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Business Entrepreneurs & Effective Business Model Questions

Business Entrepreneurs & Effective Business Model Questions.

There are 10 QuestionsIn your own words explain, are entrepreneurs born or made?In your own words, what is a venture capitalist?In your own words, explain three of the nine building blocks for managers to use in developing an innovative and effective business model.What is a competitive advantage? How does marketing contribute to the creation of a competitive advantageWhat is market segmentation? List the steps in the market segmentation process.Discuss several reasons why marketers continue to have a difficult time understanding, predicting, and explaining consumer behavior.In your own words, what are the characteristics of the four types of business legal entities?How does the cultural environment affect international marketing activities?Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a flat versus tall organizational structure.Explain the concept of employees as stakeholders in your own words
Business Entrepreneurs & Effective Business Model Questions

Pierce College Capital Budgeting Process Discussion Paper.

Complete discussion and 3 replies. I will send the student’s posts to reply to. Only discusiion due in 1 day. I will add time for the replies as they are not due first. Review the Capital Budgeting Flowchart. Research further on the issues regarding the capital budgeting process. Post a clear and logical response in 150 to 200 words to the following, providing specific examples to support your answers: Explain the concerns and issues regarding each of the phases of the capital budgeting process.Identify what limitations, concerns, or problems could be associated with this method of analysis within each phase.After reviewing the flowchart, discuss what problem areas you see in the process. Be sure to discuss which phase(s) this is in.Suggest changes to streamline the process. Be sure to specify which phase(s) and how you want to change it. Note. Initial answers to the questions are due by 11:59 p.m. (Eastern time) on Thursday. Respond to at least 3 students discussing how your approach differs from your classmates and why.
Pierce College Capital Budgeting Process Discussion Paper

Use R-studio to answer questions ( Hypothesis Testing with t-test and ANOVA).

Need know how to use R-stuidoWater is the most important resource that sustains our health and lifestyles. Maintaining clean water is crucial for our own purposes, which are deeply connected with those of the aquatic ecosystems from which it comes.The quality of water can be influenced by many factors in the Region of Niagara including agricultural, municipal and industrial.Monitoring the impacts of such operations on water quality is a major priority as it has direct influence on our health and that of downstream ecosystems. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) has been monitoring the quality of stream water throughout the Region since 2006.They have the water tested for a suite of water chemistry parameters including E. coli (Escherichia coli), which is a type of bacteria that originates from the intestines of animals and humans.It can make its way to streams and river in runoff, especially during heavy rainfalls after which farmers have sprayed manure on their fields.It can also make its way from leaky sewage and septic systems.Lab Objectives: The NPCA has asked us to do a robust analysis of water quality along the 12-mile Creek watershed.The R script template provided shows you how to do the long-form analysis for only the headwater (upstream) sites.You will have to restructure this to complete the rest of the analysis.As this is important ‘real’ data, the best reports and associated student information will be sent onto NPCA manager Joshua Diamond. You will be comparing E. coli concentrations among multiple locations within the 12-mile Creek watershed, which is regarded as having the cleanest water in Niagara owing to the natural conservation of Shorthills Provincial Park.You have been provided with a map from NPCA as well as E. coli data from nine sampling sites across the 12-mile creek watershed.These sites are referred to as TW001 to TW009 (refer to map and map generated within first part of R script). Data: The E. coli data collected by Mr. Joshua Diamond and others at the NPCA is real data. Mr. Diamond and his colleagues perform Monthly grab water sampling throughout the Region, which are analysed by the Ministry of the Environment laboratory through the Provincial Water Quality Monitoring Network. While there are many parameters, you will only work with E. coli data, which has the units cfu/100 ml. CFU stands for colony-forming unit, which represents the number of bacteria cells in a sample, in this case, a 100 ml sample. From a environmental standards perspecFve the Provincial Water Quality ObjecFve。
Use R-studio to answer questions ( Hypothesis Testing with t-test and ANOVA)

ECON 2370 University of Houston Economic Data Analysis Excel Worksheet.

