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BUSN601 assignment

BUSN601 assignment. I’m trying to study for my Business course and I need some help to understand this question.

Please address the following 11 questions for Part 3:

Are any employees of your company represented by labor unions or covered by collective bargaining agreements? Are any of these employees working outside of the United States?
Does your company employ expatriates in any overseas operations it might have? If so, what resources does the company provide to train expatriates before they go to the foreign location? Does the company also provide training or support for expatriates during the repatriation phase?
To what extent, or in what ways, does your company use the Internet for employee training and development?
What products are sold in the company’s international markets? Do they vary by country or by region?
What types of promotion does your favorite company emphasize in its international markets? Do they differ from those used in its domestic market?
What kinds of distribution channels are being employed in your company’s international markets?
Is the company practicing global procurement? If the company is procuring globally, what goods and services is it procuring and from which countries?
Is the company practicing global production? If the company is producing globally, what goods and services are produced globally and in which countries?
Has the company outsourced goods and services? Has the company insourced goods and services?
Is the company a member of one or more supply chains? If yes, can you identify the major members of the supply chain(s)?
In what countries does your company export goods? Import goods? How would changes in the values of these countries’ currencies relative to the U.S. dollar affect transactions and translation risks? Economic risk?

Answer each question in APA 6th format. This will also be required in your final report in Week 7. ALL papers MUST be written in APA 6th format. Use the template I provided.
In your responses, make certain that you include references from search engines below or from scholarly sources

Submit your assignment by midnight ET, Day 7 (Sunday).
Gather your data from sources such as company annual reports; agencies like Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Value Line; or any of the following websites:
BUSN601 assignment

APA format with 7 peer reviewed articles. Assessment already completed.  Conduct a biopsychosocial assessment for a volunteer who is a representative of an at-risk or vulnerable population as defined in the course. Identify a specific issue that was the most salient to work on. Write 8-10 pages applying research and theory to your assessment of the person. The assessment MUST be conducted this semester, and if possible, a client from your field practicum should be interviewed (permission MUST be obtained both from the client and the field agency; all identifying information MUST be changed to protect confidentiality).  You may interview a child, teen or adult.  The assignment, in general, will include three major topic areas related to the client:  application of relevant theory and research; use of interviewing and assessment skills; and intervention planning and implementation. 

Campbellsville University Strategic Management Chapter Discussion

Campbellsville University Strategic Management Chapter Discussion.

Assigned Readings:
Chapter 3. The External Assessment
Chapter 4. The Internal Assessment
Initial Postings: Read and reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Then post what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding in each assigned textbook chapter.Your initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion.
Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

Governments sometimes use “protectionism” to cope with economic problems, imposing tariffs and subsidies on foreign goods and restrictions/incentives on their own firms to keep jobs at home. What are the strategic implications of this trend for international commerce?
Do you agree or disagree with the resource-based view theorists that internal resources are more important for a firm than external factors in achieving and sustaining competitive advantage? Explain your and their position.

Campbellsville University Strategic Management Chapter Discussion

Survey of Literature

assignment writing services Survey of Literature. I don’t understand this Literature question and need help to study.

Pick a poem (from one of the following websites) and reply with no less than 300 words, not including the poem you copy …
a) Begin by copying and pasting your chosen poem.
b) Then, in one paragraph, tell us why you chose the poem. What appeals to you about the poem?
c) Then, in another paragraph, tell us how the images are working within the poem and towards the poem’s ultimate meaning. What image(s) stand out? Why? Do they lead you to believe that the poem is about a particular thing or idea? How so? (Feel free to use these questions to help you teach us about your poem.)
Poetry Foundation – click on “Poems & Poets” —
Poetry Daily – scroll through the days —
Beloit Poetry Journal – click on “current issue” or “archives” — – search the “poem-a-day” section —
**For added texture and dimension, try to incorporate some of the new poetic terms in the uploaded textbook. Do you see any of the poetic devices at work in your chosen poem?
Survey of Literature

legends essay

legends essay. I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

The legend of King Arthur is well-known in literature. Based on Unsolved Mysteries of History, there is little to suggest it is true. Do you think it is important for people to believe in legends like King Arthur even if there is little evidence to support them? Why or why not? Write a short (3 paragraphs) explanatory essay stating your opinion. Justify your opinion and conclusions with relevant textual evidence (quotes or paraphrased ideas from sources) and background knowledge. Remember to use relevant vocabulary from the text in your essay.
legends essay

BUS 4476 Troy University Kellogg Strategic Proposal Final Group Deliverable

BUS 4476 Troy University Kellogg Strategic Proposal Final Group Deliverable.

This is the Group’s Final and Summary deliverable.Your Group deliverable will be presented in APA format, will include appropriate topical headings to organize and segment the paper, with correctly formatted citations and references. The Group will present a summary Current Analysis that will include:Core Competencies(Internal) Strengths and Weaknesses(External) Opportunities and ThreatsCompetitive AdvantageBusiness-Level Strategy (currently)Competitor AnalysisCompetitive DynamicsCorporate-Level Strategy (currently)Industry Environment Analysis (Five Forces Analysis)Merger and Acquisitions (currently)International Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategy (currently)International Entry Mode (if applied currently)Business-Level Cooperative Strategy (used currently)Corporate-Level Cooperative Strategy (used currently)Corporate GovernanceOwnership ConcentrationBoard of DirectorsOrganizational StructureOrganizational ControlsThe Group will also present a Strategic Proposal that will include minimally the Group’s recommendations for:Vision and MissionBusiness-Level StrategyCorporate-Level StrategyInternational Business-Level and Corporate-Level StrategyInternational Entry ModeBusiness-Level Cooperative StrategyCorporate-Level Cooperative StrategyCorporate GovernanceOrganizational StructureOrganizational Controls
BUS 4476 Troy University Kellogg Strategic Proposal Final Group Deliverable