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BUS 430 SU Wk 10 Southwest Airlines Lean Operating Systems Discussion

BUS 430 SU Wk 10 Southwest Airlines Lean Operating Systems Discussion.

Lean Operating Systems” Please respond to the following:Compare and contrast the lean service system found within Southwest Airlines to a full-service airline such as United Airlines, British Airways, and other large carriers in terms of cabin service, boarding process, baggage handling, and service encounters.Recommend ways for the airline carriers to improve their lean operation systems in terms of speed and quality while reducing waste and costs. Explain your rationale.Lastly, respond to at least one (1) post of your peers.Below is a peers discussion post in which I’ll have to provide a response too. Casey WilsonRE: Week 10 DiscussionHello classmates and professor,Southwest airlines is a little different than other airlines. Most other airlines offer and on flight meal and drinks of choice for the customer. Southwest only offers the customer a small snack while on their flight. I think that this is a smart idea since Southwest does not have long flights so most people really do not need to eat on the plane. Southwest has one of the best policies for their ticketing system. If you cannot make your flight with Southwest, they will either reimburse you or they will let you use that money for a future ticket which is awesome because the other companies will not let you cancel or use the money for another flight. I think this is one of the main reasons why they are one of the major airlines. I do like the way the Southwest boards their passengers compared to other companies such as United airlines. They load by their alphabetical sections rather than first class first.I think that airlines could do better in many areas. They need to revamp their ticket refund and canceled flight, and delayed flight policies. If a flight is delayed several hours and it is the airlines fault, they should offer all passengers a refund or a hotel for the night so that they are not uncomfortable all night. Another thing that I believe airlines should do is offer the first bag is free like they used to do.Thank you,Casey Wilson
BUS 430 SU Wk 10 Southwest Airlines Lean Operating Systems Discussion

Health Sciences homework help. Assignment InstructionsThe Scenario:You are hired as part of a team of external Penetration Testers to work for a company with a large enterprise network. The organization that hired your team is in the retail industry and processes over 100,000 credit card transactions every day across 100 store locations. This organization has a very large network infrastructure that connects their retail stores, business offices, and company headquarters. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) would like your team to focus on their most critical systems and devices.Prior to executing the penetration test, the CISO would like to meet with the team as they are nervous about the test potentially bringing their network down. They would like to minimize impacts to their production environment and ensure that their backup systems and devices are not targeted at the same time. They want you to focus on the following: DNS servers, mail servers, web servers, database servers, firewalls, and routers.Your Team Lead would like you to develop a Test Plan for the penetration test. The Test Plan should be developed using the following outline:Sections:1.0 Introduction2.0 Overview of technical approach to conducting the test (high-level methodology)3.0 Detailed penetration testing (hacking) processNote: Section 3 should include 1) attacks you will use, 2) tools, 3) timeline (you only have one week), 4) reporting methods if major issues occur or if you identify incidents in their environment. You may make these as sub-sections if you’d like (e.g., 3.1 Attacks Used, 3.2 Tools Used, etc.)4.0 SummaryNote: This section should be short, a paragraph or two.Submission details:Your submission should be 4 to 6 pages long (not including the title page and the reference page)All sections are represented (Sections 1.0 – 4.0).Utilized correct grammar and spelling.In APA format with proper citations and references.1″ margins.In Times New Roman or Arial font, font size 12.Include and cite references as needed.Penetration Test Plan:You are facing a client who is nervous about you basically “hacking” their system, this is the scenario, and while you cannot dictate exactly what will happen once the testing actually begins you should be able to formulate a good plan of action.All you are doing here is providing your plan of action, indicating what you believe are possible good tests to complete based off of your current knowledge.ÿ Of course, as you progress with the actual testing it is possible you could remove or add to your steps.In the real world, no one is going to just give access to their network, they will want to know what you plan and to know what your backup plans are if things go wrong.This case study is just to provide you an opportunity to explain what you would do in a situation similar to this one, where a client is asking you to provide guidance and potentially solutions.ÿ You are not predicting what will happen, so much as providing courses of action.Health Sciences homework help
Rasmussen University Mr Jones Notorious Criminal Mind Case Study.