Out of 100 points.Turn in one pdf file. Other file formats will not be accepted.Answer all questions inside this document and in the same order. Questions answered out of order will not be graded. All questions should appear in the homework.Copy&Paste Excel tables/graphs below each question. You will need to delete blank lines as you do this. Be careful not to delete any questions or change the format of the number list.There is a penalty for up to 10 points for not following any of the instructions above.1.Given that z is a standard normal random variable, compute the following probabilities. (Draw the graph in a paper with numbers going from -3 to +3. No need to draw it here for credit. But do it for your own learnig.)a.P(0 ≤ z ≤ .83)b.P(-1.57 ≤ z ≤ 0)c.P(z > 0.44)d.P(z > 0.23)e.P(z < 1.20)P(z ≤ 0.71)2.Given that z is a standard normal random variable, find z for each situation. (Draw the graph in a paper with numbers going from -3 to +3. No need to draw it here for credit. But do it for your own learning.)a.The area to the left of z is 0.025b.The area to the right of z is 0.975.c.The area to the right of z is 0.025.The area to the left of z is .6700.What is the first quartile (the 25% percentile) of X?3.Suppose X it a normally distributed random variable with mean of 328 and standard deviation of 92.a.What is the z-score of X=500?b.What is the z-score of X=250?
4.In an article about the cost of health care, Money magazine reported that a visit to a hospital emergency room for something as simple as a sore throat has a mean cost of $328 (Money, January 2009). Assume that the cost for this type of hospital emergency room visit is normally distributed with a standard deviation of $92. Answer the following questions about the cost of a hospital emergency room visit for this medical service.a.What is the probability that the cost will be more than $500?b.What is the probability that the cost will be less than $250?c.What is the probability that the cost will be between $300 and $400?If the cost to a patient is in the lower 8% of charges the cost of this patient’s emergency room visits?
ECON 2370 University of Houston Economic Data Analysis Excel Worksheet

Cloud Architecture and System Administration Essay

Cloud Architecture and System Administration Essay.

Part 1A. You are a software engineer for a small company. The company runs several small services, such as a website, a blog, and an internal Web application for order management. Your boss wants to move to the cloud but is not sure what provider would be best. Based upon your reading and exploration of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft® Azure, write 2 paragraphs each in an APA paper that addresses the following:1. Describe what steps would be needed to get started on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.2. Compare the differences in terminology encountered when creating a Linux server on each cloud provider.3. Recommend one cloud provider over the other. Backup your recommendation with appropriate reasoning, including opinion on the experience and available components.B. The position of a System Administrator can be very complex depending on the work environment. An administrator must constantly maintain the system, but also must be cognizant of the users and the group environment in which they work. Over time, system professionals become aware and implement best practices to demonstrate professionalism in a variety of situations.Do some research on best practices for a System Administrator in the library or on the Internet. You can also use your own best practices if you have been working in IT. In a minimum 2-page paper, provide and explain three best practices in each of the following areas of a System Administrator’s role:The ability to focus on multiple tasksThe ability to meet deadlinesThe ability to utilize system users’ feedback to improve system performanceThe ability to balance the quality of work against meeting deadlinesThe ability to acknowledge mistakes and correct errorsPart 2A. Write a 2-paragraph summary on using traditional storage over VHD or vice versa. Include the pros/cons and features relevant to its use on a current version of Windows Server operating system.B. Write a 2-paragraph summary on the basics and use of storage pools in Windows Server 2016 for virtual machines. Detail the benefits and or limitations of its use compared to a method without use of storage pools.
Cloud Architecture and System Administration Essay

University of Arizona Probability Statistics Questions

online assignment help University of Arizona Probability Statistics Questions.

Attached is the template you will need to follow to do the assignment. Also attached is the solutions to the template. You just have to figure out how they got the solution. Questions are also below. Thank you!5) In October 2012, Apple introduced a much smaller variant of the Apple iPad, known as the
iPad Mini. Weighing less than 11 ounces, it was about 50% lighter than the standard iPad.
Battery tests for the iPad Mini showed a mean life of 10.25 hours (The Wall Street Jour-
nal, October 31, 2012). Assume that battery life of the iPad Mini is uniformly distributed
between 8.5 and 12 hours.

Give a mathematical expression for the probability density function of battery life.

What is the probability that the battery life for an iPad Mini will be 10 hours or less?

What is the probability that the battery life for an iPad Mini will be at least 11 hours?

What is the probability that the battery life for an iPad Mini will be between 9.5 and
11.5 hours?

In a shipment of 100 iPad Minis, how many should have a battery life of at least
9 hours?
University of Arizona Probability Statistics Questions

