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Budgeting Slack Kills All Benefits Of Budgeting Accounting Essay

Budgeting Slack Kills All Benefits Of Budgeting Accounting Essay. In an organization when a manager is responsible for planning incomes and expenses for the a future period, they can plan income very low and expenses very high so that this amounts gets approved by senior management. The Manager basically does this thing to be sure of meeting the budget with a very low income goal, the manager should be able to achieve it and go over it. With a very high expense Budget the manager should be able to easily keep actual expenses within the Budget. If this happens the managers performance in the coming year will look very good, as it doesn’t really give management any idea of what the coming year will actually look like because it’s not realistic. And it doesn’t show the actual evaluation of the manager’s performance. So this is known as the Budgetary Slack. In other words the surplus that arises when managers preparing a Budget overestimates costs or underestimates revenues. Most organizations would want to eliminate budget slack but some managers may be motivated to create it to improve their performance evaluations. After realising the meaning and concept of budgetary slack then it points out the key questions like why, for what etc. for the occurrence of this concept. First of all coming to the reality check of why this phenomena is happening, it is evident that it happens due to the fraud action of the concerned manager, that is misrepresentation of the facts and figures in the budgetary report. With a budgetary slack the manager is capable enough to achieve if its showing a very low income target and by exaggerating a high expense budget he is able to hide the actual expense within the budget. thus even though a managers performance in the coming year may look good, the truth is the budget is not showing the original forecasts upon which major decisions should be taken. Mostly companies major decisions and strategies are based on their budgets to a great extent, even factors like firms growth,development,etc. Causes Of Budgetary Slack :- Budgetary Participation :- Agency theory had been used to explain budgetary participation. Magee (1980) explained that the anticipated payoff to principals was increased with access to information held by agents before preparing the budget. By participating in the budget preparation process, the agent gives the principals an opportunity to access information which allows agent to communicate or reveal some of their private information that may be incorporated into the standards or budgets, against which their performance would be evaluated (Magee, 1980;Baiman, 1982; BaimanBudgeting Slack Kills All Benefits Of Budgeting Accounting Essay

[1000 words] Nursing Question

[1000 words] Nursing Question.

