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Burberry: Corporate Governance Essay

Introduction The concept of corporate governance is critical for organisations that want to achieve their potential and meet the demands of their stakeholders. It focuses on the structure and process through which leaders control companies while at the same time remaining accountable for their actions. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the leadership and managerial actions. Burberry undertakes and establishes whether it complies with the established UK Corporate Governance Code (2018) or not. The main sections of the code described in this report include leadership, effectiveness, accountability and remuneration. The analysis will examine how this company conforms to such requirements and presents evidence-based recommendations for transforming its corporate governance model. Company Background Burberry Group PLC is a successful British fashion house that distributes and markets trench coats, sunglasses, fragrances, fashion accessories, outerwear and cosmetics. The company has its headquarters in London, England. Thomas Burberry established this corporation in 1856 by developing and designing outdoor attire for different customers (Kitson 18). It delivers unique trench coats, pattern-based scarves and other branded accessories. Before 1955, Burberry was a small firm that was controlled by Burberry’s parents. In 2016, Burberry Group had a total of 498 locations or houses across the world (Kitson 121). Its revenues for 2018 stood at around 2.7 billion pounds, while the recorded net income during the same period was 293.6 million pounds sterling (Burberry 19). With its operations in 51 countries, Burberry is an FTSE 350 company listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Corporate Governance: Burberry The ultimate objective of corporate governance is to support and maintain the most appropriate relationship between a company’s top management and its stakeholders. This concept creates the best opportunity for aligning organisational decisions with the outlined aims (Mallin 49). This discussion examines how Burberry fulfils the requirements of the UK Code of Corporate Governance. Leadership The Leadership section of the UK code has five principles that encourage boards to promote and determine the culture of their companies and engage different stakeholders. Burberry has implemented a superior business model whereby workforce activities and policies are in accordance with the established values. Employees are allowed to present their grievances to their seniors or supervisors. Burberry’s Board is currently responsible for the operations and initiatives the company undertakes and has eight members (Mallin 21). These include the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Executive President, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and five non-executive directors. The current Chairman is John Peace, while the CEO is Marco Gobbetti (Mallin 22). The CEO and the Chairman of this Board undertake different roles that are aimed at maximising performance and meeting stakeholders’ needs. John Peace understands his roles and makes appropriate decisions to deliver positive results. After taking over from Christopher Bailey, Marco Gobbetti has been focusing on leadership strategies and initiatives that are in accordance with the UK Corporate Governance Code. Additionally, Burberry has a workforce advisory panel whose role is to ensure that the Board engages different employees. Effectiveness The UK code requires that boards be comprised of both non-executive and executive members. For Burberry, the Board has eight individuals whereby four of them are executives while the rest are not. This kind of arrangement ensures that the Board is well-structured. Additionally, members meet around six times every year. This initiative ensures that all individuals are involved in creating the best opportunity for addressing emerging issues. The chairman guides and leads the Board and ensures that all non-executive directors are involved in decision-making. The Board provides the right direction by overseeing the implementation of emerging ideas and setting the right strategy (Aras and Crowther 62). It monitors the nature of internal governance, risk management and control. The non-executive members have adequate time to complete their responsibilities. Another critical requirement is that the Board and all committees should possess the right skills and knowledge. These committees support the performance of Burberry’s Board: nomination, audit and remuneration (Burberry 42). In order to improve effectiveness, such committees can liaise with different independent professional advisers and consultants. The Chairman can go further to invite directors and Senior Management Team members to provide timely advice. These practices show conclusively that Burberry’s corporate governance strategy is efficient. Accountability The UK code requires that companies assess their activities and financial reports in a fair and transparent manner. Burberry has been focusing on this provision to prepare and present accurate company reports and audit documents. The effectiveness of this organisation’s business and financial reporting means that it operates in accordance with the stipulated guidelines and regulations (Som and Blanckaert 39). In terms of risk management and internal control, this company has several non-executive directors who form an integral part of the audit committee (Strangmueller 92). This committee also collaborates and liaises with the Board to ensure that every activity is completed effectively while at the same time presenting reliable financial reports. