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Business Question

Business Question.

I’m working on a business Other and need support to help me learn.

Me and my group members did trading via the simulator and now we have to submit a report. Term Project — Investment SimulationThe investment simulation project requires extensive understanding of both conceptual knowledge and application of real investments. This project requires team work doing stock trading simulation with Investopedia Stock Simulator. Students are only allowed to trade stocks. And students are required to include at least 6 stocks in their portfolio with a minimum of 6 trades and a minimum trading period of 10 weeks. (Your group can divide the $$ among group members to trade) Written a report on:(2) Trading overview: A brief introduction with a graph/chart clearly showing your profit/loss starting from the beginning to the end of the game period. The report should be 2 full pages. (anything less or more, won’t be accepted)(8) Appendix. Attach a table showing your weekly profits and losses, (1 page)check the attached file for more information.
Business Question

Psychadelia in the 1960s/. Paper details Write a 500 word essay on Psychedelia and the role that this music played from 1966-1969. Who were the most influential artists/groups? What were the major political and cultural events/issues and how did they relate to this genre? For your research, use your book/notes, and use at least one outside source (and cite it).Psychadelia in the 1960s/
Complete English Discussion (VENUS). I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

Academic Argument Models

Choose one of the following sample argument essays written by past EN 104 students:

Academic Argument – Mandating CPR AED Training [Word document]
Academic Argument – Rear-facing Car Seats [Word document]
Academic Argument – Welfare [Word document]

For your initial post Analyze the essay by answering five of the following questions:

A strong introduction gets the reader’s attention and states the thesis. How effective is the introduction in the essay? Explain.
Background information sets up the argument so the reader and writer both have a similar understanding of the topic. Background information can include definitions, history, explaining the significance of the topic, or addressing underlying assumptions. Which type of background information was included in the essay? How effective was the background information in the essay? Explain.
The main points in a classical argument should all support the thesis statement, and evidence should support each main point. Were the main points and evidence strong enough to make a convincing argument in the essay? Explain.
In a classical argument, the author identifies and refutes opposing views. Did the essay effectively consider and respond to counterarguments?
In an academic argument essay, the style and tone is more formal than personal writing but still clear and readable for a general audience. Find an example in the essay of a strong academic style or tone. Copy and paste the example here and explain why you think this a good example of academic tone.
Strong arguments use ethos (credibility), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion) to persuade the reader. How effectively did the essay establish ethos, logos, and pathos?
Respond to the author of the essay. Do you agree or disagree with his or her argument? Give specific examples from the essay that were particularly convincing or unconvincing.
What can you learn from analyzing the model essay? What will you do in your argument essay that the author of the model essay did?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.
Complete English Discussion (VENUS)

MPA 543 UOP Data Analysis For Public Policy And Management Presentation

MPA 543 UOP Data Analysis For Public Policy And Management Presentation.

Assignment ContentThe Director of Budget and Finance has asked you to prepare a policy memo and a presentation to the Kelsey City Council explaining and forecasting the major sources of Kelsey’s tax revenue for the upcoming year.Access the City of Kelsey Virtual Organization.Select Government.Choose City of Kelsey at the top of the page.Select City Government.Review the Kelsey Profile and the Kelsey Comprehensive Annual Financial Report June 2005 (PDF) files.Write a 700- to 1,050-word policy memo in which you do the following:Explain and define both correlation analysis and regression analysis.Use a correlation analysis to explain and a regression analysis to forecast the three major sources of Kelsey’s tax revenue for the upcoming year.Include and interpret your calculations.Provide any cautionary statements you believe given the analyses’ findings.Note: Use the city’s historical population data as the independent variable and its major tax revenue receipts as the dependent variables for these analyses.Consider the correlation analysis and the regression analysis as separate. It doesn’t matter which one you do first. Both the correlation analysis and regression analysis should be done in Microsoft® Excel®. You will need to use the “Statistical Section” found in the Kelsey Comprehensive Annual Financial Report June 2005 to find the data needed to complete the analyses.Review the Comprehensive Annual Financial report to determine the three major sources of Kelsey’s revenue for the upcoming year. You’ll have to review the data and determine the 3 major sources (whichever bring in the most money).Using the City of Kelsey General Governmental Revenues by Source Last Ten Years and City of Kelsey Demographic Statistics Last Ten Years found in the Kelsey Comprehensive Annual Financial Report June 2005, fill in an Excel® spreadsheet. Since the city’s historical population data is to be used as the independent variable and its major revenue receipts are to be used as the dependent variables for these analyses, the population estimate for each year is what you should enter as the x (remember y=the dependent variable and x=the independent variable). Be sure to enter the data into the spreadsheet so that you line up the population estimate with the revenue for each year.Once you have your data in the spreadsheet, you can use the various functions in Excel® to run a correlation analysis and a regression.Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to the Kelsey City Council based on the information in your policy memo.
MPA 543 UOP Data Analysis For Public Policy And Management Presentation

