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BUS 3161 Stanford University Leadership Identity and Influence Discussion

BUS 3161 Stanford University Leadership Identity and Influence Discussion.

Carlos and Multi-Domain Leadership – FINAL EXAMInstructions:Your overall grade for the case analysis is based upon your your application of strategic thinking, overall comprehension of the problem set, and how the content is tied back to classroom topics. You EARN points by taking a holistic view of the problem set using ALL of the content from the semester. The MORE ties to applicable course content, the HIGHER your grade.The purpose of the analysis is to identify the problem(s) and propose solution(s) using readings and lectures from the coursework to make your case. Use the frameworks and readings we’ve covered in class to justify your recommendation.The PPT guide will walk you through the different areas you should address.(Attachment #1) please read carefully of the PPT, it contains all details and requirement for this assignment.Learning Objective(s):Case studies give unique insight into different leadership approaches and leadership in context. This case was chosen to highlight how leaders can enact specific behaviors to create high performing organizations. Case studies give contemporary examples of experienced leadership. These real-world challenges and problems serve as excellent learning tools. Case is also attached below.(Attachment #2)
BUS 3161 Stanford University Leadership Identity and Influence Discussion

800 word paper on Web Censoring Methods or Web Censoring Methods – APA format. Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

Your choice of 2 options -Web Censoring Methods or Web Censoring Methods Must be in APA format

Requirements –
The essay option requires a minimum of 800 words and no more than 1000 words of content. Include APA standards for style, citations, references, and format. Be sure to include a title page with your name and the name of the essay. Please refer to our APA Manual or visit the Purdue Owl website at: for assistance with APA formatting and style guidelines.
Whether you choose the video option or the essay option, you must use at least four (4) sources from professional websites or scholarly journals. Some examples include,,, and You may not use Wikipedia,, or other related dictionary sites. All sources must be cited within the text or mentioned within the video presentation according to APA guidelines and must appear at the end of your essay on a separate Reference List page or on the last page of your Power Point presentation.
Answer ONE of the analysis options below.

Option 1: Web Censoring Methods

Analyze the technical methods governments use to censor (such as censorware) and filter Web sites.
Pick 2 different countries and analyze the government’s success with web censoring. Why or why is it not successful?
Do you personally feel governments should place controls on their citizen’s use of certain Web sites? Why or why not?

Options 2: International Cybercrime

Research a recent article on international cybercrime (such as Eastern European Net gangs blackmailing sites, or International Nigerian 411 scams, etc). Summarize the main points of the article.
Have countries been able to put a dent in this type of international cybercrime, or is it out-of-control?
Why is it difficult to control?
If you were a security manager, what are some of the technical and legal methods you could use to mitigate this type of crime?

