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business essay revision

business essay revision.

Here is part of my Plan book of Youtube RedBase on the suggestions to revise my essay.Suggestions:1. *** Good effort in trying to analyze all the 5 trends. Note that external trends should be discussed in ways such that how the trends affect online streaming service market in general and/or Youtube Premium in particular. You could be more specific about how economic and cultural trends are relevant there. Drop the term “political” because you did not discuss this trend..
2. *** Current Advertising and Promotion: Discuss also their message strategy as seen from their commercials. They used to run three 15-second commercials with each advertising the benefits such as offline reviewing, music on the go, and no commercials, respectively. See if they are still running the same ads. If so, discuss them in your paper. Add their current slogan, too, if any. ——————————————————–YouTube Red PlanbookSituation AnalysisWhen planning the new campaign, it is important to examine the internal and external environment of YouTube Red because of the effects it will have on the overall success or failure of the strategy. The economic environment would encompass all factors regarding the economy and the effects they are likely to have on the success of the product. The use of YouTube Red has cost implications for users; thus, the issue of the economy and the amount of disposable income would emerge. The cultural trends should examine how acceptable the product is across various cultures. The campaign should consider whether the product would be acceptable to the culture of the target market, or whether some of its content could be interpreted as culturally offensive. Technological advancements are crucial because the device requires other devices for it to function. For customers to enjoy YouTube Red, they will require a certain level of technological awareness. Being tech-savvy would enable the target market to harness all the benefits that the product promises. Lastly, social and political trends would determine the acceptance of the product and indicate how it is likely to perform in the future. Social trends are especially important because of the need to determine demographics of the targeted market. Younger users are likely to be the main users of the platform; thus, the campaign should consider their preferences. All technological innovations require a critical examination of social trends because of the possibility that the targeted segment might change its needs and preferences, and that the product could become redundant before it reaches the intended market segment. Brand PositioningYouTube Red positions itself as the premier app for ad-free videos, uninterrupted access to YouTube and YouTube music, offline viewing, and free access to Play Music for the upwardly mobile users. The product gives its ads-free content as the point of differentiation, and highlights online streaming of music and videos as its frame of reference. It attempts to give compelling evidence to convince clients to sign up for its products.The brand is premium because clients have to pay to access the services. The implication is that the product targets people with a significantly higher disposable income, and who will be willing to pay an extra cost for the services. The fact that the company intends to expand its subscription services beyond the U.S. market attests to its brand positioning and underscores its desire to compete with other subscription services that provide premium content, such as Hulu and Netflix. Advertising and Promotion StrategyYouTube Red depends on its parent company, YouTube, to reach the target market. The advertising strategy involves offering subscribers several benefits that enhancing their viewing experience. The decision to remove ads from the content is aimed at attracting users that tend to block ads when using the Internet. The app’s promotion strategy involves engaging users, giving them various options for the use of the product, and collaborating with other companies. The use of its parent company is an especially effective strategy because it helps it to increase visibility. Other promotional activities include highly publicized partnerships with established video creators. The key promotion is the attractive deals that enable people that wish to upload videos or any other content and to store them on their devices for offline viewing. The “YouTube Red Originals” is an effective marketing and promotional strategy because it enhances access to new markets since it stars some of the consumers’ favorite “YouTubers.” However, the company has to compete with established premium subscription companies that offer similar products. Besides, its competitors have been in the market for some time, and have established their market presence.
business essay revision