PS 3550 KU GPU Shortage Effects on Gamers & the Rest of The World Presentation

help writing PS 3550 KU GPU Shortage Effects on Gamers & the Rest of The World Presentation.

I’m working on a political science multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Make a PowerPoint based on the GPU shortage (make it easy for others to understand, also make it as if it’s more of a discussion not like just fact written on a slide.) (10 – 12 slides)Make a questionnaire use google forms (make it simple for people to answer, people who don’t have a really good understanding of technology) (6-9 questions)I will provide an example of what it’s supposed to look like, as well I will provide the report as a reference for the information.Requirements: 10 – 12 slides
PS 3550 KU GPU Shortage Effects on Gamers & the Rest of The World Presentation

Sociology Reading Log – EASY

Sociology Reading Log – EASY. I need support with this Sociology question so I can learn better.

*5 Total Readings*
Requirement: 2 page double spaced. Grading Rubric Attached. ASA format

1.) Mittell, Jason. 2010. Television and American Culture. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 54-98.
Chapter 2: “Exchanging Audiences”
2.) Spigel, Lynn. 2013. “The Domestic Economy of Television Viewing in Postwar America.” Pp. 131-143 in The Media Studies Reader, edited by Laurie Ouellette. New York and London, Routledge.
3.) Cantor Muriel G. and Joel M. Cantor. 1986. “Audience Compositionand Television Content.” Pp. 214-225 in Media, Audience, and Social Structure, edited by Sandra Ball-Rokeach and Muriel G. Cantor. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.
4.) Grindstaff, Laura. 2015. “From the Networks to New Media: Making Sense of Television Audiences.” Pp. 339-355 in The Sage Handbook of Television Studies, edited by Manuel Alvarado, Milly Buonanno, Herman Gray, and Toby Miller. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
5.) Becker, Ron. 2013. “Glee/House Hunters International: Gay Narratives.” Pp.130-138 in How to Watch Television, edited by Ethan Thompson and Jason Mittell. New York, NY: NYU Press.
Discuss the ways in which the TV Show “Glee” contributed to scholarly understanding of how the concept of audience is recognized, analyzed, and understood.
Sociology Reading Log – EASY

University of Louisville Mitosis and Meiosis Questions

University of Louisville Mitosis and Meiosis Questions.

Mitosis & Meiosis WorksheetFor all questions, Do NOT copy and paste a photo or diagram from the internet, draw your own. You can print and scan, use Paint, PowerPoint, etc. All UofL students have access to download Adobe Illustrator for free through Adobe Cloud (Introduction to the Adobe Creative Cloud – Getting Started: Access and Installation ( 1. Draw/diagram the phases of Mitosis (Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Cytokinesis).2. Draw a plant cell and an animal cell in cytokinesis, and label or describe the difference between the two.3. Draw/diagram the phases of Meiosis (Prophase I, Metaphase I, Anaphase I, Telophase I, Prophase II, Metaphase II, Anaphase II, Telophase II, Cytokinesis).4. Discuss the importance of crossing over. During which phase does this occur?5. Draw or diagram spermatogenesis and oogenesis.6. Spermatogenesis produces how many sperm cells? Oogenesis produces how many functional eggs?
University of Louisville Mitosis and Meiosis Questions

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