800 word paper on Web Censoring Methods or Web Censoring Methods – APA format

Environmental Scan Of The Airline Industry Tourism Essay. We have defined our relevant market for Flydubai as a low cost carrier within the product form level. Being positioned as a low cost national airline carrier, it’s facing a high competition from other national airlines which force the relevant market to be within the product form. (For more information on the relevant market please refer to appendix 2). This paper will focus on presenting an environmental scan of the airline industry within the Middle East region during the time frame of 3 years (2009-2012). In order to do so, we will identify the significant trends and their consequent implications on Flydubai relevant market. This report will include an in depth review of the macro, micro analysis and its implications of Flydubai relevant market in the next three years. Body: In identifying the major key trends in the macro environment of Flydubai, we have addressed several issues that include the political, social and economical trends. Flydubai was established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Vice-President, and Ruler of Dubai orders in march 2008 and started its operation in its first flight to Lebanon on June 1st 2009.Being fully owned by Dubai government and enjoy the full facilities offered in terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport, the company is having a competitive advantage compared to its rivals in the market as it enjoy the full government support and airport services. Furthermore, the current government trend in the labor force is towards emiratization and protecting labors rights. Being a part of the Fly Emirates Group, the organization will face no problem in emiratization as it will follow Fly Emirates emiratization strategy. The major challenge that Flydubai will face is being able to offer high paid jobs and reduce its operational costs as it is considered a low cost airline company. Living in the current financial crises era, Flydubai was established in one of the most difficult time the country economy had faced in the last 25 years. “Falling oil prices, cooling real estate and construction markets, together with a slowdown in the tourism sector, especially in Dubai, means the UAE is expected to post low or possibly negative GDP growth in 2009”, according to analysts (Arabian Business, 2009). This information may be considered negative to many airline companies but it may be positive to a low cost airline like Flydubai as people are now focusing more in reducing their expenses as the incomes are reduced. This means their tendency of consumers focusing more on prices is increasing. Furthermore, consumer behavior is changing towards low cost airlines especially in the Middle East region as consumers are persuaded by low prices and a better service offered by low cost airlines. According to a study done by Arabian Business website, it was found that 83 percent of the respondents would switch their preferred airline carrier, for a cheaper price, while 17.6 percent believed they would consider alternatives and trade off between the discount and lost air miles. It can thus be inferred that pricing plays a significant role in consumer behaviour and the decision making process especially in the current economic downturn era (Glass, 2008). According to Dubai department of Tourism and commerce marketing “3.85 million tourists had visited the emirate in the first half of 2009, a five percent increase on the same period of 2008”. This figure strongly shows the current tourism industry market and how attractive it became even though of the current economical downturn. Other figures expect that the number of tourists will fall compared to 2008 figures but most figures have stated that there will be a positive growth in 2010. This figure shows that Flydubai will see a future growth rates in the coming 3 years as terrorism sector restore its high figures after overcoming the current downturn. As observed by Andrew Cowen, CEO of SAMA Airlines, the market is shifting from the traditional major airlines business travel towards low cost carriers for trips within the GCC. Business travelers are changing their perception of low cost carriers, supported by the current economic downturn and the increase number of foreign businesses within GCC countries entering the UAE. This shows a trend of an increasing demand for low cost carriers in the next three years (High time for low cost carriers, 2008). (For in depth information on the analysis of the macro environment of the airline industry please refer to Appendix 3) In identifying the major key trends in the micro environment the following aspects that includes, Customers, Employees, media, shareholders, competitors and suppliers. Customers who are price conscious are concerned with low cost airlines. Flydubai has focused on pricing strategy and flexibility because these two factors play a big role in determining the customer’s decision process on which airlines they choose to travel with. Moreover, the number of tourist from around the world including the region will grow more than 40% in the next 3 years in Dubai ( This shows that there will be increased number of customers who will use Flydubai airlines within the next three years due its successful use of pricing strategy and flexibility. The Employees of Flydubai have good experiences and they were carefully selected from twelve different