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The collected data and audit queries are taken seriously whenever implementing new strategies and focusing on future investments. Members of the audit committee meet regularly to maintain the integrity of Burberry’s financial statements. In order to achieve its objectives, the audit committee partners with the established risk committee (Mallin 63). The collected data is shared among these departments and relayed to members of the board. The company has gone further to establish global ethics and the global health and safety committees to meet the needs of both employees and customers. Remuneration According to Burberry’s website, its remuneration packages are aimed at rewarding the performance and contributions of different employees. The salaries and remunerations also reflect the performance of executive members. However, this company’s CEO earns more than 1.1 million pounds sterling annually and a bonus of 2.2 million pounds (Mallin 69). He is also entitled to 500,000 shares that are worth 4 million pounds (Kitson 102). This kind of policy has received criticism from different stakeholders and advisers. Burberry’s top leaders receive bonuses and payments that do not reflect performance (Mallin 78). This means that it has not been complying with the outlined 2018 UK code. While the remuneration package of executive leaders attracts and retains employees, this company needs to offer salaries in accordance with its size. This approach will ensure that it is in line with the established or presented code. Burberry’s remuneration committee meets more than ten times every year to analyse the existing policies and ensure that salaries and allowances are aligned to the code. The Chair of this committee is not a member of Burberry’s Board (Peng 38). This initiative is relevant to ensure that the right procedures are followed with external influence. The salaries for other leaders and managers adhere to the UK Corporate Governance Code. Relations with Shareholders The UK Corporate Governance Code requires that companies maintain mutual understanding with their shareholders. Burberry ensures that all financial reports and business performance documents are available to all stakeholders in a timely manner (Mallin 69). Different participants are encouraged to attend all meetings and learn more about this company’s performance. Such partners can access all relevant documents and reports via Burberry’s website (Sarah 274). Such stakeholders can offer evidence-based insights for improving performance. Burberry’s annual reports reveal that it strives to improve the existing relations with different shareholders continuously. Investor relations reports are also shared with board members to receive their insights. This initiative ensures that the board is aware of the measures implemented to meet the demands of all shareholders and other partners (Peng 42). Currently, there is a clear framework for engaging different stakeholders in different countries. The dialogues and ideas different individuals present are not taken seriously and studied to improve operational efficiency (Peng 72). Additionally, there are no clear guidelines implemented to sensitise and inform more stakeholders about Burberry’s operations and initiatives. Recommendations The above analysis has indicated that Burberry complies with the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code. This is true since the composition of the board is structures in such a way that there are both non-executive and executive members who make decisions and implement strategies that can drive organisational performance. However, the leadership criteria described under the code can become a powerful model for promoting inclusivity (Som and Blanckaert 41). For instance, the board can have one representative of the workforce to meet the demands of such stakeholders. In terms of effectiveness, the board needs to collaborate with different committees and seek timely answers from them. This initiative can minimise the take taken to make decisions and eventually transform performance. Although there is adequate compliance with the Accountability section, Burberry needs to consider the importance of green accounting practice and make it part of its reporting procedure (Strangmueller 73). This model will create a new opportunity for supporting the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda while at the same time attracting more stakeholders. The remunerations available to different leaders and executives at Burberry are aimed at attracting top talent and sustaining organisational productivity. However, the company can consider the best initiatives to ensure such salaries are not unsustainable. Currently, Burberry has adequate approaches for communicating with shareholders and providing timely information (Burberry 138). This concept makes it possible for Burberry to make decisions much faster and efficiently. However, this corporation can