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Building Consrtuction for Fire Protection Research Paper

Table of Contents Three Parts of a Means of Egress The design of egress The evolution of fire code history Elements of the Fire code Inspection practices Appeals process of the code enforcement References Three Parts of a Means of Egress A means of egress is the ability of people to leave a building safely when an emergency occurs. The exit path has to b well maintained in order to ensure that they are not obstacles to individuals during operations. An emergency may include fire and collapsing of a building. A means of egress comprises of three main parts. The parts are the path of travel to an exit, the exit itself, and the exit discharge that is also referred to as the path to a safe assembly point (LeClaire 2005). The path of travel to an exit. It is also referred to as the exit access or the egress path. This is the path used by occupants of the structure to move from their workstations to a safe exit. It includes the space used by residents as a passage to reach the exit point. This may include the offices and corridors. The egress path must have fully illuminated exit signs. These signs should be clearly marked to aid the residents in case of an emergency (Stern,
Saudi Electronic University Practicing Business Communications Report.

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Practicing Business Communication
Learning Outcomes:
The student will be able to Illustrating techniques and assessing skills of correct business research report writing; learn report writing style using an approved style and apply the basics of oral communication in a presentation of a project, including proper speech, organization, use of graphical aids, and effective non-verbal communications. (Lo 2.4)
The students will be able to demonstrate his/her skills of writing effectively; Professional and Personal letters and applying techniques in in-house Communication or in Personal Communications such as memorandums, career search- follow-up communication, and solving the cases by using and analyzing the ethical and legal considerations in professional communication. (Lo 3.1)
In exactly 7 months, 2 days and 4 hours, retailers of Artificial Intelligence products from throughout the “Middle East” well decent on your city for the 09th annual Artificial Intelligence products convention, sponsored by your employer “Taqnia Cyber” as executive assistant to the president of the Association, you bear full responsibility for organising the convention and preparing for the guest.
Assignment Question(s):  
1.Write a letter of request to the major of your city ask for public services (such as police and paramedical services, due to Covid-19 Pandemics) that you will require during the convention. 
Demonstrate, if possible that the convention is the interest of the mayor’s city. (02.50 Marks)
2.By the means of business letter, reverse the convention facilities of the star flight hotel. Abide by any request the hotel has made for a deposit. Specify the arrangements you expect from the hotel during the convention. (02.50 Marks)
Start Answering from next Page. (Page 03) and Answer 02 will be start from New Page As well.
Saudi Electronic University Practicing Business Communications Report

Georgetown College Context of The Ritual Ghost Bride Discussion.

The Prompt: is to examine one non-western myth in the context of the ritual: what is the relationship between the ritual/rituals and the myth? How is the myth performed?Rituals could include birth, death, marriage, coronation, coming of age, calendrical rituals, etc.Examples might be a Lakota wedding ritual, a Hawaiian birth ritual, Japanese coronation ritual, Zorastrian burial ritual, etc. etc. Make sure you get good, reliable sources for the rituals and the myth.Paper should be c. 1,700-2,000 words. Should also have an additional Works Cited section. Be very cautious about citing web sources, since many of these are not reliable.For ideas of various myths worldwide—and some (some) good sources—you could check out But be careful, some of these entries are very antiquated.
Georgetown College Context of The Ritual Ghost Bride Discussion

Vaccines for Children, management assignment help

Vaccines for Children, management assignment help.

Minimum 150 words per post. Learners must make at least two posts by 11:59 PM on Sundays that directly respond to other posts.1. This post should be addressed to Cindy HurtHaving children comes with different kinds of responsibilities. One thing parents have to do is get their children vaccinated. There are still many parents that refuse to let their children have shots. Meanwhile, the number of diseases are rising because of children not vaccinated. I personally feel like they should be made to get the immunizations. Innocent lives are being put at risk. I hear the excuse that autism is caused by vaccines. According to Kirkland (2012), millions of federal dollars were spent on research to see if there was a link between shots and autism. Scientist seemed convinced there was not a connection between the two. However, to this day some people still use that as an excuse not to get them.Children should have the immunizations before they go to school or college. People hide behind religious exemptions to keep from getting shots. I feel like it is overused and there should be no exemption. I used to be in charge with keeping up with immunizations for a university, and the religious exemption came into play a lot. Sometimes I felt like they just did not want to do it. According to Grey (2014), people are still arguing over whether the first amendment should be used to protect student’s religious rights on exemptions. I can see where people argue over religion in schools, but I do not understand how people want to get out of shots and insurance by taking a religious exemption.Influenza shots are not mandatory at this point, but I feel like they could be in the future. According to Kamradt-Scott (2012), influenza has been around for centuries and is not going anywhere. It does not matter how old a person is. They can still be infected. Hospitals and doctor’s offices make it mandatory for there employees. Doctors highly suggest their patients get them.2. This post should be addressed to Michael Brewer:We as parents have human rights to exercise freedom of conscience and informed consent to medical risks taking on our minor children, and children do have the civil right to school education.There are risks in vaccines that are being borne equally by all, the laws with vaccines are without a flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions are oppressive, inhumane and a violation of one’s civil and human rights.As research has shown, vaccines are basically pharmaceutical products that can carry a risk of injury or death.In some children there are genetic, biological and environmental high risks factors that make some more susceptible to vaccine harm, this was acknowledged by Congress in 1986, in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to shield manufacturers from a civil liability.There is no way for the parent, or the doctors to know who will be injured due to the long standing gaps in science today.Freedom of Speech and Press,in the Constitution gives anyone the right to exercise freedom of conscience and religious beliefs, this even includes rather to take a vaccine or not because of the medical risks or injuries it could cause to the person, this has been a centerpiece of the ethical practice of modern medicine.In 1905 the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutional authority of the state legislatures to require smallpox vaccination during “an epidemic of disease,” the Court sent out a warning against that vaccine to mandate it should not go beyond “what was reasonably required for the safety of the public” and would lead to an “injustice, oppression or absurd consequence” or be “cruel and inhuman to the last degree.”A century later, after Supreme Court had done there thing, the mandate for one dose of smallpox vaccine has been replaced by a federal directive that children get 69 doses of 16 vaccines on the day of birth, with 49 dosed of 14 vaccine will be given by the time the child is 6 years old.State legislatures have mandated multiple doses of at least 10 of these vaccines for children, but many of them are for diseases that may or may not have a high complication and mortality rate like smallpox, not wide spread, or are not transmitted in a public setting.New vaccines are being developed and mandated every day.Vaccine mandates are still lacking on informed consent protections that should be repealed.
Vaccines for Children, management assignment help