Implementing patient-centered treatment planning at the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Centre (AMRTC) The purpose of this paper is to investigate the implementation of a quality assurance project at AMRTC to support a system change. In a 2015 review of the patient treatment plans at the AMRTC by The Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), it was reported that the facility was not adhering to CMS standards and guidelines for developing treatment plans. According to the CMS deficiency report, “treatment plans were generic in nature” (CMS, 2016, para. 5). CMS standards and guidelines outlined in the state operation manual expect all inpatient comprehensive treatment plans to be individualized, i.e., tailored to the patients’ specific needs for treatment. Furthermore, treatment plans development should be a collaborative effort between the patient and the interdisciplinary team (CMS, 2016). Summary This summary addresses my proposal to investigate the implementation of a quality assurance project for the advanced nursing practice field experience. The organizational change I am investigating is the Implementation of Patient-Centered Treatment Planning at the AMRTC. The population affected by this change is adults who have a diagnosis of mental illness and receiving inpatient treatment. My change leader is my nursing supervisor. My plan for conducting this investigation is to assess all relevant data available at the facility and share points on how to review the project portfolio, validate data, and use the data-tracking system to ensure that the project is implemented to increase quality care outcomes. The study’s findings will be shared with the QAPI change leader. Activity Selection and Methodology This section of the Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) form addresses activity selection and methodology. The reason this project is important to my organization relates to the deficiency of AMTRC’s treatment plans based on the CMS report. A CMS survey conducted in September 2015, revealed that the AMTRC was not adhering to CMS standard guidelines # 482.61 (c) (i) Treatment plan, as outlined in the State Operations Manual. The CMS surveyors reported that Treatment Plans were generic, thereby not meeting individual care needs and treatment of the patients. The CMS allowed the facility to develop a plan of correction for this deficiency. The CMS standard and guideline outlined in the state operation manual expect all inpatient comprehensive treatment plans to be individualized, i.e., tailored to the patient’s specific needs for treatment. Furthermore, such plans should be developed in collaboration with the patient and the interdisciplinary team providing treatment to the patient (CMS, 2016). The quantifiable measure used in this project was for the AMRTC to comply with the CMS standards and guidelines by developing individualized and patient-centered treatment plans for all their patients. Benchmarking was used in this project to ensure that all impatient had individualized treatment plans that would meet their treatment needs. This benchmark was established by following the standards and guidelines established by the CMS. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The baseline goal established by AMRTC was that 100% of treatment plans would be individualized to patient-centered goals and measurable interventions as recommended by the CMS. The basic methodology was to gather data by auditing a random selection of patient’s charts from different units. The information reviewed included progress notes, group attendance reports, and comprehensive treatment plans. Also, data were gathered by interviewing patients and staff to obtain their opinion on treatment modality currently in use by the facility. Treatment plan experts were also required to audit treatment plans for patients in their units weekly using the Person-centered Treatment Planning Fidelity Audit tool as a guide. At the end of weekly audits, coaching recommendations are sent to the Unit Supervisors and the Director of Nursing who then reviewed the recommendations for accuracy and followed up with the treatment plan writer as needed to provide an opportunity for improvement. Data collection from a random selection of patients in different units eliminates the opportunity for a biased study. In this project, data sources included medical and treatment records, patient and staff interviews, and observation during focus groups. Data were collected from patient medical and treatment records every week. The sampling technique used was a random selection of patients from different units. Data Collection and Results Section two of the form describes the actual data collected and results. An initial or baseline rate of 10% was established in September 2015 when the CMS Surveyors visited AMRTC. The first re-measurement was in October 2015 when the facility contracted with two treatment plan consultants for 6 months. The treatment plan consultants were responsible for training the management and clinical staff in Patient-centered Treatment Planning. At this time, the re-measurement rate was still at 10%, as training did not start until early November. Re-measurement at the end of November showed significant improvement. Progress was also noted in subsequent re-measurements. There were rate increases of 10% in November, 40% in December, 60% in January, 80% in February, and 90% in March. In the month May, the facility met its goal of 100%, which was also maintained in June 2016. The Analysis Cycle of rhe Project Section 3 addresses the analysis cycle of the project. The analysis cycle took place over 9 months from September 2015 to June 2016; this cycle covers all quantifiable measures except the statistical tests and significance, which did not apply to this study. In comparison to the baseline goal, the actual rates were 10% in