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By now you should have read the biographical info along with the notes and essays on the poet I provided

By now you should have read the biographical info along with the notes and essays on the poet I provided and be halfway on your reading of “Song of Myself.”Your task for this discussion is to pick one section of “Song of Myself” and reflect upon it.-What does it mean to you?-Why did you choose it?-How does it relate (if at all) with some of the previous poems we discussed in the class?Once you post a well thought out and informed original statement of at least 300-400 words (no less than 300) in three or more paragraphs follow the discussion.

Assignment 02 Information Classification Schema

Assignment 02 Information Classification Schema.

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This assessment builds on the previous assessment, assignment 01. Kleen Communication & Media Ltd is a social media marketing company, which targets small business. Kleen Communication & Media Ltd has seen their business expand over the last five years in a marketplace that has been very competitive to date. One particular larger competitor is gaining some market share back which may threaten Kleen Communication & Media Ltd sales. Also, the increased use of smartphones for social medial marketing using mobile apps, is gaining more popularity with small business. You are employed as the Information Security Manager.
Kleen Communication & Media Ltd has just designed a revolutionary method to quickly increase the impact of social media marketing using both a mobile app and a desktop program which assist clients manage their own accounts. The company has not yet released the product nor made any public statements, but social media market, their clients and the larger competitors are all keen to find out the details of Kleen Communication & Media Ltd’ product development.
The Board of Directors of Kleen Communication & Media Ltd are concerned about protecting the details of the product and their Intellectual Property. If a third party were to gain access to Kleen Communication & Media Ltd’ product development it would be financially detrimental to the company and possible impact their market share. The new product will be released in 3 months.
The Board has assigned to you, as the Information Security Manager, the task of researching and reporting on the protection of the product development information now and in the future. In order to be able to able to explain the issues to the Board you must identify all information that is associated with the new product, its marketing, and the company clients. To explain the vulnerabilities and appropriate protection mechanisms, you must use (or develop) a suitable information classification scheme. Using this classification, you can then report on the vulnerabilities and countermeasures that should be in place, and develop an information security plan prior to the release of the new product. This is NOT a straight report of the security issues, it must be structured to explain the issues and solutions using the information classification schema you have chosen.
Report Requirements:
Must Contain
Cover/Title Page
This must contain the unit code and title, assignment title, your name and student number, and due date.
Table of Contents
This must accurately reflect the content of your report and must be generated automatically in Microsoft Word with page numbers.
Executive Summary
The executive summary should represent a snapshot of the entire report that the CEO will browse through and should contain the most vital information requested.
Introduce the report, define its scope and state any assumptions. Use in-text references where appropriate.
Main report content
The report must address the task as defined above.
The report must contain your definition of the problem, your research, present a suitable information classification scheme, and how this is applied to the context.
You will require in-text references to support your argument and information presented. References should predominantly come from books, journal articles, and conference papers as these have been peer reviewed prior to publication.
A list of end-text references formatted according to the ECU requirements using the APA format. It is recommended that Endnote is used to manage references. Your references should ideally comprise of books, journal articles and conference papers.
This report should be no more than 3,000 words (excluding references and diagrams) and labelled as <CSI2102_your studentid_your studentlastname_studentfirstname>.docx and should be in a single file. Your assignments must be word-processed and the diagrams be developed using graphics software (most word-processors provide this facility). The text must be no smaller than 12pt and font Times New Roman

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Using the overarching themes of the National Security Strategy from 2017, provide your own recommendation for new National Strategy for Counterterrorism

By now you should have read the biographical info along with the notes and essays on the poet I provided Using the overarching themes of the National Security Strategy from 2017, provide your own recommendation for new National Strategy for Counterterrorism.

Topic 2: Using the overarching themes of the National Security Strategy from 2017, provide your own recommendation for new National Strategy for Counterterrorism (it must be nested under the NSS according to the principle of strategic hierarchy). What key elements and focus areas would you suggest for the part of a new CT strategy that is domestic focused (homeland security, not overseas), and make sure to use the Ends, Ways, and Means strategy framework. Note: Your 5 page paper should be constructed with 1/2 a page for introducing your research paper and your combined thesis, spend 2 whole pages on each of the two above topics, then 1/2 page at the end for your conclusions.

•Note: You should be aware of the fact that “homeland security” is made up of much more than just DHS. That agency is only one part of a larger Homeland Security Enterprise that includes [DHS] Departmental leaders and components [the 7 field agencies including USCG, CBP, ICE, USSS, etc], state, local, tribal, territorial and private sector partners and other… Also remember there are many other essential federal agencies that play a role in HLS, such as the very important DOJ where the FBI is the lead agency for countering terrorism in the US (not DHS). Written according to the APA style and format (parenthetical in-text citation formats only; not end notes or footnotes); – Use Times New Roman 12 point font; – 1 inch margins on all sides with no paragraph indentation other than the first line by .5 inches

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The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt

The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt.

Read the book “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt and write a 1,500 word paper discussing the book. The book is a novel which illustrates management accounting concepts including the Theory of Constraints (bottlenecks). The paper should discuss what you learned about management accounting from the book. Also discuss your opinions about the book and the concepts presented in the book.

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Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation

Social workers can apply knowledge and skills learned from conducting one type of evaluation to others. Moreover, evaluations themselves can inform and com`plement each other throughout the life of a program. This week, you apply all that you have learned about program evaluation throughout this course to aid you in program evaluation.
To prepare for this Assignment, review “Basic Guide to Program Evaluation (Including Outcomes Evaluation)” from this week’s resources, Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S.,