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BUS 692 AU Technology and Training Systems Discussion

BUS 692 AU Technology and Training Systems Discussion.

Write a 1000-1200 word paper:Describe the results of your assessment of the technology requirements relevant to employee productivity, staffing systems, career development systems, and training systems deployed by the organization to manage and increase competency and productivity of employees.Propose suggestions for improving the technology requirements relevant to employee productivity, staffing systems, career development systems, and training systems deployed by the organization to manage and increase competency and productivity of employees.In addition to the requirements above, your paper:Must be double-spaced and 12 point fontMust be formatted according to APA styleMust include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statementMust conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraphMust reference two scholarly resourcesMust include a reference page written in APA format.
BUS 692 AU Technology and Training Systems Discussion

Table of Contents Description of the Company Competitive Advantages SWOT References Description of the Company The history of Evian begins in 1789. At that time, the Marquis of Lessert went through Cachat and tried water from the Saint Catherine spring (“An extraordinary saga of health and lifestyles,” n.d.). After trying the water, the Marquis stated that it cured his illnesses (he had had problems with his liver and kidneys). Sixty-one years later, a public company appeared and took the name of Cachat, becoming the first French company to sell bottled water. However, the company’s first bottles of water were released only in 1878, when the French Ministry of Health re-authorized the company’s bottling license due to the approval of the Medicine Academy (“An extraordinary saga of health and lifestyles,” n.d.). At the beginning of the 20th century, Evian switched to glass bottles that were manufactured by one of the Owens-Illinois branches (“An extraordinary saga of health and lifestyles,” n.d.). The first bottles made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) appeared in 1969. In 1970, Danone (previously known as the BSN Group) acquired the company and became a full-fledged shareholder of Evian (“An extraordinary saga of health and lifestyles,” n.d.). Due to the popularity of its water, the company managed to expand, and in 1978, it made its way to the market of the United States of America. At the end of the 20th century, Evian started to produce water in bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) (“An extraordinary saga of health and lifestyles,” n.d.). Currently, the company is still owned by Danone. The Evian brand also relates to a luxury resort in France and a number of organic skincare products that are promoted by the Danone Group (“An extraordinary saga of health and lifestyles,” n.d.). Competitive Advantages The first competitive advantage of the company that is worth mentioning is trustworthiness. Evian is loyal to their principles and customers. Compared to other companies, Evian is much more respected for their straightforwardness and willingness to deliver only high-quality products, despite any complications (Gleick, 2014). The second competitive advantage of the company relates to its marketing strategy. Evian was able to turn their vision into a profitable business without misleading their customers (Gleick

The relationship of globalcast with its customers

“Globalcast was never really in contact with the ultimate customer of the supply chain but sold its product to other commercial businesses from various industries,therefore the relationship with its customers may be categorized as a ‘Business to Business (B2B)’ relationship. (Slack et al, 2007) Globalcast introduced innovation to the business. The major reason why their customers stayed with them was their overall approach towards the business. They supplied quality products to their customers,and also provided extra services. They kept in contact with their customers for a longer period of time,and helped their customers in quotations, technical advice etc.” Due to their innovative approach,Globalcast received a lot of support from their customers. It is quite evident that Globalcast took each order seriously and made its business customer oriented Also, the relationship of Globalcast with its customers advanced from short term cost-based relationship to a strategic value added relationship. Also the company understood that efficiency and on-time deliveries would ascend in the supply chain only if you monitor the discrete stages of the process,making sure that the customers enjoy certain benefits. “Globalcast made things less expensive but more efficient and passed on the cost benefits to its customers. The most important aspect of this relationship was due to word-of-mouth recommendations from its satisfied customers. These customers also approached Globalcast for any new design orders implying that Globalcast excells by supporting their customers and growing with them”. IMPACT OF THE RELATIONSHIPS ON GLOBALCAST’S GROWTH: Globalcast’s growth was driven by its relationships with its customers. “Their engagement in the pre-design stage was the reflection of their interest in the business with the customer. Following up enquiries by a quotation was their way to secure the deal. To build the basis, they made technical advise visits and by sharing the information, they made profits.By simplifying the mould disign, they were able to sell it to the customers and get rid of waste in the form of unused finished goods.” MAJOR MARKET CHANGET: The first change that took place was that many of its major customers began to move their operations to the developing economies. ” The reason behind this was to enjoy the benefits of low-cost labour, material and over head costs, and to enter the potential, profitable markets of these developing economies. The next change was the standardizing of their products globally. This was due to their expansion. They knew that to live up to the demands in the markets overseas, they had to maintain some standard designs throughout. This led to the increase in production with a decrease in the unit cost.” The “third and most improtant change in the market was when the customers started asking the suppliers to do the value addition work for the products. The reason either being the reluctance of the customers to bear additional costs or lack of the testing facilities for the moulds.” IMPACT OF THE CHANGES IN THE MARKET ON GLOBALCAST: Though “Globalcast had a good relationship with the customers, the changes in the market place were rapid and they were not be able to interpret and react to the market changes accordingly. Globalcast could have used its factories throughout Europe to respond to and adapt changes but its customers chose the rapidly developing economies, which are outside Europe. This did not help Globalcast’s business.” However, ” there was an opportunity for Globalcast to grow along with its customers and benefit from the developments in the market through partnership. According to Russell