consider the importance of meeting its key stakeholders more frequently and addressing all their concerns (Hannigan 83). These changes and improvements will ensure that Burberry fulfils and even surpasses all the requirements outlined in the UK code. We will write a custom Essay on Burberry: Corporate Governance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The completed analysis has indicated that Burberry complies with the UK Corporate Governance Code. This achievement explains why it continues to attract competent individuals who can promote performance and present evidence-based ideas for increasing profits. The only area of noncompliance is that of remunerations for senior officials. The implementation of the above recommendations will, therefore, make it possible for this company to address most of the current challenges and transform its corporate governance model. It will go further to meet the demands of all shareholders and eventually become more profitable. In conclusion, Burberry’s corporate arrangements are acceptable and in line with the UK’s code. This is a clear indication that any investor can select Burberry and be in a position to achieve his or her business aims. Works Cited Aras, Güller, and David Crowther, editors. A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. 2nd ed., CRC Press, 2016. Burberry. Annual Report 2017/2018. Burberry Group, 2018. Hannigan, Brenda. Company Law. 5th ed., Oxford University Press, 2018. Kitson, Brian. Burberry Days. Austin Macauley Publishers Limited, 2016. Mallin, Christine A. Corporate Governance. 6th ed., Oxford University Press, 2019. Peng, Mike W. Global Business. 4th ed., Cengage Learning, 2017. Sarah, Radebe M. “The Benefits of Good Corporate Governance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa: A View on Top 20 and Bottom 20 JSE Listed Companies.” Problems and Perspectives in Management, vol. 15, no. 4, 2017, pp. 271-279. Not sure if you can write a paper on Burberry: Corporate Governance by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Som, Ashok, and Christian Blanckaert. The Road to Luxury: The Evolution, Markets, and Strategies of Luxury Brand Management. Wiley, 2015. Strangmueller, Marcel. Economic Strategies. Potential Improvements for Burberry. GRIN Verlag, 2016.
Mathematics homework help. Since the health care environment is constantly changing and transforming, the ability to manage and adapt to change is essential in health care organizations. Change, whether prompted internally or externally or perceived positively or negatively, can be unsettling, making it crucial that health care administrators understand the change process. From implementation planning to effectively communicating with employees and managing conflicts, administrators must be prepared to manage change within their organizations. For this Assignment, you examine an organization undergoing change and develop a change management proposal.To prepare for this Assignment:Review this week?s Learning Resources.Locate and select an organization where change is currently taking place (or is scheduled to take place).Analyze the organization to develop a change management proposal.Note: This Assignment will be graded using this rubric: Week 11 Assignment Rubric (Word document)The AssignmentIn a 7- to 10-page proposal, address the following:Describe the specific organization including size, mission, and location. Describe the change that is taking place (or is scheduled to take place) in the organization.Analyze what is driving the change to take place.Given the parameters of the change, summarize the resistance or conflict you might expect and why.Evaluate change management theories and models and select one to apply to the change occurring in the organization. Support why you selected this theory or model.Apply systems thinking to address the impact of the change throughout the organization.Recommend strategies and innovations that could be implemented to effect the organizational change and provide rationale for the recommendations.Explain the role that communication will play in your plan. Analyze how communication could be used to handle concerns and doubts of stakeholders.Recommend strategies you will use to motivate stakeholders and prepare them to accept, embrace, and sustain the change. Categorize key groups that you anticipate will require targeted motivation strategies.Recommend training and support required for the successful implementation of the organizational change.Recommend strategies for sustaining an organizational change.Explain how stakeholders are involved in and held accountable for the organizational change.Recommend ways to measure the success of the organizational change and when transformational change has occurred.Note: The change management proposal should be 7?10 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Include graphs or charts and a 1-page executive summary. Your Assignment must be written in standard edited English. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week?s Learning Resources and at least three additional scholarly sources. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. See the rubric for additional requirements related to research and scholarly writing.Your Assignment is due by Day 7.Mathematics homework help
Florida International Psychology Understanding Life Transitions Essay.

