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Campbellsville University Adams Inc Capital Budgeting Analysis Essay

Campbellsville University Adams Inc Capital Budgeting Analysis Essay.

Part 1: Capital Budgeting Analysis Adams, Incorporated would like to add a new line of business to its existing retail business. The new line of business will be the manufacturing and distribution of animal feeds. This is a major capital project. Adams, Incorporated is aware you an in an MBA program and would like you to help analysis the viability of this major business venture based on the following information: The production line would be set up in an empty lot the company owns.The machinery’s invoice price would be approximately $200,000, anotherThe machinery has useful life of 4 years, and it is a MACRS 3-year asset.The machinery is expected to have a salvage value of $25,000 after 4 years of use.This new line of business will generate incremental sales of 1,250 units per year for 4 years at an incremental cost of $100 per unit in the first year, excluding depreciation. Each unit can be sold for $200 in the first year. The sales price and cost are expected to increase by 3% per year due to inflation.Net working capital would have to increase by an amount equal to 12% of sales revenues. The firm’s tax rate is 40%, and its overall weighted average cost of capital is 10%. $10,000 in shipping charges would be required, and it would cost an additional $30,000 to install the equipment. Required: If the company spent $40,000 last year in the upkeep of the empty lot, should this cost be included in the analysis? Why or why not?Disregard the assumptions in part 1 above. What is the machinery’s depreciable basis? What are the annual depreciation expenses?Calculate the annual sales revenues and costs (other than depreciation).Construct annual incremental operating cash flow statements.Estimate the required net working capital for each year based on sales for the following year. Working capital will be recovered at the end of year 4.Calculate the after-tax salvage cash flow.Calculate the net cash flows for each year. Based on these cash flows, what are the project’s NPV, IRR, Profitability Index (PI), and payback?Can you use the Payback method to decide whether this is a good project or not? Why or why not?Interpret what NPV, IRR, and Profitability Index (PI) mean. Based on your interpretation, do these indicators suggest the new business line should be undertaken? Part 2: Working Capital Management Adams Stores, Inc. is trying to determine the effect of its inventory turnover ratio and days sales outstanding (DSO) on its cash flow cycle. Adams’ sales last year (all on credit) wereCalculate Adams’ cash conversion cycleCalculate assets turnover and return on assets (ROA)As one of the managers at Adams Stores, Inc, you believe the annual inventory turnover can be raised to 9 times without affecting sales. What would Adams’ cash conversion cycle, total assets turnover, and ROA have been if the inventory turnover had been 9 for the year?Assume the company work for reported sales of $10 million and an inventory turnover of 2. The company is now adopting a new inventory system as part of its working capital management. If the new system is able to reduce the company’s inventory level and increase inventory turnover ratio to 5 while maintaining the same level sales, how much cash will be freed up as a result of the new inventory system.The terms “irrelevance,” “bird-in-the-hand,” and “tax preference” have been used to describe three major theories regarding the way dividend payouts affect a firm’s value. Explain what these terms mean, and briefly describe each theory.What do the three theories indicate regarding the actions management should take with respect to dividend payout?What are stock repurchases? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a firm’s repurchasing its own shares.What are stock dividends and stock splits? What are the advantages and disadvantages of stock dividends and stock splits? $150,000, and it earned a net profit of 6%. It turned over inventory 7.5 times, during the year and its DSO was 36.5 days. Its annual cost of goods sold was $121,667. The company had fixed assets totally $35,000. Adams’ payable deferral period is 40 days. Part 3: Dividend Policy: Assume that you were recently hired by a national consulting firm, which has been asked to help Adams, Stores, Inc. prepare for its public offering. Prepare a presentation in which you review the theory of dividend policy and discuss the following: Part 4: International Financial Management Citrus, Inc. is a medium-sized producer of citrus juice drinks in Florida. Until now, the company has confined its operations and sales to the United States, but its CEO, Heidi Sims, wants to expand into Europe. The first step would be to set up sales subsidiaries in Spain and Sweden, then to set up a production plant in Spain, and, finally, to distribute the product throughout the European Union. The firm’s financial manager, George Benson, is enthusiastic about the plan, but he is worried about the implications of the foreign expansion on the firm’s financial management process. He has asked you, the firm’s most recently hired financial analyst, to develop a 1-hour tutorial package that explains the basics of multinational financial management. The tutorial will be presented at the next board of director’s meeting. To get you started, Benson has supplied you with the following list of questions. What is a multinational corporation? Why do firms expand into other countries?Discuss at least six major factors which distinguish multinational financial management from financial management as practiced by a purely domestic firm. (Please consider doing additional research on this question and document your findings).Discuss exchange rate risk as they relate to multinational corporations.Describe the current International Monetary System. How does the current system differ from the system that was in place prior to August 1971? (Please consider doing additional research on this question and document your findings).What is the difference between spot rates and forward rates? When is the forward rate at a premium to the spot rate? At a discount? (Please consider doing additional research on this question and document your findings). F.From a managerial point of view, discuss how your responses above will help Citrus, Inc. as they plan to expand overseas.
Campbellsville University Adams Inc Capital Budgeting Analysis Essay

Write an empathic essay. Empathic essays will test knowledge, understanding and response, but give candidate the opportunity to engage more imaginatively with a text by assuming a suitable ‘voice’ (i.e. a manner of speaking for a specific character). – Double space – 12 font New Times Roman – MLA format – First person point of view – 5 references – Word document

Buying and Selling Body Parts Case Study

Buying and Selling Body Parts Case Study.

