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BUS 1099 Cambrian College House Renovation for A Real Estate Broker Project

BUS 1099 Cambrian College House Renovation for A Real Estate Broker Project.


1. Background and Description
To complete this assignment successfully, you need to demonstrate an ability to close out your project and report on the lessons learned. Your project is now complete, and you are ready to perform the closing activities. 
2. Close Report & Lessons Learned 
Your project plan execution needs to allow for the assessment of the learning outcomes in section 4 of the course outline. It is assumed that all the project’s work (deliverables) is at the 100% completion point. 
3. High-Level Requirements 
From the list of learning outcomes above, the items listed in table 4-1 of the PMBOK (pg. 89), your existing resources from previous assignments, along with any organizational process assets at your disposal, create the following: • Complete all the required steps to close your project. This includes the closeout of all logs developed and used for this class. If available, all activities in the WBS should be at 100% completion. (With the possible exception of some closeout activities) • Include a project closeout report (5.2 Project or Phase Closeout from BoF). • Create a report on lessons learned (5.1 Lessons Learned Summary from BoF).

BUS 1099 Cambrian College House Renovation for A Real Estate Broker Project

Sri Lanka was a well known tourist destination from few decades. After ending 30 years of civil war in 2009. Sri Lanka became a safe place to travel. Officials of Sri Lankan tourism expecting 2.5 million tourists in 2015. According to the statistics Sri Lanka has 500,000 tourist arrivals in 1982. After 1983 black July (13th July 1983 was the starting day of the civil war.) tourist arrivals dropped by 400,000. In 1984 there were only 1, 12,128 tourist arrivals recorded. Sri Lanka was suffered nearly 30 years of civil war has fluctuate tourist arrivals because of terrorist attacks time to time but after 19th may 2009 the terrorists was defeated and war was over. In 2010 there were nearly 10, 00,000 tourist arrivals. “Sri Lanka is the best destination everyone should travel” (The New York Times 24th January 2010) Sri Lanka the 2nd best tourism destination in the world- National geographic channel 2010 Table no; – 1. Tourist arrivals last 3 decades and future expectations Source: From tourist board information’s Sri Lanka had become very well attracted tourist destination and there will be a huge demand in future. Now internationals hotel chains like Shang Ri La, Hyatt, Marriot, Four season hotels enter in to the Sri Lankan tourism market and already they had started their projects in Sri Lanka. There will be much more international chain hotels eyeing to get advantage from this new market. Local investors also invested some various hotel projects, restaurants, pubs, inns and home stays. All the existing hotels started their refurbishments and use different product developments and differentiation to attract these new customers. Mount Lavinia Hotel branded and positioned as one of the oldest hotels and heritage hotel. But that only will not enough to attract customers in future. I had done this report by using qualitative and quantitative methods by analyzing past sales records, future trends, financial reports, central bank data, tourist board data and interviewing customers who comes to the hotel to get a clear understanding about their needs wants and expectations from Mount Lavinia Hotel. Introduction Mount lavinia hotel is a four star hotel, Situated 12k.m. south from the main commercial city Colombo and 54 k.m. south from Katunayake international airport. Mount Lavinia hotel is uniquely different from other city hotels; it is the only beach resort on the fringe of the city limits. 90 ocean view rooms, 18 executive rooms, 38 semi deluxe colonial rooms and 65 direct ocean view rooms, available Total number of rooms are 201 rooms. And 10 suites available with and without ocean view. Mount Lavinia hotel is a premier gathering of all types, from small family event to over thousands of people could accommodate with 10 different locations such as;- Empire ball room, Regency room, Horizon room, La Fontaine room, Conference room, Imperial room, Maitland state room, Tropical hut, Paradise beach, Beach hut. 6 dining outlets with buffet, Ala carte or set menu available for preference. Outlets such as;- Governors restaurant, The terrace, Sea food cove, Lobby lounge and bar, Beach bar, room service. Sports and recreation facilities such as beach volleyball, billiard, table tennis, beach cricket, beach rugby, beach football, elephant rides, and boat trip also available to entertain guests. Large swimming pool and fitness centre with modern equipments also available to keep fit guests while on vacation. Coco spa at mount Lavinia hotel located on the beach. Aurvedic, Balinese and traditional Thai massages available with a qualified Indonesian masseurs. Manicure/pedicure hair treatments, open space for relaxation, open air Jacuzzi also available with the vicinity of Indian Ocean. Business center at mount Lavinia hotel is fully equipped with broad band internet, e-mail, fax, photo copying, scanning and CD writing facilities. Hotel has one of the largest wireless internet zones in Sri Lanka. It allows you to access internet from your room to while you relax on the beach or pool. Satellite TV available in all rooms these includes all local channels and most of the foreign channels also. Shopping arcade and salon also available in the hotel premises. Mount Lavinia hotel is a well known place for weddings. Hotel has join hand with famous dancing troops, photographers, musicians and bands, salons, lighting suppliers, flower suppliers, bridle dressers and rent a car services to provide one stop wedding experience. BMICH catering service also part of the hotel operations which caters Sri Lanka’s premiere conference hall, which can accommodate more than 3000people. Hotel club Bentota which is 75 k.m’s south beach resort and Vakarufalhi T-club in Maldives are partner hotels of mount lavinia hotel. 