Report on Local Acts New Information System Report

Explanation of SDLC Steps Required for Developing the System Preliminary analysis The scope of organization is to ensure successful coordination between the managers at all levels and minimize the cases of the delays of the event preparation and completion. The problem lies in overloaded e-mails and indirect transfer of information between the managers, which decreases the reliability and efficiency of the system. Using online self-service venue booking system can allow all the managers to view the booking arrangements, as well as all information attached. The book manager, along with the venue managers and facility managers should made corrections to the events and introduce all possible updates, which can be viewed by others. In order to introduce this system, it is necessary to prescribe new instructions for all the employees. Specifically, each employee participating in the event should have an access to the database to track the updates and carry out the assigned duties. Similar approaches will be presented to introduce online sales for advertising packages. The only difference is that they will be available for the top managers and the clients who will receive a specific identification code to view the variants and choose the most appropriate one. Design The database will have different request forms where all the duties and systematic instructions will be posted for each employee to be aware of their responsibilities. The system design will include a set of information system on one website. The access to each department (booking, payment, venue preparation, ordering, and facilities arrangement) will be available to each employee in accordance to the responsibilities he/she performs. For instance, the Booking Manager will have an access to all the items, the Venue Manager can access venue preparation, ordering, and facilities arrangement. All these issues will be regularly updated so that each manager should keep track of those changes. The Facility Manager will have facilities arrangement and venue preparation at his/her disposal. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As soon as the project is put into effect, the manager can view all the details of the preparation. Finally, each employee can view the request forms with regard to the project. Their names and surnames, along with other important information, will be attached to specific project data. Implementation An important part of program implementation is test data generation. This procession implies creating a set of information for testing the efficiency and adequacy of software applications. To carry out the test, it purposeful to fill out the order request in accordance with the above-presented categories to check whether all updates and processes can be viewed and analyzed by other departments. The second step will be introducing a path model composed of three steps – software control flaw chart construction, path choice, and test data generation. Competitive Advantage Introducing a new information system will significantly improve the internal information flow and the will regulate the coordinate both at virtual and horizontal levels. In this respect, employees can report to top managers online and inform them about the shifts and processes they accomplish. The manager can access the results and introduce the corresponding changes. In such a manner, it is possible to foster time management approaches and significantly facilitate the overall process of order arrangements. Because automated steps deprive the managers of certain steps of operation, they can be more concentrated on the project accomplishment. Moreover, online availability of the project can attract more clients and increase the number of orders. As a result, the director of the agency will receive maximum benefits will reduce the amount of employees needed for the venture. This is also a great possibility to expand the number of the venues and introduce more services. We will write a custom Report on Report on Local Acts New Information System specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Possible Effects of Project Failure In order to identify the possible pitfall of the information system work, it is necessary to split all the steps of implementation into smaller components. It will help define the degree of failure and damage that might occur if the software fails. For instance, the first level will include the actual information data posed online. In case the system is arranged according to the principle of cloud of computing, the threats of invasion will be minimized. However, if there is a possibility of breaking the system. All information preserved on the online self-service system will be lost. However, similar outcomes can occur to the old system of e-mail exchange. In this respect, the system should have additional hardware preserving all information. This electronic storage should be updated at least once a week to be able to preserve as much information as possible. If the failure occurs to the second level of the information processing, namely the input and output of information between employees and their top managers, there will be a high probability of the event preparation failure. As a result, the calculation can lead to the loss of money and reduction of revenues. Besides, it can negatively contribute to the organization culture, as well as the policy of employee retention. Second, insufficient training of employees can lead to the misinformation and late delivery of the final projects, which can also minimize the chances for success.

Oregon State University Create Private Data with My Code Python Task

Oregon State University Create Private Data with My Code Python Task.

Code is provided. Please look over to see how we can add private attributesCurrently receiving an error message for being public.Write a class named Employee that has private data members for an employee’s name, ID_number, salary, and email_address.It should have an init method that takes four values and uses them to initialize the data members. It should have get methods named get_name, get_ID_number, get_salary, and get_email_address.Write a separate function (not part of the Employee class) named make_employee_dict that takes as parameters a list of names, a list of ID numbers, a list of salaries and a list of email addresses (which are all the same length). The function should take the first value of each list and use them to create an Employee object. It should do the same with the second value of each list, etc. to the end of the lists. As it creates these objects, it should add them to a dictionary, where the key is the ID number and the value for that key is the whole Employee object. The function should return the resulting dictionary.For example, it could be used like this:emp_names = [“Jean”, “Kat”, “Pomona”]
emp_ids = [“100”, “101”, “102”]
emp_sals = [30, 35, 28]
emp_emails = [“[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”]
result = make_employee_dict(emp_names, emp_ids, emp_sals, emp_emails)
Remember in your testing that printing an object of a user-defined class will just print out the object’s type and address in memory. If you want to print the values of its data members, you need to call its get functions, as shown in the print statement above.The file must be named: make_employee_dict.pymy code: class Employee: def __init__(self, emp_names, emp_ids, emp_sals, emp_emails): self.emp_names = emp_names self.emp_ids = emp_ids self.emp_sals = emp_sals self.emp_emails = emp_emails def get_name(self): return self.emp_names def get_ID_number(self): return self.emp_ids def get_salary(self): return self.emp_sals def get_email_address(self): return self.emp_emailsdef make_employee_dict(emp_names, emp_ids, emp_sals, emp_emails): result = {} for i in range(len(emp_names)): employees = Employee(emp_names[i], emp_ids[i], emp_sals[i], emp_emails[i]) result[emp_ids[i]] = employees return result
Oregon State University Create Private Data with My Code Python Task