review the case study Buying and Selling Body Parts found on page 19 of
your textbook.First, share
your reactions to the case. How did you feel when you read about this practice?
Why do you think you felt this way? Consider what you’ve learned about your own
moral/ethical perspective in your answer.Then, analyze
the case from a utilitarian perspective: is buying and selling body parts an
ethical practice?Finally, select
an additional moral or ethical theory from the textbook. Analyze the case from
that perspective. From this perspective, is buying and selling body parts an
ethical practice? Compare and contrast the two perspectives.500~800 characters
Buying and Selling Body Parts Case Study

Wellness in Adults and Young Children Essay

custom writing service Introduction Wellness has been commonly associated with being free from diseases. Therefore if a person is not feeling sick then he or she is believed to be healthy. This perspective of looking at health is currently changing. Absence of diseases is just one aspect of being healthy, but it does not guarantee total well being. Wellness is a choice of lifestyle and everybody has the obligation to lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved by ensuring that one has access to: “proper nutrition, exercise, and control of weight” (Blaylock, 2006). Wellness also demands that a person should avoid bad habits such as taking alcohol, smoking, and general drug abuse. All these factors if considered leads to the wellness of a person. Personal care is the key to wellness. In health the word wellness can be defined “as an active process through which you become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence” (Null, 1986). A good lifestyle motivates a person to develop habits which enhance a good health. Impact of Safety, Nutrition, and Health on the Wellness of Person Safety, nutrition, and health work closely to contribute toward the wellness of an individual. Apart from the family members of a child, teachers are also very instrumental in the development of a child’s health (Blaylock, 2006). It is therefore important for teachers to understand the elements of wellness. Several factors also affect the learning abilities of children hence it is important for teachers to understand them. Teachers who lead good lifestyles are able to encourage young children to also practice the same (Blaylock, 2006). For example they should create conducive environment that facilitate proper learning. How to Teach the Concepts of Wellness in Preschool Teachers can teach children the concepts and elements of wellness using the following methodologies. Demonstration is one of the methods that can be used in teaching wellness concepts and it involves showing the students what to do using various teaching aids. For example you can show students how to wash their hands as part of self hygiene. Explanation is also an appropriate method of teaching these concepts. For example you can explain to students how to maintain good health. In addition to the normal teaching methodologies, a teacher should understand the development needs of a child. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For example they should appreciate efforts made by children in class. It is also important for teachers to help children overcome their challenges related to nutrition and health. For example students who are physically or emotionally weak should not be harassed (Null, 1986). Importance of Knowing Wellness Concepts to a Teacher Teachers who have a good understanding of wellness can always have a good work relationship with students because of the following reasons (Blaylock, 2006). First, they will be in a position to advice students to lead a better life. Secondly, such teachers can also be in apposition to teach the students the right content which is in line with their health needs. Conclusion There are many health challenges at a present affecting people all over the world. Most of these health complications are derived from poor habits that people adopt and practice. For example drug abuse is known to increase chances of contracting terminal diseases and it should be avoided. Teachers should therefore be taught various aspects of health and nutrition. This can also be extended to the curriculum prepared for young children in school. This would enable children to develop wellness skills at a young age. The choice to have a good or a bad life is therefore a decision one has to make (Null, 1986). References Blaylock, R. (2006). Health and nutrition secrets. New York: Health Press. Null, G. (1986). The complete guide to health and nutrition. New York: Dell.

AMST 140 American University Women Suffrage Campaign Discussion

AMST 140 American University Women Suffrage Campaign Discussion.

I’m working on a history discussion question and need a reference to help me study.

Discussion Post 3 Women Suffrage

11 ??????11 ????

Each post consists of two components

Personal reflection on the course materials assigned for the week

Course materials must be cited using in-text parenthetical citation

A question to aid in the further exploration of the course material

Questions must not be Yes / No, they must be open-ended questions allowing discussion or multiple perspectives 

Use Bloom’s taxonomy (????????) to help formulate appropriate questions 
Make an attempt to ask an original question. Review existing posts in the thread to determine if a similar question to your own has been posted. 

Students are encouraged, but not required, to interact with their classmates on the Discussion Board. Regardless, all students must follow the Etiquette guidelines.
Review the rubric for additional grading guidelines.

AMST 140 American University Women Suffrage Campaign Discussion

Brite DSTCU Race Discrimination in Employment Policy Making Discussion

Brite DSTCU Race Discrimination in Employment Policy Making Discussion.

The Art of Inclusion, Making the invisible visible: Making inclusion an integral activity in Broadway TheatreAbstractI will be investigating the intersectionality of employment decisions, policies, and practices within the Broadway community in an effort to mitigate implicit and visible racism and white supremacy on Broadway.Background: Racism and other forms of exclusionary behavior are a pervasive phenomenon that negatively impacts Broadway and the people who create and sustain it. Currently one of the foremost policies and/or practices is to “make everyone appear the same” (e.g., colorblind casting) where particularly race is not seen, where it is, invisible. The colorblind policy has consequences that can actually obstruct moving toward inclusiveness. When people focus on not seeing color, they may also fail to see discrimination. This results in a widespread lack of seeking out those who are different from themselves and valuing their differences. As long as racism remains invisible, it will be almost impossible to generate the necessary politics of inclusion.Go direct to literature review. I do not need an intro. nor conclusion. You are supposed to also use your on found sources (2017-2021). (Use 13 sources)
Brite DSTCU Race Discrimination in Employment Policy Making Discussion