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DiscussionsReflect on your thoughts about how you can design care for individuals, groups and communities based on evidence-based practice. What lessons have you learned from your courses that have created a change in the way you think and practice as a baccalaureate-prepared nurse? Provide three examples of community health nursing practice roles that contribute to the core functions of public health. Discuss how these roles meet two QSEN standards.Reflect upon how your critical thinking, problem solving and decision making have impacted your role as a current or future nurse leader. Provide examples of how you role modeled effective communication. To illustrate the way you have incorporated these concepts into your role as a nurse leader, synthesize your reflections, proposing or explaining when you used best practices in effective change initiatives, conflict resolution, and promotion of cultural sensitivity in the workplace.Please consider your learning and growth in this course that you base on your own personal self-reflection. Write a reflective journal discussing significant, intriguing details, including the “Aha!” factors from your virtual simulation experience. Provide at least six specific examples and learning moments from the weekly physical assessment and self-reflection activities. Discuss how this practice experience changed your knowledge, skills or attitudes.The role of the global citizen requires an understanding of the unpredictable health care forces, ethical and legal issues, and socio-cultural sensitivity. Reflect upon your role as a global citizen and share two examples about how your global perspective has expanded throughout your BSN journey. How has your knowledge base changed in terms of the Case Manager’s role in community based nursing? How does the Case Manager navigate through each layer of healthcare to ensure the patients’ well-being? What is the difference between a Case Manager and a Disease Navigator?Support your discussion and opinions with facts, relevant examples from personal nursing practice, and at least two citations from the reading or peer-reviewed professional nursing literature. Remember to use APA Manual (6th ed.) formatting for all discussion posts in-text and reference citations.Assignment 3Being able to clearly identify the outcomes of any project is essential to the successful implementation of the project. While clear and concise outcomes are important it is also important to develop effective strategies to meet the outcomes you identify. In this assignment you will identify the necessary resources, including a potential budget, a realistic timeline in which someone can implement the project, the timeline for the project, and the strategies you will use to achieve your outcomes·Rubrics for assignment 3Competency20 points12 points7 points0 pointsPoints Earned· Discusses in detail the resources you need to implement your plan and the potential budget requirements· Discusses in detail the resources you need to implement your plan and the potential budget requirements· Discusses the resources you need to implement your plan and the potential budget requirements· Provides limited discussion and missing detail regarding the resources you need to implement your plan and the potential budget requirements· Does not provide discussion regarding resources you need to implement your plan and the potential budget requirements/20· Proposes a detailed timeline for implementing the plan, including who will be involved in the proposal and the implementation phases· Proposes a detailed timeline for implementing the plan, including who will be involved in the proposal and the implementation phases· Provides a timeline for implementing the plan, details are missing or poorly developed regarding who will be involved in the proposal and the implementation phases· Provides a poorly constructed timeline for implementing the plan, details including who will be involved in the proposal and the implementation phases are missing or poorly developedDoes not provide a timeline for implementing the plan or details including who will be involved with the proposal and implementation./20Identifies specific strategies and how these strategies will be used to accomplish each outcomeIdentifies specific strategies and how these strategies will be used to accomplish each outcomeIdentifies strategies and how these strategies will be used these to accomplish each outcomeSuperficially identifies strategies and how these strategies will be used to accomplish each outcomeStrategies to accomplish each outcome are missing/20Discusses how the project will evaluate the success of the outcomes designed for the projectDiscusses how the project will evaluate the success of the outcomes designed for the projectDiscusses how the project will evaluate the success of the outcomes designed for the project is provided but details and scholarly support are missing.Superficially discusses how the project will evaluate the success of the outcomes designed for the projectDiscussion to identify how the project outcomes will be evaluated is missing/20Competency3 points2 points1 points0 pointsPoints EarnedOrganizationOrganization excellent, ideas clear and arranged logically, transitions smooth, no flaws in logic.Organization good; ideas usually clear and arranged in acceptable sequence; transitions usually smooth, good support.Organization minimally effective; problems in approach, sequence, support and transitions.Organization does not meet requirements./3Competency5 points2.5 points1 points0 pointsCompetencyGrammarGrammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage correct and idiomatic, consistent with Standard American EnglishGrammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage good mostly consistent with Standard American English; errors do not interfere with meaning or understandingGrammar, punctuation, mechanics and usage distracting and often interfere with meaning or understandingGrammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage interfere with understanding/5ReferencesReferences are relevant, authoritative and contemporary.Adequate references.Minimal use of appropriate references.Poor use and/or selection of references not relevant./5Competency7 points5 points2 points0 pointsPoints EarnedAPA FormatDemonstrates competent use of mechanics and APA.Minimal APA errors.Many APA errors.Complete lack of understanding./7Total/100
[1000 words] Nursing Question

