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Business development

Write an executive summary and  2.5 – 3 page paper(max 3 pages)—APA style–with a minimum of 3 outside references(other than the course text).  Focus your efforts on providing an overview and description of the topic, how the topic is related to course material, and how the topic fits into economic analysis(importance). Objectives of the assignment:Extend, enhance, expand topic covered in textProvide experience in researching a topicUse current literatureEncourage use of outside sources to understand topicDevelop professional presentation of the informationFinal deliverables:Executive summaryPaper—2.5 to 3 page paperMinimum 3 outside referencesChapter 1: An overview of engineering economic analysis; Chapter 2: Time value of money calculations; Chapter 3: Equivalence, loans, and bonds; Chapter 4: Present worth; Chapter 5: Annual worth and Future worth; Chapter 6: Rate of return.

Income inequality

Income inequality.

Income inequality Description Income inequality Due December 10, 2018. 4 – 7 pages typed (1,000 – 1,750 words), double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins a minimum of 3 scholarly sources that are no older than 1990 (a scholarly source is one that has a well-developed list of references, is published in a credible journal or by a credible publisher and has been peer reviewed). Having narrowed your topic and gathered sources, it is appropriate to begin the writing phase. Your paper should have the following qualities: 1 An APA cover/title page. 2 A research question that guides the logic of the paper. 3 A well-developed thesis claim. 4 Source support and evidence. 5 In-text citations giving credit to the scholars you are pulling from. 6 A bibliography properly citing all sources you have used.

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Mississippi Accountability Standard

Business development Mississippi Accountability Standard.

Description Review the 2018 Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards attached (if you work in an area state, review the standards for your state). Review the Process Standards portion of the manual (starting on page 15). Identify one Operational and one Instructional Standard you were NOT familiar with. How does awareness of the standards impact your thinking as a practicing or future educational leader.

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create a personal vision

Any entrepreneur who is starting their business is taking a journey into the unknown. The path feels dimly lit, each step forward seems to be accompanied by two steps backward and the sharks are circling, waiting to devour you. This course is designed to shed some light on the path, cut down on the missteps and take some of the fear out of the process.
The course is not a cookbook that explains step-by-step how to start a successful business. No such book exists. Every new venture is unique and will bring a continuous stream of new challenges. Being successful will result from overcoming those challenges. This course provides resources to bring clarity to many of those issues faced in the startup of your venture and a foundation for researching the new issues of the future.
The course was developed with the belief that learning to ask great questions is far more important than regurgitating standard answers. You are responsible for your learning to ask those questions which will lead to your personal success.
The first lesson asks you to make a realistic assessment of yourself. Is this for you?
When you successfully complete this lesson, you will be able to:
Evaluate reasons for starting a business.
Identify your emotional suitability for starting and running a business.
Explain the attitude, skills and training for running the business.
Explain the time and emotional commitment for starting the business.
Record your observations and lessons learned in a personal journal.
Prepare a Personal Vision Statement.
These objectives reflect the important concepts of this lesson and should be used to guide your studies and your preparation for the Business Plan.
1. As you do these exercises record what you have observed and learned in a journal making notes for your future reference.
2. Take the following exercise to help you evaluate your emotional suitability to be an entrepreneur.
Should you start a business?
3. Watch the following video by Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, shares the unconventional principles that helped him create unique results in life and business. This 30 minute presentation may be one of the best investments in yourself and your business. Principle
4.. Review the following U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Website resources:
About the SBA
Is Entrepreneurship For You?
Write Your Business Plan
5. Watch the following YouTube videos:
Don’t Follow Your Passion
Mark Cuban Interview: Mark Cuban’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@mcuban)
Marcus Lemonis’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@marcuslemonis)
John C. Maxwell’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@JohnCMaxwell)
SELF DISCIPLINE Techniques – 5 Ways to conquer yourself – #BelieveLife
6. Watch the following TED talks:
Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self
Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers
Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams
Roselinde Torres: What it take to be a great leader
Bill Gross: The single biggest reason startups succeed
Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree
Dan Ariely: Are we in control of our own decisions?
7. Conduct and document additional research that you consider necessary to prepare the vision statement.

Throughout this course, you will be given assignments designed to help you plan a successful business start-up. For your first assignment, you will create a personal vision. This is an opportunity to examine what is important to you and to articulate the type of life that will bring you satisfaction.
Answer the following self-evaluation questions:
Why do you want to start your company?
What kind of business do you want to start?
Are you emotionally suited to start and run your own business?
Are you financially prepared to start my own business?
Are you willing to invest the time and energy it takes to succeed?
What skills of training will you need? Do you have them or will you need to take special training?
Do you have what it takes?
What is your biggest fear in starting a business?
It is not unusual to discover that some of your goals conflict with each other. In this case, you can determine priorities or compromise between the conflicting goals. Ultimately, the outcome should reflect how you want to live your life.
Write a robust Personal Vision Statement that expresses how you see yourself based on the self-evaluation. Some Ideas to include in the vision statement follow below. APA format is required.
Are you emotionally suited to start and run your own business?
What are your passions and skills how do they fit in your venture plans? Does it fit with Mike Wroe’s advice?
What are your top 10 keys to success? Explain.
What are the top 5 reasons you will fail? Explain.
Of the TED talk speakers, who would you most like to spend an afternoon with and why? What would you hope to learn from that time?
You are not limited to these ideas and should include any points you consider significant. It is your vision for your venture!
You must cite at least five separate sources from the online course material, For example:
In John Maxwell’s story about the mountain climbers, I identify with the ones who press on even if it is the less comfortable choice. I would be pushing the guide to start and would never want to stay in the lodge. What that tells about me is I do not want to waste the opportunity when it presents itself.
Use APA format. This assignment will require around a 1000 words.