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California State University Sacramento Pandemics Travelling Question

California State University Sacramento Pandemics Travelling Question.

Topic: Struggles with Quarantine and the Pandemic while traveling. This writing assignment is an opportunity to practice a narrative style of writing that not only tells a story, but also uses the story to cause your reader to react to some lesson(s) or moral(s) that is contained within the story. Consider using this opportunity to write about what has been occurring in your world in recent times. The pandemic, social justice and the political upheaval that has occurred are possibilities. How have and do these developments affect you personally, in your family, or in a group or groups of people that you care about. What has occurred in the past year or more that has affected you personally and is also of wider social significance? Possibilities may include the impact of Covid19, experience in or awareness of racial social justice protests, or any political story(s) that you find compelling. Remember that you are telling a story describing things that actually happened. Notice in the sample narratives that dialogue is an integral part of narrative writing. Dialogue, or what people say to each other, can be effective in conveying the impact or significance of the event being described. AssignmentWrite a 1200 word narrative essay in which you recount a non-fiction real life story that illustrates a particular topic that is of concern or interest to you. The story you decide to tell in your essay should have a topic that is an unresolved issue or dilemma that is of personal concern to you and that has affected your life or the lives of people you are concerned about. The topic contained within the story should also be of concern to the wider community. It is natural to think first of your own personal experiences or those of family or close friends. This is fine and to be expected, but not required. As you write your narrative (the actual telling of the story), you will probably at certain points feel the need to write some non-narrative commentary (which can range in length from a brief sentence to an entire paragraph) to help explain and strengthen the message you want your story to convey to your readers. While this kind of commentary about the story can be effective when included skillfully and sparingly, you should avoid allowing it to “drown out” your telling of the story itself. minimum of 1200 words. —- Outside sources are not required for this assignment; however, if you do give information that comes from an outside source, you are required to cite the source of your information in a works cited list. Use MLA citation style for this course.—- Your essay should have a heading on the first page with your name, class English 20-0?, assignment Narrative Essay draft #, and date completed.— Sample Essays attached
California State University Sacramento Pandemics Travelling Question

University of Hawaii Community College Japanese Accented English Paper.

Transcribe the video clip we decided on; and then, transcribe the video clip into Japanese accented English, NOT English. Cite a source(s) that describes, shows, or defines the Japanese phonetic system’s consonant and vowels in a chart that would account for differences in pronunciation. Take the new Japanese accented English as the new transcription; in turn, write, as well, a new IPA transcription for the new English transcription. Because you NOW have a new IPA transcription explain instances, such as in the words, probably, generally, other words you selected, to describe, explain the result due the Japanese vowels, consonants — Japanese phonetic system. Project has 6 sections
University of Hawaii Community College Japanese Accented English Paper

Criminal Justice Ethics, law homework help.

Ethics PolicyTo avoid the necessity of dealing with legal consequences of unethical behavior, criminal justice agencies turn to accreditation agencies. CALEA and the Americal Correctional Association (ACA) offer accreditation and assistance with policy production and compliance. First, review the CALEA and ACA websites for their accreditation policies. Then, in a 2.5-3 page Essay, please address the following:Choose one criminal justice ethics policy, found via Internet research. Critically analyze this policy from a management perspective.Are there any flaws in the policy?In your opinion, could this policy be ACA or CALEA accredited?What does the policy say about accountability?Finally, develop a training program outline for one particular population within the criminal justice profession, in order to address the policy.
Criminal Justice Ethics, law homework help

VIT University Building Teams Specific Goals and Objectives Questions

VIT University Building Teams Specific Goals and Objectives Questions.

QUESTION 1 :Part 1 : Think about how to build teams in terms of designing the task, selecting the people, and then, managing their relationships. How would you compose a team for completing a course/work project in terms of the three dimensions listed above. How would you incorporate diversity in designing a team? Part 2: Discuss team identity. Why do you feel attached to certain groups and teams but not to others?Need 300-350 words with all references in APA Format. Support your work with specific citations QUESTION 2 :Make suggestions based on additional evidence drawn from readings with respect to Building Teams and Tasks. Need 100-150 words with all references in APA Format. ************NOTE : Need both questions in different files.******************
VIT University Building Teams Specific Goals and Objectives Questions

Grand Canyon University Data Needs Identification and Data Acquisition Project

essay writing help Grand Canyon University Data Needs Identification and Data Acquisition Project.