nationalities. According to Kenneth Gile, chief operating officer of Flydubai said: “We are extremely pleased with the talent of the pilots we have on board. On average, they each have more than 4,000 hours serving as captain in similar aircraft and a total experience of more than 8,000 flying hours – this is impressive by any standard” (Sambidge, 2009). Flydubai is fully owned by the government of Dubai and its considered as a part of its mother company the Emirates Group. The main strategy that Flydubai is willing to use for their marketing strategy is through word of mouth (buzz). This is because Flydubai is a low cost airline; they tend to set low budgets for their advertisements to keep their prices low. The direct competitors of Flydubai are Air Arabia and Al Jazeerah airlines because these two airlines are also low cost airlines in the same country as Flydubai. However, the major competitor of Flydubai is Air Arabia because, first of all, they are the first to claim about low cost airlines in the Middle East region. Moreover, they hold the highest market share in the relevant market as identified before. Our market share comparing to those two carries are low because Flydubai just recently launched to the market. But, within the next three years we expect rapid growth in the market share because Dubai is a destination for tourists. The major indirect competitor is Fly Emirates which stands as the leader in airline industry in the relevant market and it will keep its performance in the next three years. The second indirect competitor is Etihad Airlines which is growing fast because of the unlimited support from Abu Dhabi government. In addition, those airline carriers make low price offers for the same destination that we have flight lines to. The supplier of Flydubai is Boeing. Flydubai announced an order of 50 next generation 737 aircraft from Boeing. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum said: “The Boeing Next-Generation 737 is ideally suited to our mission to bring some two billion regional inhabitants affordable, efficient and flexible travel options to and from Dubai.”(For more information on the micro environment analysis, please refer to Appendix 4). Implications: Primary demand: Low cost airlines are focusing on customers who are price conscious. The number of customers using the LCC airlines is increasing and it will continue growing in the next three years ( This is because, first of all, the percentage of tourists will increase by 40% within the next three years which shows that the market share of LCC will increase as well. Secondly, because of the economic condition, many people tend to save money and spend it on low cost airlines to travel more to the desired destinations. Users of Low cost airlines contain all different ages and nationalities. Moreover, cost is one of the main factors that affect customer’s ability to buy. The costs of these carriers are low and will continue to remain low in the next three years. This will increase customer’s ability and willingness to buy. Selective demand We can define the consumer decision making process as an extensive problem solving level, where they are introduced to a complete new brand with low brand knowledge. So, Flydubai should infusive more on their brand identity through the media and other communication types in order to enrich consumer’s knowledge. Once Flydubai had increased the level of consumer knowledge, we expect huge increase in market share in the next three years because the decision making process is going to shift from extensive problem solving to routine which is low information search about the company. Therefore, we expect major change within the next three year upon the factors we mentioned above. Segmentation: As for segmentation we expect to see a rise in the population of the UAE in the following 3 years. According to the electronic portal of Gulf News the population of UAE is approaching six million as of now and it is expected to escalate even further by the end of this year. An increase in construction in the coming years requires more labor to be imported from foreign countries, thus increasing the number of potential customers (low income and middle-class lifestyles) who might want to use our services. Moreover, economic boom can also be a factor for businessmen to travel to and from Dubai more frequently. In addition, the number of students travelling to the UAE for education is expected to increase in the near future; this implies that they will most probably select Flydubai as their primary mode of transport to travel to and from the UAE, since the economic condition shows very little signs of improvement in the near future. More tourists are expected to arrive in the UAE within the near future out of which a section of them are extremely price sensitive travelers. Another scenario would be that the current economic downturn continues to effect economies world-wide within the coming three years increasing the number of price-sensitive customers in the eight markets we operate in. To keep up with the projected demand, Flydubai is planning to increase its fleet size from 5 (currently) to 54 aircrafts in the coming years. An increase in fleet size would allow Flydubai not only to accommodate a large number of clients but also expand its reach in terms of destinations. Conversely, the announcement of the new GCC rail network which is the new transportation class in our relevant market is expected to have a slight negative