Salvador Dali, Dadaism and Surrealism

essay writing help Salvador Dali, Dadaism and Surrealism. “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings” The human mind is a very controlling device and organ. However it is not perfect in the way it processes things. Illusions for instance are visual stimuli that swindle the brain because the brain cannot process all visual imagery accurately. Why do we see puddles form up on the road whilst driving on a hot day? Why do certain parts of a drawing look bigger while in actually fact they are smaller? There have been numerous artists that have used illusions in their works, Scott Kim, M.C Escher, but what really brought fame to the surrealists in the 1990s? The Spanish painter Salvador Dali. A small amount has had such an impact on society as the eccentric painter whose paintings obsessed audiences for many years. Dali was immensely popular in the art community for his originality in work, and several of his paintings now stand as icons for his era. Dali was admired by the public because he embraced innovative ideas of the time, many of which were integrated into his works as well as his life. He continued to implement new ideas as times changed, which allowed him to keep his popularity within the public and art enthusiasts, possibly making him one of the most distinguished artists of the 1990s. Salvador Dali (Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech) born in May 1904, in a minute town of figueres, in a region known as Catalonia. His parents gave him a lot of support as a young child, his first studio built for him at a very young age. Dali knowing that his parents recognised his potential from very early on gave him full support, until he reached the San Fernando Academy of fine arts in Madrid. All of Dali’s life he was distressed by many issues and complications, such as the death of his wife gala and the war, resulting in him being put in a state of paranoia. Nevertheless, he related to these problems, and his paintings gave him an opening in such ways that allowed him to express his feelings to a great extent, this also gave the public a viewing insight into his work, by examining his paintings we could also relate to them and see for ourselves how his paranoia overwhelmed him. Paranoiac-Critical In relation to this Dali’s paranoia, a psychological method known as “paranoiac-critical” was created. The Paranoiac-Critical Method was developed by Dali as a way for him to dig out his internal emotions. It was an approach for artists to work throughout their obsessions by ultimately selecting and organizing meticulous objects on the canvas. Dali explained his paranoiac critical as a “Spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on critical and systematic objectivities of delirious associations and interpretations”. When combining a method into a piece of work, usually a functional process of the brain is used to visualise imagery in the work, to combine these into the finished creation. Dali often used double imagery and multiple imagery, which then resulted into unclear images allowing them to be interpreted in different ways. Two good examples of Dali’s paranoiac- critical method and double imagery is the “The invisible Man” and “Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire”, for both of these paintings he has cleary used double imagery to trick the eye into thinking there is only one solid image but infact multiple images are present. Disappearing Bust of Voltaire the Invisible Man I see the paranoiac- critical method as being effortless, in my opinion Dali is fooling himself into going insane, while remembering the cause for madness is actually to create a work of art. Dali chose the difficult way by truly going crazy, rather than motivating madness through chemical means. As one of his quotes say, “I don’t take drugs. I am drugs,” Andre’ Breton poems of Andre’ Surrealism was an artistic and literary faction that began in 1922 led by the French poet/ critic Andre Breton. Breton was the originator and primary theoretician of Surrealism, and artist association Committed to examining the unfounded, paranormal and intuitive aspects of the human mind. Surrealism sought to reinstate conventional moral and ethical concepts with beliefs of anger, hatred, etc, expressing emotions exaggeratedly that Breton described as “exalting the values of poetry, love, and liberty.” The surrealists attempted to bypass conscious determination and allow their unconscious take over their works. To explore the subconscious mind, to go beyond the typical thinking person. Dadaism and Surrealism Dada was a movement approximately around the same time as the first world. Dadaism was like a dispute against war, but not war but art. It was an anti- art. Dadaism felt as though the public no longer deserved the privilege of beautiful art that they had become so adapted to because of how the war came upon them, the feeling that people lost their well being and value. So Dadaism intentions were to make art unsightly, ugly. Surrealism emerged from what was still left of Dada (a European society characterized through its so called absurdity and lack of traditional standards, sometimes referred to as (nihilistic) a life without objectives or values. During the early years of the mid 1920’s and not like Dada, Surrealism alleged a capable and more positive outlook of art and from the outcome of this it went on to win several converts. Surrealism got its early era as a literary, not artistic, movement in French publications. One thing that Surrealism and Dadaism had in common was their faith in the understanding of the unconscious mind and also its manifestations, together they understood that throughout the unconscious mind an overabundance of artistic imagery would be unveiled. Together both called automatism. A good example of Dadaism is Marcel Duchamp’s three dimensional piece ‘The Fountain’ it’s not what you would describe as a great piece of art. ‘The Fountain’ is what Duchamp would call a readymade. This piece is essentially a urinal with the word’ MUTT’ printed on it. I think this shows an ideal example of Dada for three reasons: to begin with it is in no way like art before, secondly the resources used are not what you would describe as standard art materials and thirdly this piece makes no sense what so ever. There is an obvious variation between this and Salvador Dali’s ” Persistance Of Memory”, in what i would describe as Duchamp slapping this piece together , on the other hand Dali has carefully painted in vast detail his thoughts, his mental image. This painting by Dali is what he would portray as “hand- painted dream photographs “- reuniting the unconscious mind with realism, reality. Salvador Dali, Dadaism and Surrealism

