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BTE 320 University of Miami C++ Program Computer Programming Task

BTE 320 University of Miami C++ Program Computer Programming Task.

I’m working on a c++ practice test / quiz and need support to help me understand better.

Finish the question to output the same result as appleoutput.txt.

question 2

Apple Inc. is pulling off a feat rarely seen in any industry, much less the cutthroat world of consumer electronics:
gaining market share while also commanding higher prices.
Led by the even more advanced features of iPhones it keeps introducting, and Apple’s management is now committed to
analyzing sales even further to track how products are performing in different locations and even at different times
of the year.
The Apple regional offices report their monthly sales to Apple’s Headquarters who want to track the sales
of each product for different periods at each location and sum it up
in different ways. Apple will pull all sales data from different stores, and already have programs that summarize
the data for each product per location per month.
But they want more. They ask you to design an in memory cube that would take the numbers summarized at this level,
and just do a quick POC (Proof Of Concept) that you could expand on later with more dimensions and with real
transactional fact data.

The problem is that you have only half an hour before your meeting with Tim Cook.
You must show him something. The VP for sales contacts you and gives you the following example of data,
and example of output they would like to see, and asks you to use this sample for the POC demo.
You must write code to make this happen. He even gives another exciting piece of information that
Tim Cook thinks that Apple should have a product that would help people define multi dimensional
data structures for analytical purposes –
he thinks that in this day and age of Analytics and Big Data, Apple must compete with others who already have products to design those types of data structures (He sees no reason why apple should not add a cube design component
and even a multi dimensional query language to some of their new acquisitions such as Foundation DB).
You wonder to yourself: Hmmmm!!!…is he trying to compete with Microsoft Analysis Services in their MS SQL Server
Product? You will think about this later, but right now, you have very little time, and you start thinking with your
immediate manager of what you will demo. He had thought some of it through, though, but he wants you to finish it
before the demo.
Here is what your manager gives you (numbers should be in millions really), and asks you to complete some of it
while his other intern works on some of the easier functions.
YOUR TASK IS TO WRITE FUNCTIONS 1,4,5,6 and 7,8 (5 points each). I did 2,3 for you as a guide.

Produce a file similar to appleoutput.txt, but it does not have to be exact format. But something
that looks nice.

Don’t change main
Complete the functions that you need to complete. The loops is what you need to do.

Compile your code

g++ quiz5q2.cpp -o q5q2
./q5q2 > myapplecube.txt

submit your quiz5q2.cpp and your myapplecube.txt

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

int const LOCATION_DIM_SZ = 2;
int const TIME_DIM_SZ= 2;
int const PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE= 3;

string Location[] = {“FL”, “TX”};
string Period[] = {“Jan”, “FEB”};
string Product[] = {“iPhone”,”iPad”,”MacBookPro”};
void printSalesDetails(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){

int i(0),j(0),k(0);
int sum =0;

cout<<“Sales Details per Location per Period per Product” <<endl;







void printSalesByProduct(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){

int i(0),j(0),k(0);
double salesPerProduct=0;

cout<<“Sales per Product” <<endl;
for (i=0; i<3;i++){ //product
salesPerProduct = 0;
for (j=0 ; j<2;j++){ //location

for (k=0; k<2;k++){ //period

salesPerProduct += sales[j][k][i];


cout << “Total Sales for ” <<setw(20)<<setfill(‘ ‘)<<left<< Product[i] << “t=$” <<setw(9)<<setfill(‘ ‘)<<right<<fixed<<salesPerProduct<<setw(10)<<setfill(‘ ‘)<<left<<“tmillions”<<endl;




void printSalesByLocation(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){

int i(0),j(0),k(0);
double salesPerLocation=0;

cout<<“Sales per Location” <<endl;

for (i=0; i<2;i++){ //location
salesPerLocation = 0;
for (j=0 ; j<2;j++){ //period

for (k=0; k<3;k++){ //product

salesPerLocation += sales[i][j][k];


cout << “Total Sales for ” <<setw(20)<<setfill(‘ ‘)<<left<< Location[i] << “t=$” <<setw(9)<<setfill(‘ ‘)<<right<<fixed<< salesPerLocation<<setw(10)<<setfill(‘ ‘)<<left<<“tmillions”<<endl;




void printSalesByPeriod(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){
int i(0),j(0),k(0);
double salesPerPeriod=0;