effect on Flydubai’s operations in terms of loosing clients that fall in our target segmentation. The GCC rail network and Flydubai have one common destination which is Qatar. Once the GCC rail network begins its operations there is a high possibility of losing out on our current and potential clients. (For more information on segmentation please refer to appendix 5). Competitor analysis Our major competitive in our relative market is Air Arabia and then Al Jazeera Airlines. Air Arabia is holding major market share because they are the first to claim about launching first low cost airlines in Middle East region. However, Flydubai can compete with those two direct competitors when we focus on our competitive advantage which is price leadership. Also, location is another important factor due the number of travelers that are using Dubai Airport comparing to Sharjah Airport. In addition, being part of the Emirates Group will add more value to Flydubai brand equity which will make it easier to make customers shift toward our company within the next three years. (For more information on competitor analysis, please refer to Appendix 6) Conclusion: In conclusion after analyzing the environmental micro and macro trend for Flydubai, we observed that there are two major changes in our relevant market. First, the increase of the tourism level in Dubai as we expect the current economic downturn era to change its direction towards positive figures in the next three years. Also, the companies’ holders and businessmen attitude towards low cost airlines is changing by using it as these airlines are providing business men services aboard such a business class and wireless internet connection. The number of competitors within the low cost airline industry is going to increase in the coming years as new airlines such as Bahrain Airlines starts its operation this year. Secondly, full service airlines are expanding their market towards low cost airline by introducing low price tickets that attract price sensitive consumers. We expect that within the next ten years a new class level will enter the market in the GCC region which is trains transportation. Also, a new form level will emerge in the relevant market which is a combination between full services and low cost carriers. Finally, within the next three years we expect those changes in the relevant market to be reshaped affecting the primary and selective demand. Bibliography (2009, October 18). Flydubai airline. Retrieved from McKechnie, D, Grant, J,Environmental Scan Of The Airline Industry Tourism Essay
Liver Function Tests And Bilirubin Biology Essay. The human body is made up of various organs and one of the most important homeostatic organs is the liver. However, despite its very active role, is mostly underemphasised and although most of its functions are not as regulatory as the brain, the liver is involved in important processes. These include biochemical, excretory and synthetic functions, therefore, to detect deviations in its function, several tests must be carried out. These test are referred to as ”Liver function tests”. They provide clues on the liver function and help to evaluate the level or amount of liver damage. Hence, they are used in the diagnosis of liver disease. And since early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention plays a large role in the treatment of liver diseases, liver function tests are important. Liver function tests The liver is the largest visceral organ in the body. It weighs about 1.3kg (3lb) in an adult (patho book ref). It has about 500 individual functions. To ensure that the liver continues to carry out these functions, there are several tests which are carried out on the liver when investigating a patient with liver disease. These tests are carried out on the bllod, each of them checking the amounts or levels of various constituents in the blood. Liver function tests include tests depict cholestasis (alkaline phosphatase, gamma glutamyl transpeptidase), tests reflecting the synthetic function of the liver tests (albumin and prothrombin time),tests portraying excretion (bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase) and tests monitoring the amount of cell damage or liver injury (Aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase). Bilirubin This is a yellow compound or pigment formed by the breakdown of haemoglobin. This originates from the breakdown of worn out, old or damaged red blood cells. The senescent blood cells are taken up and destroyed macrophages (Kupffer cells) of the phagocytic system (which are located primarily in the spleen and in the liver. During the breakdown of haemoglobin into heme and globin, the globin is further degraded to form new proteins and the heme part forms bilverdin. In the Kupffer cells, the bilverdin is converted to bilirubin by the use of enzymes. The bilirubin is then released into the plasma where it binds to albumin and becomes an unconjugated bilirubin. The unconjugated or free bilirubin enters the hepatocytes and after mixing with glucuronic acid, it becomes a conjugated bilirubin. This conjugated bilirubin is water soluble and hence, soluble in bile, therefore if the outflow of bile is interrupted, conjugated bilirubin will affect the colour of the urine, it becomes darker. Conjugated bilirubin enters into the small intestines through the bile ducts and there, it is deconjugated into urobilinogen by bacteria. The urobilinogin formed could either be reabsorbed into