2.1.Strategy formulation Vision To be the premier heritage hotel where a life time of new and delightful memories is relived. 2.1.2.Mission Exceed the expectations of the guests, team members, suppliers, share holders and the community by providing a Heritage Experience where Respect and Integrity are performed by a team That has Accountability and maintain a Green Environment 2.2. Market segments Geographical segment – Mount Lavinia Hotel targeted more British and German and European tourists more. But the development of the Chinese, Indian and eastern Asian countries people are more tend to travel. So in future Mount Lavinia Hotel should target Chinese, Indians and eastern Asian tourists. Also there will be a rise of Russian tourists. They are will be the possible geographical market segments in future. Demographic segment;- there will be young back packers, matured customers and possible business clients market also risen so hotel must attract those customers identifying their needs wants and expectations. And there will be another possible segment is disables, hotel must have facilities to cater them. Psychographic segment-MLH divides their market into Social class, Life style and personality types. MLH offers executive floor for high spending business executives, “Lavinia dream weddings “positions as prestige for the rural Sri Lankan. MLH becomes the number one hotel for the wedding destination with this adds value for the product. “Jazz at the mount” annual jazz festival attracts jazz music lovers all over the world. Behavioral segment- MLH divides their market into occasions, benefits, uses or responses. MLH offers loyalty programmes, card holder dine free, discounts. MICE tourists- MLH 48% revenue generated, customers comes for meetings, incentives, conferences
As we all know that fires, urbanization, and other infrastructures from the main causes of deforestation. Also we All know that living organism in this ecosystem was facing or will suffering from deforestation impact directly or indirectly through other environmental issues that happen because of deforestation. Therefore , in the next few papers we will illustrate to the seriousness and the importance of this problem depending on statistics ,pictures, studies and articles that published on books and internet websites. Introduction Is it right that our planet is under threat of climate changing? It is true that it is related to deforestation? What will happen if we didn’t solve this problem? All of these question will be answered in this research…. which will give you more information about deforestation, its causes, impacts, some statistics and how we could take people attention to the climatic change and prevent their actions on deforestation to save our planet. The cutting of forests or the destruction of the forests is called deforestation. deforestation term is called in cases that human-induced it or due to the forces of nature as well, so Human are mainly responsible for the destruction. Deforestation for need humans has cut down trees since they first appeared. In modern times the human needs was not limited on food , and shelter, but it surpassed it into weapons ,paper, furniture, paved roads, entertainment places and housing. So, Thousands upon thousands of acres of forest have disappeared worldwide to fill our appetite for wood and land. Deforestation for Profit The governments are often poor and the land is more valuable to large corporations than used for conservation and tourism. for this reason ,in poor countries Governments gives permits and licenses to those who have the money to buy the land and make their money. The activity of Deforestation is a way of making a living, through selling timber , and using the land for growing crops or grazing herds or to provide land for homes and businesses. As you can see in (Figure 1) that companies ,attract and involve the native people who are exist in the forest when they conduct this business. figure : Book: William P. Cunningham, 1990: Environmental Science A GLOBAL CONCERN. Wm. C. Brown Publishers, USA. Raising Consciousness Undoubtedly the reason that makes people more aware than ever of the effects of deforestation as more and more people become affected by climate change and extreme weather events which is the most important consequences resulting from deforestation. All of that would make human think of stopping or reduce deforestation activities for maintaining our atmosphere, slowing global warming , protecting us from floods, and ensuring a reliable and sustainable suppliers of natural resources . Body What is Deforestation? Deforestation