much I2K1 on the outside applied too much osmotic pressure
Amberton University Homologues Recombination Mitosis Meiosis Biology Questions

Legal Issues International Relations (Bor-3340) Lesson 5 Discussion

On February 17, 2011, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure extending Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act for three months. This, along with two other provisions of the Act, were set to expire at the end of February 2011, but are now extended for three additional months while Congress considers whether or not to extend these provisions further, make them permanent, or revoke them. You are working for a non-partisan think tank and have been asked to present a paper to Congress during their deliberation of Section 215. Write a summary of your position on this section of the USA PATRIOT Act and defend your conclusions with specific examples from the readings and your own research.