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Remember your project should include the following:A “criminal minds” individual will be your “patient” from the list below for your project.A brief history of the patient including diagnoses (documented or your thoughts if no diagnosis is recorded) and medications (if applicable). Not a lot of gory details about their crimes.Any substance abuse, addiction or violence issues surrounding this mental health problem.List appropriate nursing interventions for your chosen patient. Include sources for evidence-based practice. What might have made the difference between functional mental illness to the progression to criminal behavior.Include 3 relevant Nursing Diagnoses for your patient.The paper should use APA formatting and be at least 3 pages in length.Richard SpeckAileen WournosJeffrey DahmerJohn Wayne GaceyH. H. HolmesTed BundyJim JonesCharles CullenEarl NelsonCharles MansonGenene JonesRichart T. ChaseEd GiehnBTK Dennis RaderR. KuklinskiDC SniperBob YatesAlbert FishGrim SleeperSon of SamColumbine KillersUnabomberHarpe BrothersMenendez BrosMichael SwangoKristen GilbertHenry Lee LucasOttis TooleGary HeidnikEdmund KemperValerie SolanasMark ChapmanRodney AlcalaCharles SobhrajJohn Wayne WilsonCraig List KillersNannie DossJohn Wilkes BoothDarren Deon VannGary RidgwayLucrezia BorgiaAdam LanzaRostov RipperRichard BeasleyLisa MontgomeryMiranda BarbourAmy BishopMarie BesnardPatrick Sherrill
Rasmussen University Mr Jones Notorious Criminal Mind Case Study

