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Business homework help. This is an assignment that focuses on the experience of the Irish immigrants in the 19th century. The paper also contains various guidelines to follow.,The experience of the Irish immigrants in the 19th century,Introduction: You are a member of a committee tasked with planning a museum dedicated to the history of immigration throughout U.S. history. Your specific job is to plan the exhibit that will document the experience of Irish immigrants in the 19th century, with a particular focus on the nativist reaction to the Irish. Your Social Responsibility Assignment will require you to submit a typed proposal for this exhibit. To construct a well-organized assignment, follow the steps below in order. Respond to each step in at least one fully developed paragraph. Make sure to address each question directly. The structure and mechanics of your paper are of less importance than your ability to address the issues presented below.,Steps,Step One: Firstly, ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities: To understand the context of Irish Immigration in the 19th century, please read the relevant sections from your textbook. Begin your proposal by describing your intended goal for this museum exhibit. What message do you hope to convey? Who is your intended audience? How will you reach out to individuals who are skeptical about the value of immigration in our country?,Step Two: Secondly, knowledge of civic responsibility: What connection will you hope your audience will make between the experience of, Irish immigrants, in the 19th century and the experience of immigrants today? How can our knowledge and also understanding of immigration in the past help us to make decisions about immigration today that are more informed? What are the lessons that we learn from the story of Irish immigration?,Step Three: Thirdly, intercultural competence: Refer to the attached 19th century anti-immigration cartoons. These political cartoons highlight nativist attitudes the Irish encountered. What arguments or assumptions did native-born Americans make in rejecting Irish newcomers? What were the fears of nativists about the Irish? Also, what recurring patters occur in the hesitation with which resident Americans have viewed the acceptance of newcomers? Lastly, how will this exhibit promote greater engagement with America’s diverse heritage of immigrants? See attachment for anti-immigration cartoons.Business homework help
Barry University Ecological Footprint Fun Quiz. is a link to a fun “quiz” to make a rough calculation of your personal ecological footprint based on your own lifestyle. It will calculate how many earths it would take to support 7 billion people all trying to live like you do. After you take the quiz “for real”, you can play around with your inputs to see how it affects your results. Answer the following questions in discussion board. 1) What aspects of your lifestyle were taken into consideration?2) How precise was your data input, given the options? How might that impact your results?3) What was the biggest surprise about your ecological footprint?4) Run the quiz two more times after you do it “for real” the first time. The second time, try to pretend that you’re perfect (if you can figure out what “perfect” is in this model). Did you get it down to one or less Earth? For the the third time, make a few adjustments to your original answers that seem “doable.” How did this change your results?
Barry University Ecological Footprint Fun Quiz

HWE 420 University of Idaho Wellness for Special Populations Essay.

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Students will prepare a 10 page health and wellness philosophy including:Definition of health coachingEvidence based coaching beliefs – Provide 3 theories, strategies, or principles that serve as the foundation for your coaching belief system. How is each belief important for developing client’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes ultimately contributing to them reaching their wellness goals?Coaching methods – Describe how your coaching beliefs will be carried out when working with clients.Assessment methods – how will you determine your effectiveness as a health and wellness coach? How will you measure the success of your clients?A minimum of 10 resources must be used to create the Philosophy Paper. Cite your resources using the American Medical Association (AMA) writing style.Required FormsCoaching Style QuestionairreCoaching Core Values ReflectionCoaching Attitude AssessmentReal Life Experience Reflection
HWE 420 University of Idaho Wellness for Special Populations Essay

Watch and Reflect 2.

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Please review/watch the following video and reflect. Please use the format, set up provided.Put the answers on the form .You will see the format, the set up below. I have attached the word document as well. Watch the Video write up reflection. You will need the book I do not have the book. Note: Please try not to be so literally… you are not limited to the prompts; you can expand more… if I make errors do not take it literally. You can think and discuss it. Some are quick to point out any errors I made… you know what the theme is about… go with the theme and write your reflection. You can either copy and paste below or open the document attached to write your reflection/discussion/analysis. You can select one. This focuses on the Cognitive area… You can pick one video to reflect and write about (Links to an external site.)Block play Embedded Learning Opportunity (Links to an external site.)Watch/Review and Reflect/Discuss/Analyze Step 1 – Watch/ObserveStep 2- Identify how the activities are being done. Is it DAP? Is it intentional? Does it involve what the mentor(s) discuss? Refer to specific information from “The Intentional Teacher (TIT) textbook, and, If applicable, refer to the “Design for Living and Learning (DLL)” textbook as well.Step 3- discuss specific strategies relating to Activities/Curriculum areas from the video. Refer to specific information from “The Intentional Teacher (TIT) textbook, and, If applicable, refer to the “Design for Living and Learning (DLL)” textbook as well.Step 4- What strategies did you saw that could be implemented?Step 5- What can you, as a beginning or experienced teacher, do to guarantee that intentionality has a place in your daily interaction with children? How about DAP?Step 6- How will you use the knowledge in your virtual student teaching/ in-person eventfully in a classroom? If you have already used this knowledge, please share your experience. (Be specific – don’t just say it will help you be a wonderful teacher). Be sure to integrate support materials from the chapter if applicable. Step 6 – Discuss -What would you do differently? Give reason(s).Make sure you put in an appropriate reference. A minimum of 10 well-written sentences is required for your discussion. Do not use text lingo (“U” for you, etc.)
Watch and Reflect 2