September, 10% in October, and 20% in November. Rates continued to improve over the next seven-month reporting period. This trend demonstrated an improvement in implementing individualized treatment plans in this facility. There were no changes to the goal of this project during the period of this study. The Implemented Interventions Section four of the QIA form addresses the interventions that were implemented to effect change. The interventions that had the most impact on this change project were the hiring of Treatment plan consultants to train the management and clinical staff in Patient-Centered Treatment Planning. The training was able to address the knowledge barrier, as treatment plan writers at AMRTC did not have the expertise to write patient-centered treatment plans. We will write a custom Research Paper on Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center’s Quality specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Also, training staff from each unit on individualized Patient-Centered Treatment Plans made a huge impact on the change project by empowering the staff to provide the patients with adequate tools for their treatment and recovery. The trainers addressed the knowledge barrier by providing education to staff who will become the treatment plan auditors on how to use the Person-Centered Treatment Plan Fidelity Audit tool. Data Collection Methods Used Data for the implementation of individualized Patient-Centered Treatment plans were collected using the random sampling method. The source of data was from patient medical and treatment records. A random sample of 10 patient charts out of a population of 100 was selected and audited. Data collection was done once a week and analysis were done monthly. The unit supervisor, registered nurses, and social workers had the responsibility of collecting data and analyzing such data using the Person-Centered Treatment Plan Fidelity Audit tool. At the end of the Audit, recommendations, and audited treatment plans were submitted to the unit manager and the director of nursing who reviewed the result and provided feedback as needed. Appropriateness The data collection measures were appropriate for this change project. The data collection was not biased because both the unit manager and the director of nursing reviewed treatment plan audits and results to ensure accuracy and correctness. Additionally, data were collected from all relevant areas, including patient medical and treatment records, progress notes, interviews, observation of the patients during groups, and participating in treatment planning meetings. Treatment plans were audited to measure compliance by using The Person-Centered Treatment Plan Fidelity Audit tool. Baseline data supported the need for a change due to 10% percent compliance, which was below the CMS standards and regulations on treatment planning. A compliance rate of 10% revealed that treatment plans developed by the facility for its patients were generic, thereby not meeting the individual treatment needs of these patients. Improvement of Data Collection Measures I strongly believe that the data collection measures used for the study to implement Patient-Centered Treatment Planning at AMRTC were adequate and rigorous. They met the standards outlined by The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). According to Sebastian-Coleman (2013), organizations must use appropriate data sources, including medical records and other encounters to ensure reliable evaluation and benchmarking. For this study, data sources included patient medical and treatment records, observing patients during group participation, and interviews with staff and patients. The method of data collection for this study was reliable as data was collected via interviewing staff, patients, and site visitor reviewers visiting the facility to audit the patients’ treatment plans. This correlates with the data collection method outlined by (NCQA) which states that reliable data can be collected through visits and interviews. There were no barriers to data collection noted as patients’ medical records were readily available to the auditors. The data collection measures could have been improved through an independent reviewer trained to validate the program variables. AHIMA prescribes that the quality of the process of data collection, warehousing, and analysis should be evaluated based on data quality management aspects of accuracy, consistency, currency, and precision, among others (Kuhl, 2012).) Not sure if you can write a paper on Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center’s Quality by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Using a dedicated clinical data reviewer familiar with the AMTRC’s treatment plans would have minimized bias and enhanced the validity and accuracy of the collected data. Further, an initial interviewer training on the program variables, information pertinent to the project, and data entry could have improved the qualitative data collected through the interviewing of staff and patients. The training could also have enhanced the reviewer’s clinical judgment of the program variables. Another approach involves continuous monitoring of data integrity for data quality management. In this project, the use of tools such as automated checks could have enhanced data integrity by limiting aberrant entries. The use of EHRs by providers to collect structured data (patient health information) in line with the meaningful use requirements would have improved data integrity measures (Dolansky
This is a major essay and should be around 5-7 pages. Development of a coherent and concise thesis for each paper is an important part of the project. The grade evaluation of the essay is made on the basis of clarity, completeness, consistency and crit. I need help with a Philosophy question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

