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BUSN623 Final essay

BUSN623 Final essay. I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

Course objectives:

CO1 Assess the legal environment of business.
CO2 Explain how ethical frameworks shape business decisions.
CO10 Assess laws applying to antitrust and consumer protection.

Assignment Prompt:The following five (5) companies have been in the news due to either a consumer protection or antitrust problem. Select ONE of these companies from the first column as the subject of your paper. You are provided source links in the table about the company to get you started. You will need to do more research about the company as well as the ethical frameworks and applicable law.

Fact sources to get you started
Comments/additional sources

Southern Rail, U.K.(Consumer issue)
Little, S. (2018, January 16). Southern Rail voted UK’s worst train service for third year in a row. Independent. Retrieved from
Additional citation for you for facts:Stauffenberg, J. (2016, August 18). Two girls hit as ceiling collapses on Southern Rail train. Independent. Retrieved from other issues, think creatively: explore employment, workplace safety (a subset of employment), tort of negligence (what duty is owed passengers?), defamation, —- remember this company is in U.K.

Google faces antitrust fine from EU over Adsense. (2019, March 15). Pymnts. Retrieved from
Note this is EU antitrust law.Google is rich ground for finding other areas of law to discuss. Consider such topics as privacy, contract, defamation, intellectual property, employment

Rent-A-Center Business(Consumer)
Eiserer, T. & Smith, M. (2018, May 23). That couch you’re sitting on could land you in jail. WFAA. Retrieved from and accusations of abusive collection practices pile up against Rent-A-Center. (2017, November 15). MarketWatch. Retrieved from
This is in Texas. You might take a look at possible prosecution of Rent-A-Center in California. Not clear this is all the same umbrella company, a franchise, or just common practices by same type companies in TX, but I suspect it is RAC. Take a look at the second article I listed in VA. Tons of issues here. For other the legal topics, consider contract, defamation, trespass, and other torts (research these)

Spotify v. AppleVincent, J. (2019, March 13). Spotify files antitrust complaint over “Apple tax.” The Verge. Retrieved from, I. (2019, March 13). Spotify’s Apple complaint cuts to a core antitrust issue. Wired. Retrieved from
For the other topics, look into Apple’s employment practices, contract practices, privacy protections, corporate social responsibility, ethical code, etc.

Heritage Pharmaceuticals(Antitrust)
Associated Press. (2016, December 15). 20 states sue 6 makers of generic drugs, alleging conspiracies to manipulate prices. L.A. Times. Retrieved from
This has morphed from a couple of drugs to a cartel of 300 drugs involved. See this one:Rowland, C. (2018, December 9). Investigation of generic ‘cartel’ expands to 300 drugs. Washington Post. Retrieved from other areas of law, look into employment, contract, ADR, securities, intellectual property

When you have selected your company, research and cover the following points in a well written essay. Use APA format and topical headings.

In an introductory paragraph identify the company, the topic and a well crafted thesis statement.
Briefly describe the company and the nature of its business and corporate business environment. Do not spend a lot of time on the history of the company, but do describe sufficiently to create meaningful context. This should only need to be a paragraph.
Research, define and discuss the legal issues and regulatory environment for the company’s consumer or antitrust issue. (i.e., What are the laws involved?) Include case law.
Ethical dilemma and frameworks: Identify the ethical dilemma that the company presents with respect to its antitrust or consumer problem. This should be encapsulated in a single sentence. Evaluate two ethical frameworks with respect to the company’s management’s decisions that led to the situation. One of these should be the ethical framework you identify as the framework the company followed in its decision-making. The other should be a contrasting framework that might have produced a different situation for the company.
Other legal topics that relate to the company’s business: Also, clearly define and evaluate three (3) additional legal topics (NOT antitrust or consumer protection) that we covered this term — and that are explained in your text and required readings, and apply them to the company’s business. (Hint: Review the legal topics in the textbook and cite to the the text in your analysis. We covered many subjects. Examples: contracts, torts, product liability, bankruptcy, securities & stocks trading, employment issues, defamation, privacy, ADR, etc. Include illustrative case law.)
General recommendations for business leadership and managers that you have learned from this study (not just for the company you have selected, but for running a business).
References list

