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Business Question

You are required to read Chapter 4 and Chapter 8,9 of the textbook and answer
the following questions
Q1. How the organization can move toward global operation and explain all the
approaches that can be used with examples of companies? (3 Marks)
Q2. Identify the mission of the CCSIT by highlighting components of the mission and
prepare a draft mission by including all components? (2 Mark)
Q3. How the digital tools can help an organization achieve the goals and improve the
performance. Support your answer by covering at least three tools. (3 Marks)
Q4. As a team, How did you plan for this assignment and what is the type of plan you used
and how did you manage the work among the team members.
No plagiarism allowed.
Most of the concept is from the book. this is the link of the book
Refrences is needed