Burt Rutan Biographical Studies Research Paper

Burt Rutan is an aeronautical engineer. He is an American and was born on 17th June 1943 in Estacada, Oregon. He grew up in Dinuba, California. His passion for aircraft design began early in his life and he started designing model planes (Hennigan 1). He went to California Polytechnic State University to study aeronautical engineering. In 1965 he attained a BS degree in aeronautical engineering. Moreover, Rutan has six honorary doctorates: Doctoral of Science from Daniel Webster College in 1987, Honorary Doctor of Science from California Polytechnic University in 1987, Doctoral of Humanities from Lewis University in 1988, Doctoral of Technology from Delft University of Technology in 1990, Honorary Doctoral of Engineering from University of Illinois in 2006, and an Honorary Doctoral Degree from the Free University of Brussels in 2007 (Burt Rutan 1). He designed several planes during the 45 years he was active before he retired in April 2011. He developed 367 individual designs and out of those 45 flew a remarkable achievement for the aeronautical maverick engineer. He made a significant contribution to the aviation industry that has left a lasting legacy (Hennigan 1). After his graduation, he worked as a flight tester engineer for Edwards Air Force Base and worked in various projects (Hennigan 1). Later he relocated to Mojave and started Rutan Aircraft Factory. He used a $15,000 loan that his father gave him. He wanted to build small planes that were different from other planes already built. Furthermore, Rutan opened shop inside Mojave airport. He continued working on his plane designs and in 1975 he developed VariEze, an aircraft that looked like a rocket ship and recorded success with the model. “He later developed another aircraft called Long EZ that had the double distance endurance of 2, 010 miles than VariEze” (Hennigan 1). The planes designed by Rutan are efficient and simple to assemble. His brand stands for efficiency and also for innovation. In 1982, Rutan founded Scaled Composites LLC Company. The goal of the company was to research and design planes both for commercial and government clients. He designed Voyager, a plane that flew around the world and did not stop to refuel. The plane was flown by Dick his brother. Voyager design and success was a milestone in the aviation industry (Hennigan 1). Moreover, he designed Virgin Atlantic Globalflyer that performed better than the Voyager and went around the earth in a shorter time. Through his company, he designed several planes that have left a legacy in the aviation industry. Moreover, he designed a one-passenger sport airplane and called the prototype model Rutan model 49. Later he improved the model and came up with Quickie Rutan model 54 that had two seats. He also designed another plane for Sailplane Homebuilders Association called model 77 Solitaire, and it won a competition in a home built sailplane category. He also got involved in designing research planes, for instance, the Lotus Microlight aircraft, Ames AD-1. He also designed a hybrid flying car the BiPod that can fly and be driven on the road (A maverick in flight 1). Rutan passion for planes is great and his interest led him to design a spaceship. He joined the movement because he felt that space travel is very expensive and dangerous. He wanted to come up with a cheap spaceship using his expertise. He designed SpaceShipOne and won a $10 million Ansari X prize. It became the first private spacecraft to tour space. The success is a major achievement in the aviation industry, especially for the private industry and the rejuvenation of pursuit for commercial space tourism. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, the SpaceShipOne was developed at a low cost of $25 million compared to NASA’s similar project that cost $200 billion (Burt Rutan 1). He employed technology that enabled the plane to use a normal airstrip for takeoff. The technology allowed the spaceship to launch while high above the atmosphere. That meant the cost to send SpaceShipOne was low. He also came up with a new way of the spaceship re-entering the earth it was risky, but he employed it and it worked (Burt Rutan 1). Besides, the significance of Rutan’s contribution is great, especially in his Voyager design. The design used lightweight composites resources. Consequently, modern airplanes are designed using lightweight composite resources such as Boeing 787. The voyager paved the way for technically sophisticated airliners. The contribution is major in the aviation industry as more efficient airliners are developed. In conclusion, Rutan has made significant contributions to the aviation industry because he did not let criticism stop him. He followed his dreams and at the end, he designed planes that have changed the aviation industry. His contributions are enormous and he is recognized as a great American aeronautical engineer of all time. He paved the way for the design of light airplanes that have improved efficiency in the aviation industry. His contribution to affordable space travel is remarkable. He has opened a new frontier in space travel for private companies. His legacy will live for a long time in the aviation industry. Works Cited A maverick in flight. 2012. Web. Burt Rutan. 2012. Web. Hennigan W. Aerospace legend Burt Rutan ready for a landing. 2013. Web.