Further Guidance:

Reflect on the class discussions and the text, required readings, articles that you have read during the class and use the information, and other academic sources
Write a well-supported analytical essay critiquing the company, its operations, and the ethical dilemma it caused. Discuss the legal issues and concepts identified and make recommendations for management. LENGTH: – See RUBRIC.
NUMBER OF SOURCES: See RUBRIC. Exemplary level of performance is at least 7 sources, at least 2 of which from library and none of which from excluded sources.
Proper citation and references formatting must be in APA 6th ed. 2nd printing. For APA Guidelines, refer to Purdue’s OWL, the APA Tips PPT previously provided, or the tutorials in the Library.
Papers that do not include appropriate in text citations will lose points.
Dictionaries, encyclopedias — including Investopedia — Wikis, and the like, and Internet generic quick-answer websites are not acceptable to populate your Reference list. See the Announcement on Scholarly Sources for reminder on best sources.
Review the Grading Rubric.
Organize your paper with appropriate subheadings.
Do not write in 1st or 2nd person. Paper must be written in 3rd person.
Do not use contractions.
All sources on References list must be correctly cited in the text of the paper and vice versa

Grading Rubric
The rubric is provided in the Gradebook for your convenience. Please review it carefully prior to submitting your work.
Turn It In
Your paper will automatically refer to Turn It In upon submittal. If you obtain a report above 15% (excluding reference list and direct quotes), you must review the cause and rewrite and resubmit to fix the problem. Further, as to direct quotes, these must be in quotation marks with the source properly cited. No more than 10% should attribute to direct quotes. Submit a draft of your paper before the due date to test it for Turn It In. You are permitted multiple submissions for this purpose.
Papers must be submitted in MS Word.
BUSN623 Final essay

main post +2 responds.

Main post : Discussion Board Topic:Use of Discretion?How do you describe the concept and use of discretion by police officers? Which factors are most important in influencing and the importance of its use? Provide examples that you or someone close to you has experienced.If you have no experience, consider the following scenario: You are a police officer on a routine patrol. As you pass by a neighborhood park, you notice a group of what appear to be 14 to 15 year olds out past curfew. What are some factors you may consider in deciding how to handle the case? How does this impact the outcome of the case? How does this affect the future of the involved youth? 1-2 paragraphs (250 words)+Respond (each respond around 50 words) to this 2 student post :1)Claudio; I believe that school plays a huge roll on a juveniles life path and can impact greatly how they grow up to be. Although there is a combination of things that can lead to a person dropping out of school and it all starts at home. For a person to drop out of school they have to have their reasons, unstable home, no resources, domestic violence problems, and they can all affect a person to the point where they do not see school as an important factor in their lives. This is the recipe for someone to go out there and commit crimes and to believe that a life of crimes is easier and/or has better benefits to attain than by going to school and getting an education. Some people grow up to believe that the pros of committing a crime outweigh the cons and therefore school and education fall second to the benefits of delinquency. 2)Selim : I agree that school failure is the cause of delinquency. School is a way of getting you out of where you are as a kid and hoping for the better out of everyone completing their education. In a way if you do not care about your future and education then you are not going to care about anything else in life and you are going to do what you have to do in order to get what you need in life if that consist of selling drugs or robbing people. Education opens up the mind of people and gives them ideas of what to become in the future. We get ideas and problems solve while educating ourselves.
main post +2 responds

MCCG 135 Bryant and Stratton College Emergency Room Note Procedural Coding Case Study.