cout<<“Sales per Period” <<endl;


void printSalesPerProductPerLocation(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){

int i(0),j(0),k(0);
double salesPerProductPerLocation=0;

cout<<“Total Sales per Product per Location” <<endl;



void printSalesPerProductPerPeriod(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){

int i(0),j(0),k(0);
double salesPerProductPerPeriod=0;

cout<<“Total Sales per Product per Period” <<endl;



void printSalesPerLocationPerPeriod(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){

int i(0),j(0),k(0);
double salesPerLocationPerPeriod=0;

cout<<“Total Sales per Location per Period” <<endl;



void printSalesPerPeriodPerLocation(double sales[LOCATION_DIM_SZ][TIME_DIM_SZ][PRODUCT_DIM_SIZE]){

int i(0),j(0),k(0);
double salesPerPeriodPerLocation=0;

cout<<“Total Sales per Period per Location” <<endl;


int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {



printSalesDetails(sales); /* 1 */
printSalesByProduct(sales); /* 2 */
printSalesByLocation(sales); /* 3 */
printSalesByPeriod(sales); /* 4 */
printSalesPerProductPerLocation(sales); /* 5 */
printSalesPerProductPerPeriod(sales); /* 6 */
printSalesPerLocationPerPeriod(sales); /* 7 */
printSalesPerPeriodPerLocation(sales); /* 8 */

return 0;

Sales Details per Location per Period per Product
sales for Location FL/Jan/iPhone =$ 45.00 millions
sales for Location FL/Jan/iPad =$ 8.00 millions
sales for Location FL/Jan/MacBookPro =$ 4.00 millions
sales for Location FL/FEB/iPhone =$ 35.00 millions
sales for Location FL/FEB/iPad =$ 10.00 millions
sales for Location FL/FEB/MacBookPro =$ 5.00 millions
sales for Location TX/Jan/iPhone =$ 75.00 millions
sales for Location TX/Jan/iPad =$ 15.00 millions
sales for Location TX/Jan/MacBookPro =$ 13.00 millions
sales for Location TX/FEB/iPhone =$ 45.00 millions
sales for Location TX/FEB/iPad =$ 17.00 millions
sales for Location TX/FEB/MacBookPro =$ 23.10 millions

Sum of Sales for all Apple =$ 295 millions

Sales per Product
Total Sales for iPhone =$ 200.00 millions
Total Sales for iPad =$ 50.00 millions
Total Sales for MacBookPro =$ 45.10 millions

Sales per Location
Total Sales for FL =$ 107.00 millions
Total Sales for TX =$ 188.10 millions

Sales per Period
Total Sales for Jan =$160.00 millions
Total Sales for FEB =$135.10 millions

Total Sales per Product per Location
Total Sales for iPhone in FL =$ 80.00 millions
Total Sales for iPhone in TX =$ 120.00 millions
Total Sales for iPad in FL =$ 18.00 millions
Total Sales for iPad in TX =$ 32.00 millions
Total Sales for MacBookPro in FL =$ 9.00 millions
Total Sales for MacBookPro in TX =$ 36.10 millions

Total Sales per Product per Period
Total Sales for iPhone in Jan =$ 120.00 millions
Total Sales for iPhone in FEB =$ 80.00 millions
Total Sales for iPad in Jan =$ 23.00 millions
Total Sales for iPad in FEB =$ 27.00 millions
Total Sales for MacBookPro in Jan =$ 17.00 millions
Total Sales for MacBookPro in FEB =$ 28.10 millions

Total Sales per Location per Period
Total Sales for FL in Jan =$ 57.00 millions
Total Sales for FL in FEB =$ 50.00 millions
Total Sales for TX in Jan =$ 103.00 millions
Total Sales for TX in FEB =$ 85.10 millions

Total Sales per Period per Location
Total Sales for Jan in FL =$ 57.00 millions
Total Sales for Jan in TX =$ 103.00 millions
Total Sales for FEB in FL =$ 50.00 millions
Total Sales for FEB in TX =$ 85.10 millions

BTE 320 University of Miami C++ Program Computer Programming Task

Grand Canyon University Week 5 Counseling Career Discussions.