Characteristics That Defines The Tropical Rainforest Geography Essay

Tropical rainforests are located some distance around the equator and it is one of the earth’s spectacular wonders. It runs from the tropic of cancer in the northern side of the equator to tropic of Capricorn in the southern part of the equator. Examples of largest known tropical rainforests are found in Brazil (South America), South East Asia, Indonesia (islands near the Indian Ocean), and Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa), and in the Caribbean Islands (Isaac and William, 2007). The largest tropical rainforest is the Amazon rainforest found in the South America and which covers almost two thirds of the United States continent (Malhi and Philips, 2000). Tropical rainforests are defined by their wet climate condition in that it receives 400 to 760 cm of rainfall each year as observed by Morecroft and Keith (pp 298). The climate consists of uninterrupted warm temperatures, high humidity and high rainfalls. Its temperatures range between 25 to 30 Degrees Celsius. This paper will look at the climate that exists in the tropical rainforest and how it affects the growth of a variety of plants in the tropical rainforest. The tropical rainforests made is made up of mostly wet seasons and its climatologic regions lie within the inter-tropical convergence zone. The different types of rainforests are categorized according to the different types of weathers they experience during the year and considering their geographical location (Osterndort et al, 2001). These rainforests includes the monsoon, subtropical and the equatorial type. The rain is experienced almost every day and it lies between 1500 to 2500mm throughout the year. The temperatures vary during the day and night in that during the day, the temperatures range between 30 to 35 degrees Celsius while during the night, the temperature drops to between 19 and 24 degrees Celsius. The type of climate experienced in the tropical rainforest is the equatorial climate and it is characterized by high relative humidity ranging from 77% to 88% and this supports a variety of plant species (Martinelli et al, pp 1107). The tropical rainforest is filled with green vegetables throughout the seasons because of the high rate of rainfall which encourages growth of trees that form canopies which provide shade to other plants and animals living in the area. The atmosphere is always humid, hot and damp due to the canopies that are formed from the trees. The rainforest provides a home to different types of animals and contains many species of plants more than any other type of vegetation areas known. Its climate has no pronounced summer and winter in that the temperature differences between the day and night is observed to be larger than the differences in temperature between summer and winter. The climatic characteristics that defines the tropical rainforest includes average daily temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius, the diurnal temperature change is between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius, the latitude comes under the doldrums low pressure belt all the year round, the rainfall is usually convection al and finally the midday sun is always near the vertical and is overhead twice a year at the equinoxes. The rainforest soils are not usually fertile and this is because the continuous rains wash away the valuable nutrients. The daily weather cycle of the tropical rainforest begins in the morning when the sun shines, heats up the ground making hot and wet air rise in the atmosphere then in the afternoon, the dark clouds brings the rain and thunderstorms in the rainforest and this cycle is repeated continuously each day resulting to an ever wet area (Lewis, 2006). The rainforest is made up four layers namely; the emergent layer, the canopy, the understory and lastly the plants that make up the forest floors. Firstly, the emergent layer consists of a small number of trees that are tall which is referred to as ‘Emergents’. The trees grow above the canopy that is has been created by the other trees and reaches to a height of about 54m. These trees are adapted to withstand strong winds and high temperatures from the direct sunlight. It is usually in habited by eagles, monkeys, bats and some butterflies. Secondly, we have the canopy layer which also consists of tall trees of height 45m maximally. The canopy is estimated to contain an almost 50% of different plant species as it has been discovered to be the densest area of biodiversity. It contains epiphytic plants which attach themselves to tree trunks and branches for support. These plants also obtain water and mineral salts from rain and debris that is collected from the other supporting plants in the canopy region (Schneider and Root, pp 710). Thirdly, we have the understory layer which is located in the region between the forest floor and the canopy. These area forms a habitat to snakes, lizards, leopards, boa constrictors, birds and other predators. The region does not receive enough sunlight due to the canopy layer above it in that approximately, the under story receives 5% of total sunlight. It is sometimes referred to as a shrub layer’. The last layer is the forest floor which is estimated to receive only 2% of sunlight. The area is characterized by low vegetations because of the relatively low sunlight penetration and only plants that are adapted to low light survive in this region. The rate of decay in plants and animal matter are sped up by the availability of warm and humid conditions. The presence of fungi also speeds up the rate of decay of plants and animals. For many years it was thought that plants in the tropical rainforest were unaffected by the equatorial climate but recent studies indicated that the warm temperatures of tropical rainforest affected the growth of a variety of plants in the region. Lewis (pp 198), stated that the drier conditions in the cloud forest could lead to extinction of some species of plants more especially the orchids. He also monitored tree growth, tropical temperatures and level of carbon dioxide released as a result of high humidity and warm climate. His researches on the matter revealed that the tropical rainforest trees gave off more carbon dioxide than they could use and this resulted to a change in the composition of forest. He also noted that the trees at times grew at a slower rate when the nights were warm. Other studies by Osterndort et al (2001) indicated that some trees grew at a faster rate when the level of carbon dioxide rose while other tree types declined in vitality. Lewis (pp 200), indicated that an increase of carbon dioxide in the tropical rainforest was the main reason for the abrupt shifts in species growth and this, he noted, could lead to serious ecological repercussions in the area experiencing these. The type of climate experienced in the tropical rainforest has made plants growing in the area to adapt themselves so that they can survive the existing conditions such as growth of bushes and canopies. Examples of such plants and how they have adapted themselves includes; lianas which have thick vines that loops around the trunk of trees to reach the top and receive sunlight. Usually their stems come in different shapes and varying length. Their life begins from the forest floor but they grow upwards depending on trees for support until they reach to the top of the tall trees. When they reach at the top, they then spread towards other lianas and trees and wound themselves tightly so that they can be in a position to resists strong winds. Another type of plant in found in the warm environment of tropical rainforest is the fern. The ferns grow in the forest floor as they are well adapted to survive on such a condition. Apart from these, we also have the epiphytes or air plants which perch themselves high on the branches as they become detached from the ground. They begin their life from the canopy from seeds taken there by wind or birds. Some of the tallest trees have buttress roots system which ensures total stability against strong wind and to increase the surface area under which they obtain their nutrients from (Morecroft and Keith, 2009). The diversity in plant species is said to be highest in the tropical rainforest region and it is the responsibility of individuals to ensure that the trees are maintained to allow growth of these trees. Tropical rainforest is reported to maintain a clear environment that is safe for human stay in that it uses up all the carbon dioxide in the air and releases a clean atmosphere. Conclusion Conclusively, it has been observed from the above that the equatorial climate in the tropical rainforest favors the growth of a variety of plant species. It is noted that the tropical rainforest is the largest ecological area that supports and gives a habitat to a diversity if plants and animals. The climatic changes have been observed by Malhi and Philips (2000), to be unchanging and are characterized by high levels of rainfall and high humidity. The climatic condition has created the emergence of different layers which contains a variety of plant species making it one of the earth’s most spectacular scenery.

All American Career College Effective Skills in Analytics Questions

essay writer free All American Career College Effective Skills in Analytics Questions.