PED 523 Social Responsibility in Sport Ethics

order essay cheap (2008). Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies (10th Edition).             New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Topic is: Five Challenges Facing the Sports Industry  Introduce the topic – History and Background Information – 2 – Citations Lit Review – Current Research on the topic – APA Version 6 Citations – 3- Citations Facts- Research Driven Detail Discussion of the facts – APA Citations – Use the introduction and the literature review citations to build this sections Understandings – How your knowledge has been enhanced from your readings Reflection – How the facts of the research has enhanced or changed your feelings Research Paper – (Electronic Submission) The research papers will be four- five page research papers. Paper topics have already been selected. Papers will be due in stages throughout the semester, which are described below. I will provide more detailes in class. If you do not turn in any part of the assignment on time, you will be marked down 1/3 of a grade (from an A to an A-) for every day that the part of the assignment is late (except otherwise allowed by the instructor). Paper is due are in the blackboard. There should be five references per paper. Points will be deducted for sloppy, poor, or incomplete work. Everything you turn in should be typed, double-spaced, with 12- point font and no smaller than 1-inch margins. All sources should be cited in APA Version 6 format (1pt per error) which will be discussed in more detail in class.

Montana State University Consider Women Inferior Western Civilization Discussion

Montana State University Consider Women Inferior Western Civilization Discussion.

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Questions: According to Astell, in what ways and for what reasons do her (male) contemporaries consider women to be inferior, and in what ways does she contest these claims? Would Astell have appreciated d’Alembert’s assessment of Madame Geoffrin? Why?Mechanics:250 words (approximately one page)typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Romanmust include proper citations when quoting or paraphrasingocitations need only be the author’s name and page number in parentheses if multiple texts are being considered—for example (Sallust, 75); if only one text is considered, then just put the page number in parentheses. oFor pdf documents, please use the pdf page numbers rather than the numbers within the texts.I will send the pdf when tutor start working
Montana State University Consider Women Inferior Western Civilization Discussion

Planning System in Germany

A Brief Overview of the Planning System in Germany The federalist principle of the German state is divided between the Federation and the federal states. The federal states have their own state authority’s laws. This fact characterizes Germany as a decentralized state. The federalist structure contains three central levels which are the Federation, the federal states and the municipalities. They each have their own regulations but they are closely linked. At the federal level is the Ministry for Transport, Building and Housing, responsible for spatial planning. At present the predominant departmental assignment model is an independent ministry for planning and environment. Raumordnung is a term provides a classic model of the combined planning of land uses, preservation of heritage. The planning law in the Federal Republic of Germany consists of the Law of Raumordnung and of the Public Building Law. The outstanding feature of the decentralised German planning system is the fact that the Federation itself has no comprehensive and legal binding spatial planning instrument. So Germany has no national plan at its disposal, but in its place the established by the Federation principles of the Raumordnung which are the fundamental guidelines for the whole spatial planning and spatial policy in Germany. Legal planning instruments are reserved for the federal states. Only the federal states are obliged to draw up comprehensive plans and to determine objectives of the Raumordnung which are binding for all subordinate planning authorities (municipalities and sectoral planning authorities). On the level of the Raumordnung und Landesplanung there is no public participation up to now. The procedure for giving the Raumordnungsplaene a binding character is legally the most important act, and it serves to make the objectives of the Raumordnung binding for public planning authorities. This is achieved by means of • passing of laws• decisions taken by the governments of the federal states• official approval/declaration of binding effects/approval by the planning authorities of the federal states. The comprehensive plans of the federal states (Raumordnungsplaene) and their regions (Regionalplaene) are legally binding for all authorities of the Federation, the federal states and the municipalities. This refers to the real contents of these plans, the objectives of the Raumordnung, which have to be observed by public planning authorities in all spatially significant planning procedures and measures. As a general rule of the German planning law, the undeveloped outlying areas should not be built on with the exception of “privileged” developments (e.g. developments serving agricultural activities, specific public infrastructure projects). Those projects must be permitted in rural areas (without a legally binding land-use plan) in compliance with the FBC if public interests do not oppose and ample public infrastructure provision can be guaranteed. Other development projects may be permitted in compliance with the FBC as exceptional cases, provided that their execution and use do not conflict with any public interests and public infrastructure provision can be guaranteed.