DQ 1. As one noted psychologist would state to his clients, “What’s your objection to having all of your feelings?” Did you find that you were censoring your gut-level feelings towards clients upon review of the client progress notes? What types of emotion did you think you might have held back, and why? DQ 2. Has supervisory time spent in review of your session documentation been helpful, uncomfortable, or a combination of both? Please elaborate. Journal – write a paper of approximately 250 words reflecting upon the week’s learning experiences at the agency in which you are completing your practicum. Summarize the task areas you performed
Grand Canyon University Week 5 Counseling Career Discussions

Florida Institute of Technology Dangerous Component of Flying Discussion.

In your opinion, what is the most dangerous component of flying? How might you improve safety in the cockpit to reduce the number of issues that arise due to that dangerous component?Write at least 200 words in your initial posting—————The most dangerous and fatal phases of flight are by far final approach and landing. Nearly half of all fatal accidents occurred during final approach and landing which are considered critical phases of flight. When the aircraft is high and cruising, there is enough time to figure out an arising problem and act accordingly should a problem occur. On the contrary, if something wrong happens during final approach and landing, there isn’t enough time to comfortably think and figure out what’s happening so you can decide how the continuation of the flight be conducted; thus, making a good decision during these phases is very challenging because the aircraft is low and slow as the workload gets very overwhelming where you have to set up for the landing and look for traffic along with talking to ATC, not to mention that the environmental danger when landing on a mountainous area surrounding a lot of terrain. Therefore, the aircraft being so slow nearing the stalling speed and being very low close to terrain while in an increased workload environment, makes it very difficult to survive a serious problem should one occur. However, in an attempt to mitigate the workload being encounter, using automation is very helpful along with splitting the work between the two pilots, making them always ahead of the aircraft and have space to think of alternatives if an issue occurs. In addition, having advanced technologies and systems would better improve situational awareness such as HUD, ND, TCAS, TWAS…etc. Having a system that could fast suggest the best suitable airfield available that the aircraft could glide to in event of engine loss, would help pilots not to waste time calculating and finding suitable airfield.Respond to the above post, writing a minimum of four to five sentences each—————The Most Dangerous Component of Flying and How to Reduce Such Issues.In research analysis on the takeoff and landing accidents of commercial and private planes in the airport, I believe that the drive to the airport is the most dangerous component. As stated above, the central notion for my argument is based on the reported landing accidents in various airports globally. Another reason for my argument focused on the physical momentum comparison of airplane landing and takeoff. In this case, according to Barlett (2019), the landing component is the most dangerous due to the high physical momentum involved. Therefore, regarding the above-stated vulnerable component, increasing automation and developing situational awareness would reduce probable issues. Functional automation and manual systems for emergencies would reduce arising issues or mechanical problems.ReferenceBarlett, C. (2019). Flight Secrets: The Most Dangerous Part of a Plane Journey for Passengers Revealed. HSE Journal.Respond to the above post, writing a minimum of four to five sentences each
Florida Institute of Technology Dangerous Component of Flying Discussion

Designing Improvement Initiatives in Health Services Organizations

As a current or future health care administrator, what types of information are necessary to determine the need for an improvement initiative within an HSO? How might a health care administrator use this information to propose an improvement initiative for an HSO? Planning, designing, and implementing improvement initiatives in HSOs requires that the health care administrator understands how to propose changes that will contribute to effective health care delivery. However, the health care administrator must also balance efforts to ensure that effective business practices and operations coincide with enhanced improvement initiatives for the HSO. As you examine approaches that health care administrators use to enact improvement initiatives in HSOs, you will begin to develop a unique skill set necessary for effective health care administration practice. For this Assignment, review Case 3, “Where and How to Start?” in Chapter 7 of the text, Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems. Consider how you as a current or future health care administrator might implement an improvement initiative within an HSO. Reflect on the types of considerations, resources, and measures you might need to effectively address the status of a current improvement initiative within an HSO. Then, review the Week 2 Case Questions document in this week’s Learning Resources to complete the Assignment.

Reading and Writing Essay

java assignment help Reading and Writing Essay.

