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Caliber Training Institute Ethical Problems Facing Nestle Company Discussion Paper

Caliber Training Institute Ethical Problems Facing Nestle Company Discussion Paper.

In This is PR read
Chapter 5, Theoretical Underpinnings
Chapter 6, PR Ethics and Responsibilities
Chapter 7, PR and the Law
To complete this assignment, please select a famous person or a company with ethical problems and answer these questions.
1)What ethical problems being faced?
2) What legal issues are involved?Be sure to use the text.
3)What strategy would you suggest as the PR representative to improve the person’s image?
4)How would this strategy affect the different publics?
5)If you were the PR person in this situation, which of your ethics would be helpful and which ones could provide a problem for you?
Remember to demonstrate that you understand and can apply the text material.Write out the questions completely and then answer them.Be sure to support your ideas with outside research.Use the APA method of documentation.This paper should be 7-10 pages minimum.
Ethical Reasoning Rubric
Excellent (3)
Acceptable (2)
Unacceptable (1)
Understanding Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts
Thoroughly researches and discusses the problems
Adequately researches and discusses the problems
Has little research or discussion
Ethical Issue Recognition/Legal
Thoroughly and correctly identifies the legal problems based on research
Identifies the legal problems
Has little research of discussion of the legal problems.
Application of Ethical Perspectives/Concepts
Creatively develops strategies which will improve the future image.
Develops strategies which will help improve the image
Has little or inadequate discussion of strategies
Evaluation of Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts
Paper includes an elaborate explanation of how this proposed strategy might impact all of the audiences involved.
Proposes the outcome of addressing these issues.
Has little outcome of what the outcome of these strategies might be.
Ethical Self-Awareness
Thoroughly discusses his or her own personal ethics as they apply to this situation
Discusses his or her own personal ethical dilemmas
Has little personal application of ethics

Caliber Training Institute Ethical Problems Facing Nestle Company Discussion Paper

Apex Learning The Massive Illegal Trade Opium War China and Britain Essay.

In this assignment you will complete the following steps:Research: Complete a graphic organizer with information about British imperialism and the Chinese opium trade.Write: Write an editorial from the perspective of a character involved in the British-Chinese opium trade.This section is worth 10 points. See the scoring rubric below for more details on how you will be graded on your research.China and Great Britain were pursuing competing interests in the 19th century. The British wanted to create a positive trade balance with China by importing opium into that country. China wanted to maintain control over its population and trade by restricting foreign influence and goods. What motivations did each side have in pursuing its respective policies? Think about how different people on each side may have understood and justified their actions.Choose one of the following characters/perspectives for your editorial:Chinese merchantBritish merchantChinese politicianBritish politicianAs you do your research, look for reasons why your character might support or condemn the opium trade. Then, complete the graphic organizer with examples you gather through your research. Be on the lookout for primary sources such as artwork, official documents, letters, newspaper articles, and religious documents from the time period to support your conclusions.NotesResearch Sources (Website, Book, Article, Etc.)Historical perspectivePosition on the opium tradeOne strong opposing pointFirst supporting pointSecond supporting pointThird supporting pointThis section is worth 20 points. See the scoring rubric below for more details on how you will be graded on your essay.Use your research findings to write an editorial. The editorial should be based on the viewpoint of one of the four perspectives: Chinese merchant, British merchant, Chinese politician, or British politician. Be sure to include specific information to further your argument.Use your graphic organizer to guide you as you write. Keep your focus on making a convincing argument. Your essay should contain the following:A few sentences that introduce the issueA sentence or two that clearly identifies your positionAt least one strong point in opposition to your positionA short rebuttal of that opposing pointAt least three convincing supporting points for your positionA concluding sentence or twoA works-cited list: Include a list of all the sources that you used. These should also be cited within the body of your essay using parenthetical citations. Use the MLA Style Guide for your citations.Here is the rubric on which your research and writing will be graded.Research (10 points)Points PossiblePoints AwardedThe student correctly identifies a position that his or her chosen historical character would reasonably take on the opium trade.3 The student identifies at least three convincing supporting points.5 The student fills in the sources (websites, books, articles, etc.).2 Write (20 points) The student’s writing is clear, coherent, and on topic.4 The student presents an opposing position and convincingly rebuts it.4 The student presents at least three examples supporting his or her chosen position.4 The student summarizes his or her findings in a clear, concise concluding sentence or two.4 The student includes a correctly formatted works-cited page.4 Total30 Comments:

Apex Learning The Massive Illegal Trade Opium War China and Britain Essay

California Coast University Hate Crimes Police Administration Essay

California Coast University Hate Crimes Police Administration Essay.

600 word essay no plagiarism please. Use standard essay format, no sub-heading format please.Book:Police Administration: Structures, Processes, and Behaviors9th Edition, 2017
ISBN: 9780133754056Charles R. Swanson, Leonard Territo & Robert W. TaylorQuestion:What is a hate crime? Include and cite the definitions listed in the textbook. Give examples
and discuss relevant current events in your community that might be labeled a hate crime.
Considering who hate crime laws were created to protect, do you think these laws should be
amended to include police officers as victims? Explain and justify your answer.
California Coast University Hate Crimes Police Administration Essay

“Do it” Exercises, assignment help

essay writing help “Do it” Exercises, assignment help.

