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Business Question

Hello my dear
I kindly need your help with the below case study questions, Also I kindly need you to make a PPT containing at least 10 slides regarding the answers for the below questions.

tudents need to study the companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft ..etc., for their virtual business practices. Answers for the below questions should mention the company name and their related practices.

Q1- As a web analyst, suggest the web design technical requirements to enhance the utilization of online business activity.
Q2- Discuss how the cloud computing platforms serve the fortune companies.
Q3- In the case of globalized cloud-based data sharing, analyze the possibilities of data insecurity, data loss, hacking, etc.
Q4-Narrate the importance of Big data maintenance due to the increase in virtual business activities.
Q5-Relate Big data Analysis with the performance of web computing with examples.
If you need any more clarification let me know please, Thanks.