This is a major essay and should be around 5-7 pages. Development of a coherent and concise thesis for each paper is an important part of the project.
The grade evaluation of the essay is made on the basis of clarity, completeness, consistency and critical appraisal of the topics as well as displaying ability in routine language skills. 70% of the grade is dependent on content and 30% on language use and written presentation skill.The questions below are grouped into four over arching sets. Choose three of those sets and respond with a 2+ page Thesis Paper. Each response should be a complete essay in and of itself with structure, thesis, and direction. The sets are guidelines, you don’t need to answer everyone of them but they are there to help you think about the topics and develop YOUR thesis. For 3 short Thesis papers total.
This is a major essay and should be around 5-7 pages. Development of a coherent and concise thesis for each paper is an important part of the project. The grade evaluation of the essay is made on the basis of clarity, completeness, consistency and crit

Aveda Institute New York Big Data Analytics Can Be Used with Smart Cities HW

Aveda Institute New York Big Data Analytics Can Be Used with Smart Cities HW.

Social network services for innovative smart cities-the RADICAL approach.pdf (1.4 MB)This week’s reading included how Big Data analytics can be used with Smart Cities. This is exciting and can provide many benefits to individuals as well as organizations, and there are many journal articles on the topic you’ll find on Google Scholar and in the library are to search the Internet for other uses of Big Data in smart cities and city planning.Please pick 2-3 articles and discuss the usage of Big Data including how it is being used and what solutions it might provide for urban residents and government organizations.Your paper should meet the following requirements:• Be approximately 3-5 pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.• Follow APA guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.• Support your response with the readings from the course and at least five peer-reviewed articles or scholarly journals to support your positions, claims, and observations. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.• Be clear with well-written, concise prose, using excellent grammar and style techniques.
Aveda Institute New York Big Data Analytics Can Be Used with Smart Cities HW

An Overview Of Mercedes Benz Products Marketing Essay

assignment writer According to Mercedes-Benz products, Mercedes-Benz is the German brand. It is famous luxury car brand and it has long history. Benz was become the first automobile company in Germany. Mercedes-Benz brand strategy has been a successful one, and it is the key to the brand survival. It recently has 12 series, such as Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe, it is a range of executive-size cars. Moreover, they have more than 100 kinds of models. The output reached 100 million each year. It not only has become an essential by rich people. The Benz car company can be divided by high quality and high performance of luxury cars. It is also the world’s most famous bus and heavy truck manufacturer. “Elegant, reliable and durable” is the aim of Benz (Mercedes-Benz products, 2009). In this paper, I have explained Mercedes-Benz’s advertisement how to use market segmentation and market mix to sell more products. According to Anderton et al (2008), market Segmentation is “Breaking down a market into sub-group with similar characteristics.” It has four main ways to find information. For example, geographically, demographically, psychographically and behaviourally. Companies use different types to increase sales better targeting who sees their advertising. Market Mix is the marketing strategy for meeting the needs of consumers. It includes four parts: product, price, place and promotion. Promotion, one of the 4Ps, is “a number of promotional methods a business can use including above the line promotions” (Anderton et al, 2008: 75). Secondly, price set in a right level is important. In addition, price may influence the market and demand (Anderton et al, 2008). The intention of this report is firstly to investigate how promotion makes consumers aware of advertising. A second aim is to discover why consumers choose Mercedes-Benz rather than other cars. The final aim is how advertisements impact the immense popularity of Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz E350 advertisement background in outdoor. It has a blue sky. According to Color Wheel Pro (2009), blue is a masculine color so this car may sell for men to use. This place has many dark green trees and a large dark green lawn. It means the product is high price because darker green means money. In front of it is a new black Mercedes-Benz E350 car and the car door is opening. Black color is associated with power and formality (Color Wheel Pro, 2009). As a result, buying this car needs to earn about 1,000,000 RMB. Beside the car, a lady wears a formal black backless dress. Her hair style and color are show she is a rich lady. It also means this car is not a traditional car. However, it does not lose the traditional style. She looks back could see her face. She uses red lipstick. Red means with energy, strength and passion (Color Wheel Pro, 2009). Moreover, in the background has a white and black villa. White means safety and has a positive connotation. In addition, white can represent a successful beginning (Color Wheel Pro, 2009). Market Segmentation has four main ways to find information such as geographically, demographically, psychographically and behaviourally. Firstly, by geographically, Mercedes-Benz sells all over the world. They have a large marketing. It can sell more products overall. From this advertisement, it sells the E-class coupe. In addition, this class Benz’s car focus on selling in Chinese market. Next, it is demographically. In this part have many types such as gender, age and income. Seeing this advertising’s model can know this class car is fit from 25-35 ages. The model wears the formal black long dress. It shows the product sells for mid-high income consumers. Thirdly, psychographic segmentation is according to customer opinions and lifestyle. The model uses red lipstick and the E350 is a racing-car. Moreover, this background has a white and black villa. All of this shows the product is focusing on high quality and young customer. The final market segmentation is behavioural segmentation. The advertising uses a villa in the background is shown the product is high price and luxury. The Mercedes-Benz is a famous brand in the world and it is a luxury good. The high income consumers may want to buy high quality products. It can show they are a successful personage. Promotion is a method to let consumers know this product, for example TV advertisements. TV advertisement is the most popular and powerful media to show the product. Mercedes-Benz also uses television to introduce their product. E350 car is a new car and it attracts Chinese consumers. The advertisements are constantly shown on the Mercedes-Benz homepage, on television, on billboards and in magazines. This advertising is from Elle magazine. It is a young customer magazine. In addition, this stage income is increasing. Mercedes-Benz uses magazine to publicize the E350 at the right place and the right time because more and more consumers read magazines. The E350 price may be high. The price is about 800,000 RMB. It focuses on selling for young successful customers because this style of car is a sports car. However, the Mercedes-Benz product is high quality. It leads to the price cost of products are higher than other cars’ product. High price may influence the demand, because high price lead to decline in demand. In addition, not every consumer can buy luxury goods. As a result, the company needs to use advertisement to publicize this product. This advertisement fully exhibits E350 car’s style. It uses a villa, rich lady and car to show the product. Moreover, car and lady’s dress color are black. All of this can appeal to the target audience. This advertisement uses magazines and TV to publicize the E350. They can let more consumers to know this product. In addition, E-class mostly sells in the China market. China is a big market, it also can help Mercedes-Benz company to sell more this product because China has large population. The marketing report includes EAP and business studies. According to this investigation, the advertisement is important for brand. Moreover, promotion and market segmentations can help the company to sell more products. For this brand, the price may be decreasing, although Mercedes-Benz is a well-known brand. However, few consumers know their new product. As a result, they may need to increase advertisement in different kinds of media such as television, internet and newspapers.