Using your knowledge that you gained so far and in this week’s lecture material to complete and discuss the 2 case studies on placement and administration in the following document. Once you identify the correct code for each case study, upload it to your discussion post and discuss with your classmates. Be sure to review their documents and give them feedback.
Placement & Administration Case Studies for Discussion

Placement & Administration Case Studies for Discussion – Alternative Formats

MCCG 135 Bryant and Stratton College Emergency Room Note Procedural Coding Case Study

Hi We have been given this assignment to write a reflection memo on a peer review exercise we did in which we (my group of 4 members) had to review the Problem definition assignment of another group. The review shouldn’t exceed 300 words. The whole question file with instructions is attached. I have attached the question file as questionfile.pdf . PLEASE DO READ THE WHOLE FILE. I have attached what we wrote (me (VIKHYAT, and my partners CARTER, EVAN and ANDREW) for the peer review of the other group as peerreview.pdf The same was done by the other group for us and we got to know many mistakes we made and we told them many mistakes which they did. You can attach as much fake info as you want for what we did as there is no verification done by the university. I have also attached the document which the other group reviewed for us (the problem definition assignment written by our group as probledefinition.docx) See less

Rasmussen College Week 1 Transfer Property of a Vacation Home Memorandum

Rasmussen College Week 1 Transfer Property of a Vacation Home Memorandum.

Course Competency: Conduct client intakes for new cases.Instructions:Content:The firm has a new client, Abigail Costello. Your supervising attorney has decided to represent Abigail. Ms. Costello has filled out the firm’s standard estate planning questionnaire, but she was hesitant to provide all of the information requested. Your attorney would like you to review the questionnaire provided here , and determine what information still needs to be gathered from Ms. Costello. He would also like to know if there is the possibility that Ms. Costello will need property transfer services from the firm. Finally, your supervising attorney would like for you to research other intake forms (both state planning and property intake forms) and provide suggestions of any additional information or questions that might be helpful to include in the firm’s standard intake form. You should format your responses in memo format.Format:Your legal memo should be two pages in length, with at least three references formatted according to Bluebook standards.Your legal memo should contain the following sections:Heading or CaptionFactsIssue(s) PresentedAnswer to IssueReasoning or DiscussionConclusion
Rasmussen College Week 1 Transfer Property of a Vacation Home Memorandum

OL 318 SNHU Collective Bargaining and Employee Wages and Benefits Discussion

term paper help OL 318 SNHU Collective Bargaining and Employee Wages and Benefits Discussion.

The purpose of this topic is for you to again role-play an actual negotiation session with the goal of developing a collective bargaining agreement. The specific topic to be negotiated is related to employee wages and benefits. In this topic, your team will switch sides from the previous role played in the Module Three discussion.First, watch the accompanying video to get each side’s perspective on the employee wages and benefits issue.The instructor has provided a rough framework of a collective bargaining agreement in the resources section for this module that provides some level of detail on the issue and how the agreement is currently worded. This will serve as the starting point for your negotiations. Teams are expected to research the topic and craft the language in the agreement to favor their position by Thursday of this week at the latest. Then, teams should use the Discussion Topic as a negotiating platform to role-play a dialogue with the opposing side in order to craft the specific language required in the agreement. The object is to rewrite the agreement with the gains and concessions finally agreed to in the negotiation.As in the previous negotiation session in Module Three, if both sides cannot agree by the end of this module, the instructor will act in the role of mediator/arbitrator and will decide on the final language, which all parties are required to accept. In this event, the instructor will post the final agreement/document in the topic by midnight on Tuesday of the following module. This agreement will be used in Milestone Two, due next week.
OL 318 SNHU Collective Bargaining and Employee Wages and Benefits Discussion

Consultancy Report for a company

Consultancy Report for a company.

I’m working on a business plans case study and need a sample draft to help me study.

