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Buddhism As A Path To Enlightenment

Buddhism is not about God or Gods, it does not supply a theory about what may happen in the afterlife, nor does it express views about creation; it is based in the world of daily living. Most religions have deep theoretical foundations they are built upon, and most people within such religions have faith that the theory is true. Buddhism does not address theories; it does not agree or disagree with any religion, but rather acknowledges religion as a means to live in a positive manner. Buddhism is about enlightening the person, regaining the compassion and wisdom inside, thus resulting in freedom from suffering. Buddhism is about living a life of peaceful serenity. Originating in a region near India over two-thousand years ago, Buddhism is becoming a religion that is revered and practiced worldwide. Buddhist spirituality is viewed as something from within, an innate goodness in all humans that has been lost can now be found through practice and meditation. Buddhists must motivate themselves, and rely on their own efforts, not those of a charismatic leader. If followers of the Buddha began to revere the man, they would become distracted from their task impeding spiritual progress. Mark W. Muesse, a professor of religious studies, reveals, “Buddhist spirituality promotes a form of life that provides an antidote to the stresses of modern living. As a counterpoint to the haste and hurry, the noise and confusion of this world, Buddhism prescribes a life of quietness and tranquility, a life of contemplation and gentle awareness.” (Muesse, 2002). Buddhists may have come from a variety of religions; for example, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Atheism. To find true wisdom and compassion is to see the world as it really is, and live life without being the center of the whole. To be successful, Buddhism teaches a person to actively practice, and work to channel the mindset of self-centeredness into one of compassion. Buddhism originated in India around the sixth or fourth centuries BCE, and is based on the teachings of also referred to as the Buddha. (Muesse, 2002). Siddhartha’s journey to find truth, spirituality, and learn how to solve the problems of suffering, led him to extensive meditations. Over a period of about seven years, he endured exhaustion and starvation while experimenting with various meditations searching for enlightenment, but made no progress. On the verge of death due to fatigue, he finally rested, had a nutritious meal, and then decided to meditate again until he found the answer to suffering. As the sky began to lighten following day, he too felt illuminated, happy, and relieved; after seven years of searching, Siddhartha reached the state of enlightenment. He then realized that in order to become enlightened, he must keep himself healthy so his mind would be fit. He set forth to teach others, regardless of caste, his enlightenment, the method of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Siddhartha traveled from city to city teaching the importance of not losing one’s self by allowing passions to consume, but rather exist without indulging in selfish cravings, leaving one free to be happy. (Simpkins
Mc Creary Central High School Statistics and Central Tendency Exercises.

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Review of Central Tendency and other topicsundefinedPurpose: To reinforce student’s understanding and application of descriptive statistics, histograms, and skewness.undefined1. Using the data below, answer the questions that followundefined4, 17, 9, 10, 3, 14, 13, 12, 15, 3, 8, 10, 4, 15, 14, 4, 19, 10, 11, 12, 15undefinedDraw a histogram (be sure your axes are properly labeled).undefinedThe first step to draw a histogram is to find the class boundaries, in this case due to the size of the data set, 5 classes will be enough.undefinedWe start by finding the range which is:undefinedundefinedBut to make it look nicer we will use a Range of 0 to 20 and 5 classesundefinedundefinedNow we can find the classes, we start with the min and we add the class size until we reach the max.undefined Calculations Class Freq. 0+4=4 0 to 4 2 4+4=8 4 to 8 3 8+4=12 8 to 12 6 12+4=16 12 to 16 8 16+4=20 16 to 20 2 undefined undefinedWith this information we can plot the following graph.
Mc Creary Central High School Statistics and Central Tendency Exercises

UCR Feminist Movement Progress and Stereotypes Discussion

UCR Feminist Movement Progress and Stereotypes Discussion.