circulation by the hepatic portal vein into the liver to be re-excreted into the bile or excreted in faeces. This process is known as the enterohepatic circulation. The urobilinogen excreted in faeces or urine is oxidized to urobilin which is responsible for the colour of faeces. There are two tests which are carried out for bilirubin. They are direct-reacting (which is carried out for conjugated bilirubin) and indirect-reacting (which is carried out for unconjugated bilirubin). Various conditions can lead to an elevation in the amount of bilirubin in the blood, such as blockage of the bile ducts, excess production of bilirubin, reduced conjugation, reduced secretion and reduced uptake by the liver. Increased levels of indirect bilirubin are usually caused by liver cell disorder. An example is in hepatitis where the damaged biliary excretion leads to the presence of excess faecal urobilinogen in the urine. This gives the urine a darker colour and can be used as an indication of early cell injury. And an increase of direct bilirubin characteristically results from an obstruction which could either be located within or outside the liver (e.g. a blockage in the bile ducts or gallstones). When the bile duct is obstructed, the concentration of urinary urobilinogen reduces because the stoppage in the excretion of bile into the gut does not lead to synthesis of the faecal urobilinogen. Albumin. Albumin is a major protein which is synthesised by the liver cells and secreted into the blood. The capacity of the synthetic function of the liver can be measured with the use of albumin. The serum albumin test, therefore, is carried out in order to measure the amount of protein in the serum. Albumin has a comparatively long half life of twenty one days, therefore, liver damage must persist (be long term) before reduced levels of serum can be noticed. Inability to maintain the serum levels between the reference value of 35- 50 g/L leads to a low reading of albumin, referred to as hypoalbuminaemia, which signifies impending liver failure. Apart from liver failure, there are other conditions which can result in low serum albumin. Examples include urinary loss, hypercatabolism and also severe malnutrition. Alkaline Phosphatase: Alkaline phosphatase is an isoenzyme which is present in the liver canalicular plasma membrane of hepatocytes, in the placenta, intestine and in the bone for bone building. The normal amount of alkaline phosphates is less 100 IU/L. Increase in alkaline phosphatase is mostly due to increase in enzyme production in areas close to an obstruction and also due to the molecular weight of the biliary isoenzyme. This can be detected with the used of serum electrophoresis. Increase in alkaline phosphatase can be caused by disorders such as cholestasis within the liver (intrahepatic) or outside the live (extrahepatic), space occupying lesions (such as abscesses, cysts and tumours) and hepatitis. During pregnancy, the isoenzyme located in the placenta is released and the isoenzyme in the bone is also released in children and adolescents during growth. These are known as physiological increases in serum alkaline phosphatase. In disorders such as rickets, the serum alkaline phosphatase level is increased. This type of increase is called a pathological increase. And although bilirubin levels increase alongside alkaline phosphatase levels, sometimes the bilirubin value can remain normal regardless of an increased alkaline phosphatase level. Gamma Glutamyl transpeptidase Gamma-glutamyltraferse, gGT, is a glycoprotein which is found in many tissues such as the prostate, liver, intestine, pancreas, and kidneys. It has a normal range which is <50IU/L. Unlike alkaline phosphatase, gGT is more liver-specific. gGt is higher in men than in women and infants and neonates have high levels up until 1yr. Although it can be used in testing for cholestasis because its level rises in cholestasis alongside ALP, it is more sensitive in indicating alcohol and drug (e.g. Phenytoin) intake. The increase of both ALP and gGT can be interpreted with the knowledge that in cholestasis ALP is usually higher than gGT while in an alcoholic disease, gGT is more than ALP. Some other conditions which could result in increased gGT levels include: myocardial infarction, uncomplicated diabetes mellitus and acute pancreatitis. Paracetamol and phenobarbitone are drugs that could also lead to increased levels of g-glutamyl transpeptidase. Anorexia Nervosa and obesity could serve as non hepatic causes for the increased amounts of the enzyme Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) and Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) Alanine Aminotransferase and Aspartate aminotransferase are is one of the key enzymes which are used to indicate hepatocellular necrosis. They are primarily found in the liver, the cystol of hepatocytes(ALT) and in the mitochondria (AST). The transfer of the alpha amino acid of aspartate and alanine to alpha keto group and ketoglutaric acid respectively is catalysed by ALT. ALT and AST have a normal range of 20 times (1000U/L), it is considered severe and the raised ALT level can lead to severe viral hepatitis , circulatory shock and drug or toxin induced necrosis. The levels of AST and ALT are reasonably increased (2 – 30 times) in hepatitis (e.g. alcoholic hepatitis). An increased level of AST normally indicates acute abnormality of liver, heart and/or skeletal muscles. Liver Function Tests And Bilirubin Biology Essay