Based on Amoja Three Rivers’ “Cultural Etiquette,” Lynette Clemetson’s “The Racial Politics of Speaking Well,” and your own observations and experience, do some prewriting about issues of cultural sensitivity and language use. Don’t submit this, but look ahead: in Unit 3B we will discuss other texts dealing with this topic, and you will write and submit an essay dealing with any of this material you choose.Amoja Three Rivers, “Cultural Etiquette: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned”Lynette Clemetson, “The Racial Politics of Speaking Well”Based on Natasha Spring’s “Freedom of Speech vs. Politically Correct Language” and John Leo’s “Free Inquiry? Not On Campus,” revise and expand the essay on cultural sensitivity and language use that you started in Unit 3A. Your revised essay (on all four texts) need not radically shift its focus or perspective on the issues (though it can), but it should meaningfully incorporate ideas and challenges from the two new readings into its discussion of the underlying issues. Use specific details from the texts to support and illustrate your observations, being sure to use quotation marks when including an author’s words.Natasha Spring, “Freedom of Speech vs. Politically Correct Language”John Leo, “Free Inquiry? Not On Campus”Skim through the eight thematic texts listed above and take some notes about the topics covered. Select some of the the texts to read more thoroughly, and then do some note-taking, brainstorming, and rough drafting for an essay dealing with issues of standardization, expectation, and judgment in response to language use.Continue working on your essay about standardization, expectation, and judgment in response to language use.Your finished essay need not deal with all eight Thematic texts assigned this week, but it should meaningfully incorporate a range of ideas and challenges from the readings. Use specific details from the texts to support and illustrate your observations, being sure to use quotation marks when including an author’s words. William Deresiewicz, “You Talkin’ to Me?”Geoffrey Nunberg, “The Decline of Grammar”David Crystal, “The Prescriptive Tradition”Edward Finegan, “State of American: What is ‘Correct’ Language?”Dennis Baron, “Language and Society”Carmen Fought, “Are Dialects Fading?”John Fought, “Gatekeeping: Barring the Gates of Language”Cecelia Cutler, “Crossing Over”
Reading and Writing Essay

Professional and Personal Reflection Assignment

Professional and Personal Reflection Assignment. I’m trying to study for my Computer Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

As we have learned throughout the course, economic conditions and principles have an important impact on how we and the world around us analyzes and applies these principles to address issues. This week, you will consider the role that having a better understanding of the principles of economics will play in your life and your career path as you reflect on the team collaboration experience along with the knowledge that you have gained this session.
Compose your professionally focused responses from the broader perspective of one of the following three career path areas: business, technology, or healthcare. Or if you prefer, you may narrow the focus down to a very specific career path that you are already in or are seeking.
This week, you will write a reflective essay that addresses the following questions. Use at least one or two fully developed paragraphs for each response.

What are your career goals? How do the principles of economics (macro or micro) influence these goals?
What concepts from the course are applicable to your career path? Name and describe at least two economic concepts that will translate to your profession. Explain why these concepts are important and how they will be helpful to you or to the organization you will work for.
What concepts from the course are applicable to your personal life? Name and describe at least one economic concept that you consider to be an important takeaway from this course. Explain why, and describe how you plan to apply it.
What can you do to continue to reinforce and grow these ideas about economics and/or about ways to improve team collaboration? What are some of the resources that you can utilize as you continue your education?

Successful assignments will accomplish the following.

Have a clear focus that clearly links course content knowledge and objectives to career path and personal application.
Use concrete economic concepts from class discussion and the readings to address professional goals and areas for economic-competency development.
Draw on experience with team dynamics—people collaborating toward a common goal.
Establish a plan for continuing to scaffold knowledge and develop as a professional.
Demonstrate articulation (mechanics, spelling, clarity, structure, and organization, utilizing APA style and grammar to produce a well-designed and coherent document).