Think about a subject that you know well or a skill you have mastered. Reflect on how you acquired this expertise. Does your learning correlate with any of the methods described in The New Science of Learning? How or how not? (at least 250 words) ———————-Try going without social media for 24 hours. Or recollect a time when you were without social media (intentionally or by accident). Explain how/why you came to be unplugged. What was it like to be unplugged? (at least 300 words)—————Many people have memorable encounters with books, movies, or other media that change their lives by influencing their values, attitudes, or major choices. Think of an example that is either from your own experience (a way you have been shaped by media) or an example you know about (someone you know or a public example). Describe the media that created the impact and the impact that it had and on whom (at least 300 words)
All American Career College Effective Skills in Analytics Questions

portfolio of Commonwealth Government bonds, accounting homework help

portfolio of Commonwealth Government bonds, accounting homework help.

a) On the 1st September 2015, you bought the following portfolio of Commonwealth Government bonds. Calculate the amount you paid for each instrument per $100 face value and thus the total for the equally weighted portfolio:  Use the yields given.F16 INDICATIVE MID RATES OF SELECTED AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SECURITIESTitleTreasury  BondsTreasury  BondsTreasury  BondsTreasury  BondsTreasury  BondsDescriptionTreasury Bond1206.00%15-­Feb-­2017Treasury Bond 1413.25%21-­Oct-­2018Treasury Bond 1245.75%15-­May-­2021Treasury Bond 1393.25%21-­Apr-­2025Treasury Bond 1443.75%21-­Apr-­2037FrequencyDailyDailyDailyDailyDailyTypeOriginalOriginalOriginalOriginalOriginalUnitsPer cent per annumPer cent per annumPer cent per annumPer cent per annumPer cent per annum01-­Sep-­20151.7901.7652.1302.6403.27531-­May-­20161.7001.6651.8202.2502.925(b)Calculate the price of the instruments if they were sold on 31st May 2016(c)Calculate the holding period yield for each instrument if you sold them on the  31st  May  2016.  Assume  the  reinvestment  rate  is  1.75% p.a.  for  the bonds.(d)What would be the holding period yield for the portfolio as a whole over the same period? Comment on your answer(e)Using a table format, manually calculate the duration and convexity for the 3.25% 21st April 2025 Treasury Bond 139 on the 21st April 2016, if the yield was 2.545%.(f)Using a spreadsheet (Excel) and its duration formula, calculate the duration for all the bonds as at 31st May 2016.(g)What is the duration for the portfolio?(h)If the portfolio had 60-­day Bank Accepted bill with a yield of 1.34%, what would be the bill’s duration?  Explain you answer.  
portfolio of Commonwealth Government bonds, accounting homework help

Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. Define in a complete and technical way the term “speech”, in the definition you must include what differentiates speech from language and communication. (You can paraphrase the definition from dictionaries or articles specialized in linguistics).,Define in a complete and technical way the term “speech”,1- Define in a complete and technical way the term “speech”, in the definition you must include what differentiates speech from language and communication. (You can paraphrase the definition from dictionaries or articles specialized in linguistics).,2- Mention an example of “speech” (the example should support your definition of speech),3- Define the term “,pragmatics,” in a complete and technical way. In the definition you must mention what this branch of linguistics is dedicated to (you can paraphrase the definition from dictionaries or specialized articles on linguistics).,4- Mention an example of “pragmatics” (the example should support your definition of pragmatics).,5- Define completely and technically the term “morphology”, in the definition you must mention what this branch of linguistics is dedicated to (you can also paraphrase the definition of dictionaries or articles specialized in linguistics).,6-Mention an example of “morphology” (the example should support your definition of morphology).,(You must include at least two references for each definition. Also, the references must be from books, articles or dictionaries that deal with these topics),More details;,What is Pragmatics?,Pragmatics is the study of how context affects meaning, such as how sentences are interpret in certain situations. Additionally, the interpretation of linguistic meaning in context. Linguistic context is discourse that precedes a sentence to be interpret and situational context is knowledge about the world. In the following sentences, the kids have eaten already and surprisingly. They are hungry, the linguistic context helps to interpret the second sentence depending on what the first sentence says. The situational context helps to interpret the second sentence because it is common knowledge that humans are not usually hungry after eating.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Mathematics homework help