LU Mellody Hobson the Art of Investing & Ascent of Money Video Analysis Discussion

LU Mellody Hobson the Art of Investing & Ascent of Money Video Analysis Discussion.

Select any video from the Video Links and write a two page double-spaced synopsis on the content of the video. Answer the following questions:Identify one important concept, research finding, theory, or idea that you learned while viewing this video.Why do you believe that this concept, research finding, theory, or idea is important?Apply what you have learned from this video to some aspect of your life.1) Mellody Hobson: Why Women Need to be Financially Savvy (Links to an external site.)2)Four Women Who Moved Financial Markets – Episode 23 | The Art of Investing (Links to an external site.)3) The Ascent of Money – Dreams of Avarice (Episode 1 (Links to an external site.)4) The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson Eps 1 5 Full Documentary (4 hours) (Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.) 6) Bitcoin versus Normal Currency7) How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott8) Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work?8) The business cycle | Aggregate demand …supply | Macroeconomics | Khan Academy9) What causes economic bubbles? – Prateek Singh10) Floating and Fixed Exchange Rates11) Money Talks: Venezuelan banks introduce $5 withdrawal limit12) How Does China’s Government Work?13) After Brexit: The Battle for Europe14) Venezuela Hyperinflation Set to Hit 1660% in 2017! Forced to Sell Gold and Flood the Market!15) Bank for International Settlements: Federal Reserve’s Central Bank – A Deeper Look16) LIBOR | Money, banking and central banks | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy17) BIS – Secret History of Bank of International Settlements Switzerland18) How Interest Rates Are Set: The Fed’s New Tools Explained19) An Introduction to Financial Markets20) Financial Markets21) What is the Gold Standard? – Learn Liberty22) The Economics of Fractional Reserve Banking | Joseph T. Salerno.doc file
LU Mellody Hobson the Art of Investing & Ascent of Money Video Analysis Discussion

science-fiction technology

essay help online science-fiction technology.

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.Science fiction may seem to have the sole purpose of providing entertainment and enjoyment to readers, viewers, or listeners; however, it also has the potential to serve as inspiration. What science-fiction technology do you think would be most effective in combating terrorism? Address the following points in your answer:Describe the technology.What problem does it solve?How does it solve the problem?What are potential side effects? (i.e., What other problems does it introduce?)include in text citation, APA format, to include a short introduction
science-fiction technology

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Statistical Essence of Science Essay

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Statistical Essence of Science Essay.

Weekly Homework #7In what sense is the linear correlation coefficient the “statistical essence of science”? Give a specific answer. Which of the following relationships is likely to be direct and which is inverse? Explain your answer.Amount of TV viewing per week and college GPAAge and visual abilityAdvertising money and sales volume within a companyHeight of parents and height of their childrenEconomic frustrations and social classIn your own words, describe the relationship between z scores and correlation. Examine the following data set and answer the questions:Daughter’s height (y)Mother’s height (x)6062666765646666676563636965636161596567Draw a scatterplot for these data. Comment on whether or not it looks like there is a linear relationship and, if so, whether it is positive or negative. Using Excel, find the correlation between the mother’s heights. Do the value and the sign make sense based on the scatterplot. Using Excel, find the intercept and slope for the regression equation. The equation you found in part c might be useful for predicting the height before the daughter is fully grown. Use the equation to predict the height of the daughter of a mother who is 63 inches tall. 5. View the following source and answer the questions. What two variables were measured for each person to provide this result?Explain what is meant by r = .44.What is meant by the word significantly as it used in the article?The authors did not provide a regression equation relating the two variables. If a regression equation were to be found for the two variables, which one do you think would be the explanatory variable?
Southwestern Oklahoma State University Statistical Essence of Science Essay

(psychological) sources

(psychological) sources.

Now that you have settled on one of the five critical approaches to Watchmen–(psychological), use the Grossmont College Library or any online library to find at least two of the five required sources for Essay #3. You can include more than two if you want. These must be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Please review the handout below for a reminder of how to use the library web page effectively.For this critical response, be sure to include:The full MLA citation that will appear in your Works Cited page.2-3 quotes from the article that you might end up using in your essay.
(psychological) sources