Financial Management

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How would you define an ethical business culture? Use an example from your work history (or something you’ve read about) to illustrate what constitutes an ethical (or unethical) business culture.
A commonly cited business goal is profit maximization. Why is this not the most precise goal of financial management? Referencing a real-life example, why should a corporation not do anything and everything to maximize owners’ wealth?

Apa format needed for both questions
work cited page is mandatory for both
Questions are not in relation to one another
200 words for each questions.
Financial Management

The Arrival of Hernan Cortes

The Arrival of Hernan Cortes. Paper details   The 10 page is the sources page. It is a research paper, we need to put 2 paragraphs of evidence. Please feel free to send me an email MLA formatThe Arrival of Hernan Cortes

East Los Angeles College The Stem Cell Research Replies

East Los Angeles College The Stem Cell Research Replies.

25 + words each response1. Stem cell research is using stem cells to manipulate them to a specific cell and have it implanted on a person. One of the ways the stem cells can grow is into a brain cell, which can help in repairing neurological brain damage like alzhemer’s or dementia (Alzheimer society, 2021). A person suffering from Alzheimer disease impairs a person’s neurological and communication. A stem cell will be useful to treat Alzheimer because it can be modified in vito and has a high migratory capacity after being transplanted into the brain, which can deliver neurotrophic factors or enhance gene expression which can modify the disease’s course (Tang, 2012). When the stem cell is successfully transplanted it can go to the regions of the brain that is injured and promote regeneration of the brain cells. This benefits the individual because it can help fix their neurological and communication problems. This will also be helpful for families because Alzheimer disease can cause troublesome for individuals and families. With this, they will have to worry a little less about the individual with Alzheimer, as well as the individual will have a higher chance of remembering themselves and their family. With this, it can treat or prevent the Alzheimer complications like restlessness, bladder and bowel problems, depression, malnutrition, wandering, and infections. It would be a great thing to use to improve a person’s well being and their age progression. It will also help the families as they usually have to either care for the Alzheimer patient or have to find a care giver for their family member.2. Stem cell transplantation is esentially replacing the damages cells and putting in new healthy cells. Alzheimer’s is described as ,”. . . a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms eventually grow severe enough to interfere with daily tasks,” (What is alzheimer’s? 2021). Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that not only affects the patient but the families as well. The reasearch on stem cells is that, “Stem cells have two important properties. First, they are able to reproduce themselves many times. Second, they can produce all the different cell types needed to make a human being, for instance heart cells, skin cells, nerve cells and so on. Stem cells can grow into brain cells, and as a result, have the potential to repair brain damage caused by neurological conditions, such as dementia,” (Alzheimer’s society’s view on stem cell research 2021). I personally don’t know anyone with Alzheimer’s diease but from what i’ve learned, the slowly and progressively aren’t themselves anymore. Most reach the point where they won’t recognize their family anymore. They will need help with everything and yes they will have some good days but more days are bad. I give a lot of credit to families and to those in the healthcare field who help out with patients like these. It is a challenge so I am for stem cell research to help out those with this condition and their families.
East Los Angeles College The Stem Cell Research Replies