Please choose two of the “Do it” exercises from each chapter and
summarize your insights from completing each of these exercises.  Your
learning reflection will include an introduction paragraph, reflecting
on your learning from the full week of activity, and introducing the
fact that you will be discussing 6 activities (2 from each chapter)
specifically.  In your introduction paragraph, please cite the textbook
as a source in the writing, to practice the skill of APA citations with
textbook chapters. You will then have a separate paragraph summarizing
each of the “Do it” exercises.  Please write a conclusion paragraph at
the end of the paper, and include a citation from something that you can
find as a web-based source that relates to what you have learned during
the week.  You will need to add a reference page that provides the full
reference, according to APA style, for the two citations you put in the
paper.  This reflection paper must be written in the first person, with
a minimum of 1000 words.See attached Do It Exercises epson069.pdfepson071.pdfepson072.pdfepson073.pdfepson074.pdf
“Do it” Exercises, assignment help

CRJ 200 Strayer University Criminal Justice System Discussion

CRJ 200 Strayer University Criminal Justice System Discussion.

Write a 1/2 to one page (150–275 words) response in which you answer the three questions that follow the case study below:You could have been in the same situation yourself. Instead, it is Mary Lee Smith, one of your probationers, who is about to stand before the judge in a probation revocation hearing.When you and your husband split 10 years ago, you had two children and eventually had to declare bankruptcy and accept food stamps to be able to pay the rent. After seven years working as a secretary at the nearby state juvenile corrections center, receiving constant encouragement from Mrs. Jones, the superintendent, and taking advantage of a criminal justice scholarship program, you finished a degree in administration of justice and qualified for an entry-level position with the community resources division of the state department of corrections. You advanced as the system grew, and now, three years later, you are a probation supervisor in Judge Longworth’s court.In a way, Mary Lee is as much a victim as she is an offender. Married at seventeen, she quit high school and moved west with her husband who was in the army. By the time she was twenty, she had two children and was divorced. With babysitters to pay and skills that would command no more than minimum wage, Mary Lee turned to such income supplements as shoplifting, bad check writing, and occasionally prostitution. Her check-passing skills developed rapidly, and it was not long before she had amassed a series of convictions, not to mention several lesser offenses for petty larceny that were disposed of by the prosecutor’s declaration of nolle prosequi. To date, Mary Lee has not served a day in prison. Judge Longworth has used admonition, restitution, suspended sentence, and probation to rehabilitate Mary Lee. However, Mary Lee’s criminal conduct has persisted, as has her inability to stretch her food stamps, welfare payments, and part-time minimum-wage employment into a satisfactory existence for herself and her children. To complicate the matter, the welfare safety net that had helped keep Mary Lee and her children afloat would cease to exist for her within 24 months.Judge Longworth has called you into his chambers before the hearing. He read your violation report with interest. You pointed out Mary Lee’s family obligations and the imminent possibility that the children would have to be placed in foster homes if she were confined. You also pointed out that she has been faithful in making restitution and that she maintains a steady church relationship and a good home environment for her children. Although your report is fair and accurate, you realize that the judge has sensed your misgivings and uncertainty concerning Mary Lee.Judge Longworth looks up from your report and comes directly to the point. “Do you really believe this woman deserves to go back into the community? You certainly seem to have found some redeeming features in her conduct that I don’t,” he says. “Unfortunately, it appears to me that the only way she is going to learn to respect other people’s property is to be deprived of her own freedom. I think the community is getting pretty tired of this kind of repetitive criminal conduct.” Judge Longworth looks to you expectantly for an answer.You are on the spot. You know your answer might put Mary Lee in the penitentiary or give her another chance on probation. The judge will make up his own mind, but you know he values your opinion.Should Mary Lee be sent to prison or allowed to remain on probation?Is there anything else you can do as a probation officer to help Mary Lee make a more successful adjustment regarding living within the limits of the law?Is it enough for the courts or society to tell someone like Mary Lee not to commit petty larceny, or does our system have a moral duty to provide her with support services that could increase her chance of success?
CRJ 200 Strayer University Criminal Justice System Discussion

Ashford University Na2SO4 Ethanol Solvent Lab Questions

Ashford University Na2SO4 Ethanol Solvent Lab Questions.

Need these lab questions answered1. Explain the purpose of using ethanol as the first extracting solvent. 2. What is the purpose of adding Na2SO4 to the hexane extract after the liquid – liquid extraction?3. Explain why the solvent bath is prepared ahead of time and allowed to sit for an hour with the lid on.4. Why is it necessary to measure the depth of the solvent before drawing the pencil line on your TLC plate?5. Explain the effect of breaking the surface when drawing the pencil line.6. Explain the effect of not drying the spots before placing the plate in the developing solvent.7. Why is it necessary to mark the solvent front immediately.8.discuss the relative polarities for each pigment (chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and xanthophyll) with regard to the structure.9. List three sources of errors with type of errors during experiment and discuss how they effect the results.
Ashford University Na2SO4 Ethanol Solvent Lab Questions

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