This business project assessment will require a 5000-word consultancy report on your chosencompany. Your chosen company is your client who has asked you to provide the consultancy report.The report should cover the following key areas:1. Introduction2. Challenges / problems the client is facing: Identified issues with how this is connected to thecurrent affairs. Plus, an examination of the problem from the consultant’s perspectives3. Purpose of the report4. Stakeholder analysis – need to analyse how current issues are impacting on stakeholders.5. Evaluation and analysis with secondary data6. Recommendations / solutions to the problem.You are required to show your understanding of the importance of strategy in business. You will alsoneed to discuss how your project would impact stakeholders and provide relevant recommendationsor solutions which could be of value to your chosen organisation.
Consultancy Report for a company

Communications and Media: Case Study of Google Company

Introduction Sustaining successful operations in any business is normally a universal confrontation that investors and managers experience as the business world, which is gradually experiencing an augmentation in market competition and customer focus. Precisely, it costs a business some significant amount of resources, work force, and time to expand exponentially and more importantly, to gain global reputation upon which customers can build a permanent trust in its operations. For several decades, the world has been witnessing a massive influx of approaches, stratagems, and policies enacted within organisations to improve their efficiency primarily to gain customer satisfaction and employee involvement that subsequently enhance corporate image. A number of organisations in the current decades within developed nations have engaged in an incessant competition to woo customers to consider using their services or buy their goods. Google Company is perhaps among the most renowned and praised global companies. This study seeks to examine why Google ranks among world’s best companies. Background of Google Company Perhaps the most outstanding achiever in the global business realm is the most renowned international search engine company known as ‘Google Company.’ The global population and researchers in specific have remained speculative of the uniqueness of this company that has left little known about itself within the public. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Google is one of the global companies that have managed to demonstrate an exceptional success within the shortest period ever (Great Place to Work Institute 2007). Google Inc. started its operations in the year 1998, when two inventors, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, ingeniously combined efforts to develop the Google search engine. Larry Page and Sergey Brin “first met at Stanford University in 1995, and in a span of one year, they had managed to develop a search engine Backrub that utilised links to determine the importance of individual WebPages” (Google Inc. 2013, Para.15). With the support of financier and Sun co-founder, Andy Bechtolsheim, who offered approximately $100,000, Google Inc. officially began its operations in September 1998. The modern Google Inc The meeting of the two innovators was never in vain. Immediately after 1998, Google Inc. started to grow exponentially to the reckoning of global reputation when ‘Google doodle’ emerged and subsequently in 2000, AdWords came up. Within four years, viz. on April Fools Day in 2004, the company introduced Gmail to support speedy search, large data storage, and storing of threaded messages (Google Inc. 2013). After acquiring digital mapping company keyhole, the company got underway with Google Earth Google Maps in 2005 that currently feature in enhancing transit directions, live trafficking, and street-level imagery as Google Earth allow users to explore the moon and the ocean (Google Inc. 2013). We will write a custom Research Paper on Communications and Media: Case Study of Google Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In 2006, the company made life easier by purchasing the online video sharing site YouTube that allows self-broadcasting, before the little green robot arrived in 2007 that has currently dominated features of several smart phones. Finally, in June 2011, the company introduced Google project that has enhanced social networking globally. Currently, Google Inc. employs over 30,000 workers continentally. Google Inc. Ranks among World’s Best Companies Being an Internet communication and technology company that users consult on their daily searches and networking activities, it is beyond doubt that Google Inc. is the most popular company (Place to Work Institute 2007). Despite a growing number of studies that are developing interests in determining corporate growth and performance improvement within the business world, Google Inc. has received very little attention from researchers and analysts. Nonetheless, some significant studies that have been developing interest in determining world’s most attractive employers and organisations have seen some imperativeness of focusing on Google Inc. From the latest global reports developed by these researchers, Google Inc. has constantly been growing to the extent of scooping topmost positions among world’s best multinational companies. According to studies undertaken by the Great Place to Work Institute (2007), with approximately 440 companies applying for the topmost global ranking and best employers, Google Inc. has featured at the topmost, as business and engineering companies prefer to work for the company in three consecutive years in the United States. See appendix figure 1 A, B

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