create a 5 E lesson on habitat

create a 5 E lesson on habitat.

create a 5 E lesson plan on habitat SOL 4.5-
The student will investigate and understand how plants and animals,
including humans, in an ecosystem interact with one another and with the
nonliving components in the ecosystem. Key concepts include b) Organization of populations, communities, and ecosystems and how they interrelate; d) Habitats and niches. SOL 4.1
The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning,
logic, and the nature of science by planning and conducting
investigations in which a) Distinctions are made among observations, conclusions, inferences, and predictions; e) Predictions and inferences are made, and conclusions are drawn based on data from a variety of sources; m) Current applications are used to reinforce science can add other Virginia sols using…I have posted two examples it has to be 5 e model as in the example. MUST use template provided. I even bought a lesson plan that you can put together and use to help with the plan its labeled you can use this. It has everything just need you to put together. use template labeled offical template
create a 5 E lesson on habitat

University of California Irvine The Origins of Family Therapy Essay

University of California Irvine The Origins of Family Therapy Essay.

Hi this is a reflection to a text I will provide you with the complete chapter please read it all before doing the assignment, than answer all the questions that are asked below. PLEASE ANSWER the questions correctly and do it in APA format. Make the answer in like two paragraphs Each paragraph around 7-9 sentences or more if needed it is up to you. Also add from the book like she asked for. I will attach the book chapter below in the box. The assignment is explained very clearly.Describe how the autonomous-self perspective is different from the relational-self perspective. How do they explain the causative factors that contribute to emotional disorders?According to Rasheed, Rasheed and Marley (2001), cognitive behavioral family therapy (CBFT) is an example of a new generation of family therapy named an “anti-model”. Describe why CBFT is considered an integrative model.Write a brief and complete answer to each question.5 points maximum per reflection question.1-point deduction for each day the assignment is submitted late.Ensure that there are no typos or grammatical errors.Citations and references (bibliography) are required, APA format.
University of California Irvine The Origins of Family Therapy Essay

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