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CA 322 Media Analysis and Criticism Week 3 Peer Edit

Peer editing background paper
Read your peer’s background paper all the way through first.Then, using the questions below, provide comments on the paper you just read.
For this draft we’re not focusing on grammar/spelling sorts of issues so ignore those.
So you and your peer can see where they might be missing something, let’s do some highlighting (turn text colors or use the highlight function in Word).
Highlight the preview in yellow.
Highlight source citations in blue.
Highlight paragraph thesis statements in green.
Highlight examples in pink.
Now, respond to these specific questions
1.Does the introduction:Identify the topic of the paper, Identify the artifact, Explains the importance of the artifact, Give a thesis for the paper, and Previews the paper.
How might the writer improve any of these elements?How might they write any of the elements that are missing?
2.Does the paper give a clear explanation of the cultural situation at the time the artifact was produced?Does that explanation include at least two citations?How might the writer improve any of these elements?
3.Does the paper give a clear rationale for the artifact’s importance?Does that rationale include citations to sources to support it?How might the writer improve any of these elements?
4.Does the paper include a clear description of artifact with enough detail that you can understand the artifact?Does the “detail” include examples and quotes from the artifact?What else do you need to know to understand the artifact?
5.Does the paper include a discussion of who created the artifact?Does this discussion include citations from new paper or magazines?How might the writer improve any of these elements?
6.Does the paper include a brief explanation of who the intended audience was?
7.Does the paper include information from at least three reviews / sources from published sources about the artifact?Are citations in APA style?

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