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business memo that covers the information about topics in his company, computer science help

business memo that covers the information about topics in his company, computer science help.

OverviewMr. John Fogerty owns Clearwater Industries Incorporated (CII) and you work for him as a mobile application developer.  Mobile application development at CII is happening at a fast pace.  These new applications are going to advance John’s business, but he also knows that there needs to be some controls on the development, use, and distribution of mobile applications.  John knows that an enterprise mobile strategy for his organization needs to be created.  He asks you to write a memo that provides information about topics that should be covered in his company’s mobile strategy.RequirementsYou shall write a well written business memo to Mr. Fogerty that covers the issue presented in the overview.Your memo shall include properly cited research information from at least two sources; one can be the textbook.
business memo that covers the information about topics in his company, computer science help

Psychological Perception of Risk Presentation (PARTIAL ASSIGNMENT). I’m stuck on a Law question and need an explanation.

You are the lead security team of a global organization that has some of its offices in the following locations:

New York, New York
London, England

The CEO has asked you to define the psychological perception of risk of employees who work in the company’s high-risk areas at the annual board meeting. The CEO feels that by defining the perception of risk, all of the board members will become educated of the challenges faced by a global economy.

Create aT LEAST 2-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. Use complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, to fully explain each slide as if you were giving an in-person presentation.
Include the following in your presentation:

Description of the terrorist activity in the selected areas

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Psychological Perception of Risk Presentation (PARTIAL ASSIGNMENT)

infinite math Needed urgently

infinite math Needed urgently.

Solve the following two problems. Then, post your solution path for each problem into your group’s Forum. (Next week, your group will discuss the posted solutions and agree on a Final Draft of a solution path for each problem.)#1: (Section 2.2)Nigel received a gift of $10,000 and decided to invest it in three types of accounts: U.S. Savings Bonds; Mutual Funds; Money Markets. The Bonds earn 2.5% interest per year, the Mutual Funds earn 6%, and the Money Markets earn 4.5%. Part of Nigel’s decision was to invest twice as much in Mutual Funds as Bonds and the rest went into Money Markets. At the end of the year, he received $470 in interest. How much did Nigel invest in each account? Determine your system of equations and use Gauss-Jordan Elimination Method to solve.#2: (Section 2.3)There are three convenience stores in the town of Finite, IU. Last week, The East Store sold 88 loaves of bread, 48 qt of milk, 16 jars of peanut butter, and 112 lb of lunch meat. The North Store sold 105 loaves of bread, 72 qt of milk, 21 jars of peanut butter, and 147 lb of lunch meat. The West Store sold 60 loaves of bread, 40 qt of milk, no peanut butter, and 50 lb of lunch meat.a) Use a 4×3 matrix to express the sales information for the three stores last week.b) This week, the sales at each store increased: 25% at the East Store, at North Store, and 10% at West Store. Write a second matrix to express this data. 3 1c) Write a matrix that represents total sales over the two-week period.
infinite math Needed urgently

Psy pj3 week

essay help online Psy pj3 week. I’m trying to study for my Writing course and I need some help to understand this question.

Annotated Bibliography Development
Click here to download the Week 3 Assignment 2 Annotated Bibliography Template.
In this week, you will complete an Annotated Bibliography for a Position Paper related to the history and systems of psychology. First you will need to choose a topic, choose one of the following topic areas as your Position Paper topic.
Acceptable titles (Choose one):

Cognitive psychology-historical origins, theories and current applications
Behaviorism vs. psychodynamic-historical perspectives and current applications
Behaviorism-historical origins, theories and current applications
Relating Classical Greek philosophies to the current trends and theories in psychology.
The influence of 17–19th century Western European philosophy on current American psychology theories and practice.
The contrast and comparisons of Western European and American psychology with Eastern (Asian) based psychology
The origins of modern psychology comparing and contrasting the influence of the major psychological theorists.
Humanistic psychology-historical origins, theories and current applications.
Gestalt psychology and its influence on psychology past and present.
The influence of scientific thought on psychology past and present.
Towards a unified theory of psychology challenges and solutions.

Using the South University Online Library database only, find six journal articles related to the topic chosen. (Your textbook, Wikipedia, or any other Web source will not be accepted for this assignment.) The journal articles have to be from peer reviewed scholarly journals. Since this is a course on the history of psychology, you can choose articles that are appropriate for the topic and time period on your research. The articles do not need to be empirical studies but are required to be primary sources.

Write a summary for each of the journal articles found.
Write an analysis and evaluation for each of the journal articles found.

Psy pj3 week

FDI In Multi Brand Retail In India

ABSTRACT Retail is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end-user. This is extremely important sector for Indian economy and as Indian government boldly announced the decision to open FDI in multi-brand retail, on November 24, 2011. The opposition and some allied parties forced government to defer this decision. There was opposition from the Trader’s Association fearing that unorganized retail shops will close down. Many band had happened protesting this action by the government. This has triggered new consequences for the government as well as the traders. For the government, with internal pressures, there also exists external pressures from the developed countries, international bodies etc. Government is claiming that this opening foreign super market chains investment will generate many employment opportunities, improve supply chain etc while mom and pop stores fear that their shops will be closed. Therefore, it becomes critically important to analyse the situation from both the ends. KEYWORDS: Multi-Brand Retail, Organized Retail, FDI, Kirana Shops INTRODUCTION The retail industry in India is of late often being hailed as one of the sunrise sectors in the economy. A T Kearney, well-known international management consultancy firm, identified India as fifth most attractive retail destination globally in its 2012 Global Retail Development Index (GRDI). The contribution of retail sector is around 14% to the national GDP

one question on Linear programming

one question on Linear programming. I’m stuck on a Statistics question and need an explanation.

A furniture Company produces tables and chairs. Each table takes four hours of labor from the carpentry department and two hours of labor from the finishing department. Each chair requires three hours of carpentry and one hour of finishing. During the current week, 260 hours of carpentry time are available and 120 hours of finishing time. Each table produced gives a profit of $60 and each chair a profit of $40. How many chairs and tables should be made?
1) Propose an LP formulation for this model
2) Solve this model using the graphical method
3) Solve this model using the simplex method
clearly explain all steps
Need within 8 hours. Making 12 hours to avoid automatch
If possible use graph paper or desmos so i can see correctly the lines of the graph the simplex tables as well, with row reducing equations and the optimal solutionI am attaching a ppt file I found on internet where similar question is solved.
one question on Linear programming