Professional and Personal Reflection Assignment

Total Church Life Analytical Essay

The success, growth and the health of churches rely on the components that incorporate them. The fundamental base that gives rise to a strong church is the people it contains. These people own the church. When given a chance to own and be the participants of the church, they feel accommodated and vital in the church since they have roles to play in the ministries proceedings. The book by the title Total Church Life (TCL), whose author is Darrell Robinson, directs the growth of churches in an evangelistic way. It is crucial to criticize and enumerate the arguments, ideas and the conclusions provided in this book. TCL describes the strategy vital in the development of church. It shows that a healthy church congregation can grow when it follows a three-E strategy. In a bid to perform this exploration task, the book refers to the bible for each conclusion it makes. This serves to prove that the bible supports the strategy. The book describes three factors involved in exaltation of the savior. The health factor shows the church as Christ’s body with a head and body. The book further describes Christ as the head which is the key component of a person and the body as the Christians. The second factor is about the fellowship. The description displayed by TCL about fellowship shows its vitality in the growth of all churches. It teaches the challenges faced, the meaning and the strategies suited to balance life in the church. Lastly, there is the leadership factor. Organization and coordination of the church relies on leadership. TCL shows that leadership is a necessity in the church that clearly and concisely directs the church. The book shows the roles of a pastor and other leaders in the church ministries. The other part involves the equipping of the saints. A church can never run without members. We can, therefore, conclude that church members are a fundamental part of any church. Their empowerment in enabling them to discover their potentials, purposes and necessity in the ministry is a growth and development tool in the future. Engagement of the laity described in this book provides proper implementation of a plan to warrant total member participation to achieve church missions and vision. Each member in the congregation is spiritually gifted. TCL assists to reveal, utilize, equip and realize the power of spiritual gifts. It is also crucial to consider how to coordinate and organize the cohesiveness of the members in the church. The final step described in the TCL is the evangelism of the sinners. This part shows the way in which the evangelization can be performed in the world. It gathers answers about the probable visions and missions of a church. It also devises a plan, a personnel and power for evangelism. Finally, a church can reach a declining position even after growth and ability to reach people. The church must, therefore, be aware about this and know how to overcome these Ephesus tendencies. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is significantly crucial to note that TCL assists in the development of evangelism. TCL is acknowledged for its biblical basis which is the word of God. It offers a comprehensive guidance on God’s work in local churches. It guides the church on their mission by providing adequately reliable strategy that is universal to churches. The strategy is stationed to fit all churches without discrimination. It enables churches to acknowledge the difficulties that relate to spiritual gifts in a biblical and spiritual way. It enables the churches to fetch more members and grow with time. Since becoming a 1st century church in the twenty first century world does not happen accidentally, TCL provides a strategy that has a plan, and an approach uniquely set for church growth. It also provides a biblical strategy to help a congregation to adapt socially and culturally. Christian leaders preach varying church purposes, some focus on how to train, other emphasize on worship and others on church evangelism purposes. Teaching TCL in the church offers other benefit consideration that include baptism increment, changing a declining church into a growing church, knowing the vision in operating as New Testament church and equipping member witnesses in evangelism. Certainty to relevance is a key for winning the mindset of members. A significant number of people see the church as being irrelevant and unreachable. TCL does not offer a solution to real problems. We acknowledge the rise in the rate of crimes and divorces. There are realizations that people have become suspicious about the church due to the money contribution made in the church. This is a main point that reaches and significantly affects many people. TCL could have considered it because, without uncertainty control, people retain their fear out of arrogance and ignorance hence affecting the overall growth. The TCL strategy only directs the activities culminating the results hence leading to limited implications. Although the writer describes the book to apply in every situation without discrimination, this strategy does not practically apply to the western culture. It is coherent that people deviate from change. Most people are resistant to changes in today’s life. Instead, they prefer anonymity and avoid confrontation of the present strategies. The twenty first century has complications, immerse and unexpected variations. Rise of new problems such as the currently growing computer and information technology requires new strategies. TCL is a key component in the personal life of many people. It provides the reasons for being a church member since people has their roles in the congregation. It designs personal life in a remarkable way that enables Christians build their personality. Christians become evangelists and work tirelessly to disperse the word of God. People following TCL also become role models. This calls them against wrong doing because people keep their eyes on what they do as Christians. These increase the perceptions against crime and hence fight crime. Also, people realize their gifts and utilize them in doing in accordance to the will of God. In the present century, it is also expected that churches will grow significantly to achieving their missions and visions. When doing this, those who are not church fanatics will receive their calls to serve the lord. All these will lead to a rise in the number of Christians, therefore, allowing the acceptance of Gods will as the leading pathway. This pathway will change the way of living and overall attitude towards life. It will allow a deviation on some of the upcoming issues, such as those churches made to raise money, because God will never allow a revelation of gifts to inappropriate churches. We will write a custom Critical Writing on Total Church Life specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In conclusion, the moods and fitness of aspirations made by Dr. Robinson will remain a strategy subjective to criticism. The essence to consider is perfecting the arguments, ideas and conclusions provided by Robinson in the book with the title Total Church Life.

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