Understanding Life Transitions
Personal transformation comes from self-awareness, more specifically how you navigated developmental tasks from infancy through adulthood and how these life transitions impact you still to this day. In order to appreciate the struggles of your clients and how to ethically intervene, it is important to first look inward on your own life experiences. Identity and worldviews are shaped by the choices that were made throughout developmental stages as well as the choices you continue to make. Evaluating and analyzing challenges at different periods of your life will aid you in gaining a better understanding of and provide a framework for your work with diverse clients.
Assignment Directions
For this assignment, you will choose a time when your life took a different direction.
Please be sure to address all of the following in your assignment:

Describe this life transition or turning point and choices you made during that stage.
Using the developmental tasks that are noted in the text, discuss the stage that you were in during this pivotal life transition.

Explain the stage and how it applies to the development of your identity, values, and beliefs.
Use the Purdue Global Library to find credible peer-reviewed references that support the developmental tasks and themes that apply to the life event/turning point you described.

Explore and reflect on significant themes in your own development that might likely influence your ability to effectively and ethically work with clients who are struggling with similar developmental issues or life transitions.
Discuss how your personal experiences may impact the delivery of human service practices with diverse populations, including those who have had different developmental experiences and transitions than your own.
Analyze how your experiences shape your work with diverse populations

Florida International Psychology Understanding Life Transitions Essay

SWK 5004 Capella Interaction of Multiple Systems in Human Problems Discussion.

I’m working on a social work discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Advanced AssessmentDuring the assessment process, social workers have to consider a complex host of variables and factors that are involved in any given problem and in any client’s life. Keep in mind a client could be a family unit or a group.For your post to this discussion, comprehensively describe the interaction of multiple systems in human problems and how you would integrate this knowledge and awareness into the assessment process. Ensure you are also including the perspective of complex diversity and cultural factors.SHOULD BE AT LEAST 250 WORDS USING APA FORMAT.
SWK 5004 Capella Interaction of Multiple Systems in Human Problems Discussion

Los Angeles Pierce College Importance of Education Thesis Statement

Los Angeles Pierce College Importance of Education Thesis Statement.

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

The topic is the importance of educationDust Tracks on a Road by Zora Neale Hurston will provide a springboard for your research paper. The paper IS NOT an analysis of the text. In your introductory paragraph, explain how your research paper is connected to Dust Tracks on a Road. You do not have to cite or mention the book in your body paragraphs. You may decide it would be helpful to quote from Hurston’s text, but it is not required. THE RESEARCH QUESTION: What impact do further education, technical education and apprenticeships have on improving earnings and career progression for learners?REQUIRMENTS: REQUIREMENTS: 6-8 PAGES (not including Works Cited) MLA Format6 outside sources.Research Paper: You will be writing an analytical, as opposed to argumentative, research paper. The major difference between the two research paper types is made in the process of writing or presenting the topic. An analytic paper demands that you perform many tasks: formulate a thesis, gather sources, evaluate them, use them to support your original ideas and meticulously document everything you’ve done. You can save yourself a great deal of time, however, by doing a few simple things before you begin writing. Forming a research question is the basis of an analytical research paper. The question is neutral and provides direction for you to evaluate and explore the topic as it relates to answering the question. Your thesis statement presents the research question, and the remainder of your paper supports your thesis.This type of research paper is not a simple regurgitation of information. Instead, it is your thoughts, conclusions and evaluations of a topic that is backed up with logical information. Several things are vital in formulating an analytical research paper:You answer the research questions objectively.You have no preconceived notions or opinions about the topic.You evaluate the topic and draw conclusions from information from reliable sources.You piece findings together to present the purpose of the paper.You use serious contemplation and a critical evaluation to answer the research question.Begin with Research -Unlike the essays you have been writing, the research must happen before you start writing. Therefore, your annotated bibliography is necessary. Outline – Outlining your paper is necessary to organize your thoughts, and your research. Thesis Statement – Because your assignment asks a specific question, turn the question into an assertion and give reasons why it is true or reasons for your opinion.
Los Angeles Pierce College Importance of Education Thesis Statement

750 word paper comparison between two sculptures

assignment writer 750 word paper comparison between two sculptures.

In a paper at least 750 to 1000 words, discuss the possible connections between John Keat’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn” and Gianlorenzo Bernini’s sculpture Apollo and Daphne. Consult at least two sources that explain the mythological background of the event depicted in the sculpture. These two sources must have an .edu URL. Please also provide a Works Cited Page. That page will contain three sources (the poem is one of them). Please follow MLA format. Please include direct quotations as well as paraphrased references. In either case, be sure to include the line numbers of the poem in the parenthetical reference. You must use the Dover text for this paper as other versions of this poem have different spelling and punctuation.
750 word paper comparison between two sculptures

Assignment 1: Annual Report Analysis

Assignment 1: Annual Report Analysis. I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