is the clearing or removal of trees from an area of woodland or forest for many differing reason usually commercial [1] . And it also defined as “the destruction of a forest and changing the use of the land” [2] . Causes of Deforestation There are many different causes for deforestation and they vary widely from location to location. As it is known most of deforestation cases happen by human practices. And this idea is true , but also there are some natural causes leads to deforestation such as : firs, natural disasters(floods). Agriculture and Cattle-Raising The expansion of cattle-raising has also been promoted by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as through tax incentives and has been closely linked to land concentration [3] . Cattle expansion in the Amazon in the last twelve years has been phenomenal. During this period, the number of cattle more than doubled, from 26million in 1990 to 57 million in 2002. In the process it has gone from representing 17.8% of Brazil’s total cattle herd to almost one third (see table 1). Table 1:INTERNET: Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) The phrase described how the rapid growth of beef exports from Central America to fast food chains in the United States was driving deforestation. [4] Dams and Megaprojects Usually the rivers that extend to thousand hectares or more in the forest have the greatest chance to implement of major infrastructure works , such as building dams for obtaining hydroelectric energy like what happen in Xingu river. It is estimated that nearly all the Amazon forest will be destroyed during the first half of this century if the present trends are increased with the implementation of major infrastructure works in the region. [5] Mining In many tropical areas mining is a major cause of deforestation and forest degradation, generating a large number of social and environmental impacts. A recent study published by Third World Network-Africa provides a detailed picture of those minerals in the Wassa West District of Ghana. The main minerals being mined in Ghana are gold, diamonds, bauxite and manganese, but the most dominant mineral commodity is gold. [6] Effects of Deforestation Deforestation is a problem with unlimited effects. Environmental problems: Hydrological Studies show that 99% of the water absorbed by the roots moves up to the leaves and evaporates to keep the weather nice and moisture, therefore if trees are cut down it will cause into drier climate. Another important hydrological impact of deforestation is that the soil capacity to store water is affected negatively because after deforestation , litter and other organic residue of plants change soil properties to make it good stores of water. But that water will not stay for long time because it will affected by sun rays which will evaporate most of groundwater. Atmospheric Trees represent a thick cover that prevent the damaging sun rays. And because of deforestation ,the sun rays can deeply penetrate into the forest than before, if that happen trees will wilts and dies . Green house effect: If forest is cut down forest and replaced by vegetation with a smaller biomass per hectare, there is a release of CO2 by burning or decomposition of forest plant [7] .Tropical deforestation is a substantial contributor to total CO2 production by human activity ( see table 2.4). TABLE 2 :Edward I. Newman, 2000: Applied Ecology
Make sure this is original research; not a meta-analysis or a review of some research. Generally speaking, you can know that it is acceptable by reviewing the methods section. Review the article and write a 1000-1500 word report (double-spaced, normal sized font). Include a word count at the end of the paper. Please ask if you have questions regarding the acceptability of your article choice.  Use APA style for your citations, title page, running head and reference page (no abstract is necessary for this assignment). Be sure to have all parts of the assignment contained in one file. Answer the following questions:What did the article study? What was the hypothesis? How was the hypothesis tested? What were the results? (There is no need to get into technical statistical jargon here; just summarize it). How does this knowledge benefit those who diagnose and treat psychological disorders?  What criticisms do you have about the way the study was conducted? Would you have done anything differently? If so, what and how? Why? What did you find most interesting about this study? What did you dislike about this study? Be sure to summarize the results and implications of the study. If you do not understand some part of it, work on summarizing the areas you DO understand. At the least, aim to understand the abstract, results and discussion. Write as if to an educated audience; assume the recipient knows the basics of Abnormal Psych (symptoms, diagnosis, etc.) Use language that is technical/ professional (ie., avoid slang terms like “crazy” or “mental breakdown” or “loony bin”). To find an article: Go to “research databases.” You can search using PsycARTICLES or PsycINFO. Look around at the articles until you find one that pertains to Abnormal Psych and catches your interest. You may find it difficult to understand; that’s okay. Just work with the parts you DO understand. How to use APA style (for your title page, reference page, and in-text citations): (Links to an external site.)