A Hint of Things to Come: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 25 of Jane Eyre Analytical Essay

Each chapter in Jane Eyre, the novel written by Charlotte Bronte, performs the function of a significant brick the collection of which introduces the path that leads to the new old world of gender inequalities, duties, and feelings which could not be neglected. The peculiar feature of the 25th chapter of the novel chosen for the analysis is the author’s intention to make it as emotional as possible. In a variety of the events which happen to Jane within a short period of time, Jane cannot focus on the true facts and perceive the reality as it is. This is why it is necessary to provide the character with the hints which will show her the right way and allow to enjoy her existence. Jane Eyre’s 25th chapter is one of the most emotional periods in Jane’s life due to the necessity to interpret several symbols in her dreams and to realize which changes are approaching because of the marriage with such a person as Mr. Rochester. At the beginning of the article, the reader gets to know that several days are left until the wedding between Jane and Mr. Rochester takes place. Jane is all about to see her future husband who had to leave the house recently. In order to occupy herself, Jane makes a decision to go for a walk and observe the chestnut tree. With the help of such walk, the author underlines that something mysterious and unknown to Jane is waiting for her and she has to find more powers to discover the truth. Still, the arrival of Mr. Rochester deprives her of the possibility to plunge into the details of the house as well as the events happened before Jane’s arrival. The night before Rochester’s arrival, Jane sees two strange dreams about her wedding, Mr. Rochester, and the baby. It seems like the author wants to warn the character as well as the reader that something important should happen soon, still, not all characters are ready to understand the events, this is why such warnings and symbols come while Jane’s is sleeping. The image of a child crying in Jane’s arms becomes of crucial importance for Jane. She has to carry a baby and go far from Mr. Rochester as the baby wants it, still, the child is too heavy that makes Jane drops him. Such outcome of the dream makes Jane awake and be scared. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In order to find some explanations, Jane asks questions to Mr. Rochester, still, he continues keeping secrets admitting that these dreams may be connected to woman, Grace Poole. The point is that Mr. Rochester is not eager to give more names. It is clear that he has more to tell, still, something prevents him against doing this. Such attitude to the dreams as well as to Jane’s interests is considered to be the main shift in the story. The characters have been already warned that something had to happen, and the result of such inabilities to talk directly was the conclusion of Mr. Rochester to tell Jane the truth after 1 year and 1 day will pass after their wedding. The deadlines prove that time is what Mr. Rochester actually needs and what Jane cannot understand. In general, the main function of the chapter is to inform the reader as well as the characters about the mystery connected to Mr. Rochester. The time to disclose the truth is coming, and the characters are not able to hide secrets any more. Jane should understand that her life is not as safe as she thinks to be, and Mr. Rochester may become a person whom it will be hard to trust.

Week 1 discussion

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Our guest speaker, Dr. Stephanie Gonzaga, speaks to enterprise system implementations within her company, ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company (INF220 Week One Information Systems – The Big Picture Part One (Links to an external site.) and INF220 Week One Information Systems – The Big Picture Part Two (Links to an external site.)). Describe one measurement dimension of the “A Priori Model” using the dimension measurements in the “A Priori Model” diagram (See the Instructor Guidance). For example, data accuracy is a measurement of system quality. A system with good system quality integrates data input validation rules to allow only certain types of data input in specific fields. Identify how Dr. Gonzaga’s IT organization provided enterprise systems that addressed the “A Priori” measurement dimension you identified: system quality, information quality, satisfaction, individual impact, or organizational impact. Give examples to illustrate your answer. Provide justification and citations for your points. Use the provided news report template for your post: INF220 Week 1 Hot Topics Enterprise Systems News Report.

Week 1 discussion

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