A critical financial accounting skill is the ability to read, analyze, and make actionable decisions from any financial statement. Business leaders gain valuable information from the annual reports of direct competitors, companies that operate in similar fields, and companies in which they are considering an investment or partnership.
You are the CFO of a family owned, regional mass merchandise retailer. You operate in a very competitive market against a host of large national retailers. Your CEO is a big believer in learning from players of all sizes, and is requesting your analysis and guidance. While there are dozens of potential companies worth exploring, you want to begin by taking a close look at two major players: Walmart (NYSE: WMT) and JC Penney (NYSE: JCP). You have decided to organize your work into TWO components: Part A: Financial Analysis Snapshot of key data from the annual reports Part B: Executive Memo
Part A: Financial Analysis Snapshot Submission Requirements  NOTE: All work is to be completed and submitted in the Excel template in the assignment module in Blackboard.  Go to the Investor Relations section of each company’s website and download their annual reports. You may need to download more than one report to get all required historical data.  Use the Annual Reports/10K to populate the Excel template. o Some entries simply require finding the respective line item amounts, while others will require calculations (these are indicated in in template). o Note that some historical data and ratios have already been provided in the template.
Executive Memo Part B:
Present a synopsis of your analysis in an executive memo you would feel comfortable turning in to your CEO or to Jack. You may organize the memo as you see fit, but it must follow the principles of good business communication. To support your executive memo, record a brief video presentation highlighting the key points of your findings. The requirements for each component are outlined below.
1. Profitability/Net Income Margins  What are the after-tax net income margins (i.e., net profit margins) for both companies?  How do they compare?  Who achieves the higher net income margin? Why?
Tip: Analyze the major cost structure line items in the income statement (COGS, SG&A, interest, other, and taxes) as percentages of net sales, so you can identify reasons for better net income margins. Identify and comment on the differences. You may not know why a particular cost item like COGS is higher or lower, and that’s okay. Your CEO only wants to know which cost-structure items are higher or lower for each company.
2. Inventory Management  Who does a better job managing their inventory (Inventory Days on Hand ratio)?  What are their respective 3-year trends for Inventory DOH?  What options could the company consider to improve inventory management?
3. Cash Is King  How much net cash from operations did each company generate last year?  Which company has done a better job generating cash from operations?  In layman’s terms, how is each company spending their cash with respect to reinvestments in the business, changes in debt, and returning money to shareholders?
4. Liquidity  How do the companies compare in terms of the current ratio, and what are their respective 3- year trends?  Do their current ratios indicate that either of these companies could go bankrupt soon? Explain.
Slide Deck: 1. Create a PowerPoint deck in support of your financial presentation  Highlight your key findings from your Executive Memo and Financial Analysis Snapshot. Focus on the most important insights that would be helpful for the leadership team.  Your PowerPoint should be complementary to your Executive Memo and your Financial Analysis Snapshot. i. Assume your CEO will have access to the documents, so just hit the high points. ii. Keep your slides legible. Avoid small fonts, too much text, or distracting graphics. iii. Keep it brief, using a maximum of 5 slides.
Submission Requirements  Your executive memo should be no more than 2 pages, single-spaced, using 10- or 12-point font. You may also include an appendix with additional references, graphs, charts, and tables for additional support if needed.  Your PowerPoint deck must not exceed 5 slides (not including cover page or references, if desired).

Assignment 1: Annual Report Analysis

Rowan College I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth Discussion

Rowan College I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth Discussion.

Lydia Davis, “Head, Heart,” p. 732Edwin Arlington Robinson, “Richard Cory,” p. 735Robert Frost, “Out, Out -,” p. 736Thomas Hardy, “The Ruined Maid,” p. 737-738William Wordsworth, “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” p. 738Frank O’Hara, “Poem,” p. 739-740Phyllis Wheatley, “On Being Brought from Africa to America,” p. 741Bruce Springsteen, “Nebraska,” p. 743-744Choose the poem we have read this week that evoked the strongest response in you. Describe that response and explain what details in the poem contributed to it. Your response should be approximately 80-100 words. Example: I enjoyed “The Raven” because Poe shows us that grief can overtake someone when they have lost someone they love. The speaker is hurting so much that he wants to forget his memories of Lenore when he says, “Respite – respite and nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore” (82). This is really powerful because even though we miss a person we have lost, erasing our memories makes them truly gone forever. If we hold on to memories, the people we love can live in our hearts forever.
Rowan College I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth Discussion