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Examines the need for a reinterpretation of what constitutes intellectual property because of changes wrought by the digital age.

Until a few years ago intellectual property rights within the context of business law was a well understood and rock steady area of practice. Intellectual property law can protect product and process inventions including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. These laws also protect things like names and styles under which a business and its products are recognized in the marketplace including service and trademarks. Intellectual property laws are also designed to safeguard vital but non-technological information about businesses and their operations, such as customers, suppliers, plans, and finances (Chiappetta, 1997). With the advent of digital…

Management Question

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Getting Started
Taking into account all the readings and media assignments, all your papers and discussions, and your personal and professional experiences in this course, you will complete a comprehensive final course quality improvement proposal, due the final week of the course. In this hypothetical assignment, you will act as if you have been employed as a healthcare quality management consultant to address the area of quality deficiency within the healthcare organization; identify where problems exist in alignment with the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) National Quality Strategy; and produce a 10- to 15-page proposal outlining a successful pilot completed at the healthcare organization. Along with the group assignment, there will be an individual assignment of a 10- to 12-slide presentation that will be given to the hospital’s board of directors.
Your proposal will encompass a minimum of the following:
Title of improvement project/proposal
Executive summary of proposal information
Overview of healthcare organization
Rationale for support with a disparate population
Alignment of AHRQ National Quality Strategy (including National Quality Strategy priorities and levers)
Alignment of accreditation groups
A charter, using Exhibit 7.2 in the textbook (see Chapter 7, “Improvement Project Teams”)
Outcome of a pilot using a performance improvement model (PDSA, FOCUS PDSA, Lean, and other change tactics). Outlining components of each step in the performance improvement model (including data and other tools).
While this is a hypothetical situation, you will need to be creative and make a reasonable attempt at producing a realistic proposal. This will require research on previous projects with similar problem statements.
During Workshop One, designate a group leader to oversee the overall writing and deadlines associated with the group assignment. The group leader is not responsible for writing the overall proposal. An equitable division of assigned tasks is the most effective approach to producing a successful proposal.
Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:
Define what factors influence stakeholders’ perceptions of quality medical products and services.
Align the National Quality Strategy with those areas impacting the delivery of quality care in a healthcare setting.
Illustrate the use of charter and other tools to approach quality improvement.
Outline the development of quality management teams.
Explain the use of quality tools to improve performance and minimize errors.
Illustrate the deployment of continuous quality improvement among a disparate population.

Background InformationYour instructor divided the class into groups. Each team will produce its own 10- to 15-page proposal for a healthcare organization selected by the team. Each member should take on responsibilities and deliver results according to the timeline outlined by the group and group leader. Team building, division of proposal task, and deadlines should be employed to complete the assignment by this workshop.
The proposal should reflect mature and careful consideration of the organization and be delivered in a professional manner, with clear goals, assessment tools, deadlines, troubleshooting criteria, and expected results for the problems and successes identified.

InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Each group is to choose a large healthcare system and apply the concepts presented throughout the course to produce a 10- to 15-page proposal (with graphics) that illustrates all the concepts in both textbooks, the media, and the results from workshop activities. Each group should designate a team leader, scribe, developer, etc.; however, each team member will be responsible for writing an equitable portion of the proposal.View and discuss the Final Project Blueprint that outlines in detail what information and criteria are required for the entire final course project.
View the Quality Management Team Agreement.
When selecting a healthcare organization, consider the various number of patients served, access to care, offerings of selected medical specialties, demographics, gross revenues, university hospital affiliations, problems, and successes of the healthcare system.
Each proposal should answer the following questions:How will this quality improvement project impact the selected disparate population?
Will the health system need to invest in any medical products or services to meet the needs of the disparate population?
What role will the selected accreditation group play in quality improvement?

For this week, the group’s leader will submit the final proposal on behalf of the team.
When you’ve completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself, and submit a copy of the final proposal using the Assignment submission link by the end of the workshop.

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