Global Warming as a Global Issue of Concern

python assignment help CONTROVERSIES OF GLOBAL WARMING TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION GLOBAL WARMING AS A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN CONTROVERSIES OF GLOBAL WARMING ISSUE EXPLANATION OF THE CONTROVERSIES PRESENTED CONCLUSION REFERENCES INTRODUCTION As a global environmental issue of concern, controversies have been presented for and against global warming. Such controversies have stemmed from its causes as well as effects. This is because since the first international awareness of the problem that took place in 1992 during a United Nations (UN) Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, several opinions have continued to grow concerning the genesis of this problem as well as the potential effects posed on the planet. Such international meeting saw an intellectual exchange among the many delegates concerning the best approaches that can be used in dealing with the causes and effects of global warming. However, this problem is still a controversial one among many environmentalists around the world. Therefore, this essay analyzes the various controversies presented by different articles and authors concerning global warming, its main drivers, and seriousness of the issue as well as claimed consequences. GLOBAL WARMING AS A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN As a global environmental concern, global warming has had several impacts especially for both the biodiversity and the climatic conditions of the planet (Elkins and Simmonds, et al., 2010). This is because current trends have shown that it affects flora and fauna as a result of the increase in the amount of the anthropogenic gases that are accumulated in the atmosphere such as neon- surface air. As a result, this leads to the melting of the ice caps, rise in the sea levels and other climatic changes. Hence global warming represents a major threat especially to the fundamental life forms of living things on the earth. Back, Russ, Liu, Inoue, Zhang and Otto-Bliesner (2013) contends that global warming leads to the increase in the rate of water evaporation into the atmosphere. This is of great concern owing to the fact that water is life and without it, no life can be realized. This is further compounded by the fact that the water vapor is in itself is a greenhouse gas that exacerbates the problem leading to warming of the atmosphere. As such, this increase in the water vapor can further be compounded by the excessive use of the fossil fuels and through land use changes. Burning of fossil fuels contributes to the addition of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in the sense that such fuels produces anthropogenic gases such as CFCs, methane and nitrous oxide which are responsible for the global warming. In addition, deforestation, explosive population growth, technological advancement, growing urbanization, and industrial expansion are some of the factors that account for the increases in these gases in the atmosphere. However, it is projected that the rate of the rise will continued if this global issue of concern is not nipped in the bud. Among other major causes, deforestation is argued to be the main causes of the increases in the global warming (Liss, 2012). This is because trees play a major role in the global carbon cycle since they are considered as one of the largest land-based carbon mechanism that helps in the removal of excessive carbon dioxide from the air. Due to this, deforestation has been considered as the second principle cause of atmospheric carbon dioxide contributing for 25 per cent of all the carbon emissions in the atmosphere especially through burning and cutting of trees. For instance, estimates are that over 5500 acres of rainforest are destroyed daily leading to a rise in the global carbon dioxide level which is approximated to be 0.4 per cent each year. The long effects of such changes are inclusive of the melting of the glaciers, increased intensity and frequency as well as the changes in rainfall patterns. According to Liss (2012), imbalances that are created between various life forms on earth makes global warming a controversial issue of global concern. Such imbalances are showing through signs in the form of increased occurrences of cyclones, landslides, tsunami, flood, drought among others. As a result, the increases in the rise of the aforementioned disasters on this planet threaten different life forms. For instance, due to the extreme weather patterns, this can lead to increased effects of malnutrition, airborne as well as water-borne diseases, starvation and extinction of the flora and fauna. CONTROVERSIES OF GLOBAL WARMING ISSUE For the purpose of discussion of the controversies presented in the global warming issue, this essay will analyze four news articles from different media sources. Such controversies will run from the works of the two main authors as presented in the four news articles. As such, the two notable environmentalists who discuss and analyze this issue are J.R. McNeill and Bjorn Lomborg. McNeill’s arguments have been contained in the news article, Something New under the Sun: an Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century World whereas Lomborg discusses it in, The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World. Other two news articles that will be discussed are the “Forecasting the consequences of climate driven shifts in human behavior on cetaceans.” and “States Adapting to Climate Change. Environmental Forum.” The central theme in McNeill’s article is revolving around the fact that environmental problem like global warming comprises some of the byproducts of the modernization as well as development (Cho, Martens, Kim

assignment 3 Essay

Differentiate between the rational and inquisitive behavioral styles. 1. Student used standard essay format: Introduction/Body/Conclusion. 2. Student demonstrated proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc. 3. Student demonstrated an understanding of course content and key concepts, as discussed in the text. 4. Student was able to examine, assess, evaluate, and/or analyze course content and key concepts. 5. Student provided a clear and well-developed response to the question.

Latin America Research Paper – Guadeloupe

Latin America Research Paper – Guadeloupe. Paper details   Each student will upload to the assignment dropbox in D2L a 1.5 – 2 page paper (single spaced, 12 point font) in which he/she details the level (specific numbers of people) and type of migration within (internal migration) and into and out of (immigration and emigration) his/her country. Where are the people from this county going and where are people coming into your country coming from? The student needs to include information on the flow of remittances associated with his/her country (specific $ amounts and state specifically from which countries the remittance money is flowing from), giving specific information on the uses of this remittance money and stating the impact of this money in his/her assigned country (how much is the remittance money as a percentage of your country’s GDP?). Your paper needs to have referenced research resources and has to include a properly formatted works cited section. Sources need to be cited within the text of the paper.Latin America Research Paper – Guadeloupe