Florida State College at Jacksonville Human Resource Women In The Workplace Essay

Florida State College at Jacksonville Human Resource Women In The Workplace Essay.

I just need the situational analysis portion of my capstone written. It needs to be 3 pages in length with citations and references( APA Format).The Situation Analysis sets the stage and describes the organization that is being studied. It will discuss the type of industry or business that the organization is part of. The Situation Analysis will describe the service or products being made. Stating the quantity of products made, number of employee’s etc will identify the size of the organization. Background information about the history of the organization and industry should be included. While there is no standard it will take approximately three pages to accomplish this task adequately.The Situation Analysis should start from the macro and progress to the micro. This section should start with a discussion of the industry from the national/international level and then move to a geographic area close to the site of study area then progress down to the unit that is being studied.
Florida State College at Jacksonville Human Resource Women In The Workplace Essay

will need you to respond to 3 questions for a business entrepreneurship course. Here is one of them to give you an idea: Compare the significance of same-store sales from 1994 to 1995 and comment on the window of opportunity”. Before answering the question, you will need to read two business cases that are like 6 pages long each. I will need your response to be between 1230 to 1240 words long for one of the cases, and then between 620 o 629 words for the other case study. I will upload the case studies later.

java assignment help Essentially, I will need you to respond to 3 questions for a business entrepreneurship course. Here is one of them to give you an idea: Compare the significance of same-store sales from 1994 to 1995 and comment on the window of opportunity”. Before answering the question, you will need to read two business cases that are like 6 pages long each. I will need your response to be between 1230 to 1240 words long for one of the cases, and then between 620 o 629 words for the other case study. I will upload the case studies later.

Group Project: City Council Presentation

Group Project: City Council Presentation. I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

The City of Los Angeles, California has been struggling with a continually climbing crime rate over the past 10 years. The Mayor has authorized an additional budget of 2 million dollars to help address the increasing crime rate. Your group will need to decide how these funds should be used and create a budget, 2-page written proposal, and a PowerPoint presentation outlining how the funds will be used. You will also need to include why you believe your proposed programs or services will help to decrease or stop the increase in crime.
For this assignment you will be split up into groups of 4-5 students (based upon the number of students in the class). Each group will have its own discussion area. You will need to work together in the discussion area to assign roles and responsibilities amongst yourselves. There you can also communicate and decide how your group would like to spend the 2 million dollars in funding, potential programs and/or services that the funds could be used for, and divide out tasks to complete all the assignments. Part of your grade will be on how effectively you communicate with your group members in the discussion board. By the end of this week your group should:
Decide what programs and/or services that your group would like to propose (how the 2 million dollars should be spent).
Assign roles and responsibilities for who will do what to complete the budget, written proposal, and PowerPoint presentation. Note that it may take a few people to complete the PowerPoint presentation with one person combining all the slides together if more than one person works on the PowerPoint.
For additional support and ideas for how to get started, check out the links below to some supplemental videos:
Project Proposal Writing: How to Write a Winning Project Proposal
How to Create a Project Budget
How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation
This project is not due until the end of week 7; however, you will need to work with your group beginning in Week 5 to start assigning roles and making some decision. Note that at the end of the project in week 7 each group member will complete a peer evaluation form outlining and scoring the contributions of each of their group members. The resulting scores will be used to provide a final peer evaluation score.
Each group member must submit the entire assignment, Proposal, Budget, PowerPoint and Peer-Eval, for grading at the end of Week 7.
View your assignment rubric.
Group Project: City Council Presentation

Accounting Homework. (Wall- Maet)

Accounting Homework. (Wall- Maet).

explore the( wall-maet) company-level valuation. Using the same company that you have analyzed throughout the course, prepare a paper that discusses the following items.Discounted Cash Flow Valuation:Estimate the cost of capital for your company. (In Module 05 you already estimated the cost of equity. To estimate the cost of capital, you need to include an estimate of the cost of debt and calculate the weighted average cost of capital for your company.)Estimate the free cash flows to the firm for the future. One way to do this is simply use the current trailing twelve months cash flows as a proxy for the future cash flows.Calculate the present value of all future cash flows. (You can simply calculate the cash flows in perpetuity with a modest constant growth rate.)Relative Valuation:Conduct a relative valuation of your company using one of the metrics discussed in the course readings.For your comparable firms you should choose 2 or 3 firms that are considered competitors or in a related industry to your firm.Comparison to Listed Valuation:From Yahoo! Finance identify and indicate the Market Capitalization and Enterprise Valuation.Discuss how your valuations from above compare in relation to these amounts from Yahoo! Finance. Assuming there are differences, what might explain such differences?Paper Mechanics should be as follows:There is no minimum page length requirement for this paper.The paper should be in APA format (i.e. cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt font, reference section at end, etc.).The paper should include at least 1 source, such as the annual report, Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance, the company’s web site, etc.The paper should be divided into the sections indicated above (label each section clearly).
Accounting Homework. (Wall- Maet)