Previous weeks work will be sent later. This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.Now
that you have identified the business problem, translated it into an
analytics problem, identified the data needs, and acquired the data, you
will use data that you have found (or with the company’s permission you
can use its data for analysis) to resolve the analytics problem. Using
one or more of the following software applications (IBM SPSS Modeler,
SPSS Statistics, Excel, PowerBI, Tableau, or R), analyze the data so
that the findings can be used to address the established business
problem in your company.Conduct an exploratory data analysis and
provide a draft outline describing the key features of the data and any
significant relationships and information contained in the data set
that you found. You are required to include specific screenshots of
graphs, tables, etc., that are provided: How did you verify that the data was reliable before proceeding?What problems did you find and how did you address them?What relationships did you find in the data?Are there any missing data?How are you going to summarize data samples?Analyze
trends with respect to any appropriate characteristics that you may
have discovered. Include relevant line graphs, pie charts, bar charts,
and scatter plots.What have you done to prevent the Simpson’s paradox?Next,
you will work on a descriptive analytics. Supplement your description
with appropriate charts/figures and finalize by creating an appropriate
dashboard with PowerBI or Tableau. Include a summary that provides a
detailed overview of the data behavior you have identified based upon
the analysis. Indicate any causal relationships you found.Segment
the data accordingly, if needed, to help describe the data behavior.
Did you have to redo your sample? Can you identify any data anomalies?
If there are anomalies, what do they represent and how do you avoid
them?Indicate the steps you have taken to investigate the
quality of the data and indicate any variables you have transformed or
discarded as a result. Provide the raw software files (Tableau or PowerBI) that you used for this assignment.Synthesize
the information from your draft outline to complete, in 1,500–2,000
words, the relevant components in the Data Diagnostics and Descriptive
Summary section of the “Capstone Project Thesis Template.”Submit your draft outline, raw data Excel files, screenshots, and the updated “Capstone Project Thesis Template.”Prepare
this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style
Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not
required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric
prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the
expectations for successful completion.
Grand Canyon University Data Needs Identification and Data Acquisition Project

University of the Cumberlands Malware Analysis Mitigation Discussion

University of the Cumberlands Malware Analysis Mitigation Discussion.

I’m working on a computer science writing question and need support to help me study.

Your assignment this week is to write a 2-3-page comparative analysis between Windows memory tools and old school.Your paper should have the following:Title Page2-3 pages (body)In the body of the body you should compare the old school -vs- the Windows tools (you can pick one or two to use), and determine;Why the method is usedIs one method better than the other? Explain your answerWhich method is preferred?References (use APA citation guidelines)You must use at a minimum 2 peer-reviewed sources. The textbook may count as one of those.
University of the Cumberlands Malware Analysis Mitigation Discussion

Earth Sciences homework help

Earth Sciences homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the adherence of medication in chronic kidney disease. The paper also discusses the individual differences relating to the topic.,The adherence of medication in chronic kidney disease,Title: A report on adherence of medication in chronic kidney disease (affecting adults) for dialysis nurses,The aim of this report is to address how individual differences have an impact on medication adherence in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD).,Individual differences:, Sociodemographic features and beliefs about medicines on adherence to medication treatment (Theofilou, 2013), Age, e.g. older ,hemodialysis patients, as well as older transplant patients are more adherent to medication treatment (Avram et al., 1990;, sex and also gender differences (Kimmel et al., 1995), ethnic differences (Jindal et al., 2003),AND SO ON! I assume there are many more individual differences that may determine the adherence to medication/treatment in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD)., STAKEHOLDERS REPORT,1.       Firstly, the task is to produce a REPORT addressing the impact of CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (kidney failure; CKD) and THE ROLE OF INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES on this condition. This has to be presented as a 2,000 WORD REPORT directed at healthcare professionals (in this case DIALYSIS NURSES). At the end of the report reference list has to included and the report has to based on academic literature. It is like an academic writing for dialysis nurses.,2.       Secondly, to accompany this a LEAFLET has to be designed and created which will be aimed at a particular client group that has been identified in the report. (in this case PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE and need dialysis). The contents of the leaflet have to be based on the evidence presented in the stakeholders report but should be suitable for the lay reader.,Lastly, it also needs to include some statistics, graphs, numbers too, which is easily comprehendible by the lay people/lay public who have this disease., The Leaflet should be engaging and easily readable, avoiding special/technical/difficult terms and words.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Earth Sciences homework help