GenderSex is the biological difference between men and women. Gender is the social construction of the difference between males and females. We often talk about gender difference and inequality.Discussion Preparation:Read Chapter 11Watch the video on the feminist movement TheF-Word (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.).DiscussionDiscuss what is the feminist movement and what are their objectives.Using the video as your guide, discuss if the movement has met its objectives?What does the future hold for gender equality in the U.S.. Discuss using one of the perspectives. Include “intersectionality” Refer back to Chapter one to see how it fits in with DuBois’ discussion and apply to feminism and race.Comment on classmate’s postClassmate’s postThe feminist movement is the movement where feminists ask for changes by expressing their appeals about treatment and rights in the different aspects of society. The feminists have different appeals, for instance, political rights, wage levels, and many other nondiscriminatory actions for women. In general, feminists hope that women can have the same rights as men.Watching this video, I see the movement has not yet met its objectives. There is still a great degree of inequality between men and women in society even though women have been making gradual progress throughout these recent decades. For instance, as the video has mentioned, women only have control over a small portion of wealth in the current world even though their participation in the labor force is highly valuable. Though the legal system and political system have been made improvements for women’s rights and we have world leaders who are female, women still seem to have little say on a lot of political matters. Furthermore, there appears to be disagreement within the feminist movements, which is in particular regard to the methods of protesting and demonstrating.In my perspective, gender equality is very hard to reach the goal. The more society develops, the more diverse and sophisticated racism will be. It could be an issue that is more complex than most people would expect. In conflict theory, men currently appear to possess more resources in society compared to women. The empowerment of women may lead men to the loss of control over resources and redistribution of the resources in society. Therefore, it is possible that some people, especially men, may not be supportive of the feminist movement. Moreover, Dubois’ discussion about the factors of race and genders shed light on how different factors can be intersectional when it comes to the formation of oppression and discrimination. For instance, African American women may face both racial and gender discrimination. It seems that DuBois’ thoughts about race and gender helped establish a foundation for the idea of intersectionality. The struggle for racial equality is rather similar to the struggle for gender equality, and they are both connected. The attitudes of prejudging and discriminating are what we should struggle against. Although it is difficult to eliminate these stereotypes, everyone contributes a common voice to alleviate this stereotype. Also, obtaining understandings of different races and genders would be crucial in these movements.
UCR Feminist Movement Progress and Stereotypes Discussion

This first assignment is simple: applying what you have learned from the reading by Thiesse explain “why is she

help me with my homework This first assignment is simple: applying what you have learned from the reading by Thiesse explain “why is she arguing that national identities are invented?” Don’t they appear as very real? Discuss the issue and give at least 3 reasons as to “why?” In your discussion you must provide and discuss one historical example (from any country) to support the discussion that nations, and their identities, are “invented.” Be sure to explain the example—it’s a must. The posting should be approximately 450-words in length

AU Finances Application to Personal and Professional Life Discussions

AU Finances Application to Personal and Professional Life Discussions.

Next, read SAS: A New No. 1 Best Employer. As you read through this article, consider the introduction to the P-O-L-C framework that you received in this module. In your initial post, respond to the following question: How would you describe SAS’s employee management using the P-O-L-C framework? In addition, provide an example from SAS of each facet of the P-O-L-C framework: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, and briefly explain how the example aligns with that facet

In this module, you will learn how finance can be important in both your personal and professional life. The article about whistleblowers should have advanced your knowledge of the ethical issues that financial managers confront.
For this discussion, you will need to search the Shapiro Library or the internet for an article that describes a financial fraud case.

Define finance in your own words, what role finance has in your life, and what you hope to learn in this class.
Summarize the key points in the article you found. Be sure to provide a link to the article or articles you are referencing.
Does your article reference federal laws in place to discourage this type of illegal behavior? If it does, what laws were referenced, and how effective were they? If it does not, what ideas would you propose to prevent this type of behavior?

AU Finances Application to Personal and Professional Life Discussions

Need help with a few questions

Need help with a few questions.

First the topic is perception. I need help writing a short description of topic.(6-7 sentences) Next need 3 references on perception and then for each reference answer short questions per reference. Here are the short questions: Questions for first reference on perception that you find..What are the key aspects of cognition covered in this reference or study? 2nd what evidence does the reference or study present for how cognitive processes influence the area of human behavior covered in research? 3rd question for the first reference on perception: What research design was used for the study, and also why did the researchers decide to use it? 4thHow did the researchers address potential ethical issues in the study, and did they do it adequately? Why or why not? For the last two references on perception use the same questions above and put reference first and then the questions below for each one. So three references each with questions below for each one. Lastly, combine all three references together while answering these short questions: How have the views on the topic changed over time? Next What conclusions can be reached based on all the studies and also the references? Also what gaps exist in the studies that could be addressed in future research? Last questions considering all three references together: Based on the topic (Perception) and resources, what is the research question? All APA, double spaced Times New Roman Font. Also for each